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  1. Good question! We need to keep our expectations on check, things are not going to happen next week even on the best of the possible outcomes. Open Source or not, it's all about money. People code games for money, and the very few that don't, have to work somewhere else to pay the bills - Open Source doesn't abolish Capitalism, it's the other way around. This Unity's huge feet shooting fest played havoc on everything we knew about the landscape, we need to reevaluate. Between the may possible scenarios, I can think on the most two extreme ones (reality usually choose something in the middle ground): The worst best outcome is Unity Technologies exercise an huge and unexpected mea culpa, fire everyone that contributed directly or indirectly (even by doing nothing) to this tragedy - or something else that, by some miracle, restores magically the (not that big, to tell you the true) trust from their costumers Unlikely by numerous reasons, one of them being the idiots that pulled this crap from their latrine uh heads don't want to lose their jobs and don't care about the consequences. The best worst outcome is the CEO and BoD deciding to grind until the very end, hugely screwing up not only new games but the huge existent library already on the wild. Unlikely because they are not suicidal neither, they will budge a bit - how much, and what they will do then is the big question Unity Techonologies are bleeding money a lot, they need to do something or U.T. will capsize for sure - perhaps sooner than later. The worst best outcome is the best outcome for the publishers, but the worst for the Open Source evangelists because, well, Open Source is about finding a need and filling that need. In the near fantasist but still possible outcome, Unity will withdraw and revert all the wrongdoings and recover the trust of the customers (at the same time solving their tragic incoming problem). This managing to happen, the need for the Community to gather together on Open Source solutions for their problems will, well, diminish hugely. The fewer people in need of something, more difficult (and prolonged) are to promote a Open Source solution for them. The best worst outcome is Unity going down for good, perhaps bankrupt or incorporated as a subdivision of someone else uninterested on committing into desktop gaming (as AppLovin - or even Apple, that will aim to promote their own line of computers and mobiles, screwing us again). It's the worst possible scenario for the developers and publishers, but it's also the best possible outcome for Open Source evangelists because everybody will be forced to work together on a solution not only for the new games still in development, but to the older ones already on te market that will be risking forced obsolescence (as it happened with the thousands and thousands os Applets made in Java over NPAPI, or that cute little SWF things (Adobe Flash)). This is where things would happen sensibly faster, because the need would be imminent, it not urgent. Realistically, however, U.T. will try a less blatant bait and switch tactic by waiving the atrocious install-fee and replacing it with something else that will screw their locked in customers a little less, but will still screw them a bit - these guys need to raise their incoming somehow, and it's more than clear than growing their customer base will be hardly an option (it probably already wasn't anyway, they tried this crap for a reason). So, our pledge for KSP¹ Source being opened (even if with restrictions) will not have the (strong) argument of the need to survive Unity's atrocities on the short term, and we are back to "only" engaging on fixing the numerous (and growing - I think I found another borked use case on Rerooting crafts) annoyances and bugs on the game. We would still have a good argument (KSP¹ is still buggy as hell, it's a matter of when you be bitten, not if - and how hard), but frankly our case will be way stronger if Unity ends up committing Harakiri - because procrastination will not be an option anymore.
  2. Retribution time! This is the real power of Open Source! https://www.gamesradar.com/terraria-dev-unequivocally-condemns-unity-fee-changes-donates-over-dollar200000-to-other-game-engines/ -- -- post edit -- -- Retribution time**2 ! AppLovin is promoting the development of an automated tool (using LLM) to automate the most the migration of existing Unity3D code to Godot or Unreal. https://gamefromscratch.com/applovin-launch-project-unifree/ My opinion is that the way to go is not exacly this one, but a nad tool today is better than an excellent tool after the project was shipped. Let's see how things develop.
  3. I understand that. On my country we have a legal dispositive called "despersonalização da pessoa jurídica", that I don't have the slightest idea how to translate it to USA's legal system, where the company is… humm… "disincorported"? … and the owners' assets are so accessible to honor the company's debits. It's more commonly used to (surprise!) recoup fiscal debits than to ordinary debits, however. And, yeah, it can reach even the shareholders' assets. As en example, there is (or was) a legal trick around here where a bunch of (highly specialised) workers would gather and incorporate so they can sell services paying way less taxes than they would pay if working by themselves. Being what is known here as S/A (Sociedade Anônima, the equivalent to LCC as it appears), the civil liability of the company is limited to the capital that was incorporated by that bunch of workers. The idea is/was to dilute the shares to each worker (something between 1 to 0.1% IIRC) would have enough to qualify to that smaller taxes I mentioned , with them selling their work in the name of the company and the company receiving the payment and then passing their part as dividends. Barely legal, but still legal. Problem: one of the directors pulled a scam and left the company insolvent. The company was "desincorporated", and the personal assets of every one of the shareholders were "incorporated" on the bankruptcy estate proportionally to their shares , including the home of one of that workers - because the poor stand-up guy hadn't any other asset or money to cover the debit, so the Legal System impounded his home (I think "impounded" is the correct term). The dude didn't lost his home because other mitigating measures on our legal system saved his sorry cheeks, but the asset become "frozen" for more than a decade, rendering him unable to sell, rent or mortgage it. So, nope. At least around here, incorporating isn't a clean check to do what you want without risking your personal assets. You do something wrong with the company, you will be bitten - unless you know some big politician, but now we are talking about corruption and not about legalities. Tell that to Dennis Muilenburg. He was royally punished when he left Boeing by receiving 62M USD (in stock, incentives and pension). But, hey, he didn't received any severance. If, in fact, the Hanlon's razor is applicable to Unity Technologies today, this system just won't work. Some of the director's are not even from USA, they can just leave the country and keep doing their business on their homeland as usual with whatever they had earned on the process. This system only work for intelligent people with something to lose. The guy can be a sociopath, but if he's intelligent and the system guarantees punishment, things will work - most of the time, at least. The system fails when whatever the racketeer would loose will be largely compensated by whatever he will earn with the stunt.
  4. The failure on accepting this hypothesis is on me, not on you. I'm really trying hard to accept that the Hanlon's razor can be applied to this crapstorm, but there're too many people involved, each one of them with their arses in the line and being enough just one to stop all that craziness to happen - I can't cope with this, at least yet. The implications of things working this way is some orders of magnitude worse than my theory - you can coerce intelligent but imoral people to behave, but our society is powerless to defend itself from plain simple mass stupidity. Being this theory the real reason Unity Technologies is going down means the multi billion USD corporations have no defences against dumbness. Who are Unity's shareholders and what they will do about? How in hell I will invest my money on such environment? What about the other USA companies, how many of them are being ran by morons? Who in their right minds will keep investing money on Tech Companies after this? Or even in USA ones, if this is really a trend? If a company I own hire a motoboy, and the dude slams on a parked car, I will pay for the damages. I'm responsible for any wrongdoing any employee of mine infringes to third-parties, and since I own the company, my personal assets are on the line if the company can't hold its obligations. Apparently, the chain of responsibility works differently when your company start to worth some billion USD and goes public. So the shareholders are defenceless, and it's suicidal to invest on public companies on the long run. I, definitively, will avoid them. Investing on casinos appears to be a safer choice. — — POST EDIT — — Allow me to further detail my argument. AppLovin do a offer to buy 51% of Unity Technologies shares for 20B USD. The offer is turned down Unity merges with Iron Source, expending 4.4B USD And in exchange would receive about 1B USD from Sequoia and Silver Lake, the two biggest shareholders Unity Technologies is bleeding money for years -282M USD in 2019 -533M USD in 2020 -919M USD in 2021 the current period accumulated losses of 2.25B USD!!! https://www.macrotrends.net/stocks/charts/U/unity-software/net-income-loss Unity Technologies, proving that not everything that falls from the skies are a meteorite, plummeted from 55B in 2021 to about 14.4B nowadays. https://www.macrotrends.net/stocks/charts/U/unity-software/net-worth And nope, it wasn't the fee problem, they gone as low as 7.8B in 2022, Oct. When was the merge to Iron Sourced concluded? Yep. So, the current board already had waived a 20B influx of capital, preferring to spend 3.4B instead (4.4 upfront, and a 1B influx from Sequoia and Silver Lake). Being stupid is not a crime (unfortunately), so all this less than ideal chain of events will not lead to charges. Ok, I can understand that. But now they decide to apply a terribly move of screwing about 40% of their still existent incoming with notoriously and evidently abhorrent decisions that unsurprisingly backslashed horribly on the company - even by everybody, everything and the kitchen's sink yelling about how this would tank the company. The accuracy of the predictions, as well the internal measures taken later to prevent the stakeholders to further discuss the matter are, by themselves, enough evidence for a charge of reckless negligence (at best) for the whole Board and Executives. But, not being enough, they also decided to OPENLY BREAK THE ANTITRUST LAW by offering to wave the install-fees to anyone willing to exchange their current ad system to Unity's one! This is not even negligence, imprudence or inexperience anymore, we are talking about Criminal Conspiracy! We are talking Sherman Act here, we are talking about jail time!
  5. The problem I see is that the Board of Directors are not exactly "employees" from each other, but elected officials of the shareholders that , at least in theory, are the bosses. Ergo, they answer to the shareholders, not to themselves. Again, in theory. As far as I know (and it's not that much, I admit), the BoD are directly responsible for this huge borkage and are in risk of being sued by the shareholders, to the extend of their personal assets. We are not talking a one hundred and a half billion USD company losing a couple billions on a unhappy dumb bet (about 1% of the overall value), we are talking a company worthing a dozen billion USD company that are risking losing about half of their value due an incredibly inept chain of decisions. Once the losses are counted, someone will spill some beans and then bullets should start to fly. Hopefully, because otherwise I don't see how Capitalism will continue to work on USA. That Stephen Elop dude I mention ad nauseam? He was sued: https://www.crn.com/news/mobility/232901495/investor-sues-nokia-for-fraud-poor-lumia-sales.htm . More here: https://thenextweb.com/news/nokia-and-execs-hit-with-lawsuit-alleging-fraud-over-meager-lumia-sales-failed-turnaround : And later even Microsoft departed from him, laying him off in 2015. What's happening on Unity Technologies appears to be way worse than that.
  6. Jesus Christ… It's a miracle we still have Companies running in the Western World… Capitalism is impracticable when headed by people that don't care about… Capital... My projections for the future are bleak… I was raised being taught that the most sensible part of the human body is the wallet. Apparently, I'm too old school for today's economics, the human physiology had changed and I missed the memo. What makes hostile takeovers incredibly easy. I never really understood how Stephen Elop managed to dismantle Nokia essentially unchecked as he did. Now I think I may be able to understand eventually… It will take some days until I digest this information - my brain just refuses to accept that people can be so cavalier about money. Their own money. — — POST EDIT — — I understand squat about these things, but there're analysts saying there're more than 53% of chance of Unity going bankrupt (whatever they understand bankruptcy) - for comparison, the USA's average risk of bankruptcy on TI is about 20%. https://www.macroaxis.com/invest/ratio/U/Probability-Of-Bankruptcy Someone with better understand about this can comment about?
  7. Yep. But there were a CEO around (a very experienced CEO), a couple Presidents and a lot of Vice Presidents to call their attention and explain the consequences. The board of directors also are way bigger than 3 or 4 people, these decisions can't be taken by a few rich spoiled brats only: there're twelve directors in the board, way more than the 3 or 4 from Iron Source et all. Source: https://unity.com/our-company Again, I'm not telling you are wrong, you may be right. But I find very difficult to believe that all the board members would agree with such idiocy without yelling about suing each other by reckless management. Most of these people are losing money, lots of money - a pornographic amount of money. So, IMHO, the most logical explanation is that only some of the board members plotted the stunt and managed to gaslight the others - what's, frankly, the Business equivalent of a coup d'état. That would inescapably lead to consequences - and, so, the potential gain must be stratospheric, so the consequences would be diluted by the profits. There're too much people involved to be just the result of the bad behaviour of a few spoiled brats - only one was enough to blow the whistle and prevent all this crapstorm.
  8. Unless someone are willing to buy Unity for peanuts, and invested a few billions USD to infiltrate the Company and dehydrate it to buy it cheap. I'm getting repetitive, but it's really hard to believe they did this by accident. Riccitiello surely knows better, he have experience with this crap since his times on E.A. I'm not telling you are wrong, it's perfectly possible you are right. But these guys didn't reached where they are now by doing incredibly stupid mistakes by accident, as it would need to happen to you be right. On the other hand, foreign players usually miss details about local legislation - there's one thing that may support your thesis, and it is an Anticompetitive Lawsuit. Microsoft got hugely screwed on a similar lawsuit in the past during the Browser Wars - and what they did is way less harsh than what Unity is doing. People outside USA and Europe usually don't have to think too much about anti-thrust laws, and end up not worrying about it while doing some stunts on these countries (brazilians usually get fined a lot on USA exactly because of this - lots of small things that we just let pass through in Brazil are harshly punished on USA and not all of us pay due attention to these details on the day to day affairs - until that fine fine is delivered by mail ) And there's one additional detail that may had passed through while they plotted the stunt - Unity Technologies are drawing light into a nasty practice of the Tech Industry for decades: changes on licensing terms that are effective retroactively. Google, Apple, Microsoft, et all, all of them pull this stunt now and then, but with Unity3D literally scorching the earth with it, some legislations are probably being cooked right now about - and this is going to cost them some money to work around. Some movement (besides still lacking, but it's exactly what I would expect from a Federation of Companies that also rely on the practice) are already happening on Europe: The EGDF calls for EU regulation. “Unity’s install fees are a sign of looming game engine market failure” . https://www.pocketgamer.biz/news/82432/egdf-lashes-out-at-unity-calls-for-eu-regulation/#:~:text=In a statement released by,develop their own game engines. Essentially, they are calling for a 6 month warning in advance for such licensing changes - instead of yelling about retroactive changes that are really the problem here. In a way or another, chances are that Unity Technologies will be no more before they try to collect that runtime fees of them. When Microsoft got sued, they barely survived not being split in two, and they already were an economic behemoth. I don't believe U.T. is capitalised enough to survive an Anti Trust investigation where they are clearly guilty to the bones. TL;DR: I still think that the Unity3D trashing is by design, they intentionally screwed up this part of the Unity Technologies business to allow it to be cheaply took over by a 3rd party (that I don't have the slightest clue about who may be, but I have some suspects on my mind). However, they didn't minded the legal implications and the risk of a huge Anti Trust investigation - that at worst will hugely impact the other part of the business they care. The whole Unity Technologies are running on the blade now, and this is the part I think they didn't expected to happen.
  9. This whole ordeal looks like a plot to orchestrate an hostile takeover, like it was done before when Microsoft used Stephen Elop to dehydrate Nokia stocks enough to allow Microsoft to buy it for peanuts. Is started exactly like that: the board got infiltrated, then they elected a new CEO that, so, did some pretty interesting movements that ended up plummeting Nokia stock value. Some time after Microsoft bought the thing. Apparently, they didn't found the need to replace the CEO. I would believe the Apple theory if Unity didn't had merged to IronSource - Apple business model is completely incompatible to Iron Source's, they are exactly in the opposite of the market spectrum, and so the IronSource guys will not be beneficed by being bought by Apple, as Apple will just get rid of them to preserve their business model. I believe that Apple would want to buy Unity (the cheapest as possible) though.
  10. For anyone still hopping things about Unity are not going to get that bad, some more insights: On July, 2022, Unity Technologies announces a merge with Iron Source ironSource Ltd. is a software company that focuses on developing technologies for app monetization and distribution, with its core products focused on the app economy. The merge was concluded in November. On June, 2022 (one month before the merge announce!), the github repository for the Changes in Unity ToS was silently removed! Old ToS still available on Web (look for "Prior Terms") WebArchive. git repository mirror On github On Software Heritage April 3rd this year (slightly before the release of 2022 LTS in June), the clausule were is was guaranteed the right to keep using the older ToS as long you don't update your stack to the newer covered by the new ToS was removed from the current ToS, and a new one explicitly granting them rights to retroactively change licensing terms was added. New ToS, effective April 2023 for Unity 2022. WebArchive Interesting part: On September 2023, they announce a per install fee for the Runtime. I'm quoting the reddit article, as I just could not say it better: This is a plan being carefully executed for more than an Year already. I said before and I will say it again: these guys are not stupid, they know what they are doing. It's up to us to fence ourselves and defend our interests, because they will not stop pursuing theirs.
  11. There're these guys on Proton demonstrating that it may be hard as hell, but still doable. The alternative is to completely replace Squad - or just forget the whole thing and go play Starfield or No Man's Sky or some freaking PacMan game on some emulator**. There're bootleg copies of KSP¹ source on the wild anyway - I'm pretty sure someone will be able to do something about by Squad's back and make some bucks from it (as it's already happening by the way). — — POST EDIT — — **I found this Spaceship EVO recently, really interesting. But still made on Unity, damnit. — — POST POST EDIT — — Things developed in an interesting (and, for me, completely unexpected) way. There're currently two main theories around here about what's happening: There's an ongoing hostile takeover attempt on Unity Tech, and the current drama are internal adversaries dehydrating the company to make it dirty cheap to be bought by an, at this time, unknown actor. The plot above is nonsense, the Unity's BoD really, really are a bunch of morons and let themselves be dragged down by a few spoiled brats. Would you like to know more? As things are, the option 1 was the less worst of the outcomes, because it implies that once whoever would be plotting this hostile takeover grabs the Company, they would want to recover the business and, so, would make things sane again - or near it. The option 2 is terrible, because by inference it means that both the BoD as the CEO are being completely inept to handle a crisis provoked by their own ineptitude (this phrase is the rejected child of an oxymoron mated with an pleonasm) and, so, things are really going to go South and people relying on the Unity3D are in deep crap - not only due the risk of being over-taxed by that install-fee-craziness, but because further stupidnesses of the BoD may ultimately lead to the dismantling of the whole business. Like the incredibly stupid attempt to sugarcoat the pill by proposing waiving the install-fees to anyone ditching whatever the ad-system they are using to Unity's, what's essentially violating the antitrust law! Microsoft, besides already being an economical behemoth at that time, barely escaped from being split in two for far, far less. I don't think Unity Technologies has the resources to win such a legal battle, what can end up with huge punitive damages that may lead Unity Technologies to bankruptcy - with no one willing to buy the bankruptcy estate due the fines. Granted, this is the worst case scenario - but it may be not too far from what's going to happen… TL;DR: again, Open Source appears to be the only safe bet on this whole ordeal. I doubt Unity3D would go OSI, what makes opening KSP¹'s source a more viable option. Granted, if Unity3D goes OSI, the pressure for KSP¹ doing the same will lesser (but not vanish at all).
  12. These situations is where opening the source import the most. We need to get rid of the Unity Runtime. We will not be able to do such without Open Source. It's **way** more feasible to code an abstraction layer and port KSP to other engine (probably Godot) than to write a complete Unity3D replacement. There's no cheap solutions anymore. Now people will need to decide if they will pay the racketeers for the rest of their lives, or if they will pay to get rid of them only once. But they are going to pay, no matter what. As Unity Technologies strengthen the squeezing, and strengthen the squeezing they will (see Oracle et all), Game Publishes and Developers will be forced to do the same with their users or they will go bankrupt. And so the same people that would be willing to help you to replace them will be left with the only option to replace you.
  13. Yes, you are. 99% of the users don't even know that devices you are willing to install on your rig even exist. Linux is about a tricky equilibrium between necessity and availability. We have good (nowadays) GPU drives because a lot of people pressed for gaming on Linux, but there's no many people like you pressing to have seamless support for oscilloscopes . No one has any obligation to write such drivers. So usually your case are tackled down by people that had bought these devices and coded the support themselves, by people that had funded such development or by people that had peskyied the manufacturers to do so - or all the alternatives altogether, there're cases in which users and manufacturers collaborated on writing the support. There's no free lunch - Linux is Free as in Speech, not as in Beer. AH, XKCD. You know what's more interesting? This problem usually is worst on software licensed on MIT or similarly permissive licenses - because everybody can use them on their proprietary product without caring to give back anything back to the Open Source community that maintain these code. As Linus Torvalds said once: "I give you some source code, you give me some source code and we are even". MIT licenses doesn't promotes the "give back" part of the deal, and so most Companies don't care to do it.
  14. Nope. Squad will be taxed everytime Unit detects you installed the game again, with or without downloading it. Unity has telemetry embedded, and remember they merged with IronSource last year, gaining access to a whole set of tools. Things are that bad. You will need to keep your game installations completely isolated from the Internet by firewalls, but I suspect that the merge with IronSource will allow them to cross reference data by other means - like other programs installed using InstallCore being able to search your system for copies of Unity Runtime and reporting. Do you know all that tracking mechanisms used to spy on users? They are going to be used against Developers and Publishers too. They had a whole year of planning before announcing the stunt - the tools they need should be already deployed by our backs. I said before and I will say again: these guys are not stupid. Things are really that bad. ---- POST EDIT --- @ColdJ, I think you will (NOT) like to read this: Sorry.
  15. Yes, or at least it worked last time I tried. As long the depot is not removed from the system, it's available for downloading by using the Steam Client's console or an 3rd party tool like https://github.com/SteamRE/DepotDownloader I recomend doing it anyway. As well any other Unirt game you had bought there. Or in GoG.
  16. You are not going to be directly affected. Squad will. Suppose you buy a Windows notebook and a Steam Dexk too for Christmas, and you have installed KSP on them too. Now Squad will be taxed by 2 installs if you do it after January 2024. Now imagine the you decided to upgrade the Deck's SSD and reinstall everything from scratch. Squad will probably be taxed by another install (probably because theoretically only new installs are taxed, but Unity openly says they don't track individuals, they will infer the count by aggregation). Now your Linux machine's HDD dies and you replace it with an SDD and reinstall the World. Guess what? A new Install for sure, because the previous install wasn't counted because it happened before 2024 but this one will count for.sure. Squad will pay a fee every time an SDD or HDD with KSP installed is replaced.
  17. "Tiger, Tiger, Tiger" (tygah,. tygah, tygah) There're alternatives, but it's nothing that one vendor can accomplish alone.
  18. To anyone still wondering why Open Source is needed, google about the ongoing Unity drama about the Unity Runtime. I had warned months ago that we were on the verge of an Inflection Point here. It's not time to start to move?
  19. Problem on Linux is that people trying to make money from it still believes on the "one size fits all" model used by Windows. It doesn't works - Linux would not exist at first place if it did. Steam Deck is an excellent example on how someone needs to tailor the thing to a finality to make Linux useable for the average end-user. What you really need is someone tailoring Debian to be used by people like you. Anyway. On a blind guess, I think that your programs need to have the setuid configured to root. https://www.liquidweb.com/kb/how-do-i-set-up-setuid-setgid-and-sticky-bits-on-linux/#:~:text=This is primarily used to,in Linux is 'sudo'. It's really a bad idea from the security point of view, but still… It may help on your problem.
  20. Weird, the problem is happening on a DLL called GroundConstruction, and you must have it in your GameData, because it's being logged as expected: [LOG 20:45:47.982] Load(Assembly): GroundConstruction/Plugins/GC.UI [LOG 20:45:47.982] AssemblyLoader: Loading assembly at J:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\GroundConstruction\Plugins\GC.UI.dll [LOG 20:45:47.983] Load(Assembly): GroundConstruction/Plugins/GroundConstruction [LOG 20:45:47.983] AssemblyLoader: Loading assembly at J:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\GroundConstruction\Plugins\GroundConstruction.dll [LOG 20:45:47.985] AssemblyLoader: KSPAssembly 'GroundConstruction' V2.6.0 Do you use CKAN? In a way or another, please send me a new KSP.dll . Don't bother to reproduce the problem, just reach the Main Menu, then quit KSP, then send me the new KSP.log.
  21. Kindly dedicated to Unity3D users around the Word. The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again.
  22. No. He's going to buy everything they can using stooges, and when things get better (and it will this time eventually, see below), he will be able to excerpt yet more power over the board. There're people smarter than you scattered over the World, some of them earning money from you. It's better to keep this in mind, it may save your business eventually. And this is precisely the reason Unity Tech is able to do whatever they please, besides not exactly how they want. Unity has a lock-in on their market, and they has decided it will be more profitable to exercise their muscles on people like you than trying to increasing their market share by luring people from other engines. I think they will accomplish whatever they really want exactly because of that - it's perfectly possible that this drama is a plot to accomplish something we are not seeing - as perhaps enabling a hostile take over, like Stephen Elop did on Nokia before Microsoft grabbed it. In a way or another, what remains to be answered is: what you are going to do to not be fooled again? Uh.. Whoops. — — POST EDIT — — Found very interesting information here: {SNIP} Given the sensibility of the subject, I will copy&paste the post here in the case that one gets removed by some reason. Ladies and Gentlemen… I think we are witnessing a hostile takeover. — — POST POST EDIT — — The Unity's ToS repository was deleted. Thanks Kraken there're mirrors made recently : https://github.com/thaliaarchi/unity-termsofservice I strongly suggest to anyone developing on Unity to mirror and clone **everything** on https://github.com/Unity-Technologies as soon as possible, because the dices are starting to roll.
  23. I disagree. It makes sense perfectly, these guys are not stupid. Someone made some calculations about the Unity's prospects for the future and realised they will not get the money they want by going that path - perhaps due competition, perhaps due the cost of fixing the long list of technical debits, perhaps because the new processors being launched are screwing them due some unhappy design decisions made in the past and fixing it is going to be hugely expensive - or perhaps by any other reason beyound me. Or all of them together. So if they are not going to make enough money by increasing their user base, the obvious solution is to squeeze the installed user base the most they can while the ship is afloat. It's a "sound business decision" : if your asset is going to be scrapped on the end of the current fiscal year, you don't need to waste money on preventive maintenance, and can use it on activities that will reduce its life span (as long it's not destroyed before the end of the fiscal year). As a matter of fact, you must do it as this is the best way to maximising the incoming the asset is able to provide. Unreal Engine is not only a completely different engine, but also has no bindings to C#. Restarting from scratch to use Unreal will demand not only a completely restart on development, but also a complete new team to start with - what would include the decision makers. I find it unlikely it will happen - mainly because this crapstorm is not going to affect them that much: TTI is big enough to be able to cut a nice deal with Unity Technologies to minimize the fees. And since, as I said above, they are not stupid, they obviously know it. If they know it and tried the stunt the same way it's because they know they are not going to get enough money on new sales - what implies they are betting there are going to be way less sales for Unity Games than they want. If your marketshare is stagnating and you want more money, your only option is to squeeze the marketshare you already have. And, in time, the money for Research & Development should be already on their budget. If this money is not there anymore, it's because someone took it. Who? Why? When? That's the problem: misalignment of expectations between Unity's stakeholders. Unity's high brass are there for the money. They realised that trying to stay competitive will incur in costs that will undermine their expectations for profit. So they think Unity3D is going to loose market and, again, the only way to keep the profit at the levels they want is to milk the installed base instead. This is hardly a novelty - Oracle, SAP et all do exactly the same: most of their income is not by doing new sales (how many people buy a new SAP license nowadays?), but by the recurring fees they get from the current costumers (or new products they force them to buy by deprecating older ones and offering replacements). All of this had happened before. All of this will happen again. Exactly. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. And, frankly, this is hardly the first time Unity screws their customers over. Such a decision, IMHO, should have been considered for at least 12 months, 24 from a technical point of view.
  24. It really depends of the nature of the mods. PartSet only mods, you can shove as much as you wish as long you have memory for them. There're still a few loose ends on KSP where a badly configured Part Config can cause some damage, but these are the exceptions. Mods that adds features to the game, when well written, are also usually safe - as long no one screws with them. If something breaks TweakScale and prevents it from work, it's obviously that all you scaled parts will be screwed too. Mods that changes features on the game, on the other hand, are the hairy ones. These need to have a high degree of testings and validations that are not usual to be done by enthusiasts. Interestingly enough, most of them around here ends up working pretty well. We have a minority of add'ons playing havoc nowadays, and all of them - and I want to say it again, all of them with known issues that are being refused to be fixed. 95% of the support I do is about known bugs that are recurrent in the wild because they are simply not fixed.
  25. Found the problem! Or, at least, what looks like being the problem: [EXC 20:51:35.274] MissingMethodException: AT_Utils.UIBundle AT_Utils.UIBundle.Create(string) System.Reflection.MonoCMethod.InternalInvoke (System.Object obj, System.Object[] parameters) (at <9577ac7a62ef43179789031239ba8798>:0) Rethrow as TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. System.Reflection.MonoCMethod.InternalInvoke (System.Object obj, System.Object[] parameters) (at <9577ac7a62ef43179789031239ba8798>:0) System.RuntimeType.CreateInstanceMono (System.Boolean nonPublic) (at <9577ac7a62ef43179789031239ba8798>:0) System.RuntimeType.CreateInstanceSlow (System.Boolean publicOnly, System.Boolean skipCheckThis, System.Boolean fillCache, System.Threading.StackCrawlMark& stackMark) (at System.RuntimeType.CreateInstanceDefaultCtor (System.Boolean publicOnly, System.Boolean skipCheckThis, System.Boolean fillCache, System.Threading.StackCrawlMark& stackMar System.Activator.CreateInstance[T] () (at <9577ac7a62ef43179789031239ba8798>:0) AT_Utils.PluginGlobals`1[T].init_instance () (at <dfa2fbe96124462794ebeceb1d666cb2>:0) AT_Utils.PluginGlobals`1[T].Load () (at <dfa2fbe96124462794ebeceb1d666cb2>:0) AT_Utils.PluginGlobals`1[T].get_Instance () (at <dfa2fbe96124462794ebeceb1d666cb2>:0) GroundConstruction.JobBase.get_GLB () (at <153e62ae099745349276ac22b21d61e0>:0) GroundConstruction.VesselKit+<>c__DisplayClass20_0.<count_kit_resources>b__1 (PartResource res) (at <153e62ae099745349276ac22b21d61e0>:0) AT_Utils.CollectionsExtensions.ForEach[TSource] (System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[T] E, System.Action`1[T] action) (at <dfa2fbe96124462794ebeceb1d666cb2>:0) GroundConstruction.VesselKit+<>c__DisplayClass20_0.<count_kit_resources>b__0 (Part p) (at <153e62ae099745349276ac22b21d61e0>:0) System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T].ForEach (System.Action`1[T] action) (at <9577ac7a62ef43179789031239ba8798>:0) GroundConstruction.VesselKit.count_kit_resources (IShipconstruct ship, System.Boolean assembled) (at <153e62ae099745349276ac22b21d61e0>:0) GroundConstruction.VesselKit..ctor (PartModule host, ShipConstruct ship, System.Boolean assembled, System.Boolean simulate) (at <153e62ae099745349276ac22b21d61e0>:0) GroundConstruction.GCEditorGUI.Update () (at <153e62ae099745349276ac22b21d61e0>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object) You have a serious versioning conflit between GroundContruction and AT_Utils. This is generating tons and tons of Exceptions, INSIDE THE EDITOR's UPDATE, and this may explain these weird misbehaviours on it - things inside Editor happens under a somewhat fragile equilibrium between add'ons. and if something royally screws up the timings (and logging into KSP.log every Update is a hell of a timing screwer) , things start to happen out of order and this may explain this misbehaviour. Uninstall Ground Construction and see if the problem goes away - I suggest to do it on a full backup, because removing (or deactivating) add'ons and loading savegames will completely screw up any crafts that would be using them (it's the reason people gets screwed when TweakScale is killed). If yes (and I think it will), advise here and we will try to find a fix for it - I want to have confirmation before poking on other authors' code… "If you wish to catch a rabbit you put a ferret into the hole, and if the rabbit is there he runs." — Hercule Kerman.
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