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  1. Hi Damon How are you?

  2. So I have a few issues atm. First one is that Unity is acting weird (since I haven't opened this project in over 3 years). Needs a bit of work for the project to open and get things working again. Almost there but I need another day for that. Second is that I have made almost everything a single mesh (due to the mod being as light as possible). I have to model the lamps separate which shouldn't take too long. It's getting there!
  3. Yes! Sorry had a few busy days. Will work on it this weekend for sure. Got plenty of time then!
  4. are you formerly known as tundra?

    1. Damon


      I am the maintainer of the Tundra mods yes :)

  5. Interesting! Will make it a separate static. I have a free day off next week. Will do it then! (I also have to fix a few smaller issues so I will likely update the mod on Wednesday.
  6. You could try to delete the PartDatabase.cfg in your main install. This config generates after each game but it breaks from time to time. For me it always fixes these kind of issues!
  7. The day has come! Version 7 is released! This update has been in the works for many, many months and I can say I am super proud of this one. Ghidorah got a massive revamp. The parts in this update look stunning and really sets the standard for the future of my modding career. With a new Soot plugin, I've created more soot variants for your reflight needs. Big thank you to @SofieBrink for making this new plugin work. The flags are now covered in soot as well! Rodan also got a massive overhaul and with the new and improved IVA, it looks good and is fun to use with mods like FreeIVA! A big thank you to @JonnyOThan for creating Free IVA and teaching me how the mod works to make parts compatible. It truly feels next level to fly Rodan and move around the pod in space. Rodan also includes two types of parachutes! (Yes finally). I've also created a new family of parts. These parts create Gaira-1, a Haven-1 based station for low Kerbin orbit. It can dock with various crafts and acts like a nice hub for your station needs. To all the people on the forums and Discord, thank you so much for sticking around and being a part of this KSP community. Past year has been a blast and I'm looking forward to more hours playing this amazing game! Next version will see a new Gigan revamp and lots more! Changelog:
  8. Rodan is up and running on my dev branch! Trying to finish off the chutes before making the release final! Oh yes! Thank you! Sometimes when adding parts, I forget to update some support configs. Will definitely be of help!
  9. The tank or the interstage? I fixed the interstage one a few days ago. I would also like to know which OS you are running.
  10. Small update! I don't think I can release version 7 this week. I need a few more days to get the chute modeled and working. Everything else is ready on my github dev branch for testing. I've also added way more soot levels to choose from. Last one is really dark!
  11. It really depends how fast I can make the chutes for Rodan. I haven’t done that before so it will be a new learning curve.
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