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  1. Your Superfortress cockpit is fantastic! I did about 1/10th of it when I burned out. I took so many pictures of the cockpit of B-29 "Doc" when I went onboard her a few years back! I also got my fingertips on Glamorous Glennis herself back in July (don't tell the Smithsonian)! Really enjoyed the video!
  2. oh heck yeah, so this will mean I don't have to use the MechJeb maneuver planner?
  3. Yes, that is because I never went in and adjusted the positions for the Caged Inline - it's basically just the same instruments in the same positions as the Mk1 Inline Warbird/Retro cockpit, copied over to provide basic functionality. Honestly, that's a WIP that probably shouldn't have been included in the download, but I didn't do much trimming of unfinished things when I uploaded the last version an embarrassing number of years ago.
  4. I thought I remembered losing switch positions when saving and loading, or switching focused craft outside of physics range.
  5. Just found and watched this video of youtuber @kurgut playing a full mission in the Mk2 Inline IVA! So gratifying to see someone using the instrument layout as intended. A couple of bugs too, mostly related to the fact that RPM and MAS don't store cockpit data in the persistent file. Some camera clipping too that I don't remember from the last time I used the cockpit. I always wanted to make a clickable "focus camera on the lower CRT display" collider in this thing but don't think I ever did. Also, the CRT setting switch doesn't line up properly between front and back and I never figured out why.
  6. The flags folder just has some flags I made for myself. I don't think I really meant it to be included originally. Communication is probably best through messages on here. I just have to remember to open KSP forums.
  7. Unless I added the wrong person, I have added you as a collaborator to both. I also clicked "Request Addition to CKAN" on the spacedock page. The last time I tried to do something tricky with CKAN, setting up recommended mods for Unkerballed Start, I messed it up.
  8. Sure. I've been little by little working on it over the last several years, as time and mental health / enthusiasm allow. I most recently have been replacing my customized props (set up to require power / flip out when pitot heat isn't on / etc) with MAS-enabled props, as well as moving the whole mod out of the Galen/WarbirdCockpits folder into a GameData level WarbirdCockpits folder. If you want the last 100% working version, it's the 0.3a version on Spacedock but the github is updated (as of today) with the most "recent" changes.
  9. oh dang, I think you're probably right.
  10. I believe the Dmagic Orbital Science Magnetometer does something like that, maybe?
  11. regex is a person of taste and wisdom and I agree with them 100%
  12. These all look great - thanks for sharing! Does IO Visuals work with the new EVE and Scatterer which allow for volumetric clouds which blackrack has pre-released on Patreon? As I understand, configs need to be reworked somewhat. Also, will it work alongside Parallax by Linx?
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