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  1. CollectingSP's Kerbalized Space Program- A Mix Of Realism, Fantasy, and Make-Believe Bureaucracy Hello all! I thought I'd finally make my kerbalized space program public knowledge. In my program, there are many alternate historical timelines and fantasy components. It's been active since August of 2020. The major agencies and corporations represented in my program are many of the world's real-life agencies and corporations, such as NASA, Roscosmos, ULA and SpaceX, NGIS, and more. Most notably, I'm a fan of the United Launch Alliance (ULA) And their Delta IV program, which I'd say I use for about 99.99 percent of launches that I do. Payloads Launched by ULA in my program include payloads for the Air Force/Space Force, NASA, and Commercial Customers. --------- About Delta IV- "The Workhorse."- 5 Launches to date Delta IV Launches are conducted from Launch Complex 39B at Kennedy Space Center, FL, and Launch Complex 37B, at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, FL. About Launch Complex 39B- Leased to ULA, Owned by NASA. Complex 39B Previously Supported the Space shuttle and Constellation programs. In my timeline, After Constellation was canceled, ULA signed a lease to use this pad for their new Delta IV launch vehicle in 2018, and it was renovated to support the vehicle. Vehicles processed for launch from Pad 39B are processed in either high bay three or four of the vehicle assembly building, and then transported to LC-39B on a special Crawler. Pad 39B was closed from March 2021 to November 2023 for upgrades to the Complex's fixed umbilical tower (FUT) to allow the Complex to support NASA's upcoming Orion Spacecraft, which will be launched on top of ULA's Delta IV Heavy Rocket from Complex 39B. This gives the FUT The appearance of the IRL SLC-6 Delta IV launch tower, at Vandenberg AFB, CA, with the addition of a Crew Access Arm. Complex 39B will also be used to launch American components of the International Space Station, Which in my timeline has not been constructed yet. About Complex 37/Pad 37B- Leased to ULA, Owned by USSF. Dormant since the early years of Apollo, Pad 37B Was reconstructed From a period ranging from 2022 to 2023 as ULA realized the need for another dedicated facility on the cape for Commercial and Military Delta IV missions, as Launch Complex 39B gears up to support Orion and the upcoming International Space Station Program. One note, as they are not built by NASA, the Russian Components of the ISS will use pad 37B as their launchpad, and Delta IV as their rocket, excluding Pirs, Poisk, Prichal, and Rassvet. Vehicle Numbering Scheme- Each Delta IV vehicle is assigned a sequential "Delta Vehicle," or DV number, to differentiate Delta IV vehicles from Delta III and Delta II vehicles processed by United Launch Alliance. This number usually looks like "DV-###." --------- About Antares 240 and Complex 19- 0 Launches to date Antares is manufactured by Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems, which intends on using it to launch Commercial and Government Payloads, as well as to resupply the International Space station. Specifically, the new 240 variant will be used for launches from Florida's space coast, in which the Castor 30 second stage has been replaced with a Liquid-fuel second stage powered by an RD-120 Engine. On November 06, 2023, Pad 19 was officially reactivated for use by Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems for use by their Antares Rocket, which is expected to have a first flight soon. The facility was originally leased to NGIS in December of 2022. Existing derelict Titan II hardware has been removed or demolished by NGIS, and a lighting protection system has been added for Antares Flights. --------- The year represented currently in my program is the current year (2023) and all launch dates, vehicle processing, and payload processing are experienced in real-time, mostly because i've got a life outside of KSP and it's easier for me this way. I will edit this post to include more information after I write it- It is DYNAMIC and always changing.
  2. HabTech2 | V1.0.0 | ISS Parts for KSP Featuring parts designed to replicate the US Orbital Section (USOS) of the International Space Station as of 2023, including: Pressurised modules & cupola Integrated Truss Structure & solar arrays, including iROSA External payloads & experiments Other structural pieces, science parts and antennas Canadarm2 & Mobile Base System New additions to the ISS such as BEAM, Bishop airlock, and more Tantares is recommended to build the Russian Orbital Section (ROS). Watch the update video below! Craft Files Craft files are also included for the USOS (standalone), International Space Station in 2003, 2011 and 2023 configurations (requires Tantares), and Space Station Freedom (1991 configuration). More craft file images: Dependencies All hard dependencies are bundled with the release: Module Manager Community Resource Pack B9PartSwitch Benjee10 Shared Assets HabTech Props HabTech Robotics You will also need Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground DLC for robotics parts. Compatibility Shaddy & Textures Unlimited - provides translucent shaders for solar array parts Neptune Camera - provides camera functionality for camera mast part Waterfall - Waterfall FX are provided for lights and RCS thrusters Limited support for TAC LS Community Category Kit - adapted from configs by Lennon Installation Place the contents of GameData/ into your KSP/GameData/ directory. If you already have HabTech2, benjee10_sharedAssets or htRobotics installed, please delete the existing mod folders in your GameData directory before installing the new versions to avoid compatibility issues. Craft files require the latest version of Tantares. Download SPACEDOCK (Primary) GITHUB (Secondary) What's next? I intend for this to be the final major release of HabTech2 prior to shifting focus onto KSP2. I'm really pleased to have finally completed the ISS in time, after many years of work. This latest update started in mid 2019 - it has been a mammoth amount of work. I am hopeful that some of this work will be able to be transferred into KSP2 and take advantage of the potential massive increase in graphical capability (& stability with large vessels) that will bring. That being said, while I don't intend to add any new parts to HabTech2 from here on out, I will continue to support the mod and address any bugs or issues, as well as updating any dependencies as required. Thank you for your support over the years - I have loved working on this mod and getting feedback from all of you. It is a long journey and I am glad to have finally reached the destination, but a new journey is just about to begin. See you there. Above screenshot & header image by Steven ROS craft files created by Zarbon Original OP preserved for posterity:
  3. The Idea: The International Space Station is one of humanities greatest achievements. Like many others I love the ISS, mods and Kerbal Space Program, naturally you would mix all 3. A little over a year ago I began an endeavor to accurately construct the ISS in order and document it on reddit. Since then time has passed and I have vastly improved in my ship creation and screenshot taking skills. I knew when I stopped the first time I'd revisit the idea and now is the time! The goal of this whole thing is to use Kerbal Space Program and a vast library of mods to document every flight to the ISS and its construction in order. Myself@lemon cup and @D0m1nu2 work hard on this project and we're very excited to work on documenting the sheer greatness that surrounds the ISS and it's missions! My Inspiration: The idea isn't original and born of several things including another series I created focusing on Shuttle Missions called Shuttle Adventures! These missions are created by not only myself but other like minded Kerbal players. But the Idea isn't mine by any means and I feel inclined to credit those who inspired me, If you like anything I've done you'll certainly enjoy what they've done. @Jay The Amazing Toaster with Kānāwai: Ares to Mars Kevin Gustafson and his amazing among other things ISS & Mir documentaries on Youtube @winged and his amazing among other things Constellation Mars video @Zorg @alberro+and @Pioneer_Stevefor dazzling me with their magnificent screenshots @AmateurAstronaut1969 and their fantastic series on the ETS Space Station Freedom @Jacktical and their awesome series on the IRL concept of Space Station Freedom that goes by the name of Space Station Liberty @D0m1nu2 and their excellent International Manned Laboratory series, a recreation of International Skylab conducted in RSS! @Aviation365 and their wonderful series Go At Throttle Up, an RSS/RO depiction of Shuttle Flights both real and fictional, while obeying Shuttle parameters. The progenitor to this series, Shuttle Adventures, An Album of Kerbalized Space Shuttle Missions, containing real, proposed, canceled and other Shuttle related missions. You can find that here: Mods: Since the inception of Shuttle Adventures the mod list has grown slowly over time and I've tried to keep up with updating the mod list. that will be include in the spoiler below the list of highlighted mods. @benjee10 With Redirect, Habtech 2, and SOCK @DylanSemrau With Photon Corp @Beale With Tantares @tony48 With KSRSS & KSRSSVE And the ReStock team with of course Restock Thanks to those who interact and follow this series! We've been working hard and having a great time making it!
  4. ISS Community Revival Ok, so was very sad to see this mod go away. So, went ahead and cleared it with both Bobcat and Dragon01, and they have both allowed me to attempt to revive this mod. I am still in early phase 1 of the revival, which is establishing what is wrong, missing, or otherwise broken/obsolete. I will not post the download link as of yet, as the mod is no where near ready for distribution, but felt the need to announce what is going on. I am, however, seeking to start a modding team to work on this, as my abilities can only go so far. Ok, moving into Phase 2, after testing, discovered a few missing parts and other parts completely obsolete. So, Phase 2, the fix list before release is the following: Unity Module (Node 2) not loading in game. --fixed various broken assembly nodes. --Ongoing HTV not loading in. --Fixed Robot Arm obsolete...pending removal to separate folder. --removed, and replaced by Inverse Kinemetics As for the team, I feel like I can learn Blender well enough to get basic fixes done, but the Unity program is not functioning correctly, or I have yet to figure out what I am doing, so I will need someone who is experienced in working with Unity... at the immediate moment. Long Term Goals (ongoing plans not immediately necessary for initial distribution): -Add in the P6 and P5 truss segments -Establish and RSS/RO config files-started -create a decoupler for a progress craft to carry and detach the Pirs, Poisk, and Rassvet parts to the station -change the S1/P1 part to allow it to be more have more realistic radiator deployment -Add the ESP, ELC, etc. -update the Destiny module textures -Add parts that are not yet on the ISS yet but are planned for the future. -create individual interiors for each habitation module -look into cutting out possible dependencies by internally creating rockets for part launchers Credits: Allowing me to fix and maintain the mod: @Dragon01 and @BobCat Provided assistance where needed: @Mecripp and @FalconHeavy2019 Inverse Kinemetics Canadarm2: @Trufiadok
  5. A thread for my ISS replica, which is an entry to @Akagi's Historical Replica Challenge.
  6. This mod adds several new parts heavily inspired by the International Space Station to be used for space stations or interplanetary crafts. All crewable modules have IVAs, with future plans to continue adding additional props and texture revamps to increase immersion. Docking ports based on the Common Berthing Mechanism (CBM) and Androgynous Peripheral Attach System (APAS) also included, with features such as docking port gendering (active can only dock with passive) and restricted docking angles (90 degree for CBMs and 120 degree for APAS). Primary goal for current phase of this mod pack is to now provide Truss components, Solar Panels, and Radiators. Download SpaceDock PLEASE REMOVE THE FOLDER OF OLDER VERSIONS OF THIS MOD PRIOR TO INSTALLING (If you like this pack enough and would like to fuel my iced coffee addiction, please consider donating via Patreon or PayPal) List of Parts Gallery of Parts Imgur Album Future Goals/ Road Map Roadmap kept on Google Docs (updates might be intermittent) Supported Mods You will need Module Manager to use the supported mods KeepFit Snacks! Connected Living Spaces (Thanks to @panarchist for help) Tweakscale (by @VenomousRequiem) RemoteTech (just the KU Band Antenna) USI - Life Support (by @panarchist) (more to come) Mod Conflicts ActiveTextureManagement has been known to cause lag with these parts Tweakable Everything may cause the Front node on the APAS Active ports to disappear. HyperEditing a craft with APAS or CBMs will require you to go back to space center before un-docking. Otherwise you will experience a phantom force on both crafts once un-docked. MechJeb docking might not work with the gendered ports with fixed offset snapping A Special Thanks @CobaltWolf for helping me improve my texturing ( Check out his great modpack here) @sumghai for pioneering the use of colliders for guide fins on docking ports. FAQ Q: Why do the Kerbal Habitation Modules have a designated floors and a ladder? I thought in space there is no "down"? A: These modules were designed around the idea of being able to be used with stations or interplanetary crafts which use spinning to provide artificial gravity (via persistent rotation or just role-playing). The IVAs will also make sense if you do decide to also use these in some planetary bases. Q: Why do the Kerbal Habitation Modules have a lower crew capacity than the amount of bunks in the space? A: The thought behind the crew capacities with these parts is that the sleep modules arent used for hot-bunking, so every personnel on the vessel has their own personal bunk and storage lockers. It kind of forces the effect of crew rotations by making it appear that the empty bunks are kerbals on duty or just off-duty and putzing around. The empty bunks in the sleeping modules would be whoever is currently on duty and in the command pod or science module. [If you do plan on increasing the capacity, without me adding new transforms in the Unity project file, the extra crew wouldn't show in the IVAs or have portraits.] Q: Why aren't the docking ports working? A: Common Berthing Mechanisms and APAS are gendered, and have (2) types: Active and Passive. You can only dock with the opposite gender type (active can only dock with passive). Docking a Passive/Passive, or Active/Active will not work. Q: The docking ports pull to each other, but the crafts just bounces back and forth and doesn't dock A: Docking ports will dock at specific orientations in 90 or 120 degree increments. The docking ports should magnetize and be attracted at any orientation, but the 2 vessels will just yo-yo and not dock until they are aligned, so you need to use SAS or RCS to rotate the craft a bit. The docking ports need to be oriented in any way that the ACBM guide fins are inside the PCBM guide fins like in the album below. Similar alignment is needed for the APAS docking ports. http://imgur.com/a/SaG6A Q: The alignment is hard to get, can you allow it to have more tolerance? A: If its cause more trouble than its worth, go into your KSP directory on your computer and modify the CBM and APAS .CFG files as shown below for both active and passive: Q: I hate the gendering/alignment feature A: Go into your KSP directory on your computer and modify the CBM and APAS .CFG files as shown below for both active and passive: Change Log License
  7. The ISS Replica Project Over the past three years of playing KSP, I have made many stations, and about a third of those were attempts at making our beautiful ISS. Of all my attempts, the one that got the furthest only got as far as the Z1 truss, and it was hardly accurate. So this time, I decided that I would go all out and build the most visually accurate ISS replica I can possibly manage, module by module, and share it with you guys! My goal will be to build the modules, and put them in orbit with realistic launch vehicles, to be constructed in a realistic fashion, while providing educational shorts explaining the purposes and capabilities of each module (soontm). I hope you enjoy the ride! A modlist required to run the WHOLE PACK (lists for the individual modules are included in their sections) can be found here: Module 1: Zarya After around two weeks of solid work on my Zarya replica, it is finally (at least for now) finished! You may have seen it in other parts of the forum, but it is now up for download, and ready to go to space. The Zarya module (meaning 'sunrise' in Russian) was the first module of the International Space Station. Launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome, November 20th, 1998, it marked the dawn of a cooperative relationship between the space programs of the USA and Russia towards a common goal of a habitat in space. The main purpose of Zarya on launch was to provide propulsion and power to the Zarya - Unity module pair while waiting for Zvezda to launch and dock with the station, which would offer a more permanent propulsion solution. Based off proven technology developed in the Mir programme (for which Zarya was originally intended to be part of), Zarya was based off the already proven TKS-derived module technology. Ever since Zvezda docked, Zarya took a secondary role, and is now a main part of the ROS living quarters and fuel storage for the Zvezda booster system. Craft Specification: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Up Next - Module 2: Unity ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other bits included: Proton (Zarya Configuration) Download To install, extract the downloaded file and merge the GameData and Ships folders with the respective folders your KSP directory Think I've done something wrong? Want to help me improve what I've done? I'm all ears! Just let me know in this thread
  8. Hey I'm Dom, I'm trying to get more noticed on the internet, and i want to share my space station designs as well as seeing others. Also if you have any advice on getting bigger on forums/youtube, that would be appreciated.
  9. Rather interesting case: NASA astronaut Anne McClain, who participated in Expedition 58/59 from December 2018 to June 2019, is claimed of having illegally accessed her ex-wife's bank account during her time on the ISS. The Agency says it has opened an investigation into what could be the first crime in space. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-49457912 Interesting is the fact that (according to the article), "a legal framework sets out that national law applies to any people and possessions in space. So if a Canadian national were to commit a crime in space, they would be subject to Canadian law, and a Russian citizen to Russian law", which explains the initiation of the investigation by the NASA and not by an international body.
  10. The ISS mission has to end some day. What would you do with the modules?
  11. I wonder how long would take ISS to do decay it's orbit and burns up if no one would boost it to its proper orbit?
  12. First station was I published, it's "Mir" Base module Kvant-1 Kvant-2 Kristall Priroda Spectr Mir Other station: Russian/USSR: Almaz-1B Almaz-T Almaz RKK-A Almaz RKK-B Mir Mir-2 (2 sick variant) TKS(FGB) OPSEK Salyut-1 Salyut-4 Salyut-7 American: Skylab-CSM Chinese: Tiangong 1 Tiangong 2 Tiangong 3
  13. Disclaimer: I was originally going to call this project an "ISS Replica". I had already built Zarya, Node 1 Unity, and the first two PMA's... and then I discovered the following thread. After seeing what those guys did, I decided to call this an "ISS Approximation". If you're at all interested in a stock version of the ISS, I encourage you to check out what they built. It's pretty amazing! My first attempt Stock ISS was built back in v0.23.5, and back then the high part count made the game lag very badly. I knew that part count would not be as big an issue this time. However, due to my lack of time (and skill), I had planned to leave out certain elements such as robot arms, CETA cart, stowage platforms, etc. But I am building in docking ports to possibly add some elements later. Also, this project will be launched with non-IRL rockets, and assembled with a purpose built Tug. Space Shuttle not modeled, sorry EJ My goal was to find some balance between appearance & functionality. For example, I won't have a working Canadarm, but Zvezda is able to perform orbital reboosts (although it's not needed in KSP). EVA's will only be possible from IRL airlocks, all other hatches are covered / blocked. Crewmembers are transferred to station and returned to Kerbin via a functional Soyuz, however it only has two seats instead of three. I'm streaming the fabrication & assembly sessions on Twitch, but I don't feel the need to document this project with YouTube videos... that's what this thread is for. And frankly, I have no experience making videos. ISS Approximation, KSP v1.3.0, sandbox stock parts, no mods Station will be assembled to it's config as of JUN 2017, according to the historical timeline... mostly. Relocation of some elements will be skipped, i.e. P6 Truss. Future station configurations will be addressed as necessary, i.e. deorbiting Pirs, adding IDA-3 & Russian modules. Reference Sources: https://spaceflight.nasa.gov/gallery/images/station/assembly/ndxpage1.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assembly_of_the_International_Space_Station https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/ca/ISS_configuration_2017-06_en.svg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/25/Russian_Orbital_Segment.png https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgfWH3g9kpY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYUpdG1tKH0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VopaBsuwikk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgaC1fmF5ao ====================== Stream 01, 16 AUG 2017 Module Name, Part Count, Mass (dry) Launch 01, Zarya FGB, 36, 7.9t Launch 02, Node 1 Unity, 10, 3t - PMA 1, 6, 1.4t - PMA 2, 6, 1.4t Launch 03, Zvezda Service Module, 34, 11.9t Launch 04, Soyuz/Progress, 19, 4.4t Total: Parts = 111, Mass = 30t My first ISS build (KSP v0.23.5) contained several reaction wheels. It was fairly stable in orbit when other ships docked to it, also when the whole station rotated (in any axis) using SAS. This time, not so much. So someone in my stream suggested autostruting, and it seemed to work. I've never used autostruts since they were added to the game. If I built something that needed struts, I did it the old fashioned way. Having not used it before, I figured it would be best to autostrut to the center of mass of the completed station... which roughly would be Node 1 Unity. Well, Node 1 was not the first station module launched IRL, nor in this project. And apparently when assembling a station in orbit, the first module launched becomes the root part. So I started over by deleting what I had already assembled in orbit (the first 4 launches). Then I went to the spaceplane hanger where my assembled mockup is. Then I rerooted the assembled mockup to Node 1, then cheated it back into orbit. Sorry, I didn't feel like doing those launches & dockings again. ====================== Stream 02, 23 AUG 2017 Launch 05, Z1 Truss, 29, 1.6t - PMA 3, 6, 1.4t Launch 06, Destiny Lab, 12, 6.5t Total: Parts = 158, Mass = 39.5t ====================== Stream 03, 27 AUG 2017 Launch 07, Quest Airlock, 15, 2.2t - Pirs Docking Compartment, 9, 1.6t Total: Parts = 182, Mass = 43.3t
  14. UPDATED 29/04/18 FINAL PATCH WHILE WORKING ON NEXT MISSION! This is a basic mission that let's you head up to the International Space Station with the new Orion Module, not yet operational by NASA yet, transfer crew and return safety back to the KSC. I hope you all enjoy! DOWNLOAD HERE! Rookie
  15. HI all. the mission although simples requires a lot of red tape. Put it simply ask politely at brave people of IIS to printer of 3D jebediah ou others (i personally prefer Valentina) Carlos
  16. For clarification this would be Kerbin Orbiter's space program however that save is corrupted and well I've done two saves on that one so this is the third save ive added a few mods, removed some aswell, most notably RT because KOS refuses to do anything with RT installed even with a connection BREAKING PRESS RELEASE! so are you planning to go to Duna? KSEA-"yes we are we plan to go to Duna by the end of the decade" will you be using falcon heavy? KSEA-"no we won't we will be unavailing the rocket in around 10 days all I can tell you is it's HUGE" woule you take it to the Mun and/or Minmus? KSEA-"we will take it to the Mun but not Minmus because Minmus doesn't have the gravity" info: Currently the KSEA is working towards a recoverable rocket (this is the time i show you my code) Launch vehicles how to get involved Scheduled launches: Mission: Kerbinorbiter sat One objectives: Launch the satilite into orbit Secondary objective: Safe splashdown in the ocean Updates: we are now constructing a space station, i will also put the save file for downlaod every fortnight (two weeks) mod list incase you want to create a module for me video versions (release one soon!) https://github.com/Kerbinorbiter/KSS-expeditionary-missions/releases
  17. Things slowed down here due to an update a while back, but it has been revived spectacularly here! This is a challenge for the space station builders out there. I have created a very simple Sandbox Stock savegame (I'll try to keep the latest link above the picture), and it has been added to by other players. There is a single orbiting station that started with 5 parts at about 100km over Kerbin, and a number of kerbals are inside. Your mission is to add 5 parts to the station by flying a mission and docking to the station. Do it in this order to complete the challenge: Post a note in this topic saying you are launching a module. This lets everyone know you have the latest version, and they should wait on their attempt until you complete the challenge. Download the latest savegame. Link is below over the picture, or if I haven't updated it just grab it from the latest forum post. Fly a mission to add a module to the station. Max 5 parts plus up to 2 docking ports can be added to the station, this includes tanks, lights, solar, batteries, any additional docking ports, RCS, everything. So choose carefully. Or add no docking ports, but you still only get 5 parts Dock your module with the station without destroying it. Deorbit any debris or additional ships, or delete them from the tracking station. Take pictures or video of the mission Upload your images to a new post, and the (new and improved) savegame for the next person. New! Community Spaceship Assembly for Jool mission on station - Cleared for launch! Station Maintenance Mission: Instead of launching a module, you may launch a maintenance shuttle (make it look cool!) with KIS/KAS installed, and basic tools on board. Absolutely no mod parts (even struts/fuel lines) left on station please, the savegame still has to load for stock players. It is understood that this side mission is fairly advanced work, and requires a bit of skill, so don't take it on unless you are quite certain you can manage it. Also, get yourself a shiny new badge! I'm interested to see what the Kerbal community can assemble in orbit - kind of like the ISS with different nations adding their modules. Hoping for a truly spectacular station by the time everyone is caught up in 1.1 A few ground rules: No parts mods at all, and particularly no modded parts added to the final station savegame, or it will break it for the next user. No HyperEdit, F12, etc, fly this like a real mission. I particularly encourage innovation - if you have a nice SSTO to bring your module up in a cargo bay, or a clever way to build a module, go for it! Leave the station in LKO. You can move it if you absolutely must, but keep it well within the orbit of the Mun to avoid interference and keep this challenge doable even by newer players Imgur albums are good for pics, unless you have a better way, also Dropbox is decent for posting the savegame. If you break the station or break parts, you have failed the challenge. Either reload the save, or accept a failed mission Try to only keep the station savegame long enough to do the challenge. If you post that you are starting your attempt, the next person has to wait for you to complete it, so don't hold on to it forever. Do your mission, post the savegame, and let the next person give it a shot. Missions are all to be done in 1.1.x, to avoid savegame loading conflicts. One at a time! You can add multiple modules if you like, but only one per attempt, and let at least one other player take a turn between your additions. Leave a docking port open for the next player! Please make sure all struts used connect FROM your launcher TO the payload, otherwise they add mass and part count, and will count against your 5 part limit. Here's a recent shot of the station, and I'll try to keep an active link to the latest savegame If it's not current, just look to the latest forum post. Total 245 parts and growing For newer players, here's how to use a downloaded savegame.
  18. As you may know in 6 days time (20/04/17) a soyuz spacecraft is launching to the ISS (International Space Station) so i decided that i would take some time to create what the mission would be like: and feature upcoming missions to the International space station (non-commercial [until we have commercial crew supply missions]) ISS, 14/4/17 yes i know its hard to see but there are soyuz and progress there as i type on 14/04/17
  19. DrDevil having exploited an army of Kerbals and he made a copy of the International Space Station ISS. Sorry i'm French and i'm working on the reverse .. Thx for watching and please tell me what you think.
  20. The launch is in about an hour! It's an unmanned resupply cargo spacecraft, due for ISS docking. It carries several small satellites as well, to be deployed from ISS.
  21. Today three members of the Expedition 48 crew successfully reached Earth orbit and are on the 2 day journey to ISS. This launch is somewhat special, because it features new version of Soyuz spacecraft. I want to share some videos related to launch and new Soyuz: Launch video (in English): Soyuz-MS features highlight (from popularmechanics.com article ): Video about Soyuz-MS spacecraft (in Russian, but you can try English subtitles): 360 degree video from launch pad (watch the box!):
  22. This International Space Station runs about 400 parts, which is good for KSP 1.1.3. It is missing most external modules including the ESP's and ELC's and other external pieces. This model includes the Leonardo and Orbital Sciences Cygnus Orb. TWEAK SCALE IS REQUIRED! Downloads: http://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/scale-stock-international-space-station Known Issues: Poisk is in the wrong place. Zvezda is missing a docking port on Zenith side. Uzlovoy is missing. The AMS is missing The Nodal Module is missing. The SPM modules are missing. The Integrated Truss is not complete to keep part count down. Please post any other problems in this thread so I can fix them. Picture: http://imgur.com/gallery/7h7WzqO Information on the International Space Station found on Wikipedia.org
  23. http://www.nasa.gov/feature/new-solar-system-internet-technology-debuts-on-the-international-space-station
  24. Hi! Everybody I have finally updated to KSP 1.1.2 64-bit and now Lazor System doesn't work anymore. Is there any alternative Canadarm2 replica available for International Space Station. Please help.
  25. so i managed to get a kerbal to my space station at 150,000km for 5865 funds with less than 1 propelent left in the eva pack. so can you do better than 5865 funds? here is the video of my craft The idea was when using my career mode i could get food or kerbals to the spacestaion for cheap. i probably end up stealing some ideas if anyone has ago at it sorry about some of the confusion guys, it was my first post but i wont make the same mistake twice! leader board: 1st - Cunjo Carl - 502 funds per kerbal (2nd try) 2nd - Cunjo Carl - 745 funds per kerbal (1st try) 3rd - tseitsei89 - 1908 funds per kerbal 4th - 5thHorseman - 3665 funds per kerbal
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