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  1. Description Elegance, Speed, Power. To soar above all else is the goal of the Elevarse. True to its name it will arise to the occasion rather it be just to show off or to tear rubber in the streets of Kerbin. We don’t as questions about why you need it only that we know you need it. Luxury performance at its best. Vehicle Infomation Requires DLC (NO MODS) Does use a transparent flag for windows (links will be below or in the comment section) If you do not use it will just be a white flag (non-transparent) Drive Instructions This car can be very fast make sure to treat her with care. Comes with a Kraken Engine Booster (action group 1) to enable fast acceleration. Also, has Turbofan Engine that is attached to Main Throttle - Turn on Turbo Fan Engine 0 - 100% Action Groups AG1 - Kraken Engine Booster AG2 - Toggle Engine Rumble (cosmetic) AG3 - Toggle Engine bay AG4 - Toggle Doors AG5 - Toggle Neon Lights AG Toggle Engine Bay Light Flag Download Link Google Drive https: A stock aircraft called Celeste Elevarse. Built with 770 of the finest parts, its root part is Panel1. Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.12.3. Details Type: SPH Class: rover Part Count: 770 Pure Stock KSP: 1.12.3 DOWNLOAD LINKS Download links - https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/Celeste-Elevarse https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2868029775 Flag Instructions Download Zip File Put in your Flags Folder if using Steam - (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags) Google Drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uABZtM2AFGTBiIr-ql92xhERC49ZZW88/view?usp=sharing Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/qcr3ttwgrul5jun/canopy.png?dl=0
  2. Description Do you crave speed but you’re unable to add more boosters? Well don’t let the lack of boosters slow you down with the Celest Impero, you can feel the Mun shattering speed of leaving are pale blue dot behind in the dust. Luxury performance at its best. Drive Instructions Main Throttle - Turn on Turbo Fan Engine 0 - 100% Action Groups AG1 - Open Doors AG2 - Toggle Spoiler AG3 - Toggle Boosters (the fan engine makes it easy to handle wide turns without flipping) Turn on boosters for greater speed. Needs 1 flag for the window you can download below Flags - Dropbox - https: A stock aircraft called Celest Impero. Built with 655 of the finest parts, its root part is Panel1p5. Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.12.3. Details Type: SPH Class: rover Part Count: 655 Pure Stock KSP: 1.12.3 DOWNLOAD LINKS If you would like to drive this today - KERBAL X: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/Celest-Impero STEAM: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2866637525 Flags - place files in the Eurydice to your Flags Folder if using Steam - (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags) Dropbox - https://www.dropbox.com/s/uq7q26yxa6o7d6p/Window70.png?dl=0 Google Drive - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xossmFYxo6byKkPonEiosd68Un4GK2YD/view?usp=sharing Or right click and save below
  3. License: CC-BY-SA-4.0 GPLv3 Now updated to 2.0.1 Forgot the SPH folder in 2.0.0 https://spacedock.info/mod/2873/Mini Moke Versatile?ga=<Game+3102+'Kerbal+Space+Program'> Mini Moke Versatile. A parts pack to give you a truly customisable Kerbal sized Mini Moke. (not the legs obviously as then it would be almost flat ) It comes in a standard 4 seat size and a shorty version. The standard has a range of accessories, bars for front back and roll over, a roof rack and window frame that all come in a range of colours. A canopy, the rear seats are optional (remember to place any Kerbals in them that you want to show up, when in the SPH, as they don't auto fill.) and you can put an aluminium tray in instead to make it a ute or just leave it empty. There is also a registration plate you can put anywhere you like. It will show whatever flag you have set for the vehicle. The front seats do auto fill. The shorty has it's own roll bar. Both mokes come in a range of colours (including original Kerbal). Their are 5 wheel choices. Evertything but the rego plate have their own nodes to snap into. The tray and it's nodes are orientated front to back so they don't get hung up on the other nodes. The snorkel out of my Kerbin Rover Redux mod goes well on the front fenders. So a car, rover, taxi, Mun buggy or even a shuttle to move Kerbals around a space station. It is up to your imagination what you would like to do. I have included a copy of the "Rocket Sounds Enhancement" plugin, but without it's sound library so that it only needs the GPL 3 license. I have a sound effect of my own in my mod so that if you have "Rocket Sounds Enhancement" installed the wheels make a humming noise that changes pitch with speed. (I personally don't like silent rovers.). I hope you have fun with this vehicle. AS WITH ALL WHEELS, THEY NEED TO BE ROTATED 90 DEGREES CLOCKWISE ONCE PLACED ON THE VEHICLE TO BE THE RIGHT WAY UP. THE VALVE MARK SHOULD BE AT THE TOP. Changelog. Added 3 new types of vehicles. A left hand drive Jeep for the other side of the runway. A Jeep Forward Control like, utility truck with 3 different trays including a car carrier. A trailer chassis so the trays can be used as trailers as well. A small trailer for the small vehicles. A hinge hitch so that you can have your trailers articulate when you go over humps. (Requires Breaking Ground to work.) A Fun Buggy with a built in impeller that floats so you can use it as a Personal Water Craft. I was too lazy to restrict the impellar to water, so if you have a full load of Kerbals and are using the impeller while on land, you can hit P to pop open their parachutes and go Paragliding. Just remember to repack the chutes when you land. Many accessories for the new vehicles including a winch. Requires Kerbal Attachment System to work.All vehicles have a front node for it but as it also surface attaches you need to Alt snap to node. New spot lights and a light bar that use the new KSP system, so you can change colour and make them blink. A portal hub so that the small vehicles can use the larger wheels. New wheels for the Jeep and Truck. Jerry Can and holder. A storage box. etc. Enjoy. Demo vehicles in the SPH folder.
  4. Updated to 1.1.0 Changelog for 1.1.0 Many changes. There is now a ute version created from previously unreleased model work by TiktaalikDreaming. Also a working Snorkel. Have created working wheels in 2 sizes from the spares, that don't have a suspension tower and can be attached directly. I have also created a separate suspension tower so that you can still have that look with them if you want. As all wheels that come into the SPH need to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise to work, I have a dark ring around 1 wheel nut on the silver and on the mud so that you can tell that you have rotated them. On the silver the wheel is right way up with the mark at the top, and with mud it is when the mark is on the bottom. I added a ute version of the roof rack and have added a Bull Bar with a built in winch, that works if you have the Kerbal Attachment System mod. The head doesn't transfer to the Kerbal but the bare cable does and attaches to the KAS attachment point with no dramas. I have changed the attachable spotlights to use the new KSP model. I have added an Army colour scheme to all the parts. I have added 3 new flags for the vehicles. Both Defenders now have properly working lights and working high mount rear lights. I have changed the Tech Tree requirements to what I hope is considered fair and balanced for career games. I think I made it so you can just copy straight over the last iteration. My understanding is that if you have already unlocked a part in a career game it should still be available to you but in a new career they will be in their new spots. WARNING. I HAVE NOW FOUND THAT THE LEFT OVER KSP WHEELS PATCH STOPS THE WHEELS FROM WORKING IF YOU INSTALL KSP WHEELS. PLEASE GO TO GameData\KerbinRover\Parts\KSPWheelPatch.cfgAND DELETE OR CHANGE THE SUFFIX TO TXT. Hi. my mod of the Kerbin Rover originally released by Tiktaalik Dreaming is now live on Spacedock. I hope you might enjoy it. https://spacedock.info/mod/2804/Kerbin Rover Redux?ga=<Game+3102+'Kerbal+Space+Program'> https://imgur.com/6XrFAn9
  5. KerbWes


    Anybody tries the grip pads in BG (Breaking Ground) as car bodies? Basically indestructible and cool looking too! I made a car w/ it and rammed it full speed into the VAB, only the front lights broke! And, with BG, you can make convertibles! YAY
  6. Planes may be cool. Rockets may be cooler. But both are overshadowed by the undisputable best method of travel: cars! In this challenge you must create a car and then put it through a series of tests and challenges to determine if yours is the best. There are a few different tests that you can pick and choose from, and some standards that your car must meet. Your car must have at lest one kerbal in either a command pod or an external command seat Your car must be powered by wheels and nothing else (no jets, rockets, etc.) Your car must complete whichever test you put it through without losing any parts or sustaining any damage. The large rover wheel exploit (where slightly turning left and right allow it to go super fast) is sadly not allowed. Part mods and physics mods are not allowed, along with any cheating or exploits not in the nature of the challenge. DLCs are allowed, along with information and visual mods. **One trial per car: each car is only allowed to have one entry per test. It can be updated if you manage to get it done faster with the same car, but the same car cannot have both the #1 and #2 spot. **The UI should be visible in each screenshot, unless it is for the aesthetics test. Include some basic facts about your car when you submit it, like its number of wheels, what powers it, etc. Test 1: Acceleration Usually, acceleration is measured in the time it takes to go from 0- 60 miles per hour. Because wheels in ksp are pretty slow, and measurement's aren't done in mph, your car's acceleration will be measured in the time it takes from first pressing "w" to the moment your car reaches 20.0 m/s Once your car spawns on the KSC Runway, toggle the brakes. The timer is started the moment the car starts moving forward and is stopped the moment it reaches the speed of 20 m/s Submission rules: Include screenshots of your car the moment the timer starts, some time during its run, and the moment it reaches 20 m/s. Or, include a video of the test run. Test 2: Speed A measure of the top speed of your car. The top speed must be reached before the car reaches the end of the KSC Runway. Once your car spawns on the KSC Runway, toggle the brakes. Start accelerating. The highest speed achieved before the end of the runway is reached is the speed recorded. Submission rules. Include a screenshot of your car the moment it starts moving forward, and the car traveling at it's top speed (or at the end of the runway). Test 3: Aesthetics This test doesn't really have a set of rules. It's solely decided on the looks of the car (how much it resembles a real life car). Submission rules: Include a screenshot of your car in any location you like or a short gif or video of your car. Test 4: Drag Race A common measurement of any car. Usually consists of a race in a straight line from a starting point to an agreed upon finish line. In this case, it's the shortest time between the car's spawn point on the KSC Runway to the exact end of the runway. Once your car spawn on the KSC Runway, immediately toggle the brakes. The timer is started the moment the car starts moving forward and is stopped the moment the front wheels cross the end line as shown in the picture. Submission rules: Include screenshots of your car the moment the timer starts, two times during its run, and the moment it reaches the finish line, with a screenshot of the f3 menu right after the timer is stopped. Or, include a video of it's run. Test 5: Lap Time The more official form of testing a car, laps are done all the time by all sorts of car manufacturers. In this test, your car must complete the lap shown below in the shortest amount of time, to test both handling and speed. Once your car spawn on the KSC Runway, drive it to the starting line and brake. Your car should be on the left side of the double lines (the same side as Mission Control) and your front wheels should be on the starting line, as shown in the screenshot below: The timer starts the moment you start driving forward. You will then drive in front of mission control, between the crawlway and the VAB, and around the rest of the track marked by the red line in the screenshot below. You must try your best to stay on the paved roads during the whole lap. If your car rolls and lands on its wheels, and no parts have been broken, you may continue the lap, but it is not likely worth it. The timer will stop once your car's front wheels cross the line on the side of the double lines opposite you started from. Submission rules: Include a screenshot of you car the moment it begins moving forward, and the moment its front wheels cross the finish line. Include screenshots of your car at every yellow dot marked in the screenshot above, as well as a screenshot of the f3 menu right after the timer stops. Or, include a video of your lap. Badges are being worked on and should be done fairly soon if people are interested. Depending on how many people are interested, I'll post a deadline sometime in the future so winners can eventually be announced. Happy racing!
  7. Just as long as it stays on the ground, what is your fastest land vehicle? Mine was able to reach 350m/s. I don't have any images unfortunately. Tell us about yours! Did it explode? Did it look stylish?
  8. So I made a missile launcher car thing but when I launch the missile, all the directions are messed up. A and D are pitch, W and S are yaw, and Q and E are roll. They are all backwards also I think. I have it set up with stages. So first I start the main SRB and then second I detach and start the side SRBs. I control from the probe in the missile and have SAS on. During the launch sequence the main SRB destroys the heat shield on the beam often, so I switch to the launcher and detach then switch back. I try to be quick so the missile detaches before the heat shield gets destroyed. When it's still attached the Navball acts normal. And then it's detached the Navball is sideways. I've tried rotating the probe and it does nothing. Here is the craft file
  9. Double decker Rover!
  10. Kervo™ H-1 2-SEAT SPORTS CAR STOCK (BREAKING GROUNDS EXPANSION) Experience the spirit of sporting in Kervo's first automobile, the H-1. The H-1 is a front engine, rear wheel drive sports car featuring a stock integrated boost system capable of doubling the vehicle's top speed1 The H-1 features a rear wing that provides aggressive down-force for tight2 cornering at high speeds. 0-60: 18.5 seconds3 Length: 7.7 meters Curb Weight: 11.6 tons Part Count: 615 Cost: 142,456 IBS: 1. Recorded increase of %100.2 2. Cornering at high speeds is not encouraged by Kervo Motor Company 3. With boost activated Craft File: https://kerbalx.com/Kervo/Kervo-H-1 WARNINGS: Use of the integrated boost system should be restricted to closed tracks Turning at high speeds may result in rollovers Extended use of the integrated boost system may result in overheating This craft is somewhat resource demanding
  11. Hello! This is my first post on the official Kerbal Space Program Forum, Kerbal Space Program has unlocked a hidden creative side I haven't had in a long time this game has become one of my all time favorite! I want to introduce one of my favorite vehicles I have created. The Valencia GT This beautiful vehicle is a pleasure to drive and very light and stable. This does not flip hard on hard turns in fact I encourage hard turns. It handles them very well. High grip wide wheel base. Traveling over 35 MPH+ (56 KPH) (15.7 m/s) able to be taken into cargo unit and able to haul to other world's. 1k Electric Charge Seats 4 Kerbal's Small probe unit for autonomous driving Flip out Headlights with HID like lights and Brake lights Wheels fold in for better transportation Uses lots of parts from DLC especially the robotic pads to sustain accidental flips and maintain structural integrity. (Will not break apart but watch the front head lights) Download File: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/Valencia-GT
  12. I believe I've worked on it enough to call this a final-ish version of it. 1484 parts as of now. Hope you enjoyed it!
  13. Are your cars boring.. do they keep crashing Well now we have Jeb's magnificent Multicar!!! Now you can crash it even more this car can: Be a car!! Go faster Crash!! Fly!! Fly faster!! Go to your favorite vacation destination! [Rocket not included] Crash at your holiday vacation! Lets see what jeb thinks about his car Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nfefktj7fjay56s/Jeb´s MultiCar.craft?dl=0 (you need the making history expansion) Here are the controls Key Function 1 Toggle hover rockets 2 Retract/Extend Wheels 3 Activate sepratron boosters 4 Activate normal boosters 5 Extend/Retract Landing legs Backspace In case of an emergency Good luck with driving/flying My youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx793lGty6iIoOreAoEA90g?view_as=subscriber
  14. Green Rolf Vehicles Development Centre Vehicles list [MOD - Link removed due to inadequate licensing of GTA V assets from Rockstar Games] License: GPLv3
  15. This is a up-to-date collection of wheels that I have worked on previously, namely for the Rollkage and Better Wheels mods (credits: @electronicfox and @angusmcbeth) which are now more or less abandoned. The reason for reviving these is simply because I wanted to use them in my game, and there are very few wheel mods for 1.2. I would have done this earlier if it wasn't so annoying to update wheels from pre 1.1 to the new system, since there is hardly any documentation on how to do it. On the other hand, the new wheel physics system is much better and allows easy tuning so I no longer need to tediously tune the buggy phyx suspension and tire model in unity. I will update this with additional wheels as I convert them. Direct Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/195-I0gaTJtNfmp8IuCGuv7yv_GiO5AC3/view?usp=sharing Spacedock: http://spacedock.info/mod/1027/Wheels Collection (formerly rollkage %26 better wheels) GitHub: https://github.com/zitron-git/WheelsCollection Also available on CKAN Kerchelin Small Rover Wheel: 0.5m wheel for light rovers RollKage Kerchelin Extreme: 1.0 m off-road wheel for 2-5t light vehicles RollKage Kerchelin Sport: 1.0 m off-road wheel for 5-10t medium sized vehicles RollKage Kerchelin Jumbo: 2.0m wheel for 10-50t heavy vehicles
  16. Hey all. I did it again. Went to look at the "Starman" in his car. Drifting away from the Earth. And my right hand reached for the arrows on my keyboard and tried to rotate the car around so I could see the other side and a better view of the Earth. Too much KSP obviously. Anybody else care to admit to it? ME
  17. With a top speed of around 120 m/s, this is one of my fastest cars! On the downside, I wouldn't consider driving that fast for my own safety. Here is my brand new, 2017 FORD GT REPLICA https://kerbalx.com/He_162/162-2017-Ford-GT Kerbal's and Kerbal safety not included. Warranty void if driven safely, or by a granny. Oh, and here it is in space, launched by none other than the great SCOTT MANLEY!
  18. Hello I was really hyped for CMS 2018. However, when it released, performance was less than optimal. So terrible, that I asked for a refund. However, they have made FIVE patches in FOUR days! They even made a sincere apology for the game. Now, I believe in PlayWay, that they will make the game better. Moving on, what do YOU think of the game?
  19. -=BLACKBIRD=- Designed for: Sharpness (visible) Speed (140+ m/s) Dark in design & Color DOWNLOAD :https://kerbalx.com/He_162/162--Blackbird COMPLETELY STOCK, NO MODS NEEDED, KSP 1.3 It stands alone among the rest, it flies through the night, and seizes victory! -=BLACKHAWK=- Designed for: Smoothness (visible) Speed (132 m/s) Dark in design & Color DOWNLOAD :https://kerbalx.com/He_162/162--Blackhawk COMPLETELY STOCK, NO MODS NEEDED, KSP 1.3 It stands alone among the rest, it flies through the night, and seizes victory!
  20. Don't stop me now! A ksp music video! Ignore the editing skills, it's my first time using Resolve! Car:
  21. It all started with one to many challanges for auto racing. I looked long and hard for some good car parts. I found MuscleCarPartsMod, Very nice set but needed a better motor. So I set out to learn to make my qwn and here is the outcome. The Khevrolet motor is design 01 and I am up to my 6th design now the MHtt 501. Idle and power sound still needs some work. Nodes are off on some parts. To be adjusted as updated. Motors, Full bar frame and Drag frame are Orginal MHG Designs. Other parts " rusty car bodys and go-kart frame" are from free to use junk parts off the Interweb. Thanks to : eugene T. Off road Frame MAX GRUETER F-1 Driver And SpannerMonkey for all the TECH support. MIT License Down load link: https://spacedock.info/mod/1254/MonkeyHead's Car parts Back to Bustin knuckes and building cars See you soon,
  22. Welcome to the DX Motor Co. Car catalog! here you can find vehicles from a truck, to a car. (Prices not included) My KerbalX profile:https://kerbalx.com/Dexter_Nexter 1983 SWR "Sprinter" https://kerbalx.com/Dexter_Nexter/DX-Motor-Co-771-----1983-SWR-Sprinter 8600 Eastern Star https://kerbalx.com/Dexter_Nexter/DX-Motor-Co-8600-Eastern-Star KX-1 "Backlash" https://kerbalx.com/Dexter_Nexter/DX-Motor-Co-K-X1-Backlash-Truck "Kerbo" IS-90 https://kerbalx.com/Dexter_Nexter/DX-Motor-Co-Kerbo-IS-90
  23. Hello all. Here I will post up all my latest vehicle mods for Kerbal Space Program. Hope you enjoy. License: GPL 3 Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/profile/keslaauto Website: https://thekesla.wordpress.com/
  24. This is an experiment in folding wings without multi-part hinges. Switch the deploy direction of the Big-S Elevons to toggle them up and down. The craft will take off at 40 m/s and land safely at 100 m/s on level terrain. Also includes a radioisotope generator for infinite roving range. Craft file on KerbalX
  25. Hello dear community, im struggling to find TT s Modular wheels mod. I have 1.2 installed. I need that mod for the following reasons: It has combustion engines of different several types, found in real cars, it has nice, adjustable real life weels. I remember back then, I made various kinds of nice cars, from scratch with this mod. Please help.
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