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Found 8 results

  1. Before posting feature requests or bug reports, please read the FAQ. Download Toolbar Controller and Click Through Blocker are now dependencies of the Trajectories mod. Please install them first. On SpaceDock On GitHub Description The mod displays trajectory predictions, accounting for atmospheric drag and lift. Works with the stock aerodynamic model, and with Ferram Aerospace Research (FAR). With this mod, you can choose precisely the location where you'll crash. The typical precision is about 6km. Plan Aerobraking maneuvers that can, for example, put you on intersection trajectory with another body (see point 1 about what you can do from there) Keep in mind that this software comes without warranty of any kind, and in particular that it may or may not help you survive, reach a specific target, or anything at all. But it usually helps FAQ Works with stock aerodynamics and FAR Reportedly works with deadly reentry real solar system Rescaled Kerbin Outer Planets Mod Compatible with Blizzy's toolbar If you see weird spirals or other crazy lines everywhere, double-check you didn't enable "body-fixed mode" by mistake If the predicted trajectory seems inaccurate, check that you set the correct orientation in the Descent profile (or checked Prograde or Retrograde), and that you keep that orientation all the time It's not possible to predict a trajectory for a future stage. We know this is a highly requested feature, but unless we duplicate big parts of the KSP-internal code, we are limited to simulating the current state of the vessel. Parachutes are not simulated (that's usually not a problem if you open it near the ground) User manual See your predicted trajectory Open the map view This is it ; trajectory display is enabled by default, you have nothing else to do White is the trajectory in space, red is the trajectory in atmosphere, the red cross is your impact point (that takes the body rotation into account to show the impact point on the terrain, this is useful both for bodies with and without atmosphere) Disable the trajectory display Click on the Trajectories icon in the stock KSP toolbar (or Blizzy's toolbar if it's installed) to display the main UI Click "Display trajectory" to toggle it on/off Click "complete" to toggle display of the complete trajectory (including parts where it is superimposed with the stock KSP trajectory) Set a target point (nav ball guidance) Adjust your velocity so that the red cross is located where you want to go Click "Set current impact as target" to enable the green cross Alternatively, there is a button to set the target on the KSC (works on Kerbin only obviously), or you can enter longitude/latitude Go back in flight view, and notice the two new indicators on the nav ball The square indicator shows where you need to point your craft at if you were exactly following the predicted trajectory The circle indicator is a hint about the direction you should go to adjust your actual trajectory to reach the target (this is not necessarily where you need to point, what's important is the direction between the square and the circle, and the distance between them indicates how far you are from the perfect trajectory) Body-fixed mode Use this toggle to switch between the regular mode (similar to stock KSP orbits), or body-fixed mode. In body-fixed mode, the trajectory is displayed relatively to the body frame, following the body rotation. This mode makes sense for atmospheric or low terrain fly-by, and also to adjust a geostationary orbit. However, for most high orbits, it will just look funny. This can help you keep occupied for those 2-year-long planetary transfers, but try not to burn up all the fuel to see how it can make funny curved lines. Manoeuver nodes You can plan aerobraking or re-entry after manoeuvers, just place your nodes as usual and see the predicted trajectory. Keep in mind that you always place nodes on the stock trajectory, that might be very different from the predicted one, so you may have to place nodes at a point that have an effect somewhere else on the predicted trajectory (especially when planning landing on a body without atmosphere with body-fixed mode). Also, atmospheric prediction can happen only for the body you are currently orbiting, so you can't plan a Kerbin re-entry while you're still arround the Mun. Support and Bugs If you have questions and feedback regarding a current release, feel free to post in this thread. Please post bug reports on the GitHub bug tracker. If you don't know how, don't want to learn or are unsure it's a bug, you can ask in this thread. Contributions This mod is a community project! It was originally written by @Youen and is currently maintained by @linuxgurugamer. The following people have already contributed to this project (in approximate order of commits): Youen (Github neuoy) PiezPiedPy Kobymaru (Github fat-lobyte) atomicfury (Github sawyerap) And many others. You want to be part of this list? Contributions are very welcome! Read our Introduction for Contributors, fork the Repository on Github and have a go at the code! When you feel that your changes are mature enough to be included, send us a pull request! It's always best if you work on your "pet problem" - a bug that needs to be fixed or that you personally want to see implemented. Or you could just grab an issue from our Issue Tracker! Change log The changelog started with release v1.6.7. For the changes in versions older than that, please visit the GitHub releases page. License This mod is under GPLv3 license, feel free to look at the source code: https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/KSPTrajectories/
  2. I think initially having limited information about celestial bodies and having to orbit and scan them first is a really good idea from ScanSat: generating 2D maps and high resolution 3D overlays shown directly on the celestial body. Telescopes should also help with this as the game progresses. Is there any use for KerbNet as it was in KSP1? I found hunting for anomalies kind of interactive / interesting and annoying at the same time. Maybe automating the process like ScanSat does and then analyzing maps / overlays would be better. Also I think a tool like the Trajectories mod should be in the game as a high tech part to unlock. And I have not seen anything about spiraling orbits displayed in map view (as KSP2 should display orbits that change while under constant acceleration, and maneuver nodes should care about where the acceleration phase starts and where it ends). PS: Are we going to have a system similar to Research Bodies where we progressively discover celestial bodies (and improve the way they look in map view) with telescopes? Any info about these topics?
  3. My log is here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VrXQYxpFSbYy4rEhiJ9rn-xt6J-08aE- All I know is that the Trajectories config file is empty and it wants something in there.
  4. Hi all, I have been experiencing an issue for a while with the Trajectories mod v.2.2.2. It does not show up in my toolbar and there is no red line indicating the predicted trajectory. I have attempted to uninstall and reinstall and nothing is working. I am installing it from CKAN. I have module manager installed. Everything is up to date. I must be doing something wrong. My gamedata folder: https://imgur.com/gallery/p39HLjD My ckan mods: https://imgur.com/gallery/Tss990i
  5. So I got bored one day, and I decided to build a ballistic missile in KSP. Then I decided to build an anti ballistic missile in KSP. Mods used in this video include Vessel Mover, BDarmory, Trajectories, Physics Range Extender, Sounding Rocket parts pack, Kerbal Engineer ... and some more. Here's an unedited video of the missiles in action.
  6. As I was revamping Kartographer with my new UI Framework I've came to an interesting idea I called Flight Plan. Tired of being lost in all those dotted trajectory lines while planning Joolian moons grand tour? Here comes Flight Plan! The thing you were missing for very long time: You can click any entry to focus on celestial body or maneuver. KAC integration. @Kottabos review: Planned features: Built into Kartographer. Give it to me! Now! Spacedock download. Source on github. Depends on UICore Legal: License GPL version 3 Flight Plan Icon was created by Freepik under Creative Commons BY 3.0 license. This mod uses KACWrapper.cs by @TriggerAu This mod uses ToolbarWrapper.cs by @blizzy78
  7. I tried to install a tajectory mod but i don't get it working and I tried to do it in diffrent ways help.
  8. Hey folks, I could use some help/input from anyone who likes a healthy dose of math and physics! I'm building a base on the Mun with a lab and mining/ISRU capabilities. The idea is to use a shuttle to hop around and collect science, then bring it back to the lab and fill up the tanks on the shuttle. So a common problem I have is figuring an efficient path from base to destination (and back). Right now I basically just point in whatever feels like the right direction, give myself some altitude, and burn prograde until my trajectory I comes down in the right area. I got curious about the optimal ways to do this, so I posted on Reddit to see if anyone knew of an existing tool/calculator that would be of use. Not learning of one, I thought it might be a fun exercise to give the math a shot myself. We've begun with a simplified problem: (1) no drag/atmosphere, (2) perfectly spherical planet, (3) non-rotating planet. I'd like to try tackling 2 and 3 as well (1 is more than I want to bite off), but we'll see where it goes. Anyways, the optimal case seems to be an elliptical orbit with initial and final locations located on the latus rectum of the second focus. This geometry minimizes the semi-major axis and thus orbital energy. I've put everything so far in a spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JIUHIAujZuQdvPRIo-FTho82QcEqVLeuRe-lLiM_b-I/edit#gid=0. The next step I'm trying to solve is how to determine alpha, the pitch angle for the initial burn. We've got an equation that solves it for the optimal case, but I'm struggling to work out a general equation for any sma/eccentricity. With that problem solved you'll be able to input a minimum apoapsis in order to clear terrain/obstacles. If I can get that done, I'll look next differing elevations and then a rotating body. Just a note on terms... I've been using θ to represent the angle between initial/final location (measured from center of planet), and α to represent the pitch (flight path) angle for the burn. If anone wants to catch up on the discussion we've had so far, here it is: https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalAcademy/61tm0f. I wanted to move the discussion here, partly because a forum format is more useful in this case and partly because I'm hoping to get some new voices involved. If you can contribute I'd love the help! Bonus points if you take the end results and turn them into a program or mod.
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