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  1. This mod turns the Kerbol system into a more realistic representation of the Real Solar System. Moho has a new texture, Gilly is moved, and there are more outer planets? Also it's all inclined? That's just part of this mod. Download license = CC-BY-SA
  2. This pack provides realistic models of SpaceX's rockets and spacecraft, made for your Stock Kerbal Space Program installation. Crew Dragon Cargo Dragon 2 Starlink Satellite Falcon 9 with parts to make all of its versions: Block 5, Full Thrust, 1.1, 1.0 Falcon Heavy Falcon 1 Interplanetary Transport System [2016 version] ASDS Droneship "Just Read the Instructions" and "Of Course I Still Love You" Landing Zone 1 You will find all flown Merlin versions (M1Ci, M1C, M1CV, M1D, M1DV and its subsequent upgrades), Raptor and Kestrel, 22 different payload fairing textures from real missions, booster and fairing recovery hardware, different textures for the booster, 4 different textures for Crew Dragon and 2 textures for the drone ship ("Of Course I Still Love You" and "Just Read The Instructions") included. Download from Spacedock Realism Overhaul Configs [WIP] by @pmborg Installation Follow the instructions in the included "readme" file. You can choose to install the parts at their real sizes or at a stock-compatible size (2.5m). The following mods are recommended to be installed as well: Textures Unlimited for shiny, metallic looking parts by @Shadowmage Animated Decouplers for retracting Crew Dragon trunk umbilical by @Starwaster RetractableLiftingSurface for a working fairing parafoil by @linuxgurugamer Launch Towers Pack for realistic launch towers by @sciencepanda Note that Module Manager by @sarbian is required to make the rescaled configs and some of the above mentioned mods to work. Changelog Known Issues Media All rights reserved.
  3. This is a small mod which adds a detailed Airbus A330-900neo into the game. You will find detailed models and textures, custom sounds for the engines and landing gears, 3 liveries (White, Black, Airbus) as well as a modelled 3D cockpit and cabin. The plane is configured for stock, with flight characteristics based on a comparable stock-part aircraft. At a cruising speed of 220m/s at 3500-4500m altitude, a range of 2100km or fuel for 3h will be enough to cover all major routes on Kerbin. I've limited the crew capacity to 30 (+2 pilots) for performance reasons. Please note that the parts are not designed for a modular use in other crafts. Download from Spacedock I recommend you to install my Airplane Autopilot as well. Known issues All rights reserved.
  4. Well, Well, Well. Another nation had the bold idea to start up a space program. Funds were allotted, engineers hired, and a suitable space center built. It was time for the great nation of United East Kerbonia to create the SENTINEL DESIGN BUREAU! (flag below): ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapters: Chapter 1 | Everyone has to Start Somewhere, Right? Chapter 2 | Higher and Higher! Chapter 3 | I'm BAAAAAACK ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This mission report is intended to be semi-serious, with a big dollop of realism and a big pinch of good o'l fashioned kerbal silliness. This is intended to last quite a bit longer than my last mission report, and my eventual goal is, as stated in the name, to go to the stars. You know, launch an interstellar ship the proper way, which I really haven't seen anyone really do yet. I'm also going to use a ton of mods, including Snacks-LS and 2.5X rescale. Anyways, lets go!
  5. Hey guys. I'm just experimenting with my Soyuz LES System. And everything worked well except for the last part. The Parachute won't open up after the Descent module seperated with the Orbital Module. https://youtu.be/fLJSeuiBGds The Descent module has been seperated from the orbital module succesfully, but why did the descent module parachute didn't worked? This isn't normal, when seperating the orbital module and the instrumental module after de-orbiting, it worked. Never been a unsuccesfull parachute deploy after entering the kerbin atmosphere. So please help me with this problem. Thanks
  6. Hey I'm Dom, I'm trying to get more noticed on the internet, and i want to share my space station designs as well as seeing others. Also if you have any advice on getting bigger on forums/youtube, that would be appreciated.
  7. I have recently improved my Saturn V replica, and conducted a mock mission of Apollo 11 to the Moon (Mun) in KSP, using real NASA Audio. Its made with a 100% stock parts and looks as realistic as I could make it with the help of fairings. I felt it appropriate as the Apollo 11 anniversary is soon coming up. Check out the video: If you want the craft file I have it on Curse.com: https://mods.curse.com/shareables/kerbal/245459-stock-saturn-v Here are some pictures I recorded the video and took these screenshots with the following visual mods (they are pretty good):
  8. Hello, I haven't been playing ksp for long, but I've noticed a distinct lack of any cameras in the game (I mean as parts, obviously there is "the camera"). This seems a little strange, seeing as space travel in real life often involves cameras in some form. Whether on rovers, attached to rockets or in telescopes, they're everywhere, but the only "camera" in ksp is a huge infrared telescope. As well as adding realism, cameras could be used as a science tool, and potentially even be used to boost popularity and funds like photos do in actual space programs. Maybe camera views could be switched between by using "C" to change which camera you're seeing through, and "photos" from the cameras could be saved like screenshots. Here are a few ideas for different camera types, any of which I think would be a great addition to the game: A rocket-side camera- Maybe a gopro sized thing which you could stick on the side of rockets to film as they launch A moveable mastcam or camera system- Would be great for rovers, like the ones on opportunity or curiosity A tiny, hull-mounted camera for probes or rovers- like the navigation cameras on on Curiosity, could maybe make lower quality photos A large fixed camera- maybe for higher quality photos A space telescope part- yes, there's the SENTINEL, but it would be nice if there was something else, maybe to look at stars or very distant planets and take photos, like the Hubble space telescope.
  9. Several weeks ago, I thought about how Kerbin would look realistically, under the satellite eye. I decided to create a pseudo-satellite image portraying the presumed vegetation and settlements realistically. I made it by superimposing the KerbalMaps picture of the region with various textures based on real-world mapping data. Enjoy.
  10. So I wanted to start a discussion. On realistic designs and have a good collection of pics.centerd around station builds. And to add some challenge I want it to be completely in Stock KSP parts.
  11. I'd like to use KSP as a guide to designing somewhat realistic spaceplanes and spacecraft for a tabletop role playing game. However, the characters in the game are human and they explore our solar system. Is it possible to use KSP to design vehicles for human beings? Is it possible to change the solar system to match our own? Any other limitations or mods I should consider?
  12. Hello guys! I saw that @NathanKell is not updating rss because RO is in 1.2. And i decided to config the mod for personal use to work with 1.3 SO HERE IT IS a link for my full install(just drop the contents of GameData in Gamedata). I tested it with a lot of mods . It is good at is sounds. No problem, crash , low fps, or anything. Textures included for low res . 4k. I sent a message to NathanKell asking if i can distribute this working thingy. I don't think the has enough time to reply, so i put it for download. This topic will be alive until Realism Overhaul 1.3 updates. In the ReadMe you will find everything you need about who made parts of the content like MM , etc. *Additional config from @Galileo because it was listing stock planet names. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zn73qqvvro9u2ul/RSS1.3full.rar?dl=0
  13. hello, welcome to my KSP overhaul development thread, my second mod designed for KSP this mod aims to add: more fun buttons to press within the IVA... more fun resources to play around with! and a better career system? https://discord.gg/juenMcX to do list: Resource utilisation... IVA modded IVA Licence: All rights reserved DOWNLOAD! https://spacedock.info/mod/1611/Kerbins KSP overhaul dependances: Module Manager update - (15/12/17) Figured out science defs, thanks @DeltaDizzy! Screenshots to come on monday so are new experiments, new parts (maybe) IVAs (more than likely), certainly bugfixed expect releases on monday!
  14. Hello all!! Being close to my Fall Break, I have had extra time to begin contemplation of a new mod! After playing KSP yesterday, I realized that an interplanetary mission would require food to feed the kerbals. I like to think of KSP as a relatively ideal version of the space program; the astronauts don't have to worry about food, electric charge, etc. Moreover, KSP does not cause parts to randomly fail. Does everybody remember the Antares Rocket Explosion that happened about 3 years ago? Since explosions are what make KSP interesting, I think that random part failures will make the game even better. Here are some features that will be inserted into the mod: My rule for making these mods is based on how well the community would want a mod like this. If you want to see this mod completed, please show your support so I can gauge which mods I have to prioritize finishing. If you have any suggestions, please list them in a comment; I am open to all suggestions for this mod.
  15. Saelben's Space Program The Backstory Craft List Mission Log's Mod List As the mission progresses, data and activity will be added. Any suggestions are accepted. Thank you for joining me on this humble voyage. -SaelbenNoa
  16. I made a SpaceX's Falcon 9 launch simulation with the deployment of a dummy satellite and the recovery of the first stage on the drone ship. I always love seeing the lives launches from SpaceX and I just wanted to do it in KSP so we can see it from a better angle. I used some mods like : - SpaceX Launch Vehicles crafts - Environmental Visual Enhancements - Distant Object Enhancement - Stock Visual Enhancements - PlanetShine - Camera Tools - MechJeb
  17. Historical Progression Tree - Work in Progress Historical Progression Tree - Work in Progress A work in progress to create a historically accurate tech tree mostly for non-stockalike part packs. Starting with the USA (FASA) and moving on to the USSR rocket history. USA to the right and USSR to the left. As the tree grows it will include more countries and programs such as China, India, NASA SLS, ESA and SpaceX to name a few. The tree is laid out with the years in the vertical axis and the rockets in the horizontal axis. Each new configuration of rocket is vertically in-line with the previous version. So Atlas starts with Atlas-Mercury, then Atlas-Agena, then Atlas-Centaur. And will eventually lead to the modern version, the Atlas V. The vertical axis, years, starts with Goddard in 1929 up to 1956, just before the first orbital satellite Sputnik in 1957. The tree increment 1 year at a time until 1967 and Apollo 11. Then it increments in steps of 5 years (so that it will fit the area of the tech tree map in KSP. Most of the stock parts have been removed from the tree. Just required parts like struts, fuel lines, docking ports, aero surfaces, and utility parts. These can be used for custom payload creation of satellites, landers, and rovers. I am waffling on Procedural Parts, but it will, most likely, go in there too. While not the focus of this tree, important aircraft will be included also. Just for fun, I am including conceptual craft nodes too. Required: Historical Progression Tree [WIP, not ready for a campaign game yet] by @Probus YongeTech Tech Trees Plugin by @yongedevil FASA's Launch Clamps by @frizzank Highly Recommended: FASA by @frizzank Contract Pack: Historic Missions by @Whitecat106 Taerobee by @Beale and... that's as far as I've gotten. GitHub: https://github.com/ProbusThrax/HPT Also, if you like podcasts: Space Rocket History The plan is to next work on Raidernick's parts from Historical Rockets, Probes and Stations. The plan has changed as Raidernick is updating his parts. So Tantares and BDB are next. BTW, If you notice any errors, please let me know and I will fix them ASAP. LICENSE: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3
  18. Three words. Hi, I'm back! Let's go. Table of Contents: Prelude-The two remain. Chapter 1-Learning the ropes... Again. Chapter 2-Meddeling around the Mun. Chapter 3-Aluminum Boostershire. Chapter 4-Take to the Skies. Chapter 5-One step to the Stars. (New!) Prelude-The two that remain. The room inside the office was definitely damp. Not too cold, something like what you would feel when Kerbol was high in the sky and a cold breeze would come in from the waters off the KSC and flow through the buildings. Roughly that cold. The lighting was awful in the room as well, wi- "Listen to me. Was the Republic of Kolonia in possession of any nuclear devices when it broke apart last month?" The Kerbal, shorter than her, was being quite annoying now. This whole situation was relatively annoying. The Katax Union, although not the direct cause of the breakup of Kolonia, was an annoyance ever since Megra and I had arrived. It's not fun being reminded every second by people around you that your nation had broken up. What added insult to injury was that the majority of fragment states that had come out of the turmoil supported the Alliance of Working states. The Kerbal sighed. "Marmy! Talk to me! I'm trying to be nice here but you're seriously getting on my nerves!" "I'm telling you, I was an astronaut, not a Kerbal in the military! I don't know anything about our nukes, and I don't know if we had even had any!" "Alright. Now, tell us a bit about your space program." Us? He was the only one in the room. Ah. There were probably cameras and microphones. "Well, that would just be time wasted. You already know all you need to know, the news and your intelligence officers have definitely figured everything out already. It might be better if you told me about yours." The Kerbal moved slightly back. "Hmm. Alright. But the second I start talking, you're automatically a legal employee of our space program." "Deal." "Ok then. Welcome to the Katax Union Space Administration, or KUSA." "KUSA! Hah! That's almost like a jok-" "I can still fire you. And I'm not sure where a Kolonian would get another job out here. Anyways, we started launching right about when you were getting your second manned flight into orbit." The Kerbal smiled, as if remembering such a moment with joy and pride. Heck, he probably was. "It was old wartime technology, half a decade old. Up it went on that peaceful day. We were cheering, celebrating. You should have seen the look on everyone's faces." "It just headed into the sky. Off it went. When we received the news it had reached space, we didn't know what to say. We had done something that had only be done by one other country." "It was such a large success that the space program would be given the funding and technology straight away, and we immediately moved on to our newest version of the rocket, which, by the way, was called the Flare mk1." "The Flare mk2, however, made our second launch a bit fiery, but it was still a step forward." "Our third launch brought us once again, above the atmosphere. We collected so much data from that launch, and we were able to collect all of it from the radio antenna we had onboard the mk2.2." "It burnt up in quite a spectacular daylight fireball, which people across the Katax Union saw. The funds started to pour in from there." "We made orbit the next week." "And then it was just launch after launch." "Our new rocket design was dirt cheap, and we saw some absolutely incredible things with it. To be honest with you, from colleague to new colleague, I'm extremely jealous you have seen what's up there with your own eyes. I hope to do it too someday. My name's Rufred." "Well, Rufred." I said, "Tell me the rest about KUSA." "After that, it was just probe after probe after probe. We scattered communications satellites in various orbits around Kerbin, which dealt with the small error of lack of cummunications." "Some days we had these launches that were so incredible, everybody would come out to see them, especially the ones early in the morning, because the rocket would tip into the sun's light far before the ground, and it would just flare up in metallic reflected light." "We actually first learned about the end of your program when we launched another high orbit communications satellite, which we had launched slightly too low. It turned out ok, and pulled through, but it passed right over your space center. Radar images proved it was in wrecks. I'm sorry to tell you this, but a fair share of cheers and rounds went around when the news got out." "We shot out probes everywhere." "But of course, there comes a time when you can't randomly throw probes up the gravity well, and so we set up a powerful Stationary Orbit satellite above the Katax Union. You had a few of those, right?" To this, I just nodded. We put up two, and TellDeuterium. They were probably offline and tumbling now. "After that, we developed a rocket, that, although slightly pricey, would surpass anything that had been put out into our orbits before." "It worked perfectly, and we had so much fuel left over in the probe that we decided- Hear this- We decided to send it to Duna." This shocked me. These guys had never been to interplanetary space, let alone the Mun, and they already had a probe on the way to Duna? They really hadn't been asleep whilst we were up launching our probes. Rufred was obviously excited. "The photos are amazing, Kerbin really does get so small!" "The last launch we did put another communication satellite into a super elliptical orbit." He took a breath. "And that's where we are now." I wasn't buying it for one bit. "So you're telling me that you've had one accident in your whole program?" "Well..." "We've also lost a booster after its engines cut off. We only have one photo of it, and that was just after it lifted off, mainly because the camera crew was running for their lives." "So. That's our space program." "Well, it's a nice one, that's for sure. How can I be assured that I won't be put into some death contraption and flown off to my doom?" "I'm not going to answer that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to request for you and Megra to become citizens of the Katax Union. Legally, you are the only two people from Kolonia left in the world."
  19. In this series, I make KSP replicas of real life rockets. Todays rocket is Arianespace's, Ariane 5.
  20. Stock and Modded boosters in game flamout instantly with no effect or anything... It would be cool to have a flamout effect on the boosters or they continue running for 5 seconds while the thrust decrease like the real ones, and for real ones, I mean like those :
  21. I was watching MythBusters the other day and came across... http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/mythbusters/mythbusters-database/laptop-lift-off/ The original video - https://www.youtube.com/embed/_12L_Dme8Vc Basically (if these links don't work) the bees can't lift the laptop because of a few reasons but a major one being Newtons 3rd law. If the bee is pushing air down it can fly up, but if the air is hitting a large surface it pushes the surface down, and if the surface is attached to what ever is trying to fly up, it won't fly. I asked myself, is KSP's physics realistic and good enough to prove this law, I set up a rig as the following (sorry for no images) 1. Simple probe core 2. Fuel tank 3. Rocket engine strong enough to lift the whole thing 4. 2 long metal girders which hold a large flat surface made up of structural sheets of metal I ensured that the metal sheets were far enough from the engine to be able to see the flame, I proceeded to offset the metal sheets to ensure there were no gaps. I went to launch it and to my surprise it did not generate thrust, I tested numerously to see if it was a glitch in the launch pad, I remade the rig with the metal sheets separated a little. This caused the metal sheets to wobble (closing and opening its gap) each time it opened the thrust fluctuated from 0 to almost normal engine thrust. After seeing the results I flipped the girders upwards (lots of air resistance) yet it was able to lift off (this entire experiment was also done with hacked gravity which made no effect on the 0 thrust). I am really proud of Squad for having these very realistic physics in the game which I can imagine to be a pain (Results from newest release 1.1.2ish I think) Serious JOB WELL DONE! (I don't think physics were this good in the past KSP versions though)
  22. Who has not happened next? You are in Eve and wonder why the ship does not melt. You're down Jool's atmosphere and suddenly the ship explodes (sometimes can reach the solid surface of Jool untapped). You are very close to the sun and the ship is not damaged. These things are unrealistic, so I propose a complex idea: More types of material properties and realistic planetary layers. More types of material properties: The types of materials are clasified traditionaly into: - Gases. - Liquids. - Solids. To each material I propose these properties and changes: Gas/atmosphere: Gas have these values: 1. Resistance to advance (viscosity) 2. Terminal velocity (friction) 3. Atmospheric height (pressure) 4. Physical rail I suggest put these new properties: 5. Ambience temperature constant: determinate the ambience temperature by height (max heigh=0 temperature), if a vehicle is in the atmosphere, with low height and big ambience temperature constant, the vehicle will overheat. 6. Density: determinate the floatibility of the vehicle by height, only useful in case of add airships. 7. Wind: this is not constant, would be variable by height, time and climatic flow map, wind affects little in the trajectory and orientation of vehicle. Wind percentage can be variable by difficulty and can be customized in the creation of new game. Liquid/sea: In KSP liquids not have nothing value in the game, every liquid is equal, this is not realistic. I suggest these properties: 1. Viscosity: determinate the facility of move of the vehicle in the liquid, more viscosity more difficulty to move. 2. Resistance to impact: determinate the "g" forces and resistance to sink that produces to the vehicle by velocity. 3. Minimal temperature value: minimal temperature of liquid, if is very high, can produce overheat. 4. Ambience temperature constant: determinate the ambience temperature by deep of vehicle, added to minimal temperature value. 5. Density: absolute value, determinate the floatibility of the vehicle, only useful in case of add submarine vehicles. 6. Liquid flow: like wind of gas, only useful in case of add submarine vehicles. 7. Lineal pressure: determinate the pressure by deep. Solid: I don't know if this thing requires properties, may be this, but I am not sure: 1. Melting point: a property useful only in case of add underground oceans (in ice moons) and vehicles/parts type subterrene or nuclear tunnelator. 2. Plasticity/hardness: a property useful only in case of add terrain modification, very useful to underground and drill rockets. This should be variable by each biome of the planet/moon. 3. Pressure: a property useful only in case of add vehicles/parts type subterrene or nuclear tunnelator, more deep in the ground means more pressure. 4. Particle effect: this is not a real propertie, but can be useful to the lading animation. In planets with atmosphere the animation is very little, but in asteroids and objects without atmosphere this effect would be big, simulating dust. This should be variable by each biome of the planet/moon. Changes into planets layers that I suggest: Add very deep liquid seas (liquid hydrogen) in Jool and similar planets, a utility for mods and indestructible facilities. Add hot viscous sea in Eve planet, to simulate magma/lava like Venus; add also big ambience temperature constant. Add strong winds in Duna to simulate the ambience of Mars. Add very strongs winds in Jool. Add invisible extremely hot atmosphere/sea over Kerbol, to simulate the photosphere and/or corona. Add medium/low winds in Eve and Kerbin. Oher, more prescindible: Add may be underground ocean in Vall (useful in case of add subterrene). Add may be liquid flow in Kerman (useful in case of add submarine). Ideas based in: - Climate of Mars: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_of_Mars - Airships/floating cities to explore/habitate Venus and Jupiter: http://sacd.larc.nasa.gov/branches/space-mission-analysis-branch-smab/smab-projects/havoc/ - Exploration of Europe underground ocean: https://web.archive.org/web/20110811002508/http://www.planetary.org:80/programs/projects/explore_europa/update_12142005.html https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn1786-ice-melting-robot-passes-arctic-test/ - Structure of Jupiter: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jupiter#Internal_structure - Sun photosphere and corona: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun#Photosphere
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