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Found 20 results

  1. Including Iridium Next, New Horizons, Haven-1 and soon many more! (Check roadmap for what is coming) Join me on Discord! (DEV talk only) Tundra Exploration pics: Tundra Technologies pics: Planned features Roadmap Known issues "No tank type named 'RR_CryoMLOX' exists" means you have RR but not CRP, or you have RR, CRP, and WBI classic stock, and the WBI feature isn't working right. Make sure you have RR 1.16! Required Mods Kerbal Reusability Expansion (For the F9 legs and grid fins) B9 Part Switch (For part switching) Module manager (For all your module manager needs) Recommended Mods FreeIVA (So you can fly around inside Rodan and Gaira-1 parts! Modular Launch Pads (For those awesome towers) Waterfall (For those amazing plumes) Smokescreen (Realplume NOT required!) Flight Manager for Reusable Stages (For landing your F9 first stage) Omega482's Stockalike Structures NTR (For your Ghidorah landing needs) Basic DeltaV - Basic Orbit by DMagic (For better understanding of how much fuel you have to land all your crafts safely back) Tundra's Space Center (To launch from LC-40!) Near Future Solar (For the Solar Panel plugin if you want full 180 degree tracking) Not supported Mods Atmospheric autopilot FAR (Version 7.0 looks to perform a lot better) Beta versions on GitHub A very special thanks to @Beale, @CobaltWolf and @Nertea for the help and advise they gave me to make something awesome. And @DiscoSlelge for creating those awesome patches! And a massive thanks to @ValiZockt, @Rock3tman_, @Nessus_, @JadeOfMaar, @Starwaster, @neistridlar, @SofieBrink and @Infinite Monkeys for the help they gave me making this mod perfect! Changelog: Any of the configs are distributed under CC-NC-SA-4.0 License. All Textures/models/plugins are distributed under All Right Reserved License. SootyShaderLoader is based on the custom shader importer by shadowmage and modyfied by DMagic with custom modules and settings.
  2. Could someone please make a SLC-40 Crew Tower mod? Would also be nice if it was built in 5 dif parts (1 of them being the crew arm lol) Renders by TheSpaceEngineer
  3. I have made this to be a basic orbiter to train my rendezvous skills. When placing the RCS thrusters symmetry was set to 1x so it might look odd.
  4. TL;DR How to launch a payload into low Kerbin orbit, but recover the booster stage without any mods or 30 second time windows where you have to stress to get the thing in orbit. This is simple, but to pull this off you will need to be confident in you skills to launch into orbit somewhat efficiently, to land a tube booster, and obviously design the whole thing. The idea here is that we do not have a barge to land on...so we make the KSC the barge. No need for a boostback burn, and more than enough time to switch view to the payload and sort that out. The fast shallow trajectory also helps out the second stage to require less dv. Launch from the Desert launch pad. You may need the breaking ground DLC for this Aim East for a trajectory that hits beyond the KSC with an Apoapsis of 70-100 km At 60km, deploy the payload First, control the booster. Do any correction you would like to, so that the trajectory hits past the KSC, somewhere around the Island Runway Switch craft to your payload, and set a maneuver on AP to circularize Stay with the payload craft, burn the maneuver Expect about 400 m/s dv, and 0.3+ TWR As soon as PE is at 70+ km, switch back to the booster With the booster, aim retrograde, toggle Navball to surface mode, extend the heatshield bow shock extender (just a tiny heatshield on a Breaking Ground DLC piston) Below 1000 m/s speed, you can open any landing legs or airbrakes Pop parachutes as training wheels to make it all easier (probably even saves more fuel this way) Land safely, and recover (before walking away) Switch back to the payload craft in orbit, and continue its mission 1. - Launcher. Built from1.8m parts, with 6 Thud engines at the bottom. Launch due East, as if going to a shallow low orbit 2. - Trajectory to KSC. This time I missed the 90° heading mark, so it went a bit South. No worries, we can easily fix this 3. - Deploy the payload. It works to start rotating the booster backward during this deployment, it separates them a bit. Notice the altitude and velocity. The payload is almost in orbit, it doesn't need much more to get there 4. - You can worry about the payload later, first go back to the booster The camera might automatically switch to the payload when you stage the decoupler The booster needs a little course correction. In my screenshot, I would hit too far south, so I burned a bit towards north until the landing spot was inline with the KSC, slightly past the Island Runway Waiting to do this step later just makes it more expensive This payload is a re-usable 2nd stage fuel transport. It gets ~4 tons of LFO into orbit. The engines are hidden using BG motors to hide them inside the cavity during re-entry. 5. - You have 3+ minutes to sort out the payload orbit. 0.22 TWR should do the job fine, but you can go for 0.5+ TWR for the first few tries 8. - Get to the booster before the atmosphere does, and you will have no worries at all. Point the flamey end down where it ought to be. This screenshot was done after I finished my Caveman Challenge NCD career, where all difficulty settings are at max for anything that makes it harder, including 120% re-entry heating. On the 1.25m booster, I had no heating issues because the speed is only 1800 m/s. But with this 1.8m booster, the heating bars frequently almost maxed out, so I added a heatshield that extends out in front of the engines. Small price of drag to pay going upwards with such a large vessel, but the heat protection is excellent. The worst of the heating is in this screenshot 11. - A drogue chute for early safety, a normal chute to do most of the slowdown. Set the Navball to standard SAS (else it will follow retrograde and could tilt over) Even with chutes, the descent might be about 20-30 m/s. Much too fast for a landing. Use engines to slow it to 5 m/s. The chutes prevent a violent splashing. This lands fine on land as well, but water is always flat, so... For the low price of fuel + fairing-shell (and 3% tax), we just put a 5 ton payload in orbit. Land on the KSC continent and you will still get 90% returns on the booster 12. - Now go back to the payload, and do the mission that it was destined to do. This technique has made it possible for me to tripple my contract career profits, because I'm playing with the 10% funds rewards setting (did I mention the NCD Caveman Challenge?). So everything I launch has to be perfect, or else it eats into the budget that doesn't exist. Using this idea I have been building a 40-50 ton Duna station in orbit that is supposed to also return some Kerbals. The contracts associated with it will bring in about 300k, but I'm sure that disposable boosters for such ship will easily cost 150k. I have spent a little over 30k so far, and this is now on a Fly By course with Eve at the moment. The downsides to all this Your payload will end up in a 7-9° inclined orbit. That is fine if that is where your station is, but it only costs 100-200 m/s dv to fix that, even less if you combine it into the circularization burn Extremely inefficient use of booster size. Such a huge booster can easily launch more than a measly 5 tons to orbit. But the launch is nearly free, so it is still many times cheaper even if you have to launch 3 times It is hard to do. It took me a few tries but then I got the hang of it. I bet any KSP veteran will struggle on the first try, but it gets easy after the first few tries. It is still harder than normal launches now, but it is easier than doing 2 normal launches (if I had to do those to recoup the funds lost due to disposable boosters)
  5. Hi there, where can we get the Falcon 9 mod? Thank you.
  6. So today I created a stock falcon 9 and crew dragon/dragon 2 spacecraft if any one wants to use it. Download it from kerbalx, its for 1.6.1: https://kerbalx.com/JohnsterSpaceProgram/Falcon-9-and-Crew-Dragon This craft includes a falcon 9 which you can try and land the first stage if you want, and crew dragon (which recently was flown on the DM-1 mission). Carries 5 kerbals to your space station and back, or around the mun. Check the action groups to see what you can do with the crew dragon and falcon 9 first stage. The main reason I made this was so I could recreate DM-1 in ksp: What do you think, if there are any improvements I could make tell me.
  7. For the first time a SpaceX project on Lego Ideas is about to finally hit 10,000 supporters. At which time it will go in front of a Lego review board to be green-lighted. Elon Musk will also have to give it his blessing. It only has a few hundred supporters to go. Check out the updates tab to see the upgrades (including the FH Block 5). The creator is a STEM teacher who built the set to inspire his students. Let's support him and get him the rest of the way!
  8. I was looking on the around and noticed there isn't a thread for re-usable rockets not even Falcon 9 replicas so I decided to start one. I don't care if they just reuse the first stage or the whole thing, POST IT HERE! PS I will have mine up soon.
  9. Hello everyone! Recently I've been messing around with HalfRSS mod (best decision ever!) and, of course, tried to recreate Flacon 9, both 1st and 2nd stage.I've found this sheethttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1X9FUdHnowboCrjoWKpTM5OtLEqj26UWhF0UbEnON5_Q/edit?f=true&noheader=true&gid=18#gid=27 With pretty reasonable info about falcons parameters. I've scaled them down to be suitable, for HRSS, taking total delta-V as my base. Parameter | Falcon 9 | HRSS | Mine Total dV | 9380 | ~7200 | 7038 1st st dV | 3076 | ~2371 | 2369 2nd st dV | 6388 | ~4925 | 4669 With all this, i struggle to reach orbit. it seems that my 2nd stage has not nearly enough TWR to push craft to orbit. separation occurs somewhere between 40 - 50 km high (AP at 95-100km), and 2nd sdtage starts its burn right away. sadly no matter what pitch I set, 2nd stage doesn't even burn through half of its dV, until it falls back to atmosphere. What might be the reason for this? Is Falcon9 data I based inaccurate? or its HRRS fault (longer to reach AP in RSS than in HRSS?), or maybe my gravity turn is made badly? Cheers
  10. I made a SpaceX's Falcon 9 launch simulation with the deployment of a dummy satellite and the recovery of the first stage on the drone ship. I always love seeing the lives launches from SpaceX and I just wanted to do it in KSP so we can see it from a better angle. I used some mods like : - SpaceX Launch Vehicles crafts - Environmental Visual Enhancements - Distant Object Enhancement - Stock Visual Enhancements - PlanetShine - Camera Tools - MechJeb
  11. We all know how well Falcon 9 is able to land by itself now, but before Falcon 9 became a reality there were several designs for autonomous self landing boosters. This is their story
  12. I was surprised to see this article: http://www.theverge.com/2016/5/1/11549456/spacex-falcon-9-heavy-launch-capabilities-weight-mars Long story short, they've re-spec-ed the Falcon 9 so that it can haul quite a bit more mass into low orbit. 22 metric tons versus the old 13 tons. And the F9-Heavy will be able to lift even more onto Mars. I know that most rockets operate with a good safety margin, but I'm a bit confused as to how they could have gotten this much extra out of it. Elon Musk's tweets say that they haven't' substantially changed the machinery of the engines themselves. I take this to mean that they're just pushing them harder, which would mean a higher thrust and maybe higher exhaust velocity? Does anyone have more data on the old specs and the new specs? On wikipedia it currently lists the Merlin engine as having 282 s at sea level. No idea if this is the new one or the old one.
  13. So... i found this video by "Russianvids" so i decided to make a video about it. My video: Anyway he made really dumb arguments saying and i quote "Look how you see this rocket pointed at an angle like parallel almost and somehow it adjust it's self and comes down for a straight landing give me a break" And anyone who has seen any SpaceX footage especially the Thaicom 8 video you can CLEARLY see the Cold gas thrusters or "RCS Thrusters" firing to adjust and angle itself in the right direction anyway watch the video i know my voice might be cringey i really need a new mic Note: I Don't know why but it is out of sync for some reason :/
  14. My First Collection The Collection is called Tulerman Industries Collection, was a cooperation with the Brazilian Giuliano Tulerman and the Youtube channel Kerbal Essences. (Thanks to Lukas!). Hello. (This is a collection of welded parts) I am newbie in this branch of KSP Collection. I need a time to update the forum post and the collection. So, if you think, `that collection is Regularly updated`, you are wrong. The time to update this is long, but i`ll try to update soon and soon. Giuliano Tulerman, CEO of Tulerman Industries Features: -Satelittes -Rockets Parts -Useless parts Plans to future: -New Rockets Parts* -New Sats* -New Useless Parts* *=This item can be your suggestion! Post in commentary what you wish in my mod! Green-Soon Yellow-No Soon and no Far Red-Far Know Bugs: -Soyuz Boosters can burn the Soyuz main Booster -Vega First Stage burn and can Explode due overheating. Screenshots: http://imgur.com/geH4zB8 http://imgur.com/WBJjyVA http://imgur.com/zBa633t http://imgur.com/Nz6aZij http://imgur.com/jxZveOe http://imgur.com/MG1LqeI http://imgur.com/K14I40u http://imgur.com/yHBoIbX http://imgur.com/N6Czj6x http://imgur.com/l0Id8RV http://imgur.com/SA8rYFr http://imgur.com/jZ9Byj8 http://imgur.com/h9pvXT8 http://imgur.com/ecaTxvS http://imgur.com/kA3cdjN http://imgur.com/fyAPczD http://imgur.com/UncVvbd http://imgur.com/ulTQgii http://imgur.com/Nag7hAg http://imgur.com/GT5v0HK http://imgur.com/pScfWNa http://imgur.com/uSl1bE9 http://imgur.com/hPIeXp9 http://imgur.com/bvgYYTC http://imgur.com/qlUo2d2 http://imgur.com/0rIIiXS Download: Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/83xj04hl1gmcnrp/TulermanIndustriesV0.9.5b.zip?dl=0 license- CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (Giuliano Tulerman © 2016, , All rights reserved) Versions: -V0.1- collection Release -V0.2-Renamed the manufacturer name-From Ubio, to Tulerman Industries -V0.3-Renamed from KerbalEssences and Tulerman Industries to Tulerman Industries Mod. -V0.4-Added Morelos Core, Orbcomn Sats and Cygnus. Changed F9 Tank and removed Decoupler. -V0.5- Added Compability with Tweakscale. Added Landing Zone in honor of the landing successfully the first stage rocket Falcon 9. -V0.6-Added Booster Nosecone Seperator, MMS and a new CubeSat model -V0.7-Added ASDS, DSCOVR. -V0.8-Added Saturn V and Apollo (suggestion by @Nansuchao) and SpaceX Falcon 9 V1.0 First and Second Stage and Dragon with trunk. -V0.8b-Corrected a bug founded in Dragon Capsule, removed RCS. -V0.9- Added Blue Origin New Shepard First Stage and Saturn IB First Stage, Separated F9 tanks in versions V1.0, V1.1 and V1.2. -V0.9.5-Upgraded Centaur Upper Stage and Falcon 9 V1.1 First Stage. Now the mod is in arrangement (All the Sats. are in the pods, tanks in tanks and engines in engines) -V0.9.5b-Increased Falcon 9 V1.2 First Stage Fuel quantity.
  15. Hello , I did the mission of CRS- 8 and suggest that you evaluate the result of the work . Yes, mistakes have been and I will correct them in your next video Sorry for mistakes. English only learn and try to write correctly.
  16. Here's my overview of SpaceX's SES-9 mission, launching tomorrow.
  17. Hey, I've made an overview video of SpaceX's Jason 3 mission, which is scheduled for tomorrow. SpaceX will attempt to land the first stage on the barge after their successful orbcomm-2 landing in December. Hope you guys like it!
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