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  1. More Jet Engines [WIP] Download Here: Spacedock Currently contains 7 parts: A low-bypass turbofan with reverse thrust, a ramjet, a pulsejet with custom sounds, two piston engines, a TF-34, and a VK-1. License: MIT
  2. MAP Contract Pack for Air flights to bases in Kerbin Side Remastered Current status: Current V2.1.7 bug fixes Overview Trans Kerbin Airlines: Each base to have 4 Airline flight contracts The initial test flight to the airport can be done once Flight service for 4-8 passengers depends on completion of mission 1. Can be run multiple times Flight service for 8-12 passengers depends on completion of mission 2. Can be run multiple times Flight service for 12-80 passengers depends on completion of mission 3. Can be run multiple times New base missions open up as the first mission 1 is completed. Bases are ordered by their distance to the KSC. Each base mission #1 completion opens the next base mission #1 United Knations Navy: Two initial certification missions available; Helicopter or VTOL aircraft Rescue Certification Seaplane Patrol Certification 4 Patrol missions for all Naval Air Stations 4 Rescue missions for all Naval Air Stations If you try it let me know if you run into any issues. For more information visit the Wiki Notes: Contains flight contracts from KSC to Bases in the Kerbin Side Remastered mod. modeled after flight missions provided in Contract Pack: Giving Aircraft a Purpose (GAP) V1.6.1 but not dependent on this mod Contains flightplans for Kramax Autopilot Continued mod Flightplans provide landing information for the various runways at the individual bases Runways where the AoA of the landing sequence proved to be too steep due to terrain were omitted from the flight plans. Complete site to site flightpalns as provided by the original Kerbin Side GAP mod are not included. Install: Available on CKAN Published on Space Dock - https://spacedock.info/mod/2573/Kerbin Side Remastered GAP Download from: https://github.com/caerfinon/KerbinSideRemasteredGAP place directory KerbinSideRemasteredGAP and all sub directories and files in your Gamedata/ContractPacks directory (Create if it does not already exist) Thanks and Acknowledgements: Lots of inspiration and ideas from the following creators inigma - Contract Pack: Giving Aircraft a Purpose (GAP)- https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/129208-contract-pack-giving-aircraft-a-purpose-gap-161-milestones-air-flights-coast-guard/ Keniamin - Kerbin Side GAP - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/133545-13x-kerbin-side-gap/ TranceaddicT - For the fork of Contract Pack: Giving Aircraft a Purpose (GAP) - https://github.com/7ranceaddic7/GAP Nations States - Kerbin - https://www.nationstates.net/region=kerbin For providing the Geographical backdrop for the flight contracts. Required Mods Eskandare - Kerbins Side Remastered - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/174336-kerbin-side-remastered-101-173/ AlphaAsh,ozraven,Ger_space - Kerbal Konstructs - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/151818-181-kerbal-konstructs-18115-15dec2019/ nightingale - Contract Configurator - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/91625-1101-contract-configurator-v1305-2020-10-05/ Optional Mods (support files in "Patches" directory) linuxgurugamer - Kramax Autopilot Continued - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/150846-19x-kramax-autopilot-continued-course-guidance-and-auto-land-for-spaceplanes/ Ser - NavUtilities continued - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/162967-140-181-navutilities-continued-ft-hsi-instrument-landing-system-v072-2018-apr-1/ Test Planes from KerbalX.com My list of useful Aircraft for use with this Contract Pack Mod I've used, built or modified these aircraft to fit the parameters of the flight missions in the Mod. Kudos to the original creators on their builds! License: MIT Change log: Kerbin Side Remastered Gap Extras v1.0.5 Overview Provides 20 additional Airstrips for Kerbin Side Remastered which can be used during flight missions that require ground operations. For more information see the Wiki Install: Available on CKAN Published on Space Dock - https://spacedock.info/mod/2685/Kerbin Side Remastered Gap Extras Download from: https://github.com/caerfinon/KerbinSideRemasteredGapExtras place directory KerbinSideRemasteredGapExtras and all sub directories and files in your Gamedata directory (Create if it does not already exist)
  3. (KAX, FireSpitter, TweakScale - for 1.4.1 to 1.7.0 Kerbal Aircraft Expansion /L - Under Lisias Management, forever THE pack of selected vanilla-inspired parts for your aircrafting needs! In a Hurry Release [2021-0824] Announce. Download SpaceDock GitHub Issue Tracker Documentation Yes, it works with KSP 1.12.5 YES, it works with KSP 1.7.3 (with Making History and Breaking Ground) YES, it works with KSP 1.3.1 too!!! Project's README Install Instructions Change Log Known Issues TODO list Description An Add'On for Kerbal Space Program Originally created by Keptin, then maintained by SpannerMonkey and the SM Industries team, and now under Lisias' Management, KAX is a pack of select vanilla-inspired parts for your aircrafting needs! Included Parts: Turboprop Radial Engine Radial Engine Long Cowl Electric Propeller Helicopter Main Rotor Helicopter Tail Rotor Heavy Landing Gear Jump Jet Engine 2M Aircraft Cockpit 2M Fuselage (jet fuel) 2M Structural Fuselage (empty) 2M Tail Boom This Add'On Requires Firespitter and Module Manager to enable all the features. Project Directives This Management (Lisias) had agreed to oblige himself to the following directives for this project: KAX will remain KAX it will not be rolled into another Add'On it can be expanded expansions must be in keeping with the tone of the Add'On it must be vaguely (as much as possible) stockalike. This project aims to preserve the stock a like compatibility and versatility of these parts, and any subsequent parts will be designed with that in mind. The goal is that any new part will blend seamlessly with the current parts and add to rather than detract from the Add'Ons functionality. Acknowledgements Powered by Firespitter, special thanks to Snjo for his plugin. Additional Models by @SpannerMonkey(smce). Stockalike textures by Doctor Davinci. Greetings to @TheKurgan for his helpful work on the SMCS's add'ons (including this one). See LICENSE for the formal legalese. Please note the copyrights and trademarks in NOTICE. References SpannerMonkey(smce) -- Previous Maintainer Forum GitHub Keptin -- Original Author Forum Curse Forge
  4. I'm annoyed by the lack of aircraft, especially airliner parts and many mods are discontinued or don't have the parts I want. So I will make my own! (Click on the images for full-size) Boeing 737, 727 and 787 View inside the 737 cockpit Taking a look at the 737-800 engine Parts Boeing 737 (Max) inspired Cockpit with detailed IVA Boeing 737-800 Engine Boeing 787 Dreamliner Cockpit with detailed IVA Note that I will probably not add complete airliners, this is supposed to improve your creations with custom-built, specific parts, which drastically improve the visuals of your aircraft! I will add parts as I desire, and do not have any specific roadmap in mind. I'm open to suggestions though. Download coming soon!
  5. so i tried building a HE 162 and i had a small problem with the col arrow, it is pointing slightly backwards, making my tail want to pull up and making it imposssible to fly the airplane., does anyone know why the arrow is pointing this way? or how to fix this problem? (hopefully without altering the desing too much. heres a demonstation video :
  6. An atmospheric aircraft parts mod focusing (for now) on mainly propeller aircraft from the Golden Age to Early WWII. All parts should come up by searching kfw on the search bar. Screenshots Parts List To do Requires Firespitter Download Link on SpaceDock Available on CKAN too. Extra "Requirements" (not needed to use the mod itself, but parts get extra features, or get patched out without them) Personal Mod Recommendations I think work well with KFW (besides the ones on top) Changelog Licensing (for the last version)
  7. As we all know here, Ingenuity became the first aircraft to achieve powered flight on Mars. It also became the first rotorcraft to fly on another celestial body. NASA, however, did consider winged aircraft first. There was ARES proposal that was ultimately abandoned in favor of Mars Phoenix program. There were Earth high-altitude research drones with adorable name "Mini-Sniffers" (pictured below) that could theoretically be adapted for Mars flight. And there is also a prototype solar glider Sky-Sailor developed by ETH Zürich that could be developed into a fully fledged mission if funding is provided Thankfully, we are not limited by either budget or feasibility of such missions in KSP and, therefore, for this challenge, we will develop a Duna airplane Mission Profile: The plane will be stored inside a fairing and launched from Kerbin towards Duna. After reaching Duna, the plane will separate from main rocket and enter the planet's atmosphere and glide as far as it can before it either crashes or lands softly on the surface Construction Rules: Only Stock parts are allowed, for both Plane and the Launch Vehicle Plane must be able to fit inside a 3.75 meter fairing. Fairing can NOT be made wider than its base, which means you will need to get creative with wing shapes or robotics in order to make the Plane fit Plane must be either an unpowered glider or be powered by electric props. Depending on that, your submission will be labeled either Unpowered or Powered Plane can be either Manned or Unmanned, that is up to your preferences If the Plane is Manned, the Kerbals aboard must survive the landing. Whether you choose to bail out and pull the parachute, attempt a soft landing or use the plane as an impact absorber is up to you, as long as all kerbals survive If the Plane is Unmanned, your save file must have CommNet enabled like on Normal difficulty. Don't forget to put an antenna on the Plane and couple of relays around Duna beforehand Plane cannot have any means to recharge its batteries: no solar panels/fuel cells/RTGs and whatnot With that being said, you can keep the Plane fully charged for the transfer from Kerbin to Duna. Just make sure all recharging means are discarded before atmospheric flight phase Launch Vehicle must use 3.75 meter fairing to store the Plane Significant part clipping is only allowed for Plane fuselage optimizations. Minor part clipping of wings and control surfaces of the Plane is allowed, but don't overdo it. No part clipping for Launch Vehicles EDIT: I think the thread name already makes it pretty clear, but just in case: the Plane must have wing parts. Wingless gliders won't be accepted Specific requirements for Powered submissions: Plane can only use no more than 100 electric charge to power the props. Rest of the flight must be performed unpowered Props can NOT be offset in any way. Prop offsetting can significantly reduce energy usage to the point of actually generating electric charge, essentially making an infiniglider. So, for the purpose of fairness, props can only be placed "normally" without additional fine adjustments Challenge rules: The whole stack must be launched from KSC Only the Plane is allowed to enter Duna's atmosphere: non-essential equipment like transfer stages must be detached before atmospheric entry. You are, however, ALLOWED to do a braking burn and even enter Duna's orbit altogether if you want to, as long as you don't skim the atmosphere while doing it. As soon as you're ready for the Duna flight, all non-essential equipment must be discarded After entering the atmosphere, you are NOT allowed to escape back to space: once you're in - you're gliding through the air until the end There will be three scoring criteria: weight of the Plane, weight of the entire Launch Stack and Distance travelled. You must include a screenshot of the first two criteria from VAB/SPH with data shown, some screenshots from the mission itself and a final screenshot of the landing site. Third criteria might be tricky to measure in pure stock KSP, so I recommend Persistent Trails that can track your flight trajectory and distance : just start logging your glide as soon as you hit Duna's atmosphere and then make a screenshot of your travelled distance. Alternatively, you can try out @linuxgurugamer's edit of Persistent Trails: this one will start recording automatically as soon as you enter the atmosphere! Third option, if you prefer to play without mods, is to use KerbNet to mark your entry point and then calculate the distance by hand (check @18Watt's submissions for an example on how to do it) Speaking of mods: Mods that affect gameplay (physics changes or new parts) are not allowed. Information mods like KER and graphics mods are allowed Submissions: OJT Unpowered, Unmanned. Plane Mass - 931 kg; Launch Stack Mass - 66.439 tons; Distance - 596.421 km Unpowered, Manned (2 Kerbals). Plane Mass - 1722 kg; Launch Stack Mass - 62.794 tons; Distance - 754.295 km Unpowered, Unmanned. Plane Mass - 707 kg; Launch Stack Mass - 61.325 tons; Distance - 24478.43 km 18Watt Powered, Unmanned. Plane Mass - 804 kg; Launch Stack Mass - 125.562 tons; Distance - 1189.709 km Powered, Unmanned. Plane Mass - 804 kg; Launch Stack Mass - 125.662 tons; Distance - 1509.905 km Unpowered, Manned (1 Kerbal). Plane Mass - 1188 kg; Launch Stack Mass - 126.188 tons; Distance - 12593.132 km Powered, Manned (1 Kerbal). Plane Mass - 1435 kg; Launch Stack Mass - 66.82 tons; Distance - 1946.392 km linuxgurugamer Unpowered, Unmanned. Plane Mass - 4330 kg; Launch Stack Mass - 418.639 tons; Distance - 1808.855 km Unpowered, Unmanned. Plane Mass - 4330 kg; Launch Stack Mass - 418.639 tons; Distance - 2792.045 km kerbalboi Unpowered, Unmanned. Plane Mass - 1065 kg; Launch Stack Mass - 235.333 tons; Distance - 9148.058 km Good luck!
  8. landplane is easy and all, so i decided to create a seaplane no problem when i take off, but when i land, its always flippin' over JUST HOW TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM HUH, I AINT GOT ANY SOLUTIONS, HELP PLZ p.s: my plane is a flying boat, not a floatplane if u dont know how it looks like, then here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Is7b3viQ6OByeOriPwZWwUJYi8b2hQkS?usp=sharing the craft file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KFoP-Msb2Ie8YClnOlUTvfoBOQFXNNxN/view?usp=sharing
  9. Airplane Range on 100 EC (Electric Charge) Challenge How far can you fly an airplane with only 100 units of Electric Charge to work with? Let's find out! NOTE: This challenge requires the Breaking Ground expansion pack. The Basic Idea: Build and launch an electric powered airplane from the KSC runway. Plant a flag next to the airplane on (or near) the runway. Fly as far away from the flag as you can. How far did you get? For entries covering more than 100 km, great-circle distance from KSC should be used. If you're not sure how to calculate that, submit your coordinates (lat long) where you land or splash down, I should be able to do that for you. Thanks to @camacju and @OJT for pushing things this far! Airplane Construction Rules: Stock parts only. Airplane must have at least 2 Kerbals. They may be seated in lawn chairs (external seats), or in pods., Airplane must have no more than 100 EC at launch. Airplane must not have ANY means of recharging batteries. No solar panels, no RTGs, no fuel cells, no engines with alternators. Anything that produces additional EC is prohibited. Airplane must be propelled by electric rotors ONLY. Any other propulsion is prohibited. No Turbo-Props, no jets, no rockets, no RCS. Anything other than electric rotors and propeller blades that produces thrust (or any force) is prohibited. There are no restrictions on part clipping or parts which are offset visually. Must use stock parts, but beyond that you are free to place them anywhere the stock game allows! Autopilot mods are allowed. Please note that to be valid, they must not alter the physics of any stock parts. Also, if you use an autopilot mod, please indicate that in your submission. It doesn't disqualify you in any way, but helps inform other players. ( @OJT ) General Challenge Rules: Pushing the airplane with the Kerbals to gain additional distance is prohibited. Using the Kerbals to push a flipped over airplane so it's right-side-up again is fine though. Mods that alter the functionality of parts, or which alter game physics, are not allowed. Other mods are fine. Specifically, visual or information mods are allowed. Also, Autopilot mods are specifically allowed. See the Airplane Construction rules above. You must launch and start from the KSC runway. You may travel any direction you want though. Entries should ideally have a few screenshots: One showing the airplane on the runway with no more than 100 EC, and another showing your distance from the runway (flag) after your airplane lands/splashes down. If you are posting a large number of screenshots, I request you put them inside a spoiler window. You can launch horizontally or vertically from the runway, your choice. How well do you need to land the airplane? At least one Kerbal needs to survive the impact, so you can get a screenshot of your distance to the flag. If the airplane survives the 'landing' that's great! But not required. Also, water landings are fine. The easiest path would probably be just take off heading east, and just keep going till you splash down somewhere east of KSC. Planting the starting flag: Some aircraft designs make it difficult to EVA Kerbals and get them back inside. It is absolutely allowed to plant a flag just off to the side of the runway before you launch your aircraft. The flag needs to be several meters away from the runway, so that when your airplane is loaded on the runway it doesn't erase the flag you previously planted. I'm not sure how far away the flag needs to be to be safe. Hope that makes sense. How far did I get? Leaderboard: 4,923 km @OJT 30 May 2022 Getting ridiculous! Even so, @camacju still has suggestions for further optimization! 2,083 km @OJT 17 May 2022 Further weight and drag savings, but the big change was a new flight profile and engine/prop settings. Great circle path over the isthmus northeast of KSC, where 800 m altitude was more than adequate. 1,047 km @OJT 15 May 2022 Optimizations include new flight profile, a few weight improvements, and rotor/blade settings. Oh, and using shorter Kerbals to reduce drag! 373 km @camacju 13 May 2022 Wow! Experimenting with a single-engine design, after seeing @OJT's success. You guys are taking this to the extreme, single-engine props are not easy to fly! 370 km @OJT 13 May 2022. Jumping into the lead. We think. Actually, we think @camacju might have bumbled his last estimate, and perhaps underestimated his range. We'll sort it out tomorrow! (sorted it out- @camacju missed a digit in his calculation, he's actually in the lead. Currently..) 262 km @OJT 13 May 2022 At these distances, we need to calculate great-circle distances. A more optimized run with a similar craft to a previous run. Another single-engine entry, so the pilot has more work compensating for torque. 258 km @camacju 13 May 2022 The bar is raised. Another entry which cleared 10 km altitude. This entry didn't ditch any parts (I think..) but that's being considered. 231.4 km @OJT 13 May 2022 The mission director allowed the Kerbals to put their helmets on approaching 10 km altitude. A single-rotor entry- those take extra skill to fly! 109.9 km @OJT 13 May 2022 Passing 100 km on the first attempt!
  10. This is a reboot of the original challenge made by @Jeb-head-mug kerman This challenge has changed many times in the 3 (now 4) reboots that it has had. I'm going to add a bit of my own flavor to it. The general rules will stay the same though. The Goal: The goal is simple. Build a plane that will go hypersonic. What is hypersonic? Well here is what the last thread said: So pretty much the goal is to get over 3000 m/s. In atmosphere and under 50 km. Some basic rules: No mods No cheats DLCs are ok No editing .cfg files All records must be while the craft is under 50 km. The apoapsis does not need to be sub 50 km. Switch your Navball to surface velocity, not orbital. (Not a disqualifying rule, just quality of life for me) Reentry heating must be at 100%. You can go above that but any less is not allowed. Leaderboard: Highest speed - Manned: @ColdJ 4043 m/s @Philae_Rosetta2021 3861 m/s @visor2580 3301.8 m/s @percyPrune 3228.1 m/s (Landed afterwards) Highest speed - Unmanned: @camacju 25606.46 m/s @Kerminator K-100 6252 m/s @ColdJ 4334 m/s @chadgaskerman 3067.27 m/s (Water landing afterwards) Waverider leaderboard: @camacju 25606.46 m/s Hermes leaderboard: @ColdJ 4043 m/s @Philae_Rosetta2021 3861 m/s @visor2580 3301.8 m/s @percyPrune 3228.1 m/s (Landed afterwards) Glider leaderboard: @chadgaskerman 3067.27 m/s (Water landing afterwards) Ballistic leaderboard: @Kerminator K-100 6252 m/s @ColdJ 4334 m/s You can complete the challenge in multiple classes, detailed below: Waverider: Hermes: Glider: Ballistic: Badges: Yes the part you've all been waiting for, the badges! They have been updated from the original and there are more now. Completing the challenge: 3500 m/s: 4000 m/s: 5000 + m/s: How to submit: Plenty of pictures or a video. Follow all rules Picture of your record and proof that you are under 50km
  11. I built a small plane powered by electric ducted fans and a few RTGs, which is capable of infinite flight. I was flying it on long flights around Kerbin where I set MechJeb to cruise at 4000 m altitude. I noticed something interesting, which is that the maximum cruise speed decreases as latitude increases. At the equator, it could cruise at 280 m/s but this speed gradually drops to 250 m/s at 60° latitude, which is a difference of more than 10%. As I flew back towards the equator, it gradually increased back up to 280 m/s. Even more interestingly, the blade pitch at which this maximum cruise speed occurs decreases from 49° at the equator to 46° at 60° latitude. The electric motors are always at constant (maximum) RPM and the mass of the aircraft is strictly constant as no fuel is involved at all. This is not an issue of bad controls as the plane is just not physically capable of cruising at 280 m/s at 60° latitude. I think the reason has to do with the temperature, pressure and density of air varying with latitude. Can anyone explain?
  12. C.E.D.A is honored to announce, Stockalike Airplane Parts Pack v1.0 This mod adds a few airplane parts to the game, that include elevons, wings, intakes, engines and more neat stuff! Test them out for yourself by downloading the mod from the following links: GitHub: https://github.com/KerboNerd/C.E.D.A-Aeronautics-Division/releases SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2232/C.E.D.A Aeronautics Division Stockalike Airplane Parts Pack v1.0 Also available on CKAN Required mods: Firespitter: https://github.com/snjo/Firespitter/releases Module Manager: https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/releases There are more parts coming to this pack, so hold on tight! Installation Place the folders from the downloaded folder into your game's "GameData" folder. If asked to replace files, do so. Well know Issues No issues have yet been discovered. Be sure to dispute any issues regarding the mod here: https://github.com/KerboNerd/C.E.D.A-Aeronautics-Division/issues Special thanks to: Zarbon (General Motivation) Not_Not_F (Part Descriptions) JadeOfMaar (Part configs)
  13. Thanks to @Hotel26and his boost glider idea, as well as @swjr-swisand his additional design ideas, I decided to create my own Science Boost Glider for use on atmospheric worlds. The savings on fuel would be great and makes sense to me. I will use a standard launch vehicle to get a return pod and a boost glider to a planet with atmosphere and collect (nearly) all science that I can in what is essentially a single mission! Using the boost glider means it can easily be the same tonnage as my usual landers however the bonus is, with its ability to 'skip-hop' across the planet, I can use the same fuel and vehicle to get science from each biome in a single shot and return in the same mission instead of sending multiple missions or large refueling facilities. My first attempt was the XP-87 Harpy (7.603 tonnes empty; 13.723 tonnes fueled) I used a MK2 service bay, crammed all the science I could in it, and tested it. It flew pretty good and needed only a very short runway to get airborne. Quick shot of the service bay. The problem was it kept hitting an altitude ceiling that was essentially too low for my purposes. Switching modes it still could not effectively leave the atmosphere and skim in with any fuel left. It also had an over heating problem in the RAPIER because of how hard I pushed it while it was still in the atmosphere. I didn't want to add radiators or precooler at this stage since it really wasn't performing as I would like. So... the design was nice, but the changes would switch COM and airlift enough to require a redesign... I just started over and used twin intake and engine from a failed (for my purposes) SSTO design (XP-62) and meshed it with the science, basic wing design from the XP-87 to create a completely new Boost Glider... XP-88 Peryton (10.840 tonnes Empty; 18.940 tonnes Fueled) It may be larger, but the result was great! Exactly what I was looking for! Of course there was some heating on reentry that could be worrisome, but this is it! It is actually more maneuverable than the Harpy due to better lift to COM placement and COM movement during fuel drain. I am now going to finish up the design, put on the lights, RCS, struts and this bad boy will be commissioned the KBG-001 PERYTON in time for Vals return from Mun. Many thanx to the guys with the good ideas (Hotel26 and swjr-swis) and to the kerbals brave enough to test these theories out!
  14. As the title implies, your goal is to land on the roof of the KSC, however, this is not your every day land on the roof challenge: Tight engineering restrictions make this a true challenge, one for the can-do-all types. You have to be good not only at engineering an aircraft that fits the rules, but also have the hands required to put it where I ask you to, in the way I ask you to. You might post any attempt with any craft for fun, but competing runs must adhere to the following: Procedures & Rules: •To create a fair experience for everyone, mods are not allowed for competing runs, in any form, save for information mods like engineer. Parts, physics or skill affecting mods (such as airplane plus, FAR/NEAR or mechjeb's autopilot respectively) are definitely not allowed. Again, for clarification: NO MODS - Even if not doing so with malicious intent or even knowledge, you might be gaining advantages over all-stock entries. With the tight regulation margins of this challenge, that's something I can't allow. •Create an aircraft that meets the following criteria •Your aircraft, once built, has to take off from the default runway without any kind of assistance (towers for example), and land at the two helipads on the KSC rooftop. The flight and landing have to meet the following criteria: Lastly, to validate your entry, your aircraft must meet the following criteria after completely stopping: As you can see there's no score system, a successful landing with a craft that follows the rules is all you need. I'll probably make a badge or something to include in your signature. TL;DR - Short, precision landing competition for "standard" aircraft, except the runway is the two helipads on the roof of the VAB. Have fun. You can post entries that don't follow the rules as well, but of course they won't count. My attempt, includes F3 screen to show that nothing fell off after that little slide lol: https://streamable.com/7r7mm
  15. I don't know why, there's something intriguing about an all-wing craft. So, here's the Boomerang. A (more or less, it's got a fuselage) flying wing. Easy to fly, and long ranged, it carries five kerbals- four passengers and a pilot. check it out here: https://kerbalx.com/lucho/Boomerang
  16. Hi, i want to make a ksp mod to simulate the proverse yaw effect caused by the bell-shaped lift distribution formulated by Prandlt. As a layman, i have no idea how to program and create a mod that do that. I am trying to learn a litle bit of the C# language but i think it will take a long time, so, maybe i can get some help. The mod would be very simple, just having a UI that allow you to switch from the elliptcall spanload to bell spanload, and vice-versa. This bell lift distribution create an effect the as you aply aileron to generate more lift on one wing you also generates more trust, thus yawing in the same direction of the turn. For understanding more of this you can search for the prandlt-D project that is made by NASA. I want to reproduce this effect on KSP to make better flying wings projects, i hope you can help me with this project! Here is a link for the NASA's Prandlt-d project: https://www.nasa.gov/centers/armstrong/news/FactSheets/FS-106-AFRC.html
  17. So I saw this from reddit, and idk which realism mod forum to post it in so I just put it here. Idk if it would add much since from my understanding u experience the boom only if youre not the craft thats going supersonic and I rarely fly another craft when I'm going supersonic for obvious reasons but it would be cool for those using multiplayer mods and those that do fighter jet showdowns.
  18. Hi! My plane keeps veering to the left on take-off, it is not due to Landing gear issues. The tail for some reason turns drastically left (WITH or W/O SAS), and when I correct it then turns a ton right. I have tried multiple tail configs and it either does the same thing (tried two tails W/o tail wings, same thing), OR the plane won't take off. at all. I cannot figure out why it does this, I've never experienced this before, any help would be great! *I also tried disabling the tail controls to see if it changed anything, and it did not. Thanks! Picture 1 - I didn't touch the controls at all, only throttled up the engines, it did this on it's own Picture 2 - after veering off the runway, I corrected right and it over corrected by a ton and veered right, subsequently flipping and crashing. Idk why.
  19. Your mission is simple create the smallest plane possible. 1. The lower the score the better. 2. Add width, length, and height to get your score. 3. Only Jet engines are allowed 4. Part clipping is allowed, as long as You do not go overboard. Here is my submission to kick things off. Leaderboard Name Score Rank Rocket in my pocket 3.7 1 KingDomino111 4.5 2 Klapaucius 7.4 3 Lapis 11 4
  20. What is the best way to bring a jet aircraft into Laythe's atmosphere safely? Should I dump as much velocity with rockets as possible before insertion, or dump just enough so my perigee is just above the ocean's surface? I've done the latter once before and it almost ended with a flat spin stall and crash; I managed to land safely some how.
  21. KK's K-1011 "Tristar" Development Thread I've recently been working on a model of the famous infamous Lockheed L-1011 "Tristar", mainly out of personal interest because I wanted to challenge myself with something new (everyone can make easy 3D rocket parts right?) and thought I'd share some of my progress here, maybe some of you like it. Note that this is not supposed to be a replica, I am trying to keep things simple, though this won't be stockalike either and will not really be suitable to use with other stock parts in your own designs, due to the high amount of work needed to split things up into many smaller parts. Things like the engines can of course be reused in your own crafts. Current progress: - engines are done (model & textures completed, still need to go through Unity) - most parts are finished modelling, the gear is still missing though I will make sure to create a nice, realistic IVA for this as well. And some pictures: Hope you like it so far.
  22. Guest

    The airplane picture thread.

    Hi. Just post pictures of airplanes. That's all. http:// http://
  23. Stock Aircraft What A Nice Place to Put Them In! Anyway, I like building rockets, but building planes is another thing I like to do. I will try to update this as often as possible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fully Stock DC-3: Fully Stock Lockheed L1049 Constellation Fully Stock Orion III (2001 A Space Odyssey)
  24. Good day. Since there is an official VTOL thread, but no dedicated STOL thread (or at least not a more recent one, or me not looking hard enough), I thought it would be nice to discuss small, cute planes that can take off and land at low speeds. Mainly because in the last days, I tinkered a bit with these kind of planes. Some of you might know the Fieseler "Storch", a plane used by the Luftwaffe in WW2 as recon machine and by many other organizations since then because it can take off at around 50 km/h (which is like 16-17 m/s) and land at zero with wind blowing against it. I tried building a similar small and light plane and got this "glider" from it. It takes off by itself at almost exactly 30 m/s, has a range of around 270 km (triple that with drop tanks), a top speed of around 135 m/s if you go all out at a height of around 7 km (didn't try going higher) and has very calm and forgiving flight characteristics. It is basically 100% "stock", I just used the struts from Ven's Stock Part Revamp to lower part count (I once made a similar ultralight SSTO with around 40 of the cubic struts). Also, I realized how ugly the stock wings are and how lacking they are in every regard. The second one is basically just a turbine with canards. It can take off at around 12 m/s, but flying it requires a steady hand. https://imgur.com/a/R02qP9s Feel free to post and discuss your creations.
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