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Found 10 results

  1. So, I downloaded a mod (I assume though that this doesn't change anything about the rescaling process) and was trying to rescale something. I wanted it to be bigger to be able to hold all the cargo I needed it to. I went into the config file for the part and saw the handy parameter; RescaleFactor. I quickly set it to 2 and went to load up my game again. Once in it though, I found all my nodes had disappeared!! I figured out that it was because the nodes didn't scale with the rescale factor. I then tried to open the part model and edit the node positions, and quickly found out I couldn't do it/understand a single thing about part modeling. Then I remembered that the internet existed. I googled my problem and found this thread: I think that the answer I am looking for is somewhere in this thread, but I am just to stupid to understand it. If anybody could tell me what values I have to change and by what amount to put the nodes back where they belong it would be much appreciated. (Using Tundra Exploration and trying to scale the Starship Cargo Bay to 1.5 so I can fit more inside it.) P.S. I am also rescaling the whole craft so that it fits and matches up with the Cargo Bay part.
  2. So... A book by Andy Weir (author of "The Martian") - Project Heil Mary - has been released recently, and in there we are presented with (besides a friendly kerbal-eqsue space crab and a lot of other things) the concept of Spin-drives, which use the resourse known as "Astrophage slurry" (long story short, it's an extremely high energy density fuel). I likes the idea so much, and there were no KSP mods of them (obviously), so I decided to make one myself. There is just one problem: I don't know how. I know how to make basic models in Blender (with some REALLY basic useless texturing), and I know how to write .cfgs (could probably even try to make a Waterfall cfg for the engine), but I also know that to put a model in game you need to load it through Unity and stuff, and it also probably needs materials assighned, textures, bitmaps and other stuff waay out of my league. Basically, "made some shapes in Blender and am looking for someone who could use them to make a proper mod" lol. If needed, I will help with .cfgs to the best extent of my abilities. Link to both models - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q6WNQePaqG097lpEqYxqF5nC2Cb5PTnk/view?usp=sharing , y'all are free to use them, I guess xd Main spin-drive array Another view Spin-drive astrophage RCS
  3. guys, i need some help. My game is with all black models (the ships, the kerbals, the clothes, etc.) I bought the game through steam, and all my ships, from the angar until the moment I explode on the ground, are black. Jebediah's camera is buggy too, only his head appears in the black square. I don't have any mods installed, and I didn't download the expansions either. My game is in the latest version (1.10), and is downloaded from steam. I've tried to change the graphics shadows, but nothing helps to solve them. I am attaching here some videos of the game (I recorded with my cell phone). It runs at a maximum of 28 FPS, but that doesn't bother me, just that everything is black. Here de videos
  4. Does anyone know where to find the official models for the Kerbals? I'm hoping to use Blender, for making custom suits, Blender will really help make it easier to add details. Either that, or a way to convert uv maps into a model.
  5. I am looking for somebody willing to generate me a NEW, LONGER functional hollow ring part model (as in a .Mu file and associated textures) for my Netherdyne Mass Driver Mod! Before anyone says hollow ring parts are impossible, take a look at the mod, and know that I am currently using hollow ring models, and they work. I am just looking for somebody to generate me a part model that is LONGER that I can replace the current model with. Note that the model NEEDS TO BE RE-SCALEABLE as the latest version of the mod includes re-scaled parts from 0.625 meters all the way up to 5 meters, each using an identical copy of the same base model- but with a different "rescaleFactor =" value in its part config. I am looking for somebody to generate me three models- one with 4-5 times the length of the current 2.5 meter internal diameter model (that is, it can comfortably fit a 2.5 meter part within its internal cavity- the exact internal diameter is a bit over 2.8 meters I think), one with 7-8 times the length, and a third with 11-12 times the length. All must have AT LEAST the same usable internal dimensions as the current model- that is one can fit a part of the same width (although slightly larger internal diameter than the current model is acceptable). I aim to test each model and see what the practical limits are for how long/powerful of a tube part I can use for the mass drivers, and still have the networking function work correctly (I know already at least a 2-fold increase in length will cause absolutely no issues, from the 5 meter part being 2x as long as the 2.5 meter version). If they ALL work correctly, I will use one of the two longer models and abandon the other two. Repeating, simple geometries and textures for the model are not only accepted, but suggested. Take a look at the current part model, and know that I find it unnecessarily complex. A simple, thick hollow tube with a texture made to look like Aluminum (*NOT* Copper coils, which is what the current mod erroneously shows- even though the only existing mass driver designs for StarTeam use Aluminum coils, possibly due to their high mass:strength ratio and the ability to readily obtain large amounts of Aluminum on the Moon...) covering the entire interior would be the preferred basic model design... Please ONLY respond if you are able to provide such a part. This is NOT a thread for discussing what you think of the mod, saying such part models are impossible (they're not, the mod currently uses a model with ring-shaped colliders and it works fine), etc. Please ONLY respond in regards to offering to make such a model, pointing me in the direction of somebody you know who can do so for me, etc. Regards, Northstar
  6. Hi, So, I'm trying to scale the model for one engine to fit the 3.75M form factor. The original model is 2.5M, and I would like to resize it in the CFG so that both the attachment nodes and the model scale to match. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks!
  7. http://hackaday.com/2016/11/08/nasa-puts-its-3d-models-up-on-github/ Direct link: https://github.com/nasa/NASA-3D-Resources
  8. It would be really cool to see a mod with iconic ships from Star Wars. Something like what's been done for the Endurance and the Hermes. I'd like them to be full-scale, not Kerbal-sized, so they can fit in better with RSS if needed. I *think* Distant Object Enhancement can handle ships being fully visible and looming even when hundreds of kilometers away, but I'm not sure because I've never dealt with anything that big before. Hopefully someone can give me that experience!
  9. Since I became more active in the forum over the last couple of years, I have learned a lot from other players, both older and more experienced and the newbie. One of the things that I have noticed is that each of us have a different way of constructing craft that's uniquely ours AND nicely fits the unique way we play. I thought that it might be interesting to see why others do what they do in their craft designs - with the idea that the next time one of us has "KSP burnout," then maybe this thread can be the source of a new interest or new way to play KSP. This led me to want to ask a simple question to those willing to share: What are some "quirks" about your craft? To clarify what I mean by this, please consider sharing the following: what are some things you do in designing your craft that seem to be present in each of your designs? Why do you feel it's important to include it? Please include an image or two for reference to what you are sharing. I want to keep the OP clean, so I will post one of my quirks on the next post.
  10. NASA has released a huge amount of new 3D models: http://nasa3d.arc.nasa.gov/ I'm speechless...
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