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Found 16 results

  1. An atmospheric aircraft parts mod focusing (for now) on mainly propeller aircraft from the Golden Age to Early WWII. All parts should come up by searching kfw on the search bar. Screenshots Parts List To do Requires Firespitter Download Link on SpaceDock Available on CKAN too. Extra "Requirements" (not needed to use the mod itself, but parts get extra features, or get patched out without them) Personal Mod Recommendations I think work well with KFW (besides the ones on top) Changelog Licensing (for the last version)
  2. I'm making this topic largely in case someone else comes across the same issue I did, so that they can (potentially) find the answer to their problem sooner rather than later. The title says it all, basically. Principia, which changes the way physics are handled in KSP, does not play nice with the Firespitter plugin-- specifically, "FSengineBladed" and "FSbladeLiftSurface". I've looked through the code but I haven't found an obvious source for this incompatibility, but I am certain that it comes from those two classes conflicting with/improperly using Principia's slightly different physics. In practice this incompatibility manifests basically only with helicopter parts. If you throttle up a helicopter blade while Principia is installed, your helicopter will flop from side to side and bounce up and down like a fish out of water. It's quite funny, actually. Tellingly, the "current force" field of the rotor will always remain at 0. Simply put, the parts won't work for their intended purpose. Remove Principia, and boom- Helicopters can take off, hover, and crash catastrophically into the VAB just as you would expect. I know for certain that this issue affects the Firespitter rotors, as well as those from "Airplane Plus". Another separate but very similar issue occurs with lifting bodies that use the mod "Hooligan Labs Airships"-- the parts from that mod also bounce about like convulsing fish when you attempt to use them in conjunction with Principia, so I can only assume that something very similar is causing both issues. At the moment, since my cursory knowledge of unity modding doesn't afford me the ability to really find out what's wrong, and possibly fix it, There's not much that can be done if you find yourself with the same mod conflict. However, on the bright side, in the case of "airplanes plus", many of the parts cause no conflicts: so, you could simply hide the offending parts with something like "Janitor's Closet", and not encounter any problems. Hopefully this little write-up serves to help someone figure out why their helicopters just won't work, without having to check for mod incompatibilities one at a time for hours on end like I did
  3. Hello KSP community! This is my first mod I'm putting out for a test drive. This is a MAS-Enabled IVA for the Firespitter Apache cockpit. It is intended to be as accurate as the props i had available will allow. It's not perfect.. YET... But hopefully support for the functions of some props will come soon. This mod refreshes and brings FUN back to Firespitter! Plus i just love helicopters for some reason.... and I wanted a realistic cockpit to fly around in! Have fun everyone! Download Link: https://spacedock.info/mod/2993/Firespitter Apache IVA Upgrade
  4. This addon is under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license 2020 Update Well, it's back now. For now, unless a lot of you would like otherwise, I'll be sticking with KSP 1.8.x as this is the only version Firespitter officaly supports at the moment. I've seen some people haven't gotten it to work for them on 1.9.x versions and it's probably not going to work on 1.10.x versions either. The farthest it can go that I can say it will from experience is up to 1.9.x versions, however if you do decide to use Firespitter and Firespitter Extended in these versions keep in mind issues you find in there are most likely because both are meant for 1.8.x Since I've learned how to properly model stuff, models will definetly be coming out faster. I mostly just have to get the hang of Unity and how KSP does its stuff, and you might even be able to see more parts like engines, cockpits etc. along with better quality skins. DISCLAIMER: I have been given permission by @RoverDude to release this mod. This mod consists of modified parts and shares Firespitter Bi-Plane textures already made by either @RoverDude or @Snjo and are not originally made by me. In no way am I trying to steal the show from their pack. All credits go to them for releasing the original parts. I am in no way a part of the Firespitter development team. Thank you in advance for your acknowledgment! Ever played around with the WWI Firespitter parts and got frustrated with how hard it is to make a replica with them? They look like the perfect parts at a first glance, but there's just not enough variety to make that one Central powers fighter look different from the rest of your craft apart from the paint job or the arrangement of parts, and you don't really want to resort to stock pieces for your WWI save as they look too modern. Well, look no further! This pack was made for you! The only dependencies are Firespitter for the textures and ModuleManager Note that when I say Firespitter, I mean the actual parts pack, not just the plugin! Grab it here! Downloads: Spacedock Download Github Download Change log: Q&A: Q: Why do the parts look like they have no textures on the part list in the SPH/VAB? (They still look normal when you place them on your craft in the hangar though) A: I don't know. This is actually the first time I've made parts using FS texture switch configs, so any help would be appreciated to fix this bug. But don't worry, the parts should work and have colors without any issues! Q: Proof of permission? A: Sadly, I've somehow lost the message I sent to RoverDude. However, if you have any concerns you can ask him. Q: Why do some of your parts piggy-back off of other Firespitter textures? A: I'm trying to keep this addon as close to Firespitter's design as possible. By reusing Firespitter's textures, I can keep stuff from being too out of line with the original Firespitter biplane parts while also saving space and memory by using less textures. Q: What if I find an issue? A: Open an issue in the GitHub, or post it here. I recommend you go to GitHub though, to prevent forum clutter. Any pictures or logfiles will be greatly useful for me to look at! Q: Are you open to suggestions/criticism? A: I am open to any suggestions! Feel free to criticize the mod in any way, but make sure to tell me what's wrong so I can see what to do to make it better! Q: Where could I post suggestions/critique? A: You can post it on the forum or on GitHub Q: Do/Will you support previous versions of KSP? A: Most likely not. Q: Will you do more extensions for Firespitter parts other than the WWI series? A: Probably not, as this mod is meant to be focused on WWI parts regarding Firespitter, and the WWI textures/models are the only ones I specifically asked permission for modification. Q: CKAN support? A: Sure, personally I don't use it so let me know if there are any issues and I'll try to solve them
  5. I've just built an aircraft with mod parts, the landing gear specifically being from the Firespitter mod. Even when I load the craft, it starts moving backwards, but it stops when the engine starts and is put at full thrust. But when I try to land the plane and stop, it begins to go into reverse again. I turned off the reverse movement in the wheels, but it didn't stop. Starting the engine doesn't do anything, nor does braking, only an annoyingly loud noise. What could be the issue?
  6. I have a recommendation/request for prop engines: How about adding an option for counter-rotation on multi-engine propeller aircraft? There is already an option to reverse spin in the engine options, but that also reverses thrust. The torque created by two props spinning in the same direction can often unbalance or negatively affect flight characteristics on many of the builds I attempt. Especially with more than two propellers. I know this is an old, old, old problem going back before the P-38 Lightning. And I understand that there's a vast difference between a real-world solution and coding a mod; but it seems like a sensible fix to a problem I continually encounter. Perhaps it could/would/should be linked to the mirrored symmetry option, just a simple "counter-rotate on/off" button available when engine are mirrored. Perhaps a sub-option for selecting inward spin and outward spin? Has anyone else had this problem? How complicated would this be? Or is this already a thing that I've just totally overlooked? Any advice, or info is appreciated.
  7. I'm running the OPT parts mod as well as firespitter. Every time I load in this particular vehicle, which is using parts from the OPT mod, it spawns about a KM in the air above the runway. Looking at the debug menu gives me the error "ground contact! - error Moving Vessel up 997.025m". I'm willing to bet that its just a part i have on the plane acting up and i'm gonna do some more testing but I was wondering if there was a known fix for this or if there was a way to stop the game from trying to self fix any ground clipping issues. It seems kind of strange for the game thinks that the solution to the problem of ground clipping to spawn the craft a Kilometer into the air. Sidenote: I did some research on this problem before posting this and one of the fixes that someone found was to just remove the Firespitter mod. I tried that but it still didn't fix it. I thought it might have something to do with the fact that OPT is out of date, however I put all of the parts that I have on my current craft onto a completely new craft in a new file and it worked just fine.
  8. I have this helicopter that I'm making with firespitter, and it keeps on flipping out whenever I launch. Any tips? FYI: My center on lift is on top of my center of mass.
  9. Need some help, comrades! But first, sorry for my ugly english I making aircraft and my fuel tanks contains 6 units of L. fuel (30 kg) Wanna use this 6 units for 45 minutes flying at 100% thr. I copy-pasted this module from Firespitter engine and changed a bit. MODULE { name = FSengine thrustTransformName = thrustTransform maxThrust = 0.55 powerProduction = 40 engineBrake = 15 powerDrain = 10 velocityLimit = 0,1; 20,0.95; 25,0 fuelConsumption = 0,0.00001;1,0.002 atmosphericThrust = 0,0;0.9,1;1,1 resources = LiquidFuel,0.0025;IntakeAir,0.375 } But now fuel wasting too fast - enough only for 3-4 minutes. How can i fix it? What values i should use?
  10. When i install firespitter the game crashes the game on startup, i also installed it when the game was playing and reloaded the database and it crashed help firespitter is a very important mod and i need it for other mods like airplane + and community ammunition library
  11. My engines don't spin but provide trust i installed it to game data.Any ideas how to fix this problem Reply Thanks
  12. This morning I taught myself to apply both Firespitter fuel switch and Interstellar Texture Switch to stock parts (Mk2 fuel tanks) copied out to another folder. I have what I believe is a lovely idea which will ultimately and fashionably integrate with (all of) the life support mods. I've developed some custom textures for them following the format of the stock parts' associated DDS so I can have 2 or 3 tanks referencing the same texture file, keeping down the number of texture files, but my altered parts only recognize the stock texture and I would like to have a Mk2 quarter size among them for the "simpler" of LS mods like Snacks! and Closed Loop Life Support. I have not learned Unity yet so I have no power to even hack at the mu files myself. If it's as simple as fixing how I use the model node let me know since everything else works, or do I need to ask someone to make copies of the models that will natively recognize an array of textures? MODEL { model = JadeOfMaar/DSAF/mk2tac/FuselageShortMono texture = mk2FuselageShort, JadeOfMaar/DSAF/mk2tac/tac_all_short texture = tac_food_short, JadeOfMaar/DSAF/mk2tac/tac_food_short texture = tac_water_short, JadeOfMaar/DSAF/mk2tac/tac_water_short texture = tac_air_short, JadeOfMaar/DSAF/mk2tac/tac_air_short } The mod that this is all required for is here:
  13. Hey, I'm using @Snjo FStextureSwitch2 module for my SpaceX pack, and it's great and works great. Now, I got the problem, that when I have a part with multiple meshes (say the landing gear, which has for one the leg itself, the 5 different pistons and the anchor) firespitter will not switch the textures at all. When I right click the leg, it says "Current Texture: ", as if it wouldn't even find the texture root folder. I am 100% sure that the folder is correctly specified in the module. Here's how it looks like: MODULE { moduleID = 0 name = FStextureSwitch2 textureRootFolder = Launchers Pack/Rockets/SpaceX/KK_F9FT_landingLeg textureNames = KK_landingLeg;KK_landingLeg_black;KK_landingLeg_used objectNames = landingLeg_Mount;landingLeg_piston1;landingLeg_piston2;landingLeg_piston3;landingLeg_piston4;landingLeg_piston5;landingLeg_rotationMount textureDisplayNames = White;Black;Used nextButtonText = Next Paint switchableInFlight = true } So the only thing I see is the default texture, I can't switch to other textures, since it doesn't even seem to find the texture folder, even though it's correctly in the module. Could I have some guidance here?
  14. Does anyone have problem while running FireSpitter in the 1.0.5 version of KSP ? Even after downloading the latest version of it ( the version for the 1.0.5) I still can't manage to see rotor rotate, and a LOT of mods who use FireSpitter Addon (B9 Aerospace, ...) have a lot of part unusable because they have some features than don't work. ( AMD CPU (6350), 8GO RAM)
  15. Hi. I'm looking into the FireSpitter mod and the list of modules such as FSmeshSwitch, FStextureSwitch2 and FSfuelSwitch. I'd like to experiment with something that switches Modules inside a .cfg file for a part, like how FStextureSwitch2 switches the textures a part is using. Specifically, I'd like to give the player the option to click through a list of options for an Engine part in the VAB. Each option is a ModuleEnginesFX with a separate name. The end result be some kind of FSModuleSwitch. Does this option currently exist? Can FsfuelSwitch, which I know how to use, be reconfigured towards this effect? Is @Snjo still around?
  16. I really like Rotational Habitats and I can launch myself (that squash down and then expand out), but the IVA windows are always immersion breaking for me as I can explain So I just had a thought about IVAs, windows, with Firespitter and Infernal Robotics, perhaps with a little of Kerbal Planetary Base System with HullCamVDS thrown in. Firespitter rotational habitats don't work with windows in IVAs as the IVA itself won't rotate, so we get the strange anomaly of seeing the part rotate past the window breaking the immersion. Firespitter also won't allow you to attach additional items to moving sections of the part. In KSP when you have attached manned pods, command or otherwise, switching to IVA changes the control of the vessel to the part attached to the IVA. When using Infernal Robotics, manned pods attached to rotating hubs or whatever, results in the craft switching to rotate around the controlling pod and spinning the whole craft. We miss the planet below passing by the window as we rotate around. What I normally do then is utilise hullcamVDS cameras, place them strategically within a KPBS pod with the transparency on and then can switch around cameras seeing the kerbals enjoying each other's company in a steady light gee with Duna passing by the window every 10 seconds or so. So just a thought... We get caught up in IR's ability to attach and create, yet for the sake of awesomeness, would it be possible to create whole rotational habitat as a single part in IR, instead of Firespitter? So, utilise the idea of the FireSpitter single part rotational habitat, and instead have a habitat rotatron that can extend out to a deloyed state? We know from a couple of camera mods that 'camera' views can move around, even if only panning, so can it be possible that IVA windows can do the same? Peace.
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