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  1. Downloads: Tech Tree Github | Kerbalism Support Github Useful Links: Mod Support | Planet Pack Support | Bug Reports Tech Tree Dependencies: B9PartSwitch, Bluedog Design Bureau, Community Resource Pack, Module Manager Kerbalism Support Dependencies: All above, plus KerbalismCore and HarmonyKSP Recommended Mods: See Mod Support Introduction I've been a KSP player for quite a while now, and have used a large amount of mods since I first started. There's been a lot of amazing tech trees released so far - CTT, Kiwi Tech Tree, Tetrix, and more, but for whatever reason none of them "clicked" for me. Part of this was due to the fact the Bluedog Design Bureau, one of my favorite mods, wasn't supported by most, and the rest was just due to differences in how I felt part unlocks should be balanced. For a while I just would fix this by writing custom patches for the already existing trees, but eventually, this past September, I decided it would be easier to just solve my concerns once and for all by creating my very own tree. Now, four months later, here we are! The Skyhawk Science System has been careful curated to support most of the current popular mods in a way which allows for a realistic, but still fun progression from sounding rockets to interstellar starships, and also, adds in a few mechanics to both increase realism and provide some interesting choices for players. What do I Get? Frequently Asked Questions: Bug Reporting: Credits: Licensing:
  2. Zee's "Probes Before Crew" CTT Overhaul KSP Version 1.8 - 1.12+ Update - September 10 2021 The Voting Poll has been retired. Thanks to all that participated. Final Poll Results Here Hello everyone! I would like to present a CTT overhaul I have been working on since the release of 1.6. I call it Probes Before Crew, and it does what it says on the box; it places remote technologies far ahead of crewed alternatives on the tech tree while also placing greater significance and reward on crewed actions and achievements as a result. The intent of this mod is to make your career campaign balanced, intuitive, and challenging by ensuring all the mods that you are using interact with one another in a coherent way on the tech tree. If you would like to have a look through my notes and read a more verbose explanation of my changes and the reasoning behind a lot of my choices, I will place them in a spoiler below. = = = = = The Highlights: Generally speaking, all tech categories were stretched out a bit to enjoy all the new leg-room the CTT gives us. Probe Cores come first, and now possess their own form of crew report, the 'Telemetry Report'. Cockpits don't show up until T4, and Command Modules must wait until T5. A purpose-built, completely optional Contract Pack by Zee that overhauls the economy of the game and aims to make it more challenging. Antenna, Electrical, Science, Utilities, Thermals, ISRU, etc; they have all been re-positioned [and in some cases mildly tweaked] with careful consideration of one another. Science Overhauled and Re-balanced; Experiments are less tedious, more spread out across the tech tree branches, and place higher significance/reward on the experiments that REQUIRE a Kerbal be present. Celestial Body Science Multipliers have been re-scaled so that your career no longer feels finished by the time you reach Duna. PLEASE NOTE: Science rewards have been reduced overall. I recommend you do not set the Science slider below 70%, and that's under the assumption you are at least using DMagic Orbital Science (If not, consider moving the slider higher). This chart is not an exhaustive list of all the vanilla parts I've moved, it just highlights the big players and gives you a general idea of their new relationship to each other. This chart serves as the guideline/reference point for mod support patches as I add them. = = = = = Supported Mods "Supported" Mod means I have gone through every part, science definition, and entry/VAB cost for that mod and placed everything in a way as to be consistent with all other supported mods. This means a unified, intuitive, and logical experience as you progress through the tech tree with all your favorite mods. As of Aug 2021, this list is likely in its final state. All further PBC updates will generally be maintenance updates only. Probes Before Crew covers: Vanilla Parts. Making History Expansion. Breaking Ground Expansion. = = = Core Chart with BG added. Pairs well with Strategia. B9 Aerospace Core Pack. = = = = = Core Chart with B9 added. DMagic Orbital Science. = = = = = = Core Chart with DMagic added. Kerbal Attachment System (KAS).= Core Chart with KAS added. Kerbal Inventory System (KIS). = = Core Chart with KIS added. Kerbal Operating System (kOS).= = Core Chart with kOS added. Kerbalism = = = = = = = = = = = = = Core Chart with Kerbalism added. = = = (Kerbalism Users be sure to read the v2.7 Changelog Notes below) Near Future. (All 7 Packs) = = = = = Core Chart with NF added. MkIV Spaceplane System. = = = = Core Chart with Mk4 added. Missing History = = = = = = = = = = Core Chart with MH added. Planetary Base Systems. = = = = = Core Chart with PBS added. Probe Control Room. = = = = = = = Core Chart with PCR added. RealChute. = = = = = = = = = = = = = Core Chart with RC added. RemoteTech. = = = = = = = = = = = Core Chart with RT added. RLA Stockalike Reborn. = = = = = = Core Chart with RLA added. SCANsat. = = = = = = = = = = = = = Core Chart with SCANsat added. StationPartsExpansionRedux. = = Core Chart with SPER added. TAC Life Support. = = = = = = = = = Core Chart with TACLS added. Universal Storage 2. = = = = = = = = Core Chart with US2 added. USI - Life Support. = = = = = = = = = Core Chart with USILS added. If you use mods not listed its completely fine, they just might unlock at odd times relative to the rest of PBC. If there are mods listed that you don't use, no worries! This mod ignores making changes to mods you don't have, and none of them are required. = = = = = Original Built-For-PBC Contract Pack If you choose to use my contract pack, quick facts you should know: All you need to do to "enable it" is install Contract Configurator by Nightingale. That's it! Another mod by Nightingale, Strategia pairs very well with this contract pack. Highly recommended. This contract pack is purpose built for this techtree, so I'm not releasing it as a separate mod and I offer no support if you try to use it without PBC. The vanilla tutorial and exploration contracts are disabled when running PBC Contracts. Mini-milestones will provide smaller rewards. They will no longer shower us with easy money in the early game! Any vessel you land on a given body that meets all pre-reqs will be a valid candidate vessel to complete the "Return Home" parameter; leaving you to do so at your own pace with any valid vessel you want. PLEASE NOTE: Just like the notice above about Science, I recommend you keep your funds slider at least at 80% if using PBC Contracts. The economy has been overhauled and made much more challenging. You will feel the difference between 100% > 90% > 80%. = = = = = Download / Installation Most Recent Release Post - v2.93 1. KSP Versions prior to 1.6.0 are not compatible. Absolute minimum KSP Version is 1.6+. Recommended minimum KSP version is 1.8+. 2. ModuleManager is a dependency that must be installed first. 3. CommunityTechTree is a dependency that must be installed first. 4. If you wish to enable my Contract Pack, Contract Configurator must be installed. This step is optional. 5. Download the latest version of PBC here. 6. If you are updating a previous install, completely delete any folders from your previous PBC install from the GameData folder. 7. Copy all folders contained within the new .zip archive into your GameData folder. If you're here to update your PBC install and you've enjoyed the mod so far, consider hitting this post with a like. = = = = = Donations: If you're feeling generous, you can donate here. = = = = = Recommended Settings Difficulty will always be subjective and you are always free to play how you want. But as a guideline, these are the settings I personally use when I want a challenging Career using my mod: = = = = = For those who love the details: = = = = = Changelog: = = = = = License:
  3. Historical Progression Tech Tree This tech tree is designed to take you through the history of the human space program. I always felt like the stock tech tree was lacking and did not like the placement of the parts. There are other tech trees that utilize the stock tech tree and move parts around and that is what inspired me to create a new tech tree like this. The tree will start you with Unmanned parts before you progress to learning how to send Kerbals into Space safely. What I did with this tree is create a linear approach to Research. The entire tree is broken down into space associated disciplines so you are not required to research new fuel tanks before you get bigger and better engines. This allows the player to drive their research focus. If you as the player wants to get the next tier of electronics to support your craft, you have that option. TECH TREE BRANCHES ROCKETRY Rocket Engine Parts JET ENGINES Jet Engine Parts FUEL TANKS Rocket Fuel Tanks Liquid Fuel Tanks Advanced Fuel Tanks AERODYNAMICS Fairings Advanced Wings Nose Cones Intakes ENGINEERING Adapters Decouplers Landing Gear Service Bays Fuel Ducts Docking Ports Rover Wheels FLIGHT CONTROL Probe Cores RCS MonoProp Tanks Winglets Reaction Wheels CREW SUPPORT Command Pods Cockpits Parachutes Heat Shields Life Support SCIENCE All Science Parts ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATIONS Power Generation Power Storage Antennas Heat Control TECH TREE TIERS The tiers are organized from left to right and are listed in numerical order. These are the tiers and the corresponding years that I have used for the placement of the parts. TIER 1: 1956 and Earlier This only includes the starting node with many more parts moved to the starting node than in Stock. There are also a node for Wings and Structural Pieces to remove them from the other nodes. TIER 2: 1957 - 1958 This was the era when we moved from Sounding Rockets to ICBM's and finally to our first satellites like Sputnik and Explorer 1. TIER 3: 1959 During this time, humans successfully flew by the Moon with the Luna program as well as developed the first techniques of returning capsules from space. TIER 4: 1960 - 1963 These years are when Manned spaceflight first happened. Yuri Gregarin became the first person in space and in orbit, with Vostok 1 and the US launched astronauts in the Mercury Program. The first unmanned missions to another planet took place with flybys of Venus. TIER 5: 1964 - 1966 This tier was when we progressed from single manned flights to multiple people in the same spacecraft. The duration of the flights in space increase from short times to up to two weeks. The techniques used to rendezvous and dock ships together were devloped during these years as well as the first landing on the Moon with Luna 9. TIER 6: 1967 - 1971 We landed men on the Moon! This was the ultimate goal of both the US and USSR and the technology developed for huge rockets to launch men to the Moon as well as other unmanned spacecraft to Mars and Venus. TIER 7: 1972 - 1979 This was the time when humans learned how to live in space. The Soviets launched their Salyut space station program and the United States did the same with Skylab. The first missions to the outer planets also took place with Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. Viking 1 also became the first successful landing on Mars. TIER 8: 1980 - 1993 The Space Shuttle Era where we concentrated on living in Low Earth Orbit. The Soviets launched the Mir space station which was the first modular space station. TIER 9: 1994 - 2005 Long-term space habitation and rovers on Mars was the major focus during this period. Pathfinder became the first rover on another planet, humans lived for more than a year on Mir, and the construction of the International Space Station began. TIER 10: 2006 - 2020 Back to the Moon or on to Mars? New technologies are being developed by many companies to provide the tools needed for humans to get back to the Moon and to also look to Mars as well. TIER 11: 2020 - 2050 Near future technologies. These are experimental things that are in development right now that may one day help us reach farther than we ever have before. TIER 12: 2050 and beyond These technologies have not been developed yet, or they are just on the drawing board. Things like Warp Drives and FTL travel and Nuclear Fusion will take us to the stars. REQUIRED MODS Module Manager HIGHLY SUGGESTED MODS Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes by @ev0 INSTALLATION Make sure you have Module Manager Installed Copy HPTechTree folder into your GameData folder MOD CONFLICTS There will only be mod conflicts with mods that are new tech trees or move parts around in a different organization. Community Tech Tree Engineering Tech Tree SETI Tech Tree Unmanned Before Manned RP-0 Open Tech Tree SUPPORTED PARTS MODS Every parts mod will be supported out of the box as the design of the tech tree utilizes the existing nodes from the stock tech tree. For the most part, you will not have many conflicts as the parts will appear where the mod creator wanted them to. They will not necessarily show up in the exact proper place. If you would like to add support for your mod, please contact me. If you have a request for a mod to be fully supported, please let me know. AntennaRange Airplane Plus Atomic Age Aviation Lights BD Armory Bluedog Design Bureau Buffalo Rover Coatl Aerospace Cormorant Aeronology Cryo Engine & Cryo Tanks CxAerospace DMagic Orbital Science FASA Fuel Tanks Plus Hab Tech Interstellar (through their side) KAS KAX Kerbal Atomics Kerbal Planetary Base Systems Kerbal Reusability Expansion Kerbalism KIS kOS KW Rocketry Lonesome Robots Gemini & Agena MechJeb Mk2 Expansion Modular Rocket Systems MOLE Near Future Packs Pathfinder Procedural Fairings Raidernicks Mods Cygnus & Antares Misc Parts Skylab US Probes US Rockets Real Chute Real Scale Boosters RemoteTech Sample Capsule Return SCANsat SETI Probe Parts Sounding Rockets SpaceY Expanded SpaceY Heavy Lifters SSTU Station Science Surface Experiment Package Tantares Tantares (old pack) Tantares Launch Vehicles Tantares Launch Vehicles (old pack) TAC Life Support Universal Storage USI Life Support Vens Stock Revamp Wild Blue Tools DOWNLOADS GITHUB: https://github.com/pap1723/HPTechTree/releases SPACEDOCK: Spacedock HPTechTree FUTURE PLANS I will be adding full integration of more mods. My plan is to continue to update the tree with new mods added. The order I will integrate the mods is determined by which I used in my own saves first. LICENSE CC-BY-NC-SA (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/) CHANGELOG
  4. Unkerballed Start - Happy New Year! v1.3.1 original by SpinkAkron and theonegalen, now under development by theonegalen This is an unmanned start mod inspired by Yemo’s SETI, Unmanned Before Manned. It is structured around early probes and aircraft. Manned capsules become available as later tech. Download link is at bottom of this post. Overview Starting with the Stayputnik probe core, lack of control is the first challenge to overcome. The QBE is available at Stability (T3) and the OKTO at Flight Control (T4). RCS has been moved to earlier in the tech tree. Only .625m engines are available at start. More powerful engines have been moved up the tech tree. Multi-engine stages are essential. Making History's engine plates are made available earlier to facilitate this. Revamped tech tree - The tech tree has been de-squished, de-tangled, and rationalized. Orphan lines such as Nuclear Power and Colonization have been fully integrated. Additional nodes have been added to flesh out the early tree and where needed at various other points. The Precision Rocketry line has been expanded to cover additional tiers, splitting Rocketry into a Power/Boosters line and a Specialty line. This further slows rocketry advancement. NOTE: All inputs to a node are now required to unlock, not just one like stock. Links that didn't make sense have been removed. The only exception to this is that Just like the Community Tech Tree, on which this is based, most of the later nodes will have no parts in them unless mods using them are also installed. See the CTT thread for a mod list. To balance the delayed availability of powerful engines, many other parts such as docking clamps and station hubs have been moved up allowing for earlier station development. The intent is that the player spend more time developing the Kerbin SOI before heading out to the planets. Special thanks to @Pand5461 for the concept of later engine availability. That was the key that made the whole project come together. Early aviation with extensive mod support. The Soviet-style Reentry Pods now have their own tech line. They are simple and cheap, but ultimately a dead end. In a low-income playthrough they become a real option. Only the tech tree node placement of parts is effected. No parts or resources are changed, reducing compatibility issues. Two new .625m engines have been added. The LV-T05 and LV-T10 are re-scaled versions of the LV-30 and LV-45. The RT1 SRB is no longer necessary thanks to the stock Mite and Shrimp SRBs. Added .625m Fairing generously provided by @PocketBrotector from his Extended Antenna Progression Mod. Thanks! ON BY DEFAULT - Small parts means more parts so the VAB and SPH can now build craft with 40 parts at Tier 1, enabled by Custom Barn Kit. Screenshot of tech tree branches (click for full size) Compatibility The only mods that are incompatible are other tech tree mods. All parts added by mods will work as designed but their position in the tech tree may not be consistent with the changes made by this mod. If you’d like a mod adapted, I’d be happy to make a config for it, or accept one on Github. Custom configs are provided for the following mods so far: Recommended Mods Making History - Official Expansion Missing History - Adds the parts that Making History missed Restock Plus - You're already using this, right? No? Go get it! Contracts - Having a good set of contracts that compliment the tech tree is crucial. The stock contracts assume the stock tech tree. I use Career Evolution Contract Pack, usually paired with Giving Aircraft a Purpose, Bases and Stations Reborn, and Field Research. Strategia - replaces stock strategy system @SpinkAkron uses SETI Contract Pack made by @Yemo, UKS's spiritual godfather. As an alternative, Exploration Plus is very good for those who prefer a less guided career. He also uses Clever Sats Kerbal Academy Bases and Stations Reborn Remote Tech Contracts - currently not working. Unofficial fix HERE Rover Missions Redux Tourism Plus Giving Aircraft a Purpose Field Research I also use Kerbal Construction Time, Snacks!, Bureaucracy and highly recommend BARIS or EVA Repairs if you promise not to whine about your rockets blowing up. Above all, use what gives you the greatest enjoyment. Make the game your own. There is no wrong way to play! mod list for Spink's Let's Play Using UKS (YouTube playlist) Changelog: 1.3.1 Hotfix to fix the position of the bottom node on the LVT-05 when Restock is installed. Thanks to Graploos on KSP forums for the bug report. 1.3.0 Update for KSP 1.12.2 Fix LVT05 and LVT10 Engines not showing up with ReStock (again - thanks to multiple people who kept them going while I was away, especially @kcs123 and @hermano) Fix LVT05 and LVT10 Engine Drag Cubes and added compatibility for Waterfall and Rocket Sound Enhancement (thanks to @hermano for the configs!) Fix spelling of Unresearcheable to match SQUAD code Added .netkan file to make things convenient for CKAN users Updated version file for KSP-AVC users Updated configs for stock and Making History Updated config for ReStock+ (thanks to ahmedcharles on github for PR!) Added configs for @Well's mods KNES, Luciole, and X-20 (thanks to @Clamp-o-Tron for PR!) Added config for @SuicidalInsanity's Stockish Project Orion (thanks to @Clamp-o-Tron for PR!) Added configs for @benjee10's reDIRECT and SOCK (thanks to @Clamp-o-Tron for PR!) Added configs for @Nertea's RestockRigidLegs, CryoEngines, and CryoTanks (thanks to ahmedcharles on github for PR!) Added config for @CobaltWolf's BlueDog Design Bureau (incomplete - thanks to @Gordon Dry for PR!) Old changelog: Required mods: Community Tech Tree Module Manager Custom Barn Kit - OPTIONAL for VAB SPH allowing 40-part craft at Tier 1. Installation Instructions: 1. Uninstall any previous version of the mod when upgrading to the latest version. 2. Copy the UnKerballedStart folder into GameData. Download: UnKerballed Start on SPACEDOCK UnKerballed Start on GITHUB This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  5. ETT is a pinwheel design that is grouped into branches of related engineering disciplines. Premise Do the Kerbals discover rocketry before winged flight? You decide. Both winged flight and rockets first options. ETT also has an "End Game" so you can play the campaign game with a built in goal. I love to hear new ideas and don't be afraid to let me know if I have a part or two out of place. Listed on CKAN or Download at SpaceDock - May break saved games. (May 5, 2020, 02:12 PM CST - SpaceDock may be having problems so here is a temporary link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m7c1pw83jqssmki/ETT20200504.zip?dl=1) REQUIRES: MODULE MANAGER - Link YONGETECH - Link Scope A tech tree based on engineering/scientific principles... mostly, that is challenging to unlock yet fun to play through. Goals & Requirements 1. Branches of the tech tree based on engineering disciplines. 2. The Kerbals discover rocket powered flight before they figure out winged flight. (or vice-versa) 3. Unlocking the entire tech tree is not required but must involve flights to nearby planets. 4. Parts that generate science are spread throughout the disciplines and are not based on which branch you focus on (e.g. Flight, Liquid fueled, Solid, Exotic). 5. The player may unlock just the branches that they are interested in. 6. "End Game", so you can play the campaign game with a built in goal. Highly Recommended for FLIGHT FIRST option: Breaking Ground, Firespitter, SXT and/or KAX for propeller parts. Take Command to use the external command seat for barnstorming... I mean science. Highly Recommended for ROCKETS first: Interstellar KW Rocketry MRS SpaceY BDB FASA Recommended for the tree overall: Kerbal Engineer or MechJeb for delta V calculations. DMagic Orbital Science to boost your science output. @DMagic You can play this tree completely stock, but I wouldn't recommend it. I believe it is the most fun with several part packs. The many nodes of the tree limits the amount of parts that show up in the editor which makes it easier to find the part you are looking for. There is a lot to be updated. Hopefully most legacy parts in a part pack won't need to be moved. I will start with the part packs that are updated for the latest KSP rev. Next Revision: Update to 1.9.1 Enable Part Upgrades Better stock part placement depending on which mods are installed. Re-integrate Interstellar, KW Rocketry, SpaceY, Luciole, and the remaining Near Future part packs. If someone re-releases LLL (Lack Luster Labs) I will re-integrate it also. Included: Integrated & Tested for 1.8.1: AIES by @carmics Alcubierre Warp Drive @RoverDude AmpYear Power Manager by @JPLRepo Bluedog Design Bureau by @CobaltWolf Breaking Ground by @Squad Civilian Population by @linuxgurugamer Configurable Containers by @allista DaMichel's AeroRadial (DAR) by @DaMichel DaMichel's Cargo Bays (DCB) by @DaMichel Dang It! Continued by @linuxgurugamer DMagic Orbital Science by @DMagic Docking Cam (KURS) by @DennyTX Dynamic Battery Storage by @ChrisAdderly Heat Control by @Nertea Indicator Lights by @Snark IXS Warpship @Denko666 JX2Antenna by @Snark KAS by @KospY Kerbal Planetary Base Systems by @Nils277 KIS (Kerbal Inventory System) by @KospY Landertron by @XanderTek Launch Escape System (Pebkac) by @Kurld Making History by @Squad MechJeb (still needs a bit of MM work) @sarbian Missing History by @Snark Modular Launch Pads by @AlphaMensae Modular Rocket Systems (MRS) LITE by @NecroBones Near Future: Electrical by @Nertea Near Future: Propulsion by @Nertea Near Future: Solar by @Nertea OctoSat Continued by @linuxgurugamer PicoPort by @steedcrugeon PicoPort Shielded by @zer0Kerbal Procedural Fairings by @e-dog Rational Resources by @JadeOfMaar RealChute Parachute System by @stupid_chris RLA Reborn by @linuxgurugamer ScanSat by @DMagic Smart Parts by @linuxgurugamer Space Docks Redocked by @Denko666 Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux by @Nertea Surface Mounted Lights by @Why485 Tac Self Destruct Continued by @linuxgurugamer Tokamak Refurbished Parts by @linuxgurugamer Tracking Lights by @Trollception VaporVent by @linuxgurugamer Integrated But Untested Since 2018: ALCOR by @alexustas Coatl Aerospace ProbesPlus by @akron CxAerospace by @cxg2827 DarkSideTechnology's Centrifuge by @Badsector DMagic's EVA struts and transfer pipes by @DMagic EVA Parachutes & Ejection Seats by @linuxgurugamer Extra-Planetary Launchpads @taniwha FASA by @frizzank Infernal Robotics by @sirkut KAS by @KospY Kerbal Atomics by @Nertea Kerbal Engineer by @cybutek Kethane by @taniwha Konstruction by @RoverDude Launchers Pack by @Kartoffelkuchen KSP Interstellar Extended @FreeThinker Lithobrake Exploration Technologies by@NecroBones MKS/OKS by @RoverDude MRS (Modular Rocket Systems) by@NecroBones Near Future: Spacecraft by @Nertea Near Future Construction by @Nertea Rocket Factory by @RaendyLeBeau Rover Science Revisited by @theSpeare SETI Probe Parts by @Yemo SpaceY Expansion by @NecroBones SpaceY Heavy Lifters by @NecroBones Surface Experiment Pack by @AlbertKermin TAC Life Support by @TaranisElsu Tarsier Space Technology by @JPLRepo Universal Storage by @Paul Kingtiger USI Core by @RoverDude USI Sounding Rockets by @RoverDude USI Exploration Pack by @RoverDude USI Life Support by @RoverDude USI Survivability Pack @RoverDude Ven's Stock Part Revamp by @Ven Integrated But Untested Since 2017: AntennaRange by @toadicus AoA Tech Aviation Parts by @martinezfg11 Aviation Cockpits by @Mallikas Aviation Lights by @BigNose Atomic Age by @Porkjet B9 by @bac9 Behemoth Aerospace Engineering by @greystork BDArmory by @BahamutoD Corvus by @Orionkermin Cryogenic Engines by @Nertea CryoTanks by @Nertea Deadly Reentry by @NathanKell Deep Freeze Continued by @JPLRepo FireSpitter by @Snjo Fuel Tanks Plus by @NecroBones HabTech by @benjee10 HoolganLab's Airships by @JewelShisen K2 Command Pod by @jfjohnny5 Karibou Rover by @RoverDude KAX - Kerbal Aircraft eXpansion by @keptin Kerbalism by @ShotgunNinja Kerbonov Pack by @Sam Hall KWRocketry by @Kickasskyle Mk2/Mk3 Expansion by @SuicidalInsanity Mk3 Hypersonic System by @nestor_d Mk3 mini expansion by @K.Yeon MOLE - Mark One Laboratory Extensions by @Angel-125 Monkey Business, Inc Parts by @blacsky33 OPT by @K.Yeon Procedural Parts by @OtherBarry Remote Tech RetroFuture Planes by @nli2work Rovers and Roadsters by @AlphaAsh Solaris Hypernautics by @Carbonjvd Soviet Engines by @BobCat Stock Extension by @Lack Stock Launch Pad by @sciencepanda Stockalike Parts for Useful Esthetics by @TurboNisu Tantares LV by @Beale Taurus HCV by @bsquiklehausen Thank you @linuxgurugamer for fixing the YongeTech software I was using. Also, shout out to @GrubbyZebra and all those who helped keep ETTR alive while I was away. There is still a lot of work to do, but I thought I would release what has been done so far. Part upgrades still require integration. A version for 1.9.1 should be out soon. Thanks to all those who have helped me get this far, @yongedevil, @troyfawkes, @NathanKell, @Artfact, @Bahamut, @inigma, @odya-kun, @SpaceNomad, @GrubbyZebra, @linuxgurugamer Keep the feedback coming. Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license. You are free to redistribute and modify the work so long as it is not used for commercial purposes.
  6. A "Probes/Planes Before Crew" type overhaul of the Tech Tree inspired by Zee's PBC Mod and Spink Akron/theonegalen's UnKerballed Start. It builds on that concept by further providing an upgrade path (via B9PS or the stock upgrade system when B9 is not available) for many of the parts, such as decreased dry mass, increased thrust/efficiency, or improved SAS levels. I attempt to balance the improvements by having the upgrades come with an increased cost and come later in the tech tree. This should leave a choice between getting upgraded tech at a slightly lower cost first. I am mostly testing this in 1.9.1 with limited testing in 1.10.1, but the new 1.10.1 parts should be in the correct nodes. Download (Github) (Spacedock) Dependencies (Not Included) Community Tech Tree B9 Part Switch Module Manager Support on Discord Recommended Mods (with custom configs in KTT) BetterSRBs Better SRBs is how KTT is handling the "upgrades" for SRBs. I also modify SRBs from mods not directly supported in Better SRBs custom configs if BetterSRBs is present. Custom Barn Kit Increases the initial number of parts for the VAB and SPH to be 46 as I did not want part counts to be as binding as a game mechanic. If JNSQ or Sigma Dimensions is detected, will increase the part count limits to 72 to help offset the availability of only smaller fuel tanks in the beginning of the tech tree. Engine Ignitor Reignited Provides a new gameplay challenge to consider how to best balance engine burns alongside limited ignitions Kerbal Construction Time It is hard to argue that this mod should not be part of any game. The costs reflected in the engines and structural part upgrades are intended to have trade-offs through the increased construction time of your craft, thus balancing deltaV versus the time it takes to construct the vessel and completing contracts quickly. Rational Resources Rational Resources implements some cold gas RCS modes into stock, ReStock+ and NF RCS blocks. I've added upgrades to these parts and this will be how KTT handles RCS upgrades. Be aware that this mod changes the distribution of planet resources and ISRU chains! Science Param Editor Support for Stock; GPP, GEP, OPM; and MPE. Recommended Mods with Compatibility via Mod KSP Interstellar Extended KSPIE extends the late end of the tree by providing new parts and new game mechanics to KSP. @FreeThinker is providing compatibility with KTT via KSP Interstellar itself and has a plugin to help transition players currently using another tree. KSPIE will generally have the final say on part placements and game mechanics to maintain balance for KSPIE. The 2.0 version of KTT will formally adapt the late end of the tech tree used by KSPIE as well as color-coding part upgrades. Other Recommended Mods MandatoryRCS Persistent Rotation StageRecovery Entry costs and upgrades can get expensive, so it is good to recover as much of your vessel as possible. Videos Objectives General Gameplay Changes Kerbalism 3.11 Compliant Current Supported Mods (see Github for Details): Roadmap Known/Likely Issues Special Notes about Tweak Scale and Kerbal Research and Development Changelog Disclaimer This mod has not been endorsed by _Zee, Spink Akron, Nertea, Well or any other mod/part creator referenced in the config files. All errors are my own. Please do not hassle mod authors if these configurations cause conflicts with their mods. Special Thanks Thanks to @Nertea, @JadeOfMaar, & @OhioBob as well as every single asset creator and mod creator for providing some great advice and very good examples of MM modules to learn how to script for KSP and gameplay enhancements that have made this mod possible. Also thanks to @Clamp-o-Tron for the final push to publicly release this on the forums. License Copyright (c) 2020, Hemeac Kiwi Aeronautics is copyrighted by Hemeac. All rights reserved. Please rename any public distributed fork of this project to exclude references to "Kiwi Aeronautics" if you plan to redistribute a variant of this project on a Kerbal Space Program related website. Configuration Files are distributed under a MIT License. Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE. Additional Licenses and attributions: Core tech tree configuration files are based on files originally created by _Zee and redistributed under the same MIT license. Additional config files are likely to be influenced by their respective mod creators and the respective licenses of the config files are noted within the mod files within each subfolder in GameData\KiwiTechTree\Configurations\Mods. While some mods have no derivative requirements, I have not bundled code from those mods. Any mod author who would like me to remove a configuration for their mod, please get in touch irrespective of your mods license requirements. Some icons from Community Tech Tree by Nertea were modified bundled in this mod. They are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0. Additional icons used within the tech tree were modified from icons sourced from flaticon.com and thenounproject.com. I purchased these as a premium member of these services. Please check the licensing terms of these websites prior to any redistribution to ensure you remain in compliance with their terms.
  7. Background I've tried some of the general purpose tech trees before, CTT, SIMPLEX, Unkerballed Start, Probes Before Crew. They're all great but there's a few things that bother me: If you use a lot of parts mods, you'll end up unlocking waaay too many parts on each node, cluttering your editor, though this can be minimized with the categorization mods. For a noob like me doing their first run with mods, it's overwhelming. Unlocking parts too early that you don't have an use for yet, like a rover skid when the rover is unlocked 2 tiers later. This also means you'll be dragging useless parts until you go further in the tree. Spreading non-essential parts among several tiers. Like come on, why can I build a medium girder and I have to go do science to be able to build a slightly longer one. Mixing parts with different purposes that are marginally related. UKS was guilty of this, landing wheels were in the plane nodes and then the heavier ones were suddenly unlocked in the lander legs nodes. Focusing on unlocking dV and science parts. Some mods are better with this than others, but why spend 60 science on connectors why you can spend 60 science on more science-making parts. Now sure, I could just fork whichever tree mod I liked the most and fix what I wanted, but I found them hard to work with, partially due to the aforementioned reasons. There's also other tech trees that focus on gameplay balance or challenge, like RP-1 I think, but I just wanted to play my way. Either the tech trees are one-size-fits-all, or they have a strict gameplay objective. And so, I went to the drawing board and began working. Objectives Minimize unlocking of tech I don't intend to use yet Organize the parts in categories similar to how they're seen in the parts list Assign exclusive nodes for mods that add parts that are meant to be used together. Balance science unlocks following unmanned first parts. Technical Notes This isn't compatible with the stock tech tree, and will not support any other mod that isn't manually added. (all the unsupported parts are placed in the starting node and unlocked by default) Luckily, since I'm really lazy, I made a little python script that takes names from a CSV file and generates a tree from them, which means I can just edit it on Excel. It'll just generate placeholders with IDs and positioning, so node details still need to be manually added, but that means anyone can rearrange the tree VERY easily without having to edit node positions, which is bound to happen with such a large tree. Parents still need to be manually modified, but since it's category grouped, I hope I don't have to modify those as much. With this layout, I have a 35x66 grid to work with. Currently, I have slightly over 430 science nodes, the vast majority already populated with parts. I also toyed with the actual RD grid size, but the way KSP handles the zoom makes it snap back to the center everytime you zoom and I couldn't figure out how to override or disable that. Since parts are grouped by type, all the science parts are in a line, which I find little sense of unlocking with science. There are two ways around this: Tie science part unlocks to building levels (funds in a way). I already found how to do this, but I didn't want to deal with informing the player the various building levels things would get unlocked at. Tie science part unlocks to achievements (contracts). This is how it's currently implemented. Contracts can unlock tech, the way this works is that if you achieve a kerbin orbit, for example, a contract would get enabled in Mission Control. Completing the contract has no requirements and is completed in 1 second, unlocking the tech node. Help There are a few things I haven't yet decided how to implement and need ideas or advice on: There are a few mods like Feline Rover that have hybrid parts, like a drill attachment. I was thinking of simply making a small tree out of them and adding individual parent requirements, but I'm not sure if I even have the space to do so. Currently I have the "basic" parts in one node, and the hybrid parts in another one, I'm thinking they could be science tier-gated slightly higher than its equivalent components. What about support Bluedog Design Bureau? I considered it, but there are so many parts that are intended to use together, that I may need to bundle them up into a whole vessel node similar to rover systems and I'm still unsure about it. Same goes for Probes Plus, but feel free to suggest. MOAB is a tentative name, just because it's something big, feel free to suggest any alternate names. Pending work Add support for Universal Storage Compress Aero Tech nodes to save space Require Komplexity for more R&D building tiers Balance science unlocks Upload to a public repository Hide overlapping parent lines Remove placeholder icons Add descriptions Mod Support: (some may still require additional reorganization) Pending mods: PICS
  8. Better Early Tree Download: Github - SpaceDock This mod tries to bring the concept of an uncrewed start, but it also tries to maintain the stock-like vibe of the tree. At the very begining, the nodes arrange parts in function of what the player will want to do next, to make a seamless, funny and grindless transition from Early game, to mid game. This tech tree is also designed to be used alongside both DLCs, and ReStock+... It may used without those, however, it may lead to some "gaps" in parts niches. As I wanted the tree to be the most similar to stock as posible, I tried to minimize the amount of rearangements. This also lead to make most of the moded part packs compatible with this tree out of the box. However, these are the major changes. Requeriments Module Manager Community Tech Tree Recommended Mods ReStock and ReStock+ Suported Mods (with patches) kOS Near Future Exploration Pebkac Industries: Launch Escape System Universal Storage II Corvus Suggested Mods (compatible out of the box) Near Future Complete Pack (And other Nertea mods) Rational Resources Kerbal Reusability Expansion ScanSat DMagical Science Acknowledgment and License All the code of the mods is released under an MIT license, and all the multimedia assets on it follows an Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 4.0) license. For more details on the license, check the GitHub repo. Two of the icons used in this mod came from the Community Tech Tree, were made by Nertea and are distributed under a (CC BY-NC 4.0) license. One of them is modified to fit better.
  9. Hello im trying to make my own tech tree.i have idea of how code system of ksp works but i had problems: 1-yongetech plugin does not delete orginal tech tree so my tree conflicts with stock tree 2-i can t set a start node 3-im using KSPtechtreeEditor for setting places for nodes and it just works fine like i say only problem is i can t set start for tree and orginal tech tree doesn't dissappear. (sorry for my bad english i hope you got it) Thanks
  10. Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes v1.2.0 (December 5, 2020) Who this mod is for: This mod is for people who use large modded tech trees, such as the awesome Community Tech Tree mod by Nertea, but don't have enough part mods installed to fill up all of the new tech tree nodes and hate the empty tech nodes. Additional features give you even more control over the tech tree. What it does: Main feature: Adds option to hide any empty tech tree nodes, which automatically connects the resultant "hanging" tech tree lines to unhidden nodes in a logical sense. Additional features: Adds option to hide unresearched nodes, similar to Fog of Tech. Disabled by default. Adds option to change all node unlock requirements to "Any" or "All". Adds option to manually set which nodes are hidden (when enabled, this uses "hideEmpty" from RDNode modules. These can be edited with ModuleManager). *new Adds option to transfer science points from hidden nodes to their children/descendants. *new Adds option to remove empty space caused my missing rows/columns of empty nodes. Adds options to change the zoom settings, so you can fit your large, modded tech tree onto your screen all at once. Default minimum zoom is changed from 60% to 35%. Feel free to further customize your tech tree using using Module Manager to suit your play style, by adding nodes, changing default node positions, etc. (with the appropriate edits!). This mod will take care of everything else. Examples (click either picture to enter album): Notes on mod behavior: Some Recommended Tech Trees: The Community Tech Tree or any number or awesome tech trees, such as Historical Progression Tech Tree *Engineering Tech Tree (<- see notes below) UnKerballed Start *Notes on ETT support: Download: SpaceDock Source (GitHub) Download instructions: Download the mod folder from the SpaceDock link and place the GameData folder in your KSP directory. Changelog: Bug reports: Please report if: 1) A tech line intersects/crosses a tech node 2) A tech node requires more than three nodes to unlock ("all" or "any") 3) You see something weird with the new zoom options or Fog of Tech-like options 4) Problems with new "active" mod behavior Post Feature Complete Future Features: 1) Might try to figure out how make make tech lines curve at places other than midway between two tech nodes License
  11. Hi there! For the longest time, I've had trouble settling on a tech tree to use for my KSP playthroughs. TETRIX, Kiwi, Probes before Crew, and even just the standard Community Tech Tree are all good, but they each had some sort of issue or thing that I just didn't like. After sometime trying to change it for personal use through patching, I've instead decided to just go all the way and create my own custom tech tree, the Skyhawk Science System. Behold! (Hopefully the image displays properly, but if not, the link still works) This tech tree (currently just the layout, no part patches yet) will be based around a combination of the amazing Bluedog Design Bureau, Coatl Aerospace, SOCK, reDIRECT, Nertea's whole suite of mods, and more! It will attempt to create a "somewhat realistic" progression from launching sounding rockets into space to exploring deep space with antimatter torch drives. It won't completely accurately follow real-life, but I'm trying to strike a reasonable balance between the stock-alike "unlock things based on radial size" and the realistic progression of rockets to make sure everything has a reason to be used. I'll continue to update this thread with my progress as time goes on, but for now, feel free to take a look at the current tree plan and let me know what you think! And if you've got any questions about what I'm planning, ask away as well! BETA Release (Ready for testing! ) https://github.com/CessnaSkyhawk/SkyhawkScienceSystem/releases Mod Support: I've provided a list of mods which the tree currently supports right here: https://github.com/CessnaSkyhawk/SkyhawkScienceSystem/wiki/Mod-Support
  12. More balanced parts, a more intuitive tech and contract progression, some useful probe/greenhouse/etc. parts and configs for RemoteTech and CustomBarnKit! Modding is a lot of work, if you are interested in the continued maintenance and development of the SETI mods, please consider supporting them via patreon. By accepting contributions (funds and code) via patreon and forum, I consider it to by my responsibility to not let the mod die because of my desinterest and thus to orderly hand it over before that happens. I also consider it to be my responsibility to not let the mod and thus the contributions be the object of trolls, who misuse permissive licensing to wreck the mod and it's intent of providing a balance and ground work other mods may rely upon, as is so often the case in other modding communities. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETI MetaModPack (only available via CKAN) If you are looking for a more balanced, comfortable and more challenging gameplay without having to manually crawl through a hundred mods every time, this might be it. Simply install CKAN, only click on the "SETI-MetaModPack", then "ApplyChanges", leave the recommendations selected and select those suggestions you like as well. Done. Visual Mods are not included, since they tend to take some time to adjust to new ksp versions and even more time to work with ckan. Only RealPlume and Planetshine (not yet working with ksp 1.3) are in the pack. For more detailed information and recommendations for career settings, please go to the thread linked below called "SETI-UbM Career Challenge (setup takes 5-10min)". Mod Recommendations and Suggestions of the MetaModPack (Link to Textfile on Github) RCS Build Aid and AnomalySurvey contract pack are not officially available for ksp 1.3 and thus not installed via ckan recommendations. There is an unofficial RCS Build Aid for manual install available here: https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/RCSBuildAid/releases And Anomaly Survey contract pack works, except for the jool part, manually install an old version at your own discretion: https://github.com/jrossignol/ContractPack-AnomalySurveyor/releases ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main SETI Balancing mods: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: SETI Rebalance v1.3.0.2 (for KSP 1.3.x, use CKAN for a clean install) Rebalancing masses, funds, science (simple ones transmittable for 100%), reaction wheels and much more, for a much more coherent gameplay experience. If you delete/do not install the SETIrebalanceReactionWheels folder which comes with the download, you can opt-out from the reaction wheel rebalance/nerf. For specifically supported mods, consult the github link below. Strongly recommended: A tech tree which makes sense, probably every tech tree which is not stock... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: SETI RebalanceMaterialsGoo v1.3.0.0 (Addon for SETIrebalance, use CKAN for a clean install) This is the SETI Rebalance MaterialsBay and MysteryGoo MM patch, so that those 2 experiments can not be collected anymore, which makes them much more balanced in terms of mass/science payout. Best used with SETIrebalance. Strongly recommended: SETI Rebalance above ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETI tech tree mods: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: Unmanned before Manned v1.3.0.2 (for KSP 1.3.x, use CKAN for a clean install) Adjusts part placement for Stock- and CommunityTechTree. CTT is recommended with UbM. Start with simple SRB rockets, have early access to rovers and planes and the Mk1 pod only at a 45 science node. General compatibility with all mods which work with stock, for specifically supported mods, consult the github link below. Strongly recommended: CommunityTechTree, TakeCommandContinued (kerbals can enter command seats from the VAB/SPH) and SETI Rebalance above (stock part balance is worse than the stock tech tree) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: UbM Challenge v1.3.0.0 (Addon for Unmanned Before Manned, use CKAN for a clean install) No reaction wheels until 90 science (use fins, control surfaces, gimbal and RCS instead). Fuel lines later as well. Required Mods: Unmanned before Manned above ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETI career mods: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: SETI Contracts v1.3.0.0 (for KSP 1.2.x, use CKAN for a clean install) This is the independent contract campaign. Using a probes first tech tree is recommended, like the ones above. Dependencies/Recommendations/Suggestions (Link to Textfile on Github) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: SETI CareerChallenge v1.3.0.0 (Recommended for career mode, use CKAN for a clean install) This small mod simply reduces science experiment rewards by 70% to balance out the contract science rewards compared to science mode. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETI part mods: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: SETI ProbeParts v1.3.0.2 (for KSP 1.3.x, use CKAN for a clean install) Provides new stock parts (using stock models) for the 0.625m probe diameter. Includes mini H2/O2 fuel cell, RCS, solar panels, mini shielded docking port, new engine configs and inline probe cores. Strongly recommended: SETI Rebalance above and a tech tree which makes sense, probably every tech tree which is not stock... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: Porkjets PartOverhauls SETIconfig v0.9.2.0 (for KSP 1.3.x, use CKAN for a clean install) Configures and redistributes Porkjets PartOverhauls (CC-BY-NC-3.0), so that it fits into stock and VenStockRevamp without replacing parts. Some parts are now 1.875m sized, two engines augment the 0.625m collection, Boattail versions stay 1.25m sized. Strongly recommended: SETI Rebalance above and a tech tree which makes sense, probably every tech tree which is not stock... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: SETI Greenhouse v1.2.2.0 (for KSP 1.2.x, works just fine with KSP 1.3.0 use CKAN for a clean install)) A diagram of the cycle for TAC Life Support can be found near the end of this post. With it you essentially need only 10% of the water and 20% of the food which is normally used by a kerbal. Required Mods: none ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETI config mods: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: SETI RemoteTechConfig v1.3.0.0 (Addon for RemoteTech 1.8.2+, use CKAN for a clean install) This is a SETI config for RemoteTech, adding ground stations, changing the KSC range to cover the whole kerbol system (when not obstructed). Signal delay is set to false by default (can be changed in game) and some colors are tweaked. Required Mods: Remote Tech ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: SETI ProbeControlEnabler v1.3.0.0 (Addon for RemoteTech 1.8.3+, use CKAN for a clean install) This is a SETI config for RemoteTech, allowing probe control (local control) without connection. Thus a connection is only required for science transmission. Unfortunately this may remove the built-in omni antenna from probes (but not from manned command pods). Required Mods: Remote Tech ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: SETI CustomBarnKitConfig v0.9.1.0 !EXPERIMENTAL! (Addon for CustomBarnKit, use CKAN for a clean install) This is a SETI config for CustomBarnKit, Action Groups are available from the start, Kerbal hiring costs are fixed at 60k, etc. More facility levels are added, the restrictions and costs for upgrades are tweaked to provide a more sensible upgrade progression. Required Mods: CustomBarnKit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Licenses: All Rights Reserved, except for mod specific config files and the redistributed plugins, which follow the original licenses as stated in the download and their respective threads: The plugin ModuleManager by ialdabaoth and sarbian is distributed under CC share-alike license. The KSP-AVC mini-plugin is redistributed under the GNU General Public License. The CommunityTechTree by Nertea (Chris Adderley) is redistributed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license The SETI-Greenhouse configs are distributed under CC BY-NC-SA-3.0 license, except for mod and part names (ARR). The model and textures are public domain from zzz Porkjets PartOverhauls are configured and redistributed under CC-BY-NC-3.0 license The Mk1 Inline Cockpit from KSP 1.0 is redistributed, for which all rights are reserved by Squad Contributions: AutoPruner config by SwGustav, standard hiding of unused parts based on suggestion by Olympic1. Procedural Stack Decoupler Textures by SwGustav Hybrid Rocket Boosters based on concept by Lord Aurelius Lots of feedback from Svm420 Procedural Probe Core heavily based on config by SwGustav Part volume adjustments for KIS inventory by Enceos Real Fuel Stock Tank Prices for Real Fuels by karamazovnew, not included in SETI-Download, but works very well with it Hybrid Rocket Booster compatibility for RealFuels by Chonner Telemetry and Science Experiments by Lord Aurelius Various TechTree configs by theonegalen SETI-RemoteTechConfig based on ground station placement by reddit user texasyojimbo SETI-RemoteTechConfig color coding inspired by frango9000 SETI-Greenhouse config fixes by Lint
  13. I started a new career game after updating to 1.12 and discovered that parts are listed two or three times in the various nodes of the tech tree. They only appear one time in the VAB/SPH, but multiple times in R&D. I'm curious to know if anyone else is seeing the same thing.
  14. I was looking at the tech tree of RP-1 and I wondered what mods can fill it all up namely 2019-2034, 2035-2050, 2051-2099, 2100-2149, 2150+... Does anyone know any mods or there aren't any?
  15. Report bugs and suggestions here SSTO Project Overview SSTO Project adds very powerful engines to the Kerbal Space Program Part list Engines SuperJet - most versatile engine in the pack NSABRE - a nuclear jet/rocket hybrid engine XN-1 "Chernobyl" Nuclear Engine(below): Planned parts Engines SpaceSoarer - quad-mode (Reverse Jet, Forward Jet, Rocket and Interstellar) - engine intended for interstellar transport. The engine will come in SSTO Project Interstellar Pack Planned packs (after mod is cut up): Interstellar This pack helps design spacecraft for extremely long journeys Heavy Lifters This pack includes 5m, 6.25m, 7.5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, HX and Daedalus Consortium Megastations compatible engines: Super Nukes Very large nuclear engines. For bigger than 3.75m ones, see Heavy Nukes Getting it Instructions for manual installation Extract the archive Place the SSTOProject directory inside GameData With CKAN, just check installation checkbox and apply Relevant websites: GitHub: https://github.com/Monniasza/SSTO-Project SpaceDock download: https://spacedock.info/mod/2417/SSTO Project
  16. =========================== REMODELED TECH TREE v.0.1.6 =========================== This is a customized Tech Tree designed to remodel the Stock and Community Tech Tree for a more challenging Science game while logically grouping related items into similar Nodes. Some Node titles and the tree structure were changed to reflect areas I felt were deficient or used poorly. Forty-three Mods are currently supported. SpaceDock Link To install, place the GameData folder inside your Kerbal Space Program folder. If asked to overwrite files, do so. Note this Mod does NOT replace any files in other Mods. To uninstall, simply delete the 'zzzRemodeledTechTree' folder and your Tech Tree will revert to as it was before. This mod is only a Tech Tree and related icon files. It requires the correct version of Module Manager for your KSP version to function. It also requires Community Tech Tree as many of the icons used come from that Mod. This only supersedes CTT's tree structure and some names and descriptions. NOTE: Because CTT is a dependency, none of the MM code in this Mod checks for its presence as it is assumed. Failure to install CTT with this Mod will result in a massive number of errors. Grounded is no longer a dependency by way of introducing two new parts to the game if you don't have Grounded installed... a Prototype QBE (2x the size, 20x the weight, 20x the EC requirement, 50km range for the internal antenna, and no SAS) and Prototype Z-10 battery. (same size and weight as the Z-100 but 1/10th the power) Both are made obsolete once you research Physics & Chemistry. COMMUNITY TECH TREE AND MODULE MANAGER ARE BOTH REQUIREMENTS TO USE THIS MOD! Additionally, it requires the Mods to support it for their parts to be added. I have included definitions only for those Mods I use frequently. If you wish to adapt this Mod for use with your own preferred Mods, simply add your own Module Manager re-definition lines for the parts you wish to move around the Tech Tree. Since I did not change the internal ID designations of any existing CTT or Stock nodes, unsupported Mods will still populate within the tree, just in odd places that may not make any sense given what parts are already there. DLC NOTE: This Mod has NOT been balanced against either the Making History or Breaking Ground DLC and those parts, while still present in the tech tree, have not been moved to their corrected nodes. Unfortunately, short of me getting money from somewhere unexpected or someone providing me the internal CFGs of all the parts included in both packs, this will not be fixed any time soon. List of 43 currently supported Mods: (all working under KSP v.1.7.3) Aircraft Carrier Accessories v.1.5.1 AirplanePlus v.26.1 AlphaMensaes Modular Launch Pads v.2.0.4 AmpYear v. AviationLights v.4.0.8 BonVoyage v.0.5.3 Cormorant Aeronology v.1.5.1 Cormorant Aeronology - Mk3 Block II v.0.2 DeepFreeze v. Extraplanetary Launchpads v.6.6.1 FASA v.7.2.5 Feline Utility Rovers v.1.2.10 Firespitter v.7.13 Firespitter Extended Version 1 Grounded - Modular Vehicles v.5.0 HeatControl v.0.4.12 Heisenberg Airship Parts Pack v.2.16.1 Hooligan Labs Airships v.6.3.1 HullcamVDS Continued v.0.1.13 InfernalRobotics - Next v.3.0.2 IR Sequencer v.3.0.1_KSP_1.6 Its the little things v.2 KAS v.1.4 Kerbal Planetary Base Systems v.1.6.9 KIS v.1.22 KSP SDHI Strobeomatic v.1.0.1 Mandatory RCS Part Pack v.1.4_KSP1.7 MOARdVPlus v.1.0.0 Near Future Propulsion v.1.1.1 Near Future Solar v.1.0.4 OPT Spaceplane Parts (Lagacy) v.1.4.0 OPT Reconfig v.1.6.1 PEBKAC Industries Launch Escape System v. RasterPropMonitor v.0.30.6 RecycledParts-1.7.2 v.0.1.7 RN Skylab v.1.8.3 SCANsat v.18.13 SEP v.2.7.1 SmartParts v. Station Parts Expansion Redux v.1.2.1 SurfaceLights v.1.13 TacLifeSupport v.0.13.13 Note that dependencies for these Mods such as Community Resource Pack and others are not listed, nor are supported partless Mods like TweakScale or EVE. The issue regarding the Recycled Parts Mod has been fixed and is working correctly, so no action is required on this now. Likewise, BonVoyage is now fixed so the upgrades are moved to their correct nodes. Labs have also been re-balanced against one another to have a more realistic progression. (more advanced Labs yield more/less Science per point, use less power, operate faster, etc.) Mobile Processing Lab (Squad) - Unchanged. All other Labs are noted relative to the Stock lab. Manned Orbital Lab (FASA) - Heavier, Higher Science Cap, Faster Data Processing Rate (DPR), Higher EC/s usage GondoLab (Heisenberg Airship) - Lighter, Portable, Lower Data Storage and Science Cap, Faster DPR, Higher EC/s use, Only 2-to-1 Science conversion Big "G" Science Bay (FASA) - Lighter, Lower Data Storage and Science Cap, Faster DPR, Higher EC/s usage, Only 3-to-1 Science conversion SPT-7 "Iglet" (Cormorant Aeronology) - Lighter, Lower Data Storage and Science Cap, Faster DPR, Lower EC/s usage, Only 4-to-1 Science conversion SPB-HUGE-3 Science Bay (Recycled Parts / R&S CAPSULDYNE) - Heavier, Higher Data and Science Cap, Faster DPR, Higher EC/s, 6-to-1 Science conversion Lynx Mobile Lab (Feline Utility Rover) - Lighter, Lower Data Storage and Science Cap, Much lower EC/s usage, Only 4-to-1 Science conversion SPT-14 "Igloo" (Cormorant Aeronology) - Heavier, Faster DPR, Much lower EC/s usage 'Stail' Mobile Processing Lab (OPT Legacy) - Heavier, Higher Data and Science Cap, Much lower EC/s usage, 6-to-1 Science conversion PXL-2 'Fate' D-S Lab Module (Station Parts Expansion Redux) - Heavier, Higher Data & Science Cap, Lower EC/s usage, 3x DPR, 6-to-1 Science conversion Planetary Lab (Kerbal Planetary Base Systems) - 2x DPR, Much lower EC/s usage, 7-to-1 Science conversion Planetary Central Hub (Kerbal Planetary Base Systems) - Heavier, Lower Data & Science Cap, 2x DPR, Much lower EC/s usage, Only 4-to-1 Science conversion While the later labs may seem to be sort of OP, they are so far down the Tech Tree that by the time you get them you're going to NEED them as each Node starts to cost tens of thousands of Science each. (just getting the Fate lab requires at minimum 2,000 Science to unlock, not to mention the additional science needed to actually put it in orbit, which can be thousands of Science more) ====== EXTRAS ====== Within the RTT_MM_QOL_Mods.cfg file are several tweaks for some Mods that are put there for game balance purposes, but also some Quality of Life improvements to some parts. For an example of modification for game balance is the creation of 'soft dependencies' on some technologies that could otherwise be reached without following a logical path to get them. (such as removing the fuel from the K&K Nuclear Reactor and Centrifuge so you can't actually USE them without having researched the Nuclear Fuel Systems node, etc.) An example of one of the QOL modifications, if you have TAC Life Support installed, you'll note the addition of three new Containers and three new Hexcans to add Wastewater, Waste, and CO2 only containment for specialized uses. Also, if you also have TweakScale AND TACLS installed, this Mod hides the duplicate Containers and Hexcans for larger/smaller sizes, reducing build menu clutter. I also have implemented a new mechanic for handing entryCost to be equal to 3x part cost for all parts. (Extraplanetary Launchpads is excluded from this mechanic as it causes numerous errors. (known issue with this Mod) I have included a customized version of the Community Tech Tree PNG file that has been completed and corrected for this Mod to easily show the remodeled tree structure outside of the game. It uses the same style and branching as the CTT version. (as a bonus, I have included a completed copy of the CTT tree PNG due to the fact that the one on the CTT page is incomplete and outdated in some places) I have also included the XLS file that I created to quickly restructure the tree to my own tastes. You can open it in most any spreadsheet program (Excel, OpenOffice, etc.) and are free to use it to add additional Nodes, delete ones you don't like, alter the Science cost progression, or redefine Parent Nodes to your liking. It saved me quite a lot of work by putting everything on one page that I could search, edit, and modify in minutes rather than hours. NOTE: This file does NOT go in the KSP directory structure. Place it wherever you like for easy access or if you don't intend to use it, simply leave it in the ZIP file. To use the spreadsheet, simply make the changes to the tree as you like on the 'Custom Tree' tab. You can review Node positions (though not branching) using the 'New Tree' tab to see the relative positions of your nodes. Finally you can use the 'Tech Tree Output' tab to copy-paste a completely new tree into a CFG file. The 'Unmodified Table' tab shows the default tech tree using the same format as the 'Custom Tree' tab for reference and the 'Old Tree' tab shows the default Node positions. I have not yet incorporated a tab to quickly edit the parts that populate within each node. (WIP) ============ LOCALIZATION ============ This mod does not include localization support, and includes translations for English only. Since it erases the Stock and CTT titles and descriptions, existing Tech Tree Localization with those Mods are discarded. If anyone wants Localization support, provide me with translations for each tech node and I will try to add it at some point. ===== NOTES ===== I know it is not a 'best practice' to use FINAL directives in a distributed Mod, but since I need this tree structure to supersede tree modifications made by other Mods (i.e. OPT, Modular Launch Pads, Recycled Parts, etc.) and cannot predict what future Mods may include Tech Tree re-definitions, I have employed the FINAL directive to ensure that all Techtree node operations are run BEFORE this mod, then deleted, and finally replaced with the desired tree structure. The same applies to PART operations. (though I have included at least one FOR directive to properly index this Mod with Module Manager) I have no intentions of altering this behavior. If you don't like it, feel free to change it in your own copy, but note that I will NOT provide support for installs that do not use the FINAL directive as I cannot predict what interactions any given Mod may have on the tree structure and PART locations after this Mod has been initialized. Though Modular Launch Pads is not required for this Mod, the tree structure has been altered to include and fully incorporate the Tech Nodes of that Mod. Since it just used Stock icons, and I have subsequently replaced those with my own, no resources from that Mod are used or required. Lastly, for those wanting to make changes to this Mod to suit their own style, I have included EVERY part (to the best of my ability) in the listed Mods within the RTT_MM_Part_Configs.cfg file, even if I didn't move it to a new node. In this way, so long as you know the internal name of the part you want to move, you can just search for it and do a cut-paste to its new node. Soon (hopefully) I will have this all automated and you'll be able to use the XLS file to restructure your parts within the Tech Tree to your liking using the XLS file and simply copy-paste the new part definitions from the spreadsheet. (I know that using a spreadsheet for this purpose is unusual and it would be better to just write an actual program to create the CFG files for you, but I'm a wife and mother and don't have time to code out a full program... and an XLS spreadsheet works and was quicker to make, so... there it is!) ========================= LICENSING CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 ========================= The contents of this pack are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/legalcode). You are free to share and adapt the materials only for non-commercial purposes and when providing appropriate attribution. Any derivatives must be distributed under the same license. All new Icons are of my own creations based loosely on other's works posted publicly online over the past thirty years. No claim of originality should be inferred, but they are not direct duplicates of any work. The 'Cutting-Edge Aeronautics' icon is from the OPT Reconfig produced by author JadeOfMaar and is used under the CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 License. No claim of ownership or original design is implied nor should be inferred. Community Tech Tree produced by ChrisAdderley (aka Nertea) and is used under the CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 License. --- As Mods go, I know this isn't much, but I put a lot of work into it and thought that maybe others in the Community might find it useful, even if just to tear it apart and see how it works. Thoughts and opinions welcome. (unless you just want to be mean, in which case Jeb would like to have a word with you outside...)
  17. As an experienced KSP player, rushing trough the tech tree by harvesting minmus for science feels like cheating to me, now you can say: just don't do it then... or decrease science value but wait wat if there was an extra difficulty option in the tech tree: Kerbal Road blocks we know that the game keeps track of all you achievements, like if you have landed on the run or not. what if we put this activity tracker to good use, instead of just offering different contacts. the road blocks will automatically unlock when you preform the specific task. and then you will be able to spend your science on the tech-tree nodes that come after that. terrier engine make orbiting easy? wel first show us you can orbit without it. I made a small image of the concept which is not fully worked out yet. but it is the idea that counts: when it is fully worked out you can probably have roadblocks that require: docking manoeuvres, surface sample retrieval, enter atmosphere of planet X, land on Planet X, maybe even: have station with +10 crew capacity IMO this will add an extra layer of depth to the game but it remains light weight and easy to understand. any ideas of this concept?
  18. (Firstly, let me add a disclaimer that I'm writing this late at night based on a rambling note I made on my phone at like 1am the night before, so bear with me if this starts to lose coherence.) Something I've found rather dissatisfying about the base-game science system (ignoring career, which I have other issues with) is that there's generally no point, mechanics-wise, to keeping a scientific mission in its final orbit after you fire off all your experiments. No reason to keep that first crewed orbiter in orbit for more than it takes to click "save crew report", no reason to go for an orbital probe rather than a landing or flyby, and definitely no reason to have more than one probe in the same place once you've gotten all the science parts unlocked and figure out how to cram them all in one craft. The idea I've had to solve this involves two major systems being added to the game: Having science parts that can continuously log data, returning science based on the amount of data logged Having events that occur that can be observed through a variety of means for science gain The first system gives a big reason to have something stay active in the same situation, by providing a direct reward based on how long it stays there. Rolling-recording imaging probes, microgravity-effects-on-Kerbals studies, and However, the gain needs to be asymptotic (increases towards by an ever-decreasing amount, never exceeding it) to some amount (such as 2x the science from the base experiment), to prevent someone from being able to unlock the tech tree with a Stayputnik, a solar panel, a 2HOT, and timewarp. How these data logs are returned can be an additional system, providing new choices to be made, with relative advantages and disadvantages of any method. (One example could be sending data in large batches vs sending it back continuously.) The second system would be a fair bit more complex. The core idea is that there are numerous events that can occur - eclipses/transits, magnetic field changes, solar flares, impacts, celestial events such as supernovas, etc. - that, if "seen" by an actively-logging science part, provide large science bonuses. On top of this core would be several layers of complexity. Firstly, the larger the variety in the parts used to observe the event, the greater the return (within reasonable bounds of what can be used for observations, of course) - observing a solar flare with a visible-light telescope wouldn't provide as much data as observing one with that plus a magnetometer logging the effect it has on Kerbin's magnetic field. Secondly, using multiple of the same part to observe the same event can also increase science gain, based on factors such as distance between them - observing a magnetic-field fluctuation with several satellites in various points around Kerbin would give more science than an observation with just one. And finally, there'd be two main types of events: ones that are brief (<5 seconds) and/or unpredictable, and ones that are long (several minutes at least) and/or predictable. The former would generally be things easily observable by automatic instruments, while the latter may often require manual observations. In either case, when an event is logged, the player would be given a notification in some manner, indicating what was observed by what instruments on which craft and allowing the science yield from the data to be gathered. I'd love to see this system in a mod, but sadly, I don't have the skills to make that happen, so I'm kinda just throwing this idea out there to see what people think ^^;
  19. Is it possible for a ksp addon to alter the progression system so that tech tree nodes unlocks by milestones? And will it fix the current super easy science problem? Science is really easy to farm and by the point when you reach minmus you can unlock most of the nececery parts for reaching all of the celestial bodys. However, by changing the progression system somewhat like this : [ reaches milestone (etc Land on the Mun) ] -> [ unlocks node but not reaserched ] -> [ use science to actually get the parts ] it forces you to go out from the kerbin system and explore other planets/muns, and prevent rushing a specific high-end node. Also, it may add a bit of context on R&D a craft without any power gerneration reaches 3+ days on its mission and runs out of power therefore there's a need for power gen tech ( so you have to actually run out of power to get solar pannels ) or you reached dres with conventional engines and you are blocked by a technical wall of rocketery but there's a break through with NERVs using atomic power to yield greater ISP. It would mix well with stock/modified milestone contracts too. tldr; I want an addon that does this : 3 [ reaches milestone (etc Land on the Mun) ] -> [ unlocks node but not reaserched ] -> [ use science to actually get the parts ]
  20. So I've undertaken a little project with ETT : Converting the layout to a conventional left-to-right arrangement. - Deprecated, may revisit if there is a demand. Removing Yonge Tech Tree as a dependency. - Done. Making ETT 100% compatible with Stock and CTT. - Done, installing this with CTT will cause conflicts. Removing nodes duplicated between CTT and ETT. - Done. Adding more starting nodes to better facilitate an aircraft first or rocket first career path. - needs testing. Will be adding a mm patches to allow unmanned before manned, aircraft first, or choose your own adventure Adding nodes to provide a longer R&D game (Tree current has 229 nodes and requires over 178,000 science to unlock) - Started reducing to streamline the tree. Moving part configs to separate patch files to make it easier to edit part locations and add mod support - first pass is done, will need a lot of tweaking, but needs testing and feedback to know how to tweak Re-aligning research nodes into logical groups based on engineering discipline - Done. Creating new node names and descriptions (my creativity on descriptions has run out after the first dozen or so, so look for this to be crowd sourced). - node names are more or less done, descriptions are in desperate need of a creative mind or 40. I rather liked the pinwheel tree idea, so long-term development will include a config for each layout type. - Done, needs testing. Non-English localization packs. - Russian language is provided by Dr. Jet, all other languages are currently just the CTT files, need more translators. GitHub Repository Probus ETT Thread The original mod was released as Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license, as will be this fork's code. Any art or other assets distributed with this mod will be released under the license chosen by their creator. Reference the README for complete details. https://github.com/fwdixon/ETT/releases Dec. 2019 Update: Organised the Github repository and published an Alpha 2 release. Download and copy the contents of the Game Data folder to your Game Data folder. Oct. 2019 Update: Removed the preview from the OP. Started work on the Pinwheel tree, preview image is on page 3 of the thread. Will post the completed image here when done. The mod now includes RDNodeAnchorFix by @Ryujin no Mai, which adds the bottom node and corrects an issue with some of the other attach points. Incorporated @Dr. Jet's Russian localization. Removed CTT dependency (the tree is still CTT compatible, but you will not need to install CTT anymore, and, in fact, having both may cause weird things to happen). Sept. 2019 Update: I would like to get this reworked to be both usable and manageable. But I need feedback on the progression and costs. Once the node dependencies and values are more or less locked down, I can start the arduous task of manually locating the nodes in a pinwheel configuration like the original ETT. Feb 2019 Update: Alpha 1 release is up, thanks Ryujin no Mai for the part configs. This is by no means anything close to finished, but it is now at least usable. Please provide feedback (good, bad, or otherwise. Also, the pinwheel layout is coming back, the grid is just easier to tweak during development).
  21. So I bought the breaking ground DLC for Ps4 Pro today and started a fresh carrier to avoide any corruption. I started on Hard difficulty with enabled revert and quickload. Also enabled part preasure and g-force for parts and kerbals with plasma blackout and require signal options. When I unlock the tech with FL-100 Fuel Tank it keeps duplicating and have to purchase the entry fee for that part over and over again whenever I enter tha VAB or the Tech tree, also this tank part is dupIicating every time I repurchase it, so by now I have 3 of this sane FL-100 at the tech tree. I already tried to delete and reinstall the game with the dlcs and also deleted every save file, but without any success of solving this tiny but anoying bug. Please, if you have any solution, I would be happy know.
  22. Version 3.0 is released on Spacedock! How to install: I've been playing with UnmannedBeforeManned for a long time. In that time, I've made UBM configs for a bunch of mods. In the past, I've sent them to Yemo and had them integrated into the main UBM mod, but Yemo hasn't been answering my PMs. Therefore, I've decided to release what I have as an add-on for UBM. As UBM is released under an ARR license, I have not modified or redistributed anything from UBM, and you will need it to use these configs. Configs included: Dependencies: Unmanned Before Manned, by Yemo - required Community Tech Tree, by Nertea - recommended ModuleManager, by sarbian. - required Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes, by ev0. - recommended Community Tech Tree Naval Branch, by Pdelta41 - Required for Aircraft Carrier Accessories, MaritimePack, and SM_Marine License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 This mod contains models and textures by Porkjet and SQUAD, released under the CC-BY-NC 3.0 License. Changelog
  23. When you first start a new career game in KSP, do you find yourself frustrated that you have to launch several rockets before you have one that's good enough to get into orbit. Do you dread the idea of having to grind through a bunch of boring survey or tourist contracts just to slowly progress to the point in the game in which you can consider going to the Mun or Mimnus? Do you think to yourself as you're testing an SRB on an escape trajectory out of Kerbin, "there has to be a better way"? The early part of a Career playthrough can be frustrating and grindy. It's the part of the game I like to refer to as the "Potato Phase". I don't know why I decided to call it that. I just heard someone else call it that once, and it stuck. Of course, you could bypass this altogether by just awarding yourself a bunch of Science and Funds in the difficulty settings when you first start a new game, but most people would, and rightly so, just consider that to be cheating. But there's good news: there is a better way. You can get through the Potato Phase in just six missions, if you play the right way. This tutorial will teach you how to complete the first five tiers of the tech tree quickly, and without having to grind or game the system in any way. Let's get started. For this tutorial, I am playing in the stock game set at the Normal difficulty level. On higher difficulties, there is a lower percentage in Science rewards and facility upgrades are much more expensive. You can still use this strategy, but you will have to work as many contracts as you can between these missions to save up funds for upgrades. 1 - First Mission First, you need to get some science to start unlocking the basics. Go to Mission Control and grab the following contracts: Gather scientific data from Kerbin Launch our first vessel Then, build this and click that Launch button like a boss. (In my games, this is the one and only time I EVER use an SRB.) Note: For best results, assign Bob to this mission. On the laundpad... Get a Crew Report Get an EVA Report Observe two of the Mystery Goos While you're outside of the craft, right-click on the capsule, select "Take Data" and then "Store Experiments". This will store the Crew Report you just took in the capsule, instead of on Bob's person. This will allow you to take additional Crew Reports in other biomes. Launch vessel. During ascent, observe two more Mystery Goos and another Crew Report After splashdown, do the remaining two Mystery Goos and get another EVA report and Crew Report (remember to store the previous Crew Report you took during ascent by right-clicking on the capsule, and selecting "Take Data" and then "Store Experiments"). Also, climb onto the top of the capsule and jump in the air, and while you're in the air, get an EVA report "flying over Kerbin's water". You'll want to right-click Bob before you jump, of course, so that you have time to click the EVE Report button during the fraction of a second he is in the air. This should net about 34 Science, plus 8 more Science for contract completion and various milestones, for a total of 42. Grab the following contracts: Escape the atmosphere Orbit Kerbin In R&D, research the following tech: Basic Rocketry General Rocketry Engineering 101 2 - First Orbit Build this It includes 11 FL-T200 tanks, a Swivel engine, a decoupler, a parachute, four basic fins, four Mystery Goos, and six 2HOT thermometers. Take the monopropellant out of the capsule to increase the dV just a little bit more. Something to keep in mind about this craft is that you have barely enough dV to make it into orbit, so you need to be very efficient in your ascent. This launch is the most difficult part of the entire tutorial. It's not uncommon for it to require a few attempts before doing it successfully. I recommend the following ascent profile: At 1000m, turn 5 degrees. Stay with the prograde marker and try to be at 45 degrees by the time you reach 10000m. After you reach 16000m, lower the throttle to 1/3. Cut the engines the second your Apoapsis reaches 72km. Wait until you're less than 20 seconds from apoapsis to circularize, taking your time and staying on the prograde marker. You need be as efficient as possible because you have no fuel to spare. If the apoapsis gets away from you, stop and coast until you reach it again before continuing your burn. Stop the moment your Pe goes above 70km. You'll probably need at least 3 units of fuel set aside to deorbit. During ascent, after you reach 18km, observe two Mystery Goos and log temperature. Once officially in orbit, do a Crew Report, observe two more Mystery Goos and get two temperature readings. To deorbit, set your Pe to 50k, for a shallow reentry. You don't want your science instruments to burn up. After you've lowered your Pe, feel free to decouple the launch stage. Or you can keep it on until after reentry to use as a heat shield. Just make sure you get rid of it while you still have plenty of altitude to open your chute. During reentry, get two temperature readings. After the parachute opens, before landing, get a temperature reading. Should get about 59 Science, plus another 30 in completion bonuses. In R&D, research the following tech: Survivability Advanced Rocketry Stability Upgrade... Mission Control to Level 2 Astronaut Complex to Level 2 Launchpad to Level 2 Grab seven contracts at Mission Control to get some advance funds. Make sure Explore Kerbin is one of them. Choose the ones with the largest advance amounts. You don't have to complete them. You can ditch them later on in the game when you can afford the penalties. 3 - EVAs in LKO Next, send a rocket into a polar orbit with Bob and pick up EVA reports from as many different biomes as you can. This ship will do the trick. Be sure to include two Mystery Goos, two Thermometers, and two PresMats. Without a pilot, you have no SAS, so flying straight will be a challenge. Once in orbit, the workflow will be: Get EVA report. Store experiment in capsule. Get another EVA report when in a new biome. Repeat. You want to get an EVA report in space above the following biomes: Water Shores Grasslands Highlands Mountains Deserts Tundra Ice Caps Northern Ice Shelf Southern Ice Shelf Badlands Something that will make this mission a hundred times less tedious is a mod called [X] Science. It will not only let you know which biome you are currently in, but it will let you know all of the experiments you can perform at any given time, and even provide you with a button to perform them easily. And get a crew report, an EVA report, and two readings from high orbit (above 250 km) from each of your science instruments as well. After landing/splash down, get an EVA report. You can easily get about 155 Science from this mission, plus another 7 in completion bonuses. Once you have about 100 Science, go back to R&D and get the following: Basic Science Aviation Flight Control 4 - Tour the KSC Build this rover to get all the Science from the KSC (I got about 265 Science). You need a scientist on this mission. Get Science from the following biomes: Runway KSC Administration Astronaut Complex R&D Complex VAB SPH Tracking Station Mission Control Crawlerway Launch Pad Shores In each biome, do the following: Crew Report Log Temperature Log Pressure Observe two Mystery Goos Observe two Science Jr's EVA Report Take the data out of your science instruments Restore the Mystery Goos and Science Jr's Store your data in the Experiment Storage Unit Store your remaining data in the cockpit take data from cockpit and store it again (this allows you to store the crew report) Get back in the rover and move on to the next biome 5 - First Probe to the Mun Once you have about 300 Science, go back to R&D and get the following: General Construction Fuel Systems Electrics Upgrade the Tracking Station to Level 2 Build the following ship. All you need to do is get into the Mun's sphere of influence, get as much Science as you can, and get back to Kerbin. Keep the experiment from the Materials Bay and one of each of the other instruments. For your second 2Hot, PresMat, and Mystery Goo, transmit the data. When returning, get a Kerbin Pe of about 60km. That Materials Bay is very delicate and can easily overheat during reentry, so circularize and come in as shallow as you possibly can. And make sure you stay dead on that retrograde marker until the heating dies down. You should get about 188 Science for the experiments you brought back, plus another 32 from the data you transmitted. You'll also get about 9 in completion bonuses. It's not much, but it should be enough to unlock another two tech nodes. Go back to R&D and get the following: Miniaturization Heavy Rocketry Upgrade the VAB to Level 2 6 - First Kerbals to the Mun For the first manned Mun mission, build this You need a pilot and a scientist for this mission. You want to try for a polar orbit, so you can pass over all the biomes. In each biome, do the following: Observe the materials bay Bob goes EVA Collect data from materials bay Close doors and restore materials bay Store experiments in his pod Do an EVA report Observe the materials bay Collect data from materials bay Close doors and restore materials bay Right click Jeb's pod, and store experiments Bob gets back in Get all available science from LKO, if there's any left to get. Get all available science from High Orbit on the way to the Mun. Get all available science from Mun high orbit as you approach. Get EVA reports above all of the Mun's biomes. To return to Kerbin, make your Pe about 50km If you have the dV, circularize after aerobraking at just above 70km To land near KSC, place your Pe at 19km just above the large peninsula east of KSC You should get about 550 Science from this mission, depending on how many biomes you can get an EVA report of. At this point, you should have enough Science to close out tier 5 of the tech tree. In order to go any further in the tech tree, you will need to upgrade the R & D Complex, which costs about $450,000. Chances are that you currently only have roughly $150,000. Sadly, you will have to work some contracts to scrounge up some cash to make this needed upgrade. My first recommendation is to take any rescue contracts that are offered. It will hone your rendezvous skills, and not only will you not have to pay large sums of funds to hire additional Kerbals, you'll get paid for it. After a few of these missions, it will start to feel a bit repetitive, but adding roughly six to eight Kerbals to your program is going to be pretty helpful in the long run. My second recommendation is to take any contracts that ask you to do the things you were going to do anyway: space stations, satellites (if you're into that kind of thing), etc. Stay away from anything involving parts testing or high altitude surveys. They're garbage and a waste of your time. At this point, you have what you need to land on the Mun and Mimnus, and the Science you grab from fully exploring all of their biomes will easily net you enough Science to unlock everything up to and including Tier 7 of the tech tree. You will then have everything you need to start exploring other planets in style. KSP is fun again. Huzzah! Stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial on how to close out the rest of the entire stock tech tree in just six two more missions... I got the idea for this approach by watching Mark Thrimm's SSTO Space Program series on Youtube. I highly reccommend you check it out, because it's awesome. Feel free to let me know in the comments if I got anything incorrect, or how this approach can be improved. Example ships for all of the missions in this tutorial can be found here. 1 - The Angry Grasshopper.craft 2 - Orbiter One.craft 3 - Orbiter Two.craft 4 - KSC Research Rover.craft 5 - Mun Probe.craft 6 - Munraker One.craft
  24. I think it would be cool if it would be necessary to upgrade the space suits as the game progresses. eg. At the start, the space suits would not have their own tanks and would rely on staying close to the ship to keep a kerbal alive (Maybe have something like a pipe attached to the suit so that the kerbal can't just float away.) The second update would feature an oxygen tank, the next: RCS thrusters. They could be upgraded in the Research Facility. What do you think?
  25. SIMPLEX Living Seeing the coding among the stars... Now released https://spacedock.info/mod/2067 Please see the release thread https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/181681-161-simplex-living-11/ Resources with Simplex Ores and EPL recipies now part of separate mod SIMPLEX Resources. Tech Tree and engine nerf part of separate mod SIMPLEX Techtree. An extension of the Engine Nerf with fuel changes now part of separate mod SIMPLEX Propulsion. Simplex Kerbalism Profile LifeSupport that combines food and water into Consumables, with a waste product of OrganicSlurry. Breathable Air and non breathable BadAir replacing oxygen and CO2. A simplified system when 1 unit of Air or consumables equates to 1 day of usage per kerbal. Masses remain the same as vanilla Kerbalism (i.e. realisitic) although Air is heavier that O2. Air is used instead of Nitrogen to maintain atmospheric pressure. A buildup of BadAir will result in asphyxiation of kerbals, but can be scrubbed the same as vanilla Kerbalism (scrubbers no longer convert BadAir to Air). Rocket Surgeons as a tourist style kerbal that will be used in construction Kerbal Konstructs instances placement of additional stock launchpads at the KSC. ResearchBodies style laboratory contracts Kerbalism and Life Support changes: Kerbal Konstructs: Please let me know what you think. Peace.
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