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Found 5 results

  1. Green Rolf Vehicles Development Centre Vehicles list [MOD - Link removed due to inadequate licensing of GTA V assets from Rockstar Games] License: GPLv3
  2. Basically I'm looking to see if there is any mod that automatically repacks all the chutes on a craft either on its own or at the press of a button. is there a mod like this? if not, would it be possible to do?
  3. Hi guys, just starting a new thread to display all the upcoming projects before them rolling out of our "factory" Here is our website: https://keslaauto.wordpress.com/ Drive safe! Kesla Auto Team To kick things started, say hi to our 2nd vehicle - Kesla Boxville, a van designed by Rockstar, but it should be safe enough to drive on any planet.
  4. Press space to get into space! It is solid fuel SSTO, which doesn't need to be controlled. It takes to orbit only one kerbonaut - a little, but surprisingly if we take note of the other parameters. It has no control surfaces, no SAS, no gimbal, no RCS, but you just press spacebar - and you reach stable orbit. You can use warp, or drink tea. Aerodynamics is great thing. Completing various aerodynamic experiments, I found that the ideal craft that needs no control. Number of components: 28 (1 LVL VAB) Weight: 63.453 kg (2 LVL Launchpad) Cost: 15.659 Technologies: (2 LVL R&D) 1. Why solid fuel? I stopped on the boosters for the reason these are cheap, inefficient and low-tech. The worst way to make SSTOs. Liquid fuel engines represented more broadly, have a good specific impulse and receive fuel from separate tanks. That facts too simplifies our task. And there are no distinct call, no gratifying achievements without the hardcore gaming conditions. 2. How it works? The whole essence of the craft is in asymmetrically located sepratron. During the launch Zen pitching down in a few degrees. In the flight process this craft is well stabilized by wings, so the turns pretty weak, but the higher an atmosphere, the lesser wings help to stabilize. So this SSTO pitching closer to the horizon. And finally, in a vacuum, asymmetrically located sepratron hull slightly deflects the center of mass from the center of thrust that causes the craft slowly rotating (about 20 degrees per minute). Due to this rotation, Zen performing successful orbit rounding manuever. This concept allows you to save delta V. Due to a well-balanced design, the final orbit is almost circular, from 140/72 to 120/74. After using the solid boosters Zen cabin is heated to almost 700 K. At 800 degrees and above kerbonaut better not to get out of the cabin - this is his heating limit. 3. Will there be more such crafts to visit other celestial bodies? Planning any precision maneuvering is extremely difficult, since the positions of celestial bodies are relative to each other and constantly changing. I won't be able to one click launch craft to Dune or Eve. However, I'll do more such "stock autopilots". I will create a craft that automatically leaving the surface of the Dune or Laythe - a sort of evacuation module for kerbonauts. I'm also interested in orbiting more payload and greater number of passengers. Later I will try to create the least tech automatic SSTO, that will be better for career. But now I'm concentrated on KSPeriments. Craft download link: https://yadi.sk/d/Ljdu4N1jzJGGC Screenshots: Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed.
  5. How often do you use them?? i use them when i build big vehicles and realising i got too much parts for a mission. i personally really enjoy them as a new feature and i think its pretty cool. what are your thoughts?? -Alan
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