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  1. To complete a bit more (For context, I'm the dev of the planet mod they linked), it was rumored that the last feature of KSP2, the one hidden in the roadmap, was to be some sort of story element in the game. This is something that Other Worlds also does, adding to a more complete "KSP2 in KSP1" package. Now that I'm here though, I might as well give my own two cents. Extraplanetary Launchpads is, at least for me, the best way to implement a progressive-friendly way of creating space centers on other planets. It requires kerbals working and resources, though if I recall correctly the resources it needed were not that complex. The parts for this mod are extremely ugly in my opinion though, but there are other mods like Kerbal Planetary Base System that are compatible with it, and that one is quite nice visually. Meanwhile, if this previous mod you think it's too complex, or kraken friendly, you might want to try Kerbal Konstructs, which allows people to place static buildings, even launchpads. This is far less progression-friendly and more artificial though, so I don't really recommend it much unless you know what you get into. For propulsion, Near and Far Future Technologies are very good part mod collections that give you all the tools to go interstellar in a reasonable timeframe (Funny fact, you can go interstellar with stock parts!) and are fairly beginner-friendly with very nice looking parts. For destinations, so I don't only mention my own mod, there's also Kcalbeloh, a solid planet pack with a (big) blackhole and a few stars and a wormhole that takes you from the Kerbol system to the new planets without needing to go through the loops of true interstellar travel. It's also compatible with Other Worlds if you were to happen to install both at the same time. Either way, whatever mods you install, I highly recommend KSPCommunityFixes. It greatly helps with the stability of the game, and tackles some bugs that can arise from the large distances to some interstellar destinations.
  2. As long as it gives you engines with high ISPs with which you can work around the challenges of this mod, it will be enough. I'm myself trying to get there stock, which is not the intended way, but even then it should be possible. The recommendation for FFT or similar mods is just so people don't have to engineer brutal ships to play the mod. I am anything but familiarized with Space Dust, so no, the mod has no support for it nor plans for it. Also yes, the mod's music is affected by the game's own music volume slider, so have fun listening to the songs! Same as Taco Salad, I have never used the mod, except I think for an hour or so when it first released, so I don't have any idea how I would give it support Thank you!
  3. New version 0.1.5 with some bugfixes: Story mode Some signals' ranges made bigger Fixes Applied new kopernicus settings for OnDemand loading and handling of far away colliders Fixed generated waypoints with the custom UI missing a space Rise range of sprite core antenna to reach the star (Between 2017 and now something happened) Fixed Vassa not having clouds when using newer version of the Volumetric Clouds mod It should be public on CKAN in a few minutes after posting this message
  4. Answer: Answer: You don't need KK. Though take in mind the game has a weird bug where, sometimes, if using Alt+F12 to teleport to the location, it can disappear. If this happens, reload the game.
  5. Oh dear kraken, people are going to make the shuttle but gilly-sized Congratulations on release!
  6. I will check it again and talk with the Kopernicus dev about this see if we can re-recreate it
  7. This bug is fixed on Kopernicus 159 onwards.
  8. No sorry, I accidentaly renamed it to ".cfgdisable" Yes, it is supposed to be disabled
  9. 1.0.4 Patch - Celestial Bodies - Started testing EVE Raymarched clouds in Vassa if that version of EVE is installed. - Fixes - Module Manager applying clouds to every single EVE_CLOUDS node, ending up duplicating clouds, has been fixed. - Added template to Ice Giant to add missing settings which lack were breaking the RnD science archive screen.
  10. Can't recreate this on my install. Will respond if I ever get an idea on what could be happening. This is not how it should look. I suspect this could be from either a cloud / planet pack that might be editing all clouds? I would remove those mods one at a time to try to pin-point down which could be causing it. Are other custom planets in your game affected by this?
  11. Been able to test this again. Your description matches the behaviour seen better.
  12. This small oversight should be very easy to fix. On mapview, the camera's speed when it rotates around a planet depends on Latitude. This means when the camera is closer to the poles of the planet, the horizontal speed of the camera drops drastically. Additional Information about the computer used:
  13. 1.0.3 Patch - Story Mode - One signal's range made bigger - Made a clue slightly better - Fixes - Fixed lights from vessels showing up when reading signals I'm going to honest with you. I don't know where to start, the log is 99% spam of the same sentence.
  14. 1.0.2 Patch - Story Mode - Added a pop-out window on new saves to indicate what to do to start the story - Added other pop-outs - Rephrased a clue due to imprecision - Fixes - Lowered the terrain quality of C4-2 to avoid some clipping. Now on new savefiles (Or savefiles that haven't been played with the mod), this little screen will pop out to guide a bit the journey of the players. You can read it now if you want. Don't worry, it's not a spoiler.
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