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Found 20 results

  1. Ever feel your home just ain’t safe enough? Well check this out! Our new home defense system! Mighty Multiple use Missile! Now with two models PHX I and PHX II With auto track system for only 89.99$ Full demonstration: (Contains cc subtitles) If you like it, pls consider to hit a like and subscribe. It means a lot to us and we have more interesting content waiting for you
  2. The Condor was a large US Navy air-to-ground missile using TV guidance for long-range precision attack. http://www.designation-systems.net/dusrm/m-53.html Here's where it goes full Kerbal: You see, I actually learnt of that thing from Sutton: Did someone say "small warhead!?" I'm fascinated by fluorides. My love for them is proportionate to my distance from them. And I think it's one of the times they were closest to making it into an operational weapon.
  3. So I made a missile launcher car thing but when I launch the missile, all the directions are messed up. A and D are pitch, W and S are yaw, and Q and E are roll. They are all backwards also I think. I have it set up with stages. So first I start the main SRB and then second I detach and start the side SRBs. I control from the probe in the missile and have SAS on. During the launch sequence the main SRB destroys the heat shield on the beam often, so I switch to the launcher and detach then switch back. I try to be quick so the missile detaches before the heat shield gets destroyed. When it's still attached the Navball acts normal. And then it's detached the Navball is sideways. I've tried rotating the probe and it does nothing. Here is the craft file
  4. So... I got bored again. This time, I made an anti ship missile. With terminal Proportional Navigation capabilities, it is able to engage moving surface targets (since it flies really fast, it can also double as an anti air missile). Here's a boring video of me destroying a ship made with a bunch of fuel tanks. Here's a video of the same missile shooting down a plane.
  5. So I got bored one day, and I decided to build a ballistic missile in KSP. Then I decided to build an anti ballistic missile in KSP. Mods used in this video include Vessel Mover, BDarmory, Trajectories, Physics Range Extender, Sounding Rocket parts pack, Kerbal Engineer ... and some more. Here's an unedited video of the missiles in action.
  6. The AJS 37 Viggen was the final iteration of the succesful strike fighter introduced into Swedish Air Force service in 1971 as a replacement for the dated subsonic Saab 32 Lansen and the 50s-borne Saab 35 Draken which formed the backbone of Sweden's aerial capability at the time. The modernized AJS variant offered extended reconaissance capabilities and other improvements over the previous AJ models which enabled it to carry more modern weaponry. Speaking of software, the Viggen was one of the very first production combat aircraft to introduce a flight computer. Structurally, the main difference is the lack of the distinctive "tooth" on the vertical stabilizer. The vast majority of the updates made to the AJS variant lie under the hood in shape of modern software and a brand new electronic warfare suite. DESIGN: The Viggen was a unique design, perhaps the closest we've ever come to a modern biplane. It's main delta-configuration wing featured variable leading edge angle along it's span and multiple pylons for carrying a vast array of weapons - from dumb bombs and rockets, through the newest AIM-120B air-to-air missiles in some of the later modifications to the massive and heavy-hitting Rb-04 and Rb-05 anti ship missiles. The front canard is unusually big and provides a substantial amount of lift. This part of the airframe is perhaps the most important contribution to the Viggen's STOL capabilities. Viggen's uniqueness does not end here though. It is one of the only fighter aircraft featuring a sophisticated thrust reverser similar to those used in commercial airliners. It both shortens it's landing distance and enables it to reverse by itself. This quasi-reverse-gear enabled the Viggen to perform quick, turnarounds on runways. This maneuver has become one of the Viggen trademarks due to how often it was performed in demonstration flights in front of the public. This multirole jet was a sturdy, easy-to-maintain and reliable platform suitable for the harsh Scandinavian enviroments. It could operate from rural roads, small airports and formed the backbone of Swedish air power in the latter half of the 20th century. Oddly enough, it never found recognition outside of it's origin country despite numerous efforts to export the Viggen being undertaken throughout it's service. The AJS-variant Viggen was phased out of service in 2005, but a single 37 (serial no. 37098) has been restored to a flyable condition by the Swedish Air Force. It can sometimes be seen performing demonstrations at airshows all over Europe. Now you can take it to the Kerbin skies in this ugly murderous duckling from the land of Vikings and IKEA and kill some Soviet shipping on the Baltic Sea. OPERATING THE RB-04: This AJS 37 replica features a functional payload of two Rb-04 missiles on it's wing pylons. These missiles are fully controllable and can be used to strike targets at over 70km away. They can be operated extremely easily: When jettisoned through staging, a rocket motor is instantly activated and gives the missile the initial push of acceleration before the Juno motor spools up. After the missile is fired all you need to do is switch to the missile via your vessel switch key and guide it to it's target with control input. Cruising speed of the Rb-04 sits at around 370m/s. FLIGHT CHARACTERISTICS: The Viggen is a very simple machine to fly, albeit it requires some care especially when it's loaded up with missiles. With missiles on their pylons the Viggen has low ground clearance so care should be taken not to slam down too hard when landing as this can damage the missiles. The Viggen is capable of 347m/s flight at sea level, but with stores under the wings this speed drops by about 10m/s. At high altitudes Mach 2+ flight is easily attainable. Yaw control is very responsive and can help push the Viggen through turns faster than usual. Deep stall speed is very low sitting at around 45m/s. Optimal approach speed sits at around 60m/s. AG1 activated the afterburner and Brake key deploys the airbrake under the fuselage. Have fun flying the fighter jet equivalent of an IKEA table. Multirole, sturdy and simplistic. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://kerbalx.com/EvenFlow/AJS-37-Viggen v1.0 - Initial release.
  7. Have you ever wanted a Ballistic missile (or orbit-capable budget rocket:D ) that is low-cost and can get 70kg to LKO or LEO(WIP)? "edit :a minor mistake:D" 1.1 m wide and 13 m tall. I am definitely doing something I am planning to make a replica and a kerbal version of the Vector block 0.1 Rocket! This is the progress on the Kerbal version so far! SO WHAT DO YOU THINK? SHALL I CONTINUE ? (that is how the replica will look like) (and for the realplume i will use alcholox) (and planning to do RSS configs if no one wants)
  8. Bonjour, je me lance dans la création de mod avec pour but un pack d'armes française pour BD Armory. Pour le moment toute aide est la bienvenue. Je commence par le MDBA Meteor Hi, i'm going to mod creation with the goal to make a french weapons pack for BD Armory. For the moment all help are welcome. I start with MBDA Meteor.
  9. Competitor of PAC-3 Missile PAC-3 use Hot Launch S-300 use Cold Launch
  10. Hi , i know when we place missile at ground and fire missile it will throw up about 1m , and setting DropTime will start engine missile . Here i want when Fire Missile missile will throw about 4-5m it possible?
  11. Hi , what mod has this type of missile?? i found #patriot missile in BDArmory but not found missile for S-300 it use cold launch so look very strong Publishers #bdarmory #pew #smarmory have projects create missile for S-300? i love it Image here :
  12. Hey guys, I've only just started messing around with BD Armory and it looks really cool. The only thing is, all the videos I can find online are about combat in the atmosphere, and I'm more interested in exoatmospheric fights. I'm thinking classic space battles meet real physics kind of thing, so no need for realistic scenarios or special space weapons. While experimenting, I sent up a couple craft to test out short range missile combat in orbit. They were easily able to lock on with radar at about 15 km, but when I fired AIM-120s at the first target, they all missed, no matter what the range I fired at. I didn't even bother to try the sidewinders, as I figured they'd only home on a ship making a burn or otherwise heating up. So does anyone have any experience with BD Armory in space? Why are the missiles missing? What weapons DO work in space, and are should I be using a different type of missile than air-to-air for space-to-space purposes? Also, I had a theory about the 120s. I thought they used reaction torque and engine gimballing, but if they are only using control surfaces, that would explain why they are unable to guide properly. Is this right?
  13. Hi guys, I have a couple questions about stock space missiles. I've built a nice little missile with a probe, battery, reaction wheel and four seperatrons. My first question is, what is the best part to use as a warhead? I guess I mean which part will cause the most damage on collision with another vessel? My second, much more important question is, how do I make it guide properly? The 'hold target' function gets it close, but because everything's moving in orbit of Kerbin, it doesn't fly the exact direction it's pointed. I've had good luck just manually maneuvering it to bring the prograde vector onto the target, and have had some pretty spectactular collisions, but I'd love to find a way, or a mod, that will automatically allign the prograde to target. Does this exist? Can MechJeb2 do this, and if so, what section is it in? Any other mod suggestions?
  14. Greetings! It is no secret that Duna's technology is far superior to that of Kerbin. Kerbin posses great booster technology but lacked the weapons to deploy on the rockets. A scientist finally unlocked the power of the atom after reverse engineering a LV class Nuke Engine. Once the nuclear warhead design was perfected, Kerbal Space Center mounted six of them on a rocket. The rocket is able to travel from Kerbin to Duna and all other celestial bodies in between to carry out a strike. The 340Kt warhead is able to destroy large amounts of territory and irradiate it for a hundred thousand years. General Information: Game Version: 1.0.2 Vessel Name: M.M III Vessel Version: Mark 1 Vessel Parts: 49 Part(s) Vessel Mass: 962.1 Tons (KSP Units). Stage Count: 4 Stages Not all used. Weapon Class: Mass Destruction Description: It is no secret that Duna's technology is far superior to that of Kerbin. Kerbin posses great booster technology but lacked the weapons to deploy on the rockets. A scientist finally unlocked the power of the atom after reverse engineering a LV class Nuke Engine. Once the nuclear warhead design was perfected, Kerbal Space Center mounted six of them on a rocket. The rocket is able to travel from Kerbin to Duna and all other celestial bodies in between to carry out a strike. The 340Kt warhead is able to destroy large amounts of territory and irradiate it for a hundred thousand years. It's basically a 4 stage rocket with enough fuel in the first stage to get to an apoapsis of 130Km. The two stages following have enough fuel to send the payload towards Duna with real ease. However as the missile is relatively new, it does not possess RCS thrusters or fuel at the moment. In the near future the rocket will be able to make complex maneuvers through advance RCS jets. Currently it can lift more than 30 tons of payload into orbit and about 15 tons to another planetoid. The warheads are GPS guided by a targeting pod fitted into the final stage, which zooms into targets. Once the warheads are armed, targeted and ready all that is left to do is to deploy them 1 by one or all at once. Thus it can take out 6 different positions on a planet or 1 single position with 6 consecutive warhead strikes. Screenshots:
  15. I decided to make this on a whim, a cruise missile launched by a rocket powered mass driver. For those of you who need to knock out an enemy base on the far side of the planet without the use of an ICBM or whatever, this is your best option. (Full album here) (The album also has more information in it) Craft File: Dropbox Autodownload Mods Used: *Near Future Electrical *Near Future Propulsion *B9 Aerospace *Community Resource Pack *ModuleManager *OPT Spaceplanes Note: Not all of these mods are all in use on any one ship (most of the time), these just happen to be the ones that I use. Lastly, this is just one of my many creations that I hope to spread to the community. I don't know how often I'll update, it'll probably be random, since I want to get these out as soon as possible, but after that I'll need to actually make some stuff.
  16. So about that cruise missile I released yesterday; After several hours of frustration and even more cups tea (coffee is too bitter for me) (no I'm not British), I finally made a bomber capable of carrying it to, say, a location and dropping it to fly to its target. The best part is, the missile can be removed to put practically anything else you can cram into the bomb bays. It's a little finicky on takeoff but other than that it flies pretty smoothly (in my opinion) Mods are the same as last time, but I'll list them anyway: *Near Future Electrical *Near Future Propulsion *B9 Aerospace *Community Resource Pack *ModuleManager *OPT Spaceplanes Here's the .craft file because I'm an idiot. Hotkeys: 1=Open bay doors 2=Toggle afterburners Last note, the root part is the tail part that serves as the nosecone. The missile itself is the control module so once you separate it, you can no longer control the plane. If you want to re-purpose it for any reason, a control module will be needed. REAL Last note: This is NOT compatible with Ferram Aerospace Research. Or if it is, I'm too stupid to figure it out.
  17. Long ago, back when buildings first became destructible, I made a big missile launcher that shot Kickbacks, to destroy KSC. Having nothing else to do and with a clean stock 1.1 installation, I decided to updated it. After all, engines have been tweaked, the atmosphere has changed, wheels now need huge amounts of power, and all that. After a fair amount of work, I got it where I like it The key, of course, is making the missiles fly more or less straight and horizontally. This requires careful use of Sepratrons, thrust limiters, and fuel tweaks. The 1.1 missiles don't fly quite as straight as the old version but they're good enough to hit buildings. The missiles can reach nearly 400m/s although it sometimes appears that hitting at lower velocity actually does more damage. But OTOH, buildings appear to have some places where they're most vulnerable and it's possible to drop any building with a single hit. Usually, however, it takes several. Anyway, I present the Geschosskopf Rampage! Drop box link for craft file: Action Group 2: Toggles ladders (sometimes needed to repair wheels) Action Group 5: Toggles fuelcells. Do this immediately upon spawning if you want to move. And some pics of it in action. Here's the beast launching from the runway spawn point. And a missile just prior to impact. As you can see, the missiles fly pretty straight. And are accurate enough to hit relatively small targets reliably, such as the telescope dome of R&D. This is facilitated by the use of an antenna for a sight. If you get close enough, you can feel the blast wave when missiles hit and buildings fall. Anyway, sometimes it's fun just to go on a rampage and level KSC. Enjoy.
  18. so rather than doing the smart thing and asking around the forums, I thought I'd make my own cannon experiment with explosive primers. My original capital ship is an ion powered/conventional booster hybrid with PB-NUKs producing all the power needed. I replaced it with the single huge engine for this video because all those PB-NUKs slowed my PC to a crawl. P.S.: this is a shameless plug to get featured on spacecraft Fridays
  19. MODERN COMBAT WEAPONS By Zacharii Updated as of 12/4/2015 RELEASE 0.5 Initial release - one weapon AIM-120C - An ungraded/updated version of Baha's AIM-120. This version has more agility and maneuverability. Physical changes include clipped fins for maximum space efficiency. Cosmetic changes include a dark grey tone(rather than a white one)
  20. MODERN COMBAT WEAPONS By Zacharii Updated as of 12/4/2015 RELEASE V0.5 Initial release - one weapon AIM-120C - An upgraded/updated version of Baha's AIM-120. This version has more agility and maneuverability. Physical changes include clipped fins for maximum space efficiency. Cosmetic changes include a dark grey tone(rather than a white one) and a circular split exhaust pattern, much like the real counterpart. IRIS-T - in production AIM-9X - in production GBU-12 - in production GBU-10 - in production That's it for now! Gallery Installation - Drag "Zacharii" folder into gamedata - done Download (For some reason, Kerbalstuff refuses my connection when trying to save changes and/or publish the mod, help would be appreciated) Kerbalstuff: https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/1330/%20%5B1.0.5%5D%20WIP%20Modern%20Combat%20Weapons?noedit=True Reliant on BDarmory: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/76926-104-bdarmory-v0991-ai-improvements-dlz-2-new-parts-dev-thread-aug-31/ Licence MIT
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