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  1. Nertea could neither confirm nor deny plans for linear aerospikes in KSP2. So, I want to ask the community.
  2. Hello all I'm using KSP 1.12 and I'm having an issue. After coming out of time warp (not the first one, just some random time warp, doesn't matter if its physical or normal time warp) sounds like engine noises, landing gear noises and explosions, etc. stop working . Anyone know why? I'm attaching my logs and mods (as a text file) just in case anyone needs it, and thanks for the help!! Mod list: https://mega.nz/file/0YpCzKpZ#AukV9PahYxC-OAW7iKTBOOyIFdrRbp_tBFHzTJMRUgI Latest Log: https://mega.nz/file/REpT3IaA#bFkiGj4c03IPKlVpSLQgG4TmocTHzSYs6Dh5PSQ3gv0
  3. Just a suggestion for when reentry heating is added. When SpaceX boosters come back from space to land they do a reentry burn that not only slows them down but also decreases the amount of heat damage done to the craft. You can see it in this video here: Being able to use your engine as a heat shield would make room for some very cool challenges and last minute saves. The plume fx adapting would also be a nice touch.
  4. I am on the newest version of ksp and don't use any mods. no engine, except for the small ones with integrated fuel tanks, is working. Does anyone know what to do when they work? It will help me very much. Thanks for your awnsers.
  5. So... A book by Andy Weir (author of "The Martian") - Project Heil Mary - has been released recently, and in there we are presented with (besides a friendly kerbal-eqsue space crab and a lot of other things) the concept of Spin-drives, which use the resourse known as "Astrophage slurry" (long story short, it's an extremely high energy density fuel). I likes the idea so much, and there were no KSP mods of them (obviously), so I decided to make one myself. There is just one problem: I don't know how. I know how to make basic models in Blender (with some REALLY basic useless texturing), and I know how to write .cfgs (could probably even try to make a Waterfall cfg for the engine), but I also know that to put a model in game you need to load it through Unity and stuff, and it also probably needs materials assighned, textures, bitmaps and other stuff waay out of my league. Basically, "made some shapes in Blender and am looking for someone who could use them to make a proper mod" lol. If needed, I will help with .cfgs to the best extent of my abilities. Link to both models - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q6WNQePaqG097lpEqYxqF5nC2Cb5PTnk/view?usp=sharing , y'all are free to use them, I guess xd Main spin-drive array Another view Spin-drive astrophage RCS
  6. This is the development thread of KSP Interstellar Extended where new development can be discussed and new feature request can be made. If you want to help or discus ideas about KSP Interstellar development, you can do it at our new Guilded Server (old: KSP Interstellar Discord Server ) For technical question or Mod support , please ask them in the KPIE Support thread For release and related news, discuss them at KSPIE Release thread Download any versions from Here source code and media files: GitHub If you appreciate what I create, please consider donating me a beer you can make a donation by PayPal or support me by Patreon Localization KSP Interstellar Extended needs translators! Localization files can be found here Since KSPIE contains many are parts with their own set of custom partModules, the number of translation keys is very high for a single Mod Chinese translations are already taken care of but all other localization are open Future Note that do not consider myself the person that have to determine the future of KSP Interstellar, it's just that nobody else seems to want to do it. I would be more than happy to share that responsibility. Anyone that actively want to develop KSPI is free to do it. It would appreciate it as it would allow me to focus more on advanced features I have ideas about. The simple truth is, KSPI is too big for a single developer. I don't have the time nor the skills to implement everything that it deserves. I'm especially frustrated about the lack of artist support. Many of KSPI models and effects look dated and ugly compared to more resent mods. There have been some artist and programmers offering their help but they often go AWOL after a short time. I'm not sure If I can keep it up myself indefinitely. I would prefer to create a team of developers that works on KSPI together. I guess that's the only way to ensure Interstellar Future.
  7. Hey all ! I'm looking for graphic mods that modify engine flames I found one in 1.8.x, but I lost it and don't remember its name It doesn't matter if it's not the same one, but I really want to see the mach discs on some of the nozzles again (the white/brighter parts on the flame) In addition, the stock flames are really badly made, as well as the high speed smoke If you also have a mod that modifies this I'm interested I have installed Restock, Restock+, WaterFall and Magpie I don't see any mach discs, I don't know why EDIT Here are all the mods I play with on KSP 1.10.1 and 1.11.1 I read english and french, so feel free to answer in one of these language ^^ What i'm looking for https://imgur.com/3xAUCBf What i have for now https://imgur.com/quIBatc https://imgur.com/0McWHF1
  8. I didn't even see a topic about it so I created one. As much as antimatter sounds magical due to movies, realistic antimatter engines can be a good option for travel beyond Jool in ksp 2. But I would say that they would be a final technology in the game due to its big difficulty being produced on a large scale. Before I want to clarify something I'm talking about realistic engines not Star Trek . Useful Links http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/enginelist3.php / http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/enginelist2.php#id--Nuclear_Thermal--Fission_Fragment_Type--Antimatter-Driven_Sail / https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antimatter_rocket / https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antimatter Credits: NASA
  9. Deep Sky presents Thor Tech! A suite of electrical propulsion systems and complementary parts, both old-school and sci-fi, for your early-game and late-game airplane/spaceplane needs. A great addition to your part inventory if you love to mix spaceplanes and planet packs. Forget LiquidFuel and solar panels (while flying). Thor Tech brings: Propfan and turbofan engines that work in all atmosphere. Inline windmill turbines (early-game) that enable planes to charge as long as they are moving fast enough. Nuclear reactors and a radiator fit for long-term use on aircrafts. Inline battery stacks to help save a little on part count. Air verniers, very powerful Intakes that can feed the thirstiest of jet engines and even harvest atmospheric resources "SupraLOX" hybrid plasma LFO engine. Mk2 and 1.25m available Two all-new cockpits (very unfinished, I didn't make them but I plan to finish them, with help from @DeltaDizzy). Pressure tanks that hold various gaseous propellants Shieldnir: electromagnetic forcefield nosecones. They protect most parts and do not need to be at the front of the plane to be effective. (Deep Sky Core required for some of these parts) Thor Tech also brings end-game WarpJet™ engines as seen in OPT Legacy, but with more neutral performance slopes and Boost/Burst Mode! All engines are very effective at sea level on Eve (and Tellumo of GPP, in screenshots below). Thor Tech is licensed CC-BY-SA and builds upon: Which was licensed MIT. Thanks to @Galileo for the whole idea for this mod and @Stone Blue for picking the mod name out of a host of names I suggested. DOWNLOAD v0.9.6.x :: GitHub :: SpaceDock GET DEEP SKY CORE :: GitHub :: SpaceDock Requires: B9 Part Switch for pressure tanks resource switching Community Resource Pack for non-stock propellants Kerbal Actuators by Angel-125 for fan blades to animate (Not included or is disabled; It's a bit bugged right now) Known issues: Intakes don't work on planets that don't have Oxygen? Delete all of Community Resource Pack's localization files except English to fix this. Cockpits don't have transparent glass.
  10. Hi everyone , I've got a little story to tell you that will end with a couple of questions on how the configuration of engines with multiple nozzles works. But before I start, here is a... TLDR: How can I configure an engine with multiple nozzles in KSP? And is it possible to tamper with the multi-nozzle configurations of stock engines by modifying their config file? If yes, how does it work? Okay, so I have been a little dissatisfied with the stock Launch Escape System for quite some time. It does its job when aborting mid-flight, even although in many such occasions it would also be sufficient to simply shut down all engines and decouple the command pod; but the LES's miniscule amount of propellant gives it far too little burn time to be useful for an abort on the launch pad. Instead, if it had more fuel, it could really be used in those situations where one builds a far too big and too unstable rocket that spontaneously disassembles itself right on the pad, to pull the capsule to a height large enough to deploy the parachutes and land safely back on the ground. Thus, in my KSP 1.8.1 install, I decided to give a look at the LES's config file and see what I could do to "improve" it. I have little to no experience with KSP modding, but still, increasing the amount of fuel in the LES was simple enough for me to manage that. However it then turned out that there is a problem created by the fact that the net thrust generated by the LES is angled with respect to its vertical axis. Once the burn time of the LES is more than fractions of a second, this will lead to the capsule spinning out of control quickly and stop it from gaining height after a pad abort. Therefore, I gave the config another look to figure out what I could do to reduce the amount of torque the LES induces. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find anything that I can do to modify the center of thrust or the angle of the thrust the LES generates. My feeling is that the direction of the thrust the LES generates is computed internally by adding up the thrust of all its five nozzles, and therefore there is no single variable that determines the direction of the net thrust. Then, I'd only have to modify the configuration of the LES's off-center nozzle at the top to make it less off-center. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find anything in the config file that seems to configure the multiple nozzles, their position, rotation, etc. and moreover, I also haven't been able to find any information on that anywhere else. So, in case someone reads this who knows how to configure multi-nozzle engines, I'd be very happy if you could explain it to me. Maybe it is configured somewhere else than in the LES's config file? Maybe it is not even possible to tamper with the multi-nozzle configurations of stock engines? Or maybe I'm just blind ? I just don't know and I'd appreciate any hints that you can give me. At least I am pretty sure that multiple nozzles have to be configured somewhere. I have RealPlume with stock configs in my install and for the LES it only configures a single plume which is automatically attached to each of the five nozzles. And here is a second issue that I am having: I find the plumes way to underwhelming for the thrust the LES generates, and I would like to make them much larger and longer. However, increasing the size of the plume also increases the size of the plume emerging from the little nozzle at the top, which I don't want. So I am guessing that what I could do, is to remove the top nozzle from the config and then manually add a small plume to it in a similar way it is done, for instance, with the turbopump exhaust plumes of various engines (like the ones in the ReStock mod for example). But before I can do that, again, I have to know where the multiple nozzles are configured. So, if you have any answers to my questions or any other suggestions you can give me on those problems, I'd love to hear them!
  11. So in kerbal space program i want some "stockalike" engines. like an re-l10 single version. like and re-l10B engine and things like that. something like realism overhaul engines but using stock fuels and are appropriate size with stockalike nicknames like the vector and twin boar, y'know?
  12. Forgotten Real Engines (FRE) DOWNLOAD on Spacedock OR install through CKAN (I recommend using CKAN, you won't have to manage dependencies) You could also check the Github page Requirements: Realism Overhaul and its dependencies. Recommended: Texture Replacer Installation Instruction: Extract "GameData/ForgottenRealEngines" inside "KSPDirectory/GameData" This pack is intented to fill the engine gap within RO. Tired of unrealistic models? Want moar engines? Or just a specific engine forgotten by the modding community? FRE got you deserved! FRE adds a bunch of engines to your RO-game, with realistic details, nice glowing animations, working gimbal systems and full Real Plume support! These engines are intented to be played with Realism Overhaul; I may not provide a config for stock. This mod is also supported by RP-0! From version, Texture Replacer is also supported and recommended; it will add some reflection effects. Part gallery (Unity screenshots): http://imgur.com/a/1zgsl In-game screenshot (Thanks RVE! ) http://imgur.com/a/AWtiZ Planned: Korean engines (KARI 7, KARI 75...) Brasilian engines (MPFL-75,...) HM7 engine (maybe...) Vega engines (SRBs and last stage) P120 (P80 evolution, Ariane 6 booster) Indian engines (CE-7.5, CE-20...) Vinci/Vulcain engines? (though already modelled) Ariane SRBs? Anything else you ask (if I have enough time), i'm open to suggestions Currently included: FRE-2 (Firefly Research Engine 2) FRE-1 (Firefly Research Engine 1) LE-7 LE-5 Rutherford engine Rutherford Vacuum engine Viking 2/2B Viking 4/4B Viking 5C/6 P80 Zefiro 23 Zefiro 9 RD-843 Changelog: Credits: Feel free to leave a comment on this thread ! Also make sure to check @MockingBird Niche Parts mod which adds some other great engines to your RO game Licensed on Creative Common Non Commercial 4.0
  13. What is/are the best engines for transfer burns?
  14. Hi , Today , I want to build a ring to my station . I have the ring and it is stable , so that's right . I've put nuclear engines because I heard they are super efficient . Then , to see , I replaced them by spark engines . Here is the result : With nuclear engines . With spark engines . ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Big difference , isn't it ? So , what is better ?
  15. I just started making custom parts, I would love to have a detailed guide on making parts like solar panels and engines from start to finish. I have basic experience with blender, But I am lacking in texture skills (I know how to do it, I need more info). I would need a in depth Guide to making detailed textures. My focus will mainly be engines, I need to know how to make animations for engine gimbal and solar panels, and how to make engine shrouds. I would also like a guide to making part variants, They are so cool but so hard to understand in Blender/Config files As for config editing, I am fine with everything but part variants. Any replies is amazing appreciated
  16. :: ALBUM :: DOWNLOAD :: The age of RAPIER Clustering is near its end. SABRE Sterling brings power, functionality, efficiency and style that has not yet been seen in KSP concerning SSTOs, and brings your part count under control if you want visually accurate yet "stockalike" SABRE/RAPIER assemblies. This part pack when released will provide two families of parts for building out a SABRE: The "Advent" series (in 2.5m, based on the official thing which is marked for production, with testing expected to begin in 2020). The "Precedent" series (in 3.75m, the early concept, super-sized, curved engine with 4 bells for the Closed Cycle rocket mode. The 3 in "SABR3" comes from here). What the SABR3 can do for you: Offer the engine in both composite form and component forms (separate) for more fluidity of operation of Air-Breathing and Closed Cycle modes. The nacelle and intake will provide a velocity driven function for producing Oxidizer like the real thing will, featured in Thor Tech. Adjust its performance envelopes for effective use in upscaled systems. Currently, only the intercooler adjusts, and will even show it in its part description. Optimized for 2.5x. Aiming for real scale.
  17. Hi, I love the idea of realism with plane building in KSP, challenge and functionality as well as a realistic look and testing process over performance when building aircraft. Hi have played around with building my own turbofan engines in KSP and fitting them on planes trying to get the best performances without killing my test pilots. I've successful built a handful using propeller parts to build a fan, smaller propellers part clipped to make a low pressure compressor stage and small jets engines to act as a high pressure compressor stage (and deliver most the thrust). I then use structural panels in an attempt to house the engines and they work fairly well. The biggest issue I run into is the size, in order to fit in all the separate fuel tanks and piping needed for each stage the engine ends up being way to large to look scale. This a very fun and rewarding build, as I love the realism and the thought that goes into trying to reduce weight and increase thrust and efficiency, when just adding a stock turbo fan is just way too easy! My idea is a mod that includes parts such as Fans (high and low bypass for efficiency or power), compressor blades (adding more creates more thrust but more weight and less efficiency) and combustion chambers where the amount of fuel per second can be selected or different in available parts to increase thrust but reduce efficiency. I would then like to have the ability to customise engine housings with a method similar to how ferrings and created for rockets. A mod like this would give players the ability to completely scratch build engines in all sizes for all purposes for your own aircraft and create a whole world of challenges and achievements, for instance creating small regional jets that have the ability to transport a small number of kerbals over small distances very cost effectively, or long range jet bombers or passenger jets to transport kerbals around the world like the A350xlr and even giving a challenge to creating a supersonic jet that isn't just "add more engines". Anyway, I have completely no idea how to do computers and so creating mods is way beyond my comfort zone. However I believe this is an idea that many people would enjoy and potentially could have a place in the game itself. If anyone out there thinks this is a cool idea, please do comment, or if even better anyone out there thinks this maybe possible or thinks they could give it a go, please get in touch! HAPPY FLYING! Here's a few concept part ideas. take a look, let me know what you think, make any changes etc! https://drive.google.com/open?id=18MPGg6PkEneFf7mDVaWzIsTF0gTe5xPj
  18. I was thinking that it would be good if there were more stock engines like the R.A.P.I.E.R or even and engine that could use Liquid Fuel and Air Intake or just Liquid Fuel or maybe an Atmospheric Nuclear Engine, Oxidizer only Engine for using up excess Oxidizer. If you have more engine ideas please put them below and maybe a Modder will reach out to us.
  19. STAR HORIZONS INDUSTRIES DEVELOPMENT THREAD Current: Sci-Fi Engines Engines from "relatively" realistic films and shows. All stats and performance are not final. Previews/Pictures (Imgur) Parts list: To-do List Smaller 2.5m "Eilanda" Engine Pre-"Eilanda" Fusion Engines Plasma Chemical Rocket Engines (From Interstellar) more engines i guess HEAVY WIP/PREVIEW: Star Horizons Industries: Sci-fi Spacecrafts (Imgur)
  20. I assembled a large and relatively modular ship in orbit recently for the purpose of interplanetary travel. I wanted to attach a nuclear engine to the bottom of the ship for more efficient long-range thrust however it seems that It isn't drawing fuel properly. It is attached using a few sets of decouplers and a few service bays and a few hitchhiker cans lie between the engine and the tanks. I make this configuration on the ground and it works just fine but no matter what I try in space it won't fire or even recognizes the fuel being attached to the engine. The only real difference between the ground config and the space one is that the space one was assembled in space and the ground one being assembled in the VAB. Here is a picture, any ideas?
  21. Currently in-game there are examples of over-expanded nozzles when throttled down/up. Yet this doesn't include engines with under-expanded nozzles or overal change at higher altitudes/different planetary bodies. Examples of over-expanded and under-expanded nozzles: (Credibility: Huzel, D. K. & Huang, D. H. (1971). NASA SP-125, Design of Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines)
  22. 1. It would be nice to have an option to start the game in a way where the missions and tech tree is reworked in a way that you start off with probes before putting Kerbals into rockets. I know there are mods and everything but would be nice to see in stock game as a more "realistic" start. And again i know there are mods out there for these things but they are getting outdated and some are being left behind. Making the plumes act as they do in real life or like in the mod RealPlumes where the gasses expand the higher you get into the atmosphere making it look more realistic and pleasing/rewarding as you get higher and higher into space. A visual indicator that you are getting higher and higher into the atmosphere.
  23. Where can I find Ion engines and how do I put them to use? They don't make much sense to me.
  24. Hello, I have a problem with engines. I don't know which mod does that, but it is quite unpleasant. Problem is that if my throttle is on 0, they are still running (with lower power). I discovered in parameters of the engines that they have something called "min. thrust". Only way how to shutdown them is by clicking on them and press "shut down". This is not how I want it. Does anyone know, which mod does that and why? How do I get rid of that. Thanks for answers. Used mods: [x] Science! (xScience vV5.17) AT Utils (AT-Utils v1.6.1) CapCom - Mission Control On The Go (CapCom 2.9) ClickThrough Blocker (ClickThroughBlocker Community Category Kit (CommunityCategoryKit Community Resource Pack (CommunityResourcePack Community Tech Tree (CommunityTechTree 1:3.3.2) Configurable Containers Core (ConfigurableContainers-Core Contract Parser (ContractParser 8.0) DMagic Orbital Science (DMagicOrbitalScience 1.3.12) Firespitter Core (FirespitterCore v7.9.0) Global Construction Core (GroundConstruction-Core 2.1) Chatterer (Chatterer 0.9.95) Kerbal Alarm Clock (KerbalAlarmClock v3.9.1.0) Kerbal Attachment System (KAS Kerbal Engineer Redux (KerbalEngineerRedux Kerbal Inventory System (KIS 1.14) Konstruction (Konstruction KSP AVC (KSP-AVC MechJeb 2 (MechJeb2 Mission Controller 2 (MissionController2 Module Manager (ModuleManager 3.0.7) PlanetShine (PlanetShine PlanetShine - Default configuration (PlanetShine-Config-Default Progress Parser (ProgressParser 10.0) SCANsat (SCANsat v18.7) ScienceAlert ReAlerted (ScienceAlert Toolbar Controller (ToolbarController 1: Trajectories (Trajectories vKSP1.4.2-v2.2.0) Transfer Window Planner (TransferWindowPlanner v1.6.3.0) Universal Storage (UniversalStorage Unmanned Tech (UnmannedTech v2.3) USI Core (USI-Core USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS) (UKS 1: USI Life Support (USI-LS USI Tools (USITools Pictures:
  25. Apr 08, 2018 - Now on CKAN. Based on what I've seen, I will not be supporting CKAN problems. it's supposed to be a 'one click and done' on Spacedock, according to the Spacedock FAQs. So please address any questions/problems with CKAN installations to the CKAN team. Thanks for your understanding. Apr 01, 2018 - Correcting the fuel/oxidizer mix in the K1 second stage. I hate to see really great mods languish, so I'm going to try to bring NovaPunch up to date. The original mod thread can be found here. I know, "No pics, No clicks". So here's one Launch Vehicle: ![]() Imgur Gallery with other images: http://imgur.com/a/xiRRn (Nov 20, '16 Updated to include a sampling of the engines) Change Log Next Major Step: Start working on getting the legs functional (Gotta learn Blender, Unity and Gimp, so this won't be quick.) Still to do overall: (In no particular order) RealPlume support Other stuff as I think of it Listen to your comments and suggestions Look at other requested mods once I get this one fully up to date. Tiberion's shuttle parts has been requested. I'm up for that, but I need to get a handle on Blender & Gimp. Interested? For now, it's only on Known Issues: Credits: License: CCA-SA4 The contents of this mod are copyrighted by their respective original authors and released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You can read the full terms of the license on the Creative Commons webpage by visiting Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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