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Found 10 results

  1. It was already noted that the closest star in KSP 2 is 4 light-years away, and not say, 0.4 light years. And that has me wondering, does that imply that other star systems will be more realistically scaled? It would certainly be interesting, and it lines up with another thing we know about KSP 2, that being places further away are more difficult to navigate. Having increasingly realistic scales as you get further away from Kerbol would indeed contribute to that difficulty curve. It also seems like a great lore opportunity, like maybe some kind of stellar effect has lead to a region of space having denser matter than usual.
  2. Hello everyone! I have a quick question about scaling. KSP by default maxes out at 200% Scaling size, which is not enough for what I am doing. My Laptop (Dell XPS 15in 2-in-1) has a 3840x2160 resolution, which I have to say is CRISP as all get out, but no matter how crisp it is, I can hardly read anything on KSP While I had previously changed my Resolution to the next lowest with the same aspect ratio, I use a second monitor that is 1440x900. If I switch to my second monitor to look something up without going out to the Main Menu of KSP, it seemingly automatically switches me back to the Built-in res. Any help would be great!!
  3. The Stealth Fighter This is another one of those planes that needs no introduction - it redefined the face of modern warfare in much the way that its spiritual ancestors from Clarence "Kelly'" Johnson's and Lockheed's Skunkworks design group did, but under the leadership and vision of a new generation. I'd bet that anyone who's into aviation in the slightest has seen this plane, and many aircraft nuts like myself have read (or in my case, are currently reading) the tale of its creation right from the metaphorical horse's mouth. Ben Rich was the successor to Kelly Johnson as the head of Lockheed's Advanced Development Projects division, more commonly known simply as the Skunkworks. Rich was one of the first to see the value of radar stealth to an attack aircraft, and championed the project from its conception to delivery in 1983. His excellent memoir (aptly titled "Skunkworks") has an image of his iconic fighter on the cover, and as soon as I picked up the book, I knew that I wouldn't be satisfied until I could see that view myself, in KSP. How'd I do? Chasing screenshots aside, this is my favorite build in a long time, for a large number of reasons. Probably the most important is the fact that the Nighthawk is a plane that has vexed me for a long time. My early forays into replicas were consumed with the Jet-of-the-Day project between @NorthAmericanAviation and myself, in our attempt to replicate every single military jet aircraft that the U.S. has ever flown. We succeeded in all but two. The first was Kelly Johnson's magnum opus, the SR-71 Blackbird, partially because we couldn't top the absolutely jaw-dropping replica from @eorin and @Exothermos, and the second was the F-117A, because neither of use felt that we could take it on. Now, two and a half years later, I've returned to finish what we started. The second reason is that this craft is a fantastic example of why 1:1 replica building is so rewarding. The parts are just the right size to accurately render the shapes of each and every one of the Nighthawks oddly-shaped panels (even the ones on the bottom!), the functional elements are here too, in the form of bomb bays and landing gear doors, and creative part usage is literally front and center in the cockpit glass and air inlets, and somehow, it maintains passable flight characteristics even for such an un-aerodynamic design. At any smaller scale, certain elements would be lost: the shape of the cockpit glass, the angles of the body panels, the wingtips, the shape of the vertical stabilizers, and on and on. Plus, the perfect 1:1 scale really lets you appreciate the size of aircraft in comparison to each other. The F-117 might look small, but it's roughly the same dimensions as a F-14 Tomcat, and the scale lets you appreciate the shape of the plane in all its glory. All of this plays into this being an absolute joy for me to fly. Just looking at it when it lifts into the air gives me chills. And I hope it does the same for you. If you haven't heard the story of the F-117 and the other black projects that helped the world survive the Cold War, I highly recommend Rich's account, but aside from that, the next best thing I can give you is the download link. Craft Download https://kerbalx.com/servo/F-117A-Nighthawk For optimal flying characteristics, trim pitch up 50% and fly without SAS. If you dial in the trim, it's solid as a rock without SAS, somehow.
  4. While I play KSP, I sometimes listen to music,so , I have to leave the ksp windows to check chrome or others. When I do this, usually there is no problem but sometimes my UI(navball, toolbar, etc.) Changes in size to, I'd say, a half. I'm using KSP 1.6.1 and the following mods(all installed and updated by ckan): -AirplanePlus -Atmosphere Autopilot -Attitude adjuster -B9part Switch -B9 procedural wings modified -BDArmory Continued -BetterBurnTime -Better Crew Asignment -Click through blocker -CommNet antenas info -Community category kit and resource pack -Distant object enhancement and default config -Docking port aligment indicator -Draggable navball -Easy Vessel Switch -(non ckan)Editor extensions redux -EVA follower -ExtraPlanetaryLaunchpads -Feline Utility rovers -Filter extensions -Firespitter and core and resources config -Flag Pack -Hangar extender -Hyper edit -Interstellar fuel switch and core -Kerbal alarm clock -Kerbal engineer redux -Kerbal Inventory System -Kerbal NRAP -Kerbal Reusability Expansion -Kerbal-Konstructs -KerbalX mod -kOS -KXAPI -MechJeb2 and enginner for all -Mk2 Stockalike expansion -Module Manager -notes -Physics range extender -(non ckan)Plane mode v 1.4.5 (for 1.4.2) -RasterPropMonitor and Core -RCS build aid continued -Reentry particle effect -Scatterer and sunflare and default config -Stage recovery -The Janitor's closet -Toolbar controller -Trajectories -Tweak Scale -(non ckan) Vessel Mover All the non ckan install were downloaded from spacedock and github. I'm using windows 10 and installed via steam. I hope you can fix it for future versions or show a "tirck" to solve this. Thanks in advance.
  5. I was working on a rocket using this fairing when I had to exit the game for a min, leaving it on the launch pad. When I came back the base was larger then normal and now the shell is in all of it's sections, exposing the inside and making editing the shell harder. https://imgur.com/0zmiPaR https://imgur.com/ShSJIlq
  6. I set the UI Scale option to 150% in Settings > General when using a high screen resolution. Unfortunately scaling the UI does not seem to affect the UI of any of the mods, so all the mods are too small for me to read and use. I know some mods offer ways to scale the mod's UI, but I want to know if there is a way to scale the UI of all the mods. Or, if that is not possible if there is a way to do this on each mod that doesn't have a UI scale option. I hope there is a solution to this issue other than getting better glasses (or changing the resolution I run KSP in). I don't know if it is relevant, but I use a MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) with macOS 10.13.3 and KSP 1.2.2.
  7. Any way to use TweakScale or some other mod to make all parts 2x as large? I'm using RSS, and I'd like to cut down on part cound, plus start making rockets that have more realistic dimensions. I started messing with TweakScale and it does exactly that, but I have to set it every time, for every new part I add and it's getting tedious. Is there a way, either using TweakScale or something else, to scale up all the parts by default? I'd love to bring out a Mk1 Pod and have it already be 2.5m diameter, with all the relevant specs scaled up to match.
  8. Hi, So, I'm trying to scale the model for one engine to fit the 3.75M form factor. The original model is 2.5M, and I would like to resize it in the CFG so that both the attachment nodes and the model scale to match. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks!
  9. I see some mods are being scaled down for use in the Kerbal universe I'm just curious as to why? It seems that 1 meter is still 1 meter and one second is still one second, so that would mean that 1+1 still equals 2. So why the scale down? For example I build nuclear weapons in my mod, I didn't produce a 50 megaton weapon because it would destroy half of Kerbin, but instead built weapons that would be realistically used on a planet the size of Kerbin. The Kerbin system isn't a scaled down version of the real solar system or 1 meter wouldn't be 1 meter, please correct me if I'm wrong about this.
  10. So after looking through the archives here and finding next to no discussion of the changes that Unity 5 KSP 1.1 caused I thought I would create this thread. First change. The form factor radii appear to all have changed, F0 = 0.25, F1 = 0.5, F2 = 1, F3 = 1.5 Second change. How you import your part tools has changed. Note: like with PT 0.23 I simply created an empty template with part tools and copy it for each new part. Third change of course we are using part tools 11-2 Forth change is there are a whole bunch of new assets that I'm not to sure how to use. Before installing the New Unity I tried to mod an old part with my old Unity today and it gave me a version warning, not sure why, so now I am unable access my old project.
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