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  1. VertexHeightOblateAdvanced VertexHeightOblateAdvanced is a custom PQS Mod intended for use by planet modders to enable easy creation of oblate bodies via a simple PQS Mod, rather than via a heightmap. Additionally, when in the SOI of a body implmenting VertexHeightOblateAdvanced, two new camera modes will be added to the camera rotation after FREE mode to better support non-spherical bodies. Planet pack developers implementing VertexHeightOblateAdvanced are encouraged to bundle it with their mod, for the convenience of users. Examples PointEqupotential UniformEquipotential Low UniformEquipotential Low UniformEquipotential High UniformEquipotential High Download Github SpaceDock Installation and Use Install ALL listed dependencies, following the links below Download and extract the VertexHeightOblateAdvanced zip file Place the GameData folder into your KSP directory Once installed, simply add a VertexHeightOblateAdvanced node to the Mods node in your body's PQS node Using the following Google Sheet, find appropriate periods for your body to get the desired oblateness, based on body surface gravity and radius. Camera modes: SURFACE NORMAL Functions like FREE camera mode, but with the vertical axis aligned perpendicular to the shape defined by the VertexHeightOblateAdvanced instance. This eliminates the "uphill effect" that oblate bodies have. Lerps to FREE camera mode when greater than 10% of the body radius above the maximum oblate height. GRAVITY NORMAL Functions like FREE camera mode, but with the vertical axis aligned with the local apparent gravity vector, taking into account the effects of rotation. Surfaces that look flat and level are actually flat and level relative to gravity. Lerps to FREE camera mode when greater than 10% of the body radius above the maximum oblate height. Parameters and expected values: oblateMode: overall controller for type of generation used Values: (PointEquipotential, UniformEquipotential, Blend, CustomEllipsoid) PointEquipotential: Generates a point mass equipotential UniformEquipotential: Generates a uniform density equipotential, either a Maclaurin spheroid or Jacobi ellipsoid deppending on energyMode and period Blend: Multiply a PointEquipotential by a CustomEllipsoid CustomEllipsoid: Generate an ellipsoid based on a, b, and c axis values energyMode : Used with: oblateMode (UniformEquipotential) Values: (Low, High) Low: For the given period, generate using the low oblateness branch. Always generates a Maclaurin spheroid High: For the given period, generate using the high oblateness branch. Generates either a Maclaurin spheroid or Jacobi ellipsoid based on period mass: Mass of the body as set in the Properties node. Optional if both radius and geeASL are provided. Used with: oblateMode (PointEquipotential, UniformEquipotential, Blend) Value: (greater than 0) radius: Mass of the body as set in the Properties node. Optional if both mass and geeASL are provided. Used with: oblateMode (PointEquipotential, UniformEquipotential, Blend) Value: (greater than 0) geeASL: Surface gravity of the body as set in the Properties node. Ignored if both mass and radius are provided. Used with: oblateMode (PointEquipotential, UniformEquipotential, Blend) Value: (greater than 0) period: Rotational period of the body as set in the Properties node. Used with: oblateMode (PointEquipotential, UniformEquipotential, Blend) Value: (greater than 0) a: The primariy equatorial axis as a ratio of provided radius. Used with: oblateMode (Blend, CustomEllipsoid) Value: (1 to infinity) b: The secondary equatorial axis as a ratio of provided radius. Used with: oblateMode (Blend, CustomEllipsoid) Value: (1 to infinity) c: The polar axis as a ratio of provided radius. Used with: oblateMode (Blend, CustomEllipsoid) Value: (1 to infinity) Requirements ModuleManager Kopernicus FAQ Q. I'm not a planet modder? Do I need this? A. You do not need to install it manually yourself, but if you found this in you GameData, it is because a planet pack you have/had needs/needed it and so it was either included with the mod or auto installed through CKAN Licensing VertexHeightOblateAdvanced is licensed under the MIT License
  2. Download: Curse | GitHub | Source All bugs shall be submitted via the GitHub issues system (see Source link above). No logs, no support. Show us what you've made! Use #MadeWithCollideOScope on Twitter or post it up here. "You can't be a KrakenTech engineer without Collide-o-Scope." --DasValdez Collide-o-Scope has one job: Assist with the creation of Kraken devices. == Installation == 1. !!!IMPORTANT!!! If going from KSP 1.2.2 to 1.3, delete the old Collide-o-Scope folder. 2. Copy the Collide-o-Scope folder into your KSP/GameData folder. == Usage == Collide-o-Scope is an advanced tweakable. As such your game will need Advanced Tweakables enabled. There are several places to check this: 1. From the main menu go to Settings->General. Note: This will not change the option for games in progress. 2. From the space center or flight scenes press Escape and choose Settings. It will be under the Gameplay section. After Advanced Tweakables is enabled a new application button will appear when in the SPH/VAB or when controlling a craft. When this button is lit up (green) the tweakable is visible when right-clicking on parts to bring up the action menu. Simply select the tweakable to change its mode. NOTE: You may turn on as many colliders as you wish, however this will cause performance problems if too many are active at once. An alternative to the action menu is to place your mouse cursor over a part and press the assigned hotkey. The default hotkey is 'O' (capital oh) and may be changed in the settings.cfg file. To turn off all colliders at once move your mouse cursor so that no part is under it and press the hotkey. You may also press the application button to disable the tweakables. New in v1.1: Markers are now available in the flight scene. Use the Flight Markers tweakable to toggle on/off. Lift and body lift can be separated by toggling Combine Lift. == Notes == - There are bugs in this mod. I am not a graphics programmer. The rendering code was written by someone else. The bugs that exist also exist in the mod where the code first appeared. These bugs are not major and the mod works as intended. - Any craft and save game written with the application active (green) will have minor amounts of information written to them. This is a KSP thing that cannot be worked around. There is no effect other than warnings in the log when these files are reloaded. Don't panic, I just want everyone to know this happens and that I looked into having it not occur. Colors are based on collider type as follows: - Yellow: Box - Red: Sphere - Green: Capsule - Blue: Mesh - Pink: Wheel == Special Thanks == - Squad for the awesomeness that is Kerbal Space Program. - DasValdez for always being inspiring and classy. - Muddr for for always being inspiring and bug testing. - Popskyy for the creativity fuel. https://popskyy.bandcamp.com/ - Pyreliter for the mod name. == Changes == == Postscript == Version ksp1.3- is NOT compatible with KSP version 1.2 - 1.2.2. Use a valid release from the github if you are on a 1.2 release of KSP. This mod is not compatible with versions prior to 1.2. DebugStuff by Sarbian provides this functionality and more for KSP 1.1. Note: I will not be backporting any patches. The KSA Nuevo Snackero was built by DasValdez and can be downloaded from KerbalX.
  3. This forum post is aimed to share some utilities and tricks that might help with developing custom planets that use Kopernicus. This page is meant for planet developers, not for regular users. Mitchell-Netravali Filtered Heightmap (0.3) Download (and source): Github / CKAN License: MIT Comparison Images PQS similar to the stock's VertexHeightMap, but using cubic filtering instead of bilineal filtering. This yields a generally less pixelated terrain, and far better and smoother cliffs. Read the wiki for installation and usage. It's recommended that if you use this PQS in your own mod, you bundle it with your mod, as to avoid annoyance to the users. Bundle it so the folder 000_NiakoUtils is in GameData. The mod is also avaliable on CKAN.
  4. Stack Inline Lights (SIL) by A.S.E.T. A.S.E.T. Stack Inline Lights (SIL) {RGB} with full color and brightness setup and in any sizes! for Kerbal Space Program. By zer0Kerbal, originally by @alexustas brought to you by KerbSimpleCo Preamble by @alexustas: Thanks to XanderTek, and Kreuzung for their help! included 2 samples of welding with Stock battery banks, FOR "StackInlineLightsRGB-v0.6" ONLY Lights, welded with stock Docking Ports, by XanderTek Please, leave your comments and suggestions. It is very important to me. You can tweak values by editing the part.cfg or using a ModuleManager patch. This module can be added to other crewed parts directly or using a ModuleManager patch. See more Help Wanted Localization Installation Directions 1 Dependencies Kerbal Space Program 2 Recommends Stock Inline Lights Patches (SILP) adds Stack Inline Lights to docking ports and other things Suggests Adjustable Mod Panel (KAMP) Biomatic (BIO) Docking Port Descriptions (DPD) Field Training Facility (FTF) Field Training Lab (FTL) Fuel Tanks Plus (FTP) GPO (Goo Pumps & Oils') Speed Pump (GPO) Kaboom! (BOOM) On Demand Fuel Cells (ODFC) OScience Laboratories (OSL) Papa Kerballini's Pizza (PIZZA) Precise Maneuver (PM) Pteron (MSRV) Shielded PicoPort (SPP) SimpleConstruction! (SCON) SimpleLogistics! (SLOG) SimpleNotes! (NOTE) Solar Science (SOL) Transparent Pods (PODS) @NecroBones suite of mods that play nicely together Lithobrake Exploration Technologies (LET) lander parts, large chutes/legs/ladders/etc SpaceY Lifters (SYL) stock-balanced large rocket parts, 5m parts, large SRBs SpaceY Expanded (SYE) Modular Rocket Systems (MRS) stock-alike parts pack, NASA-like alternatives, and filling the gaps Supports Bulb Evolved (bulb) TweakScale (twk) Community Category Kit (cck) Either 3 Module Manager /L Module Manager Tags parts red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date Credits and Special Thanks Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License provenance) How to support this and other great mods by zer0Kerbal Connect with me Track progress: issues here and projects here along with The Short List Release Schedule
  5. ===> SpaceDock main download. <=== Instance on curse.com will not updated anymore. Those cursed Twitch-lovers enraged me by their demands. If something bad happens to SpaceDock - I will make a release mirror on GitHub. ===> Available in CKAN. <=== Dev thread here Pics Here (Damn you, Imgur!): Album a/jt9GPDr will appear when post is submitted (Damn you TWICE, Imgur. You've blocked all accounts from my mail provider and I had to use another service for new pics.) Video review by Kottabos: Video review by GrunfWorks (fresher one): Languages: ,,, For other languages - commit to GitHub instance of ChopShop (/GameData/ChopShop/Localization). Other mods support: ModuleManager - ChopShop can work without it, but you will have no support for other mods. Connected Living Space Community Tech Tree Engeneering Tech Tree (as a temporary patch until it's GitHub source is updated) F.A.R. is supported. (Hopefully... haven't checked it for years.) JSI Advanced Transparent Pods Modular Fuel Tanks or Real Fuels. RealFuels is recommended. RasterPropMonitor RemoteTech Textures Unlimited (NEW) TweakScale Is supported by other mods: ModuleSolarTracking - should automatically make SSP right-click menus less confusing. SETI Techtree and Balance mods Parts are mostly self-explaining - either in Imgur album or in game. But here is what you're generally getting: Deployable skycrane in two sizes. Easy to use modular parachute system. Double-axis solar panels. Multistage Lander tank systems. Tiny electric impeller for atmospheric drones. Family of rovers - both manned and unmanned. Also a fix for stock rover body orientation. Mk2 spaceplane extension parts - mostly butts and some noses. Primitive unmanned soil sampler. Real worls CubeSat double-dipole antenna replica. 2.5m hubs. Aerodynamic blisters. Opening heatshield, allowing protection for your bottom docking port. Small tweakable weight to finely balance your tiny probes. Changelog: Troubleshooting: It's GNU GPL 3.0 until I find something more CopyLeft-ish. Now I have a proper place on GitHub, so grab Unity Package from here and feel free to make commits. Comments, bug reports and ideas for further development are welcome.
  6. Download: GitHub | Source All bugs shall be submitted via the GitHub issues system (see Source link above). No logs, no support. "This is how fuel cells should work in stock." --DasValdez What this mod does is add a minimum electricity storage slider to the fuel cell. If you have a battery of 50 and set the slider to 50%, the fuel cell will activate when EC is drained to 25 units. If you have a battery of 50 and set the slider to 10%, the fuel cell will activate when EC is drained to 2.5 units. This mod makes the fuel cell behave like a backup generator! Bases: have them use solar during the day and switch over to fuel cell power during the night. Ships: have them as backup power as we all have time warped or endup on the dark side of a planet and run out of EC cause of not bringing enough batteries along. Science landers and planes: cause we all know some DMagic science parts can drain the battery like crazy, now you can simply add a fuel cell for backup power instead of bringing several batteries along Installation 1. !!!IMPORTANT!!! If going from KSP 1.2.2 to 1.3, delete the old Collide-o-Scope folder. 2. Install ModuleManager or use the provided version (may be out of date!) 3. Copy Squidsoft Collective into your KSP/GameData folder. OS X Note: You will have to go one level deeper and copy/merge the folders inside Squidsoft Collective into your KSP/GameData/Squidsoft Collective folder. Usage Output Capacity Limiter 1. Enable Advanced Tweakables for your save. 2. Right-click on a fuel cell and adjust the output capacity. History Credits - DasValdez for always being inspiring and classy. https://twitch.tv/DasValdez - Popskyy for the creativity fuel. https://popskyy.bandcamp.com/ License See License.txt
  7. As I was revamping Kartographer with my new UI Framework I've came to an interesting idea I called Flight Plan. Tired of being lost in all those dotted trajectory lines while planning Joolian moons grand tour? Here comes Flight Plan! The thing you were missing for very long time: You can click any entry to focus on celestial body or maneuver. KAC integration. @Kottabos review: Planned features: Built into Kartographer. Give it to me! Now! Spacedock download. Source on github. Depends on UICore Legal: License GPL version 3 Flight Plan Icon was created by Freepik under Creative Commons BY 3.0 license. This mod uses KACWrapper.cs by @TriggerAu This mod uses ToolbarWrapper.cs by @blizzy78
  8. A small utility I wrote for myself, but maybe someone else will find it useful too. Ever started a new game, and thought "Ah man, I wish I had saved that craft file from my old save, it would be perfect for this job"? Ever find yourself building the same craft over and over again when starting new careers? CraftSaver may be the mod for you! This little utility will allow you to backup craft files from your current save, and then automatically import them into any other saves you use. Instructions (images are spoilered as they are huge): We start by clicking the icon on the Stock Toolbar which brings up the CraftSaver Menu You can change the path the crafts are backed up to (in my case I want them on my OneDrive) - CraftSaver will remember your choice. If you want CraftSaver to automatically update its backed up craft file when you make changes, tick the box (this must be ticked before you click "Save Craft") You must save the craft first through the KSP button - if you forget to do this CraftSaver will warn you. Once your ready, click "Save Craft" and CraftSaver will move a copy of that craft file to the backup location you have specified. And if we start a new save, you will see that CraftSaver has automatically imported the craft files I backed up previously into this save, so I can use them. Warnings/Errata: CraftSaver doesn't care if you've unlocked the parts required to build that craft, it will just dump all of the backed up craft files into your Ships Directory. If you haven't unlocked the parts you'll get the "locked or invalid parts" message. Licence: MIT Download: Github
  9. pyKAN PyKAN is a pure python alternative client for the CKAN utility to manage modules for Kerbal Space Program. It uses the original upstream CKAN data and repos directly and does not fragment the module repositories, it merely provides an alternate client to consume this data to manage, install and update modules. All the logic is kept in libraries - so that writing a new interface is easy. Version 0.1.0 First public stable release Available on github: Source Version 0.1.0 Installation: Clone or Download the repository. Change to the directory where you downloaded Make sure you have python-requests and python-appdirs installed. The program will tell you if it cannot find these modules. ./pyKAN --help python pyKAN --help #On windows Current features: Global settings holding list of known KSP installation directories Per KSPDir settings on top of that Fetch repository data from CKAN Ability to install incompatible mods. Settings contain minKSPversion and maxKSPversion per install. By default these are set to the KSP version. User can override to, for example, allow mods that are maxed at 1.0.0 to install in 1.1.0. List available modules. Module listing comes with numerous optional filters which can be combined in arbitrary combinations. Includes text-search, module version and KSP version compatibility. The same filters will be available for selecting mods to install. Detect manually installed mods Import list of modules installed by CKAN List installed modules, indicating how they were installed. Install modules (optional override support for manual mods) with optional download-retries Uninstall modules Upgrade modules Python3 - in master branch only. Changes 0.1.2 Multiple small bugfixes New commandline syntax with cleaner format and support for multiple modules in a single command. 0.1.0 The installed modules listing is now also sorted alphabetically. Fixed a bug where calling upgrade would reinstall the same version as was there before Disabled strict mode JSON to deal with the bad json in .version files. Handling of 'file' mode install sections now work correctly. Fixed install destination for mods like firespittercore Use appdirs module to place main configuration file in a platform neutral manner 0.0.1-beta2 Python3 support Lots of small bugfixes Improved mod installer, mod upgrades and mod uninstalls List_module now sorts alphabetically 0.0.1-beta1 Initial public release Todo: PyQT GUI for graphical usage Manual install by link. User can copy a download link and have the app download and install from within. User could add/edit mod information. Optimize the O(N) and O(n*x) algorithms. Improve the argument code for the commandline version. Some of it is a bit cumbersome. Import of CKAN installed list should also import filelist. Done Consider using a Linter for your source (I'd recommend flake8) Consider using the logging module rather than a DEBUG flag Consider documenting at all levels (package, module, class, function) using a known doc style (Plain, Epytext, restructuredText, Numpy, Google, etc.) [very optional] Consider using type hints (a.k.a PEP 484) or even the typing module (see also PEP 526) if you switch to python3. Written By A.J. Venter (metalpoetza on reddit). SYZYGY - Python3 support
  10. Download: GitHub | Source All bugs shall be submitted via the GitHub issues system (see Source link above). No logs, no support. Adds an action group entry for "Control From Here" to docking ports and command capable parts. Do note that if for some reason a part is both a docking port and a command module, the docking port will take priority. Installation 1. !!!IMPORTANT!!! If going from KSP 1.2.2 to 1.3, delete the old Collide-o-Scope folder. 2. Install ModuleManager or use the provided version (may be out of date!) 3. Copy Squidsoft Collective into your KSP/GameData folder. Allow files to be overwritten if necessary. OS X Note: You will have to go one level deeper and copy/merge the folders inside Squidsoft Collective into your KSP/GameData/Squidsoft Collective folder. Usage 1. Enable Advanced Tweakables for your save. 2. Add the new "Control From Here" action in the SPH or VAB just like any other action. History
  11. Ever use remotetech, and then sling your space probe out to space, not realizing that your antenna power drain is just slightly more than your power output? Ever wish you could shutdown your antenna while your batteries recharge, and have it activate when they're replenished? Wish no longer! With Antenna Power Saver (or APS), you can do just that. Simply add a remotetech antenna, adjust your min and max sliders, and enable "Auto Power Save". Download: Github View the Source cfg changes powered by sarbian & ialdabaoth's ModuleManager plugin. Changelog:
  12. Introduction Part Wizard is a vehicle design utility plugin that adds a few conveniences when building your next strut/booster carrier. Provides a list of parts with part highlighting for easier identification. Allows deleting of parts from the list on eligible parts. Allows complete control of symmetry on eligible parts. Allows selecting parts for Action Group assignment. Shows either all parts or only those that are hidden from the editor's Parts List. (Helpful in finding obsolete parts when mod authors make updates.) Shows unavailable parts in career modes with options to buy one or all necessary parts for launch. What's New Updated for KSP 1.1.3. Uses the new part highlighting capability introduced in KSP 0.90. Action Group support. Career mode part purchasing support. New icons with stock toolbar support. Pics for Clicks (Updated for 1.2.x) Downloads Download from GitHub Download from Curse Source at GitHub Supported Add-ons Toolbar 1.7.12 (or later) Direct NOTE: Optional as of 1.2.1. Known Issues Use of the new editor gizmos will reset parts to their natural symmetric locations, including parts that have had symmetry edited. It is best to use the new gizmos to position your parts before editing/breaking symmetry. Credits blizzy78, for the Toolbar plugin that saves modders time and effort plus keeps your KSP decluttered. sarbian, for reviewing Part Wizard and making suggestions (even though I haven't implemented them, yet!) m4v, for allowing the use of editor locking code as a model for the feature in Part Wizard. antgeth, for the feature idea that led to the Symmetry Editor. Vlos, for the Action Group part selection idea. Papa_Joe, for generously taking time to implement stock toolbar support. Many thanks! linuxgurugamer, for updating to KSP 1.1. License The Part Wizard plugin is licensed under the terms of the BSD Simplified open source license. Changelog 1.2.5 [22-Jun-2016] - Updated for 1.1.3, fixed loading toolbar preference when entering VAB/SPH. 1.2.4 [20-Apr-2016] - Updated for 1.1. 1.2.3 [ 7-Sep-2015] - Fixed bug in application launcher causing duplicating Part Wizard icons. 1.2.2 [ 8-Jul-2015] - Updated for 1.0.4, fixed bug buying parts when one or more parts aren't yet unlocked. 1.2.1 [11-May-2015] - New icons and stock toolbar support added. 1.2.0 [ 6-May-2015] - Updated for 1.0.2, new highlighting, Action Group support, career support, bug fixes. 1.1.2 [19-Dec-2014] - Updated for 0.90. 1.1.1 [ 8-Oct-2014] - Updated for 0.25, highlighting bug fix, ATM configuration added. 1.1.0 [ 6-Jun-2014] - Symmetry Editor, improved part highlighting, bug fixes. 1.0.0 [15-May-2014] - Initial public release.
  13. What tiny mods have made the biggest difference in KSP for you? They say it's the little things that make a difference. My favorite mods are the tiny utilities that change one little thing and massively improve the KSP experience. I want to know about the utilities, modlets and config tweaks that have had an outsized effect on your space program. Maybe its a fix for longstanding bug or a Module Manager config you came across somewhere that you copy into every new save. Maybe even a little program you wrote yourself to fix something that only bugs you! The great thing about mini mods is they usually solve a problem simply and with little fuss. But the danger of little fuss is that they aren't easy to find in the forums! If you have any favorites please share them with me. Here are my current top 3. 1. Draggable Menu by @KvaNTy. Automatically re-positions the right click menu so the whole thing is visible. A necessity for me since I play on a laptop at lower resolution and pod menus pretty much always fall off the screen. 2. Heat Shield Decoupler Module Manager config to make heatshields "decouplable" - don't remember what thread I found this on. 3. Landing Height by @Diazo. Shows distance to ground rather than distance to sea level. Has saved many landers from crashing into lumpy moons.
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