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Found 18 results

  1. Does anyone have an estimate of when colonies will come out? Any guesses?
  2. Hi! It's Kerman Von Kerman here, brother of Wehrner Von Kerman (which has disappeared since the ksp2 release (I'm looking at you, P.A.I.G.E.)) I've been lurking here for quite a while, but have never thought about making a post until now. I am about to expose the whole lot of lore that lies behind ksp 1 and especially ksp2. Are you ready? THE FEATURE EPISODES First of all, let's begin with the feature episodes. They contain crucial information about kerbal history and lore. At the end of each episode, we see different parts of a montage where a rocket goes to the Mun (in ksp 1 obviously) and ultimately crashes on a Mun arch. This results in the ksp 1 update 1.12.5 where they "Added something... on the Mun". That something is a partially broken arch which has something that seems like a stargate coming out from the arch itself. Many have theorized it is a stargate. And they were right! When ksp 2 was released, they removed completely the debris, thus making the whole arch visible. I'm not going to speculate on it, if you want to know more jut go check one of the many threads present out there that speculate on it. (pls read them so u can understand what comes next) The only important thing to know is that the Kerbolar system is depicted on the Mun arch and that it is indeed a stargate. THE ARECIBO (or karecibo) MESSAGE Now, at the end of some feature episodes, there was a part called "something more?" in which not only did we see the montage of the aforementioned lander, but we also heard some weird noises, that can be converted into a kerbal version of the arecibo message. Here we see a solar system chart, a ship, the kraken destroying the ship, some kind of dots, and then another solar system with the kerbals (right) being greeted by squid-like aliens (left). OR AT LEAST THAT'S WHAT YOU THOUGHT!! Here is the actual explanation of the message, my dear konspirators! 1. We see the chart of the Kerbolar system (the bigger dot being jool) and a line coming from the third planet: KERBIN 2. A rocket, coming from Kerbin. 3. THE ALMIGHTY KRAKEN, DESTROYER OF WORLDS, PRINCE OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT The Kraken 4. Now, this is where things get tricky. People thought it was either the ship exploding and being destroyed by the kraken, or the ship doing a staging and continuing his interstellar travel. The actual explanation (i'll explain more in depth later) is that the ship is travelling through a stargate (just like the one on the moon) guarded by the kraken. 5. No one guessed this one. The dots are in fact there to measure the distance travelled. For example, the Kerbolar system is twelve dots long. The distance between the stargate and the other system is of 21 dots, or 1,75 times the diameter of Kerbol, which is quite a lot. 6. The ship arrives at the other system (binary system? Debdeb?) and the kerbals are greeted by kraken-human hybrid creatures. THE EVIDENCE But do I have proof? Or am I a speculator just like the others? I HAVE PROOF. Here it comes Ksp 2 players have found some strange structures spawning randomly instead of their ships due to bugs of some kind. Modders immediately checked the game files and found lots of interesting stuff (check out #ksp2-modding in the intercept games discord if you want to know more, there's lots of good stuff. I myself am now making a ksp 2 animation using colony parts taken from the game files (also the crucible engine is gorgeous btw)). They found: ALIEN STATUES: But they have also found the kraken. Nope. It's not a joke of some kind. There's literally a colossal statue of the kraken in the game files. but... That's not the only thing out there. See, in the game files there are TWO kraken statues. One of them has been fused with the Mun's stargate. This proves everything. (also yes that little white dot on the ramp in the first image is a kerbal for scale. This proves that there is some kind of alien tech in game. Stargates? Probably. A bit disappointing for me, as having a way to teleport from one system to another seems a bit too overpowered. However, this has not yet been implemented in game and I trust the devs know what to do. Also the ksp lore says: "Bop is a small moon in the vicinity of Jool. In Kerbal mythology, Bop is believed to be the home of the Kraken, a mischievous creature said to play with the ships of hapless explorers, by spinning them out of control until torn asunder, then casting them into oblivion." So i searched Bop, but could not find the aforementioned megastructure/stargate/kraken thing. However, my ships suck and it's probable that if it's there, i missed it. If you don't know what to do in ksp2, why not go and take a look? I'd be very grateful. FINAL NOTES Do you have thoughts? I'd be glad to hear them. Other ideas for even more speculation? Please tell! More images of these structures? PLEASE SEND I BEG YOU!!! (i'll add them to the post obviously) Thanks for reading, -KERMAN FON KERMAN - Leader of the Kerbin Konspiration Society
  3. Context NovaSilisko (iirc) originally came up with an idea for a *storyline* of sorts which never made it into KSP1, it's here in this pastebin https://pastebin.com/3vvjushy (Pastebin copy/pasted below) There's a few traces of it in KSP1, it's how we have the SSTV signal on duna Here's the interesting part - How does this relate to KSP2? Let's start simple From the pastebin, we know that some form of precursor civilisation would have existed before the Kerbals that we know and love We also know that they're *Significantly* more advanced then kerbals, knowing how to go interstellar (with more advanced systems then kerbals... they teleported their entire planet, lmao) So far the most well known artefact that's in KSP2 and KSP1 is the mun arch (Extended details in spoiler) There's also the Minmus monument - This one's rather interesting, more about it later I'm not sure about what else is in KSP2 avaliable right now, but there's been glitches leading people to discover more then they're supposed to (Below) There's also more models of anomalies in the game files, @Kerman Von Kerman's thread documents them very well (do read, its very good ) Linking ksp1 with ksp2 (speculation) From here on is pure speculation! With what little we know about anomalies in ksp2, I personally feel like ksp1s planned storyline is going to be in or at least play a part in ksp2 - The stargate seems indicative of a highly advanced civilisation (and there's anomalies all over the kerbol system). The anomalies also depict the "Precursors" and in some files a space cuthulu? kraken? is also depicted Perhaps you can do something at anomalous sites leading you to more anomalies, eventually leading you to the hidden planet or activating the stargate I'm not sure how exactly the Karicebo message at the end of the ksp2 videos ties into all of this, but other people on this forum have speculated on it. What can be sure is that the second kerbal depicted in it shows the precursors though, the same ones on the monuments. Or they're just there for fun (doesn't seem like it though, LOREEEEEEEE) I don't know enough yet to make a conclusion lmao, I really don't know what to write here Further Reading Thanks for listening to my manical ranting
  4. Hi there and happy new year! I have long been wanting something like Orbital and in general offworld construction in KSP and think it is an amazing feature for KSP. Now my question is, do we know anything about an orbital VAB editor (screenshots?) and the building process in general? Like what parts and resources we will need and if there is a building animation or something like that? KSP2 Early Access is less than two months away yay!
  5. I recently went back and looked at KSP 2's feature show case Episode 5: Interstellar Travel. And I noticed something at around 1:20: "-And you see, like in the real world, closet star is about four lightyears away." Now, Nate doesn't outright call the 'closet star' Debdeb, but seeing as Debdeb is the first interplanetary system, it would make sense to make it the next one over and the closet. If Debdeb is 4 LYs away, then that means we're going to be spending a LOT of time in empty space. Yes, we'll have time warp, but we don't know how fast time warp will be in KSP 2 yet. I doubt they'll make time warp fast enough to get us 4 LYs in a few seconds, even with the Daedalus which would theoretically take us to 7% to 12% the speed of light. Now one could make the argument: "Well, it's kerbal, so the distances will be shortened. 1/10 the size remember?" To which I say, no. Again, I quote, "-And you see, like in the real world, closet star is about four lightyears away." Like in the real world. That to me tells me that, no, the distances aren't cut down. We have a full 4 lightyear journey to look forward to with Debdeb. Which brings me to my next speculation: The "To be revealed" solar system will be beyond 10 lightyears from Kerbol, possibly 10 lightyears beyond Debdeb making it 14+ LYs from Kerbol. These are just my thoughts and opinions. I would like to hear from the community about these speculations and whether you feel I hit the hammer on the head or if I'm off center. I would also like you know 3 things: 1) Will you go to Debdeb when it's added or wait for the "To be revealed" system to be added? 2) If waiting, why? 3) If waiting, will you shoot for TBR first, skipping Debdeb entirely? Why?
  6. It was already noted that the closest star in KSP 2 is 4 light-years away, and not say, 0.4 light years. And that has me wondering, does that imply that other star systems will be more realistically scaled? It would certainly be interesting, and it lines up with another thing we know about KSP 2, that being places further away are more difficult to navigate. Having increasingly realistic scales as you get further away from Kerbol would indeed contribute to that difficulty curve. It also seems like a great lore opportunity, like maybe some kind of stellar effect has lead to a region of space having denser matter than usual.
  7. Biofuels good idea or something stupid/unnecessary? When we develop medium-sized colonies would it be possible to produce biofuel? Of course I know needed water, fertilizer (in plants), sunlight, carbon dioxide and other things. We could grow algae, microorganisms or plants for that. We may be able to use the waste (if added) that kerbals would produce. We can extract from alien ecosystems (if added)
  8. In ksp2 we will have colonies in space and on land this is confirmed. I created this topic to speculate and discuss more "exotic" colonies that are those that are not terrestrial and space colonies. Floating Colonies: they are huge "airships" that can be built and/or taken to planets with dense atmosphere (such as Venus), or on gaseous planets (such as Jool) Floating colonies in water: Colonies made for aquatic planets or planets with large parts of water. Submerged colonies: Colonies that were totally or partially submerged, by staying in the water the radiation is totally or partially barred. As solar panels would be a difficulty for this colony, we could use Oceanic Thermal Conversion and /or sea currents power plants to generate energy (but of course if we had an advanced climate and weather system), we could also use nuclear energy. Buried colonies: they could be built in lava tubes, for example, it is built below ground, so radiation is partially or totally barred, as well as in submerged colonies. Sugested by @Vinhero100 : Colonies on asteroids and comets: colonies that could be built on large asteroids like Ceres (in ksp Dres) or smaller bodies like Ida or some comets. Well the biggest problems are the gravity that wanted to be generated artificially and the radiation. Discuss! Something to be added/changed/tidy, comment on the comments.
  9. I would imagine that at some point in the evolution of life on Kerbin, there was an extremely dense barked species of tree. It would have resembled an evergreen or palm of some type that would periodically lose all it's fronds or branch-like needle clusters becoming at times no more than an upright spike. Native to hotter climates, this tree would've drawn up large amounts of water in spring, to use during the summer, and also create nutrition internally, because the tree's inner chemistry mixed it's sap with the water and ground minerals to produce a nutrient broth. Interestingly.....in the right combination of soil conditions, liquid concentration, tensile strength of the individual tree's bark and the volatile properties of the trees own natural sap....a stray lightning strike would produce a rather spectacular natural missile, and a forest fire result in a fusillade to rival the most ambitious Terran fireworks displays. Combine this with the Kerbals' love of fiery explosions...(their eye structure suggests a nocturnal creature in their ancestry, contributing to a tendency towards heliotropism) ...their natural durability....(tendency to survive falls, crashes, explosions, which probably also explains their natural optimism)...and one could easily imagine early Kerbalkind adulthood rituals involving riding these natural rockets into the sky. (Maybe 'Kerman' is not actually a family name, but a title given to any Kerbals who have launched themselves in this manner....or by more modern methods...and lived to tell about it.) It's been theorized that man invented the wheel by watching trees fall over and rolling downhill. With trees doing far more exciting things on Kerbin....is it any wonder the wheel came much later? And with much more glorious ways to reach high places....wouldn't the ladder also be a late development? -Crystal Mace, BS (Durned right it's BS..) PhD (You know this one, right...?) in my paper delivered before Committee preceding my sudden (and completely unjustified) dismissal.
  10. This is a topic to discuss things about weather in KSP2. For example, we know there will be clouds but will there be rain, thunderstorms, wind, Hurricanes, etc. Any questions or things you want to mention about weather can go here. Reminder: as always, please be respectful to other members, refrain from badmouthing other people, and spread kindness. That's all.
  11. So I was re-watching the KSP2 launch trailer and noticed several things. 1. This moon. (Merbal) Featured in a shot of Ovin is a moon. This has been out for a while and I'm sure someone has noticed this and I was wondering, has anyone figured out this moon's name? 2. Possible surface of Puf or This was confirmed in a follow up, behind the scenes trailer to be the surface of Merbal. As this shiny spacecraft lands, you see a strange landscape. While it does say "Not actual gameplay" at the beginning, I can't help but notice some similarities between Puf and this landscape. Could this be a sneak peek at Puf? Of course it could be a look at the UMO. The spacecraft looks very similar to the one shown before and it would make sense with the rest of the video. Also if you look at the corner, you notice a strange glow/atmosphere. Could this moon/Puf have an atmosphere? Or is this like Spectra and just a glow. Of course this could just be video effects to make it look cool. 3. Possible look at the landscape of Merbal While this again could just be the video, touched up for the release and not how the actual surface will look, it does seem to be a look at the Merbal's surface. You can tell that it has liquid water, and icebergs, and perhaps the terrain will actually be as cool as in the video. Any ideas, comments, or thoughts? Please leave them below. And if @Nate Simpson wants to give any hints, they would be welcome!
  12. The polls are pretty self-explanatory. Just say what you think will happen as we approach the release date and on a scale of 1-10, how good the finished game will be. Comment why below. I said that it would be released on time and be great. I think the devs will do a good job and will not disappoint us. I said the rating would be a 8. It would be difficult to not have a few bugs.
  13. From the video above we can make out a few things about the new KSC. -The first and foremost thing is that the KSC is now separated into islands in a marsh/pond like area. -Second, it has not 1, but 2 very larger runways, I would argue these are longer and possibly wider than KSC OG Runway. -Third, next to those runways are helipads, or if you're a propulsive landing fanatic, they could double as landing pads for boosters. I only catch a glimpse of 4 pads, but I assume there are five or more due to the placement and how equal distant they look along the runway. -Fourth, there are 4 launch pads, possibly 5 or more, all ranging in size and shape. At least one pad has a launch tower, but it can be argued they all do, ranging in size and shape. --The launch towers are on crawlers. Whether these crawlers are able to move or be controlled is unknown at this time. -Fifth, buildings, launch pads and runways do not have a destruction feature built into the game as of yet, but as they have said they want to put everything KSP 1 had and more in, I don't doubt that at release destructible entities will exist. -Sixth, the communication array at the KSC seems to be altered from three dishes to one massive dish. -Seventh, the rockets on the launch pad have chill or cooling effects. You can make out mist falling off the rockets, a sign of real world cryofueled rockets. This effect also lasts for a few seconds after launch, and possibly further. -Eighth, launch pads have or can be outfitted with engine igniters. This might be a sign that engines are more realistic and have starter fuel. This also might be a sign that fuel tanks might need to be settled before engine ignition can begin. Watch out for your upper stages if this is the case. -Ninth, the launch pad the rocket is sitting on may be a part. Modular launch pads my be stock in KSP2. "It didn't explode though." It may have a higher tolerance or may not have damage programed into it. It may be an immortal part as of this footage, but may change at launch or just before launch. -Tenth, The launch tower may be a part, modular launch towers may be stock. "It didn't explode though." See ninth point. -Eleventh, The crawler the launch tower is on may be a part, crawlers might finally be in game. "It didn't explode though." See ninth point. These are the things I noticed in the pre-alpha footage. If I missed anything, please do say so.
  14. In the developer story trailer starting at 3:04 you can see several sticky notes attached to a monitor, one of which is labeled "Celestial Bodies - Atmospheres". Some veteran bodies are obviously listed (Duna, Eve, Jool, Laythe) as well as what appears to be Pol, for some reason. New confirmed bodies from KSP 2 are visible (Glumo, Murble, Ovin), as well as several others I cannot make out. I've yet to identify the two bodies on the bottom and the one at the top left. Note that some confirmed planets (Rask, Rusk and Char) are not listed - presumably because they don't seem to feature atmospheres. Interestingly enough, Ovin is listed - as it was previously described as a gas giant whose atmosphere was stripped away.
  15. The ISS mission has to end some day. What would you do with the modules?
  16. (Tell me if there is already one of these threads) Here you can speculate how the kerbolar planets came to be how they are and where they are. Any alien intervention/ presence during the formation can be considered... To start off, maybe Eeloo used to be one of Jool's moons, but got ejected out by another Jool moon such as Tylo or Laythe... Questions for you: (Easter eggs in spoiler) Was/ is there life on Laythe? How did it get there? Why did it die out? Where does life on Kerbin come from?
  17. From what I can tell, the consensus is that Laythe should, by all accounts, not be feasible. Yet it exists, and continues to exist. It somehow has an oxygenated atmosphere that hasn't escaped or reacted away, has enough energy flux at the surface to stay relatively warm, and has exactly the right conditions for liquid water on its surface. This leads to the only explanation I can think of: Laythe is artificial. The nearly global ocean is simply a cover, a layer of insulation for a megastructure that lies beneath the surface. It is heated from within by some arcane power source, and houses...well, something awesome i suppose. I mean, you don't hide anything that isn't awesome in a planetoid. Perhaps Laythe is the original home of the Kerbals, who have been transplanted to Kerbin for reasons unknown? The possibilites are endless!
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