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Found 17 results

  1. Have you ever been troubled by long-range long-scale or even long-pp cargo transportation? Thinking of “Damn, I wondering how to get this piece of huge dong from my garage to the local rocket launchpad “… Well won’t happen anymore with our brand new SHIPMENT SERVICE Introduce you the <Beluga Delivers> With all new develop trucks you can deliver anything you want! Without much to say, let’s hit the road!
  2. So I made a missile launcher car thing but when I launch the missile, all the directions are messed up. A and D are pitch, W and S are yaw, and Q and E are roll. They are all backwards also I think. I have it set up with stages. So first I start the main SRB and then second I detach and start the side SRBs. I control from the probe in the missile and have SAS on. During the launch sequence the main SRB destroys the heat shield on the beam often, so I switch to the launcher and detach then switch back. I try to be quick so the missile detaches before the heat shield gets destroyed. When it's still attached the Navball acts normal. And then it's detached the Navball is sideways. I've tried rotating the probe and it does nothing. Here is the craft file
  3. K&S TECHNOLOGIES GROUP (Construction Site Video Series) CONSTRUCTION SITE PART 5 Construction Site 5 is part of a Series of Construction Site Videos with craft builds from other players at times. In this Video we are featuring craft built by @Triop and @Servo. Triop has some amazing Mini Automobiles he built with operating Doors & Hoods. I can't say enough about the details and how clean they look. Also Servo built an Excavator with incredible Engineering and functionality.I'm sure many hours went into their builds as well as ours and we are honored to share them. As always it's been a joy working with @klond being able to see his amazing Engineering first hand. I can only hope they enjoy how we have presented them here. Thanks again to Triop and Servo for allowing us to show their incredible works. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 More Photos Here
  4. (已经在好几个论坛发过了(人类提米的本质是复读机)) 一个电影中的运载车的仿品 no, not this . . . (性能不怎么好) (这是截至目前最后一次修改后截的图) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 以下介绍复制自本人steam创意工坊: 出自电影:流浪地球 1.6.1原版组件 这个车是凭着记忆做出来的,比例和外形方面不正确的地方相当多 本craft游戏内性能比较低,可以看作纯观赏模型 space(第1次)-解锁转轴 3-货舱脱钩分离 4-货舱门开锁 5-货舱分离“火石” g(按过4之后)-开关货舱门 注意其一:不要上太陡的坡,转轴无法承受过大角度垂直方向弯折 注意其二:解锁转轴、分离货舱、舱门再对接、舱门多次开锁 都可能会导致全车爆胎(恶性BUG 我技术不够修不好:( ) -------------------------------------------------------- Now it's my poor English: --- From the movie: The Wandering Earth 1.6.1 stock This truck is made by comparing my memory , and there were quite a few incorrect parts in proportion and appearance. The vehicle has low in-game performance and can be regarded as a pure ornamental model. space (1st) - Unlock Rotary Shaft (between Head and Cargo 3 - Separate cargo 4 - Unlock cargo door 5 - Cargo separates something (I don't know how to call it in English , maybe "flint"?) g(after press 4) - Cargo door open/close Attention 1 : Do not go up too steep slope, the rotating axle can't bear too large vertical bending. Attention 2 : Unlocking the rotating axle, separating the cargo, docking the hatch door again, unlocking the hatch door many times all may lead to tire burst (Bad bug, I'm not skilled enough to fix it :( ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- steam创意工坊链接: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1652356665
  5. RJ Willys Jeep Download here:https://kerbalx.com/KAS/RJ-Willys-Jeep
  6. It took nearly a million dollars, but I finally brought a large five-man refueling rover to the Mun - demonstration video coming later on YouTube. * screenshot of the Big-Ass Refueling Truck after a successful landing on the Mun. Capable of refueling even the largest of Mun landers, this bad boy can mine ore anywhere and dock with anything. Sure, it may not have the science lab on board, but it's a refueling truck; it does carry some scientific instruments of its own, though. Either way, this truck is built for maximum specialized performance. Here are some numbers about the rover itself that I think you'll find very useful. Electric Charge: 21,235 Oxidizer capacity: 3,520 Liquid Fuel capacity: 2,880 Monopropellant capacity: 760 Ore capacity: 1500 Any questions/concerns/comments?
  7. Just a 1920's style truck.
  8. Welcome all to the Regional Armed Forces Show! I need you yes YOU to show me your : Tanks Trucks Half Tracks Planes Troop Transport Artillery Literally anything Military The modlist is a bit of a hefty one not going to lie, we've got : NorthKerbinDynamics BDArmoury NAS NeverEnnufDakka I need your crafts to display! More info on the way! (Writing a article on my phone is crap) How this will work is that I will make a article on the said plane, tank or boat via another thread, I just wanna see if this will take up as much heat All are welcome! If you mods decide this is more SCE then just send it on over there
  9. It all started with one to many challanges for auto racing. I looked long and hard for some good car parts. I found MuscleCarPartsMod, Very nice set but needed a better motor. So I set out to learn to make my qwn and here is the outcome. The Khevrolet motor is design 01 and I am up to my 6th design now the MHtt 501. Idle and power sound still needs some work. Nodes are off on some parts. To be adjusted as updated. Motors, Full bar frame and Drag frame are Orginal MHG Designs. Other parts " rusty car bodys and go-kart frame" are from free to use junk parts off the Interweb. Thanks to : eugene T. Off road Frame MAX GRUETER F-1 Driver And SpannerMonkey for all the TECH support. MIT License Down load link: https://spacedock.info/mod/1254/MonkeyHead's Car parts Back to Bustin knuckes and building cars See you soon,
  10. Welcome to the DX Motor Co. Car catalog! here you can find vehicles from a truck, to a car. (Prices not included) My KerbalX profile:https://kerbalx.com/Dexter_Nexter 1983 SWR "Sprinter" https://kerbalx.com/Dexter_Nexter/DX-Motor-Co-771-----1983-SWR-Sprinter 8600 Eastern Star https://kerbalx.com/Dexter_Nexter/DX-Motor-Co-8600-Eastern-Star KX-1 "Backlash" https://kerbalx.com/Dexter_Nexter/DX-Motor-Co-K-X1-Backlash-Truck "Kerbo" IS-90 https://kerbalx.com/Dexter_Nexter/DX-Motor-Co-Kerbo-IS-90
  11. Katyusha Rocket Launcher Truck KerbalX Craft File Here I've had this idea for a long time about connecting a lot SAS controllers and a claw in some manner in order to create some sort of stock hinge. I've finally gotten this setup to work nice and smooth. A grip of different wheels act as a nice cushy bearing housing for the weapons cylinder. In the above GIF you can see the setup process. Stage once to activate fuel cells and separate the craft, the cylinder separates from the bottom while the weapons rack separates and then re-attaches at the top ultimately creating two separate crafts. After setup, control from the probe core at the front to take proper control of the weapons rack. Make sure SAS is on or you'll have no control! As a unique feature, you can toggle the "Free Pivot" option on the claw in order to take advantage of free motion as the above GIF shows. You can do this with the rockets loaded, but it is more of a balancing act. The Ore Tanks at the front of the rack act as a counterweight and can be dumped by pressing 2 when necessary.
  12. A replica of legendary truck from Famous russian TV show: Dalnoboishiki 2001 (Дальнобойщики) file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ulelniu4jiveds8/Kamaz 54115.craft?dl=0 Mods used : Tweak scale, Airplaneplus Screenshots: From TV show:
  13.  2017 Tesla Pickup Truck Concept Will this be reality?
  14. Hi! So this is my first truck that I have ever made in KSP and I think that it turned out pretty good so I decided to share it with you guys. There isn't really anything special to say about it other than other than that it have functional curtains. Although it is finished I plan to improve it in the future. Planned features are: turning lights, more details and a working suspension. Download link: https://kerbalx.com/adrian_k25/KSh-C-25T *Important* You should be very careful when turning when driving faster than 15m/s because it may topple over. Well that`s all I wanted to say so enjoy and leave feedback.
  15. Hi all! I've decided that Kerbals deserve a good looking vehicle so they could go from the Astronaut Complex to the Launchpad. With green energy and fuel cells. All stock except for the 2 inside cameras. Could be improved but, well, it's already 162 parts or so.
  16. The GAZ AAA was a 6x4 cargo truck based on the Ford Model AA and built by GAZ in the Soviet Union. This replica has a lookalike Russian Quad Maxim gun mounted in the bed. Fully stock, comes with suspension and a fuel cell engine (Action group 3 to turn on and 4 to turn off) This is built off my GAZ AAA replica base as part of my WW2 Replica Project (Link in signature) Download
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