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  1. You guys know the BD Armorys Armor Plates i want to duplicate them and give different texture to them. I using armor plates as structural parts for my star destroyers . I did copy armor plates folder and edit needed things in cfg. Except one thing; texture. Cfg file has not texture file name and directory line. But even so it is always using bd armory texture file directory. I want to change directory and texture file name. How to do this? (Please speak simple, my english not eough to understand complicated sentences)
  2. UltraJohn's Navball cursor overhaul (now with navball markers!) Have you ever thought that the navball cursor could be a bit smaller? Then this mod is for you. I present to you, 3 variations of the navball cursor to choose from: Slim: Slim (Dot only): Stock Size (Dot only): Slim Navball Markers (Use together with one of the above textures!) Dependencies: HUDReplacer and Module Manager
  3. Suit set now finished up, will probably add onto it in the future when I have time, files are currently jpgs but if somebody could convert to DDS then that would be a great help! Will update to png again when I have time. There's 3 tiers of suits, with a custom IVA and EVA and 3 diff variants for each, also includes a range of male/female head variations. Based on real space suits such as the Sokol Enjoy! Download link: (WORKING) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jTBhRYrQ-8ajBNTllIME5NRXc/view?usp=sharing Curseforge download link: (NOT WORKING) http://kerbal.curseforge.com/ksp-mods/233646-scart91-texture-pack-wip And a couple pics to show off some detailing
  4. I am a complete beginner to making custom EVE content, and I want to use clouds to enhance my planet pack Precursors. I've been looking for a step-by-step tutorial on how to make an EVE cloud map for a long time, but I haven't been able to find anything. Every custom texture I've tried to make fails to load in-game. How do I make a cloud texture for use with EVE? What file type should I use? Do I need to use alpha channels? How exactly do I do that? Is this process supposed to be really easy? Where are some additional resources I can look at? I'm very stumped and frustrated. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I found a glitch that makes my crafts' textures glitch out and can get really annoying. It is happening when you have a fairing part on your craft and you undo a move. Images can be found in the reddit post I linked down below. This texture change only affects cargo bays (I only tested Mk3 Medium and Long ones) and Vector Engines. It replaces parts of the Texture (Cargo bay main part and the Combustion Chamber of the Vector Engine). Once you have that part placed and you undo a move the texture gets replaced by the Fairing Texture (if you chose a fairing design, this will get applied too). Thanks for help. Detailed explanation with images can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/j09mof/glitch_broken_fairing_textures/
  6. A set of patches to add 1.8+ shaders and textures to stock bodies that are not revamped yet. It uses a workaround, removing and recreating them under the same name to avoid the checkerboard bug and to be as compatible with visual packs, science definitions and others as possible. Uses 100% stock assets. Licensed MIT. Compatibility confirmed with: Breaking ground Stock and BDB science definitions, experiments, EVA reports Corelian and any other planer packs not touching Jool system moons and Eeloo Spectra, AVP, Sci-FiVE, EVE and Scatterer Expect compatibility problems with any mod, touching the bodies above via Kopernicus, but patching will be pretty simple, all other Kop patches should be loaded after mine. Known issues - Pol spiked scatters(stalagmites) are missing. Installation - add the folders from the archive to your GameData folder, start a new game, and you need Kopernicus 1.10.1 Bleeding Edge. Download - Spacedock No pics - no clicks, yes. Thank you all for all the wonderful things you create, and report bugs!
  7. https://ufile.io/ohwgpp9d DDS image. https://ufile.io/8o1mpns2 PNG image. The quality drop is unreal. Am I the only one who is having issues with this? Other people's skyboxes don't have this effect so bad.
  8. Just like seen in this screenshot, the props in iva isn't really what i would call high quality. Is there any way to replace them with HD ones? And how hard would it be? Would the files for IVA integrated with the part file or do they have different dedicated file for it?
  9. I made a Model and a Texture for a Part for KSP. But I have the Problem that something went wrong and I don't know what. In Unity the model looks as it should: But the Problem is in KSP it looks like this: Please can somebody help me to fix this Texture Glitch because I have no clue what's went wrong there.
  10. Hi, I am attempting to make my first mod. I tried to export my fueltang from in unity and it exports my model but not the texture as seen in the following screenshot. The error as shown on the buttom left reads: TypeLoadException: Failure has occures while loading a type. I am copletely new to modding KSP and working with unity. Can anyone help please?
  11. I've been using texture replacer and I want to use it for the suits but not for the ground. How would I disable it so it shows the stock 1.8.1 textures?
  12. Any body know of any good suit packs for texture replacer I found some but the download link doesn't work
  13. I stopped working on my mods for some time, however I want to update them for 1.8. Thankfully the parts work just fine in terms of functionality, the problem is that the textures now look very strange. It looks as if half of one part has one shader while the other half has a different one. This doesn't happen with all parts, so I'm at a loss about what might be going on here. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Below are some images of the weird looking textures Strange dividing line: Another strange dividing line: Normal looking one, for comparison:
  14. I would love to have the reflective stainless steel look of the SpaceX starship in the game. Implementing that would be quite easy, as the "textures unlimited" package shows, simply set all surfaces except windows to full reflection. It looks cool and would add a completely new look to parts without any additional design work. Here is a look at a plane of mine in stainless steel:
  15. SPC - Spaceplane Corrections Hello everyone! Personally I've been pretty annoyed that a number of stock parts don't have matching colors or shades. There are two generic white coats used for splaceplane or rocket parts, and there are at least five different shades of gray used for trim (Mk1, Mk2, Mk3, Spaceplane, Airliner, etc...). This really bugs me when building intricate craft so I decided to fix this with FireSpitters texture switch plugin (FSTextureSwitch2) to add a widget to swap between textures and trim colors, as well as fix a number couple of misaligned textures and add a few aesthetic changes along the way. I hope they suit your fancy This mod is dependent on the Firespitter plugin maintained by @RoverDude and ModuleManager maintained by @sarbian. Thank you all so much for making this mod work. Make sure to download and install the latest ModuleManager.dll! Firespitter is bundled with the download. Example image: Trim change gif example: https://i.imgur.com/GrJgIwL.gifv Flap retexture gif example: https://i.imgur.com/5ebwtVz.gifv More images: http://imgur.com/a/KjyV5 -Embed links seem to be broken There's a lot more that isn't mentioned or shown in those images (I.E. retextured the blue nosecone and small decoupler, etc). Check the SpaceDock version history for a much more complete list. Download: SPC v0.19 (Spacedock) License: This mod is published under the MIT lisense. View it here. Well, that's all for now folks! Thanks for the read, and I'll see you all later. - Avera9eJoe
  16. Does KSP only allow the use of squared textures (512x512, 1024x1024 etc)? I have a part which uses a 2048 x 1024 texture, which will not load at all. If I remove the texture from the material in unity, the part loads up fine. Not sure if this is wanted by the devs or a bug, is there a way around this? Using a squared texture for this model would really be a big waste of memory, but I don't think I have any other options..
  17. Hello, I need help to update/remaster the textures of the KerbalGalaxy mod, the plan is to improve the quality of these as much as possible, if you want to help me comment on this thread! Link to original thread HERE Link to Remaster HERE If you want to help me here are the textures
  18. So I was going through some older mods looking for interesting things to use with stock texture switching. And I came across this awesome old ESTES parachute pack by Narhiril . I thought it would be perfect to set up texture switching so they are all available in one part for the Mk16 chute. The mod was last updated for V-1.2.0 . This is basically just a texture pack the chutes work fine and the textures are in dds format but I get this effect in the game. I think I have seen this before does anyone know what needs to be changed on the texture sheet to fix this ? I assume it's some layer that needs to have transparency value or a colour change to fix the problem? I'M completely incompetent when it comes to artwork or working with textures. I am also handicapped by being on Linux with Gimp "sorry" no Photoshop. I was hoping its something easy I can do by just clicking a layer and changing a value or something ? If any of you texture gurus know what I need to do I would appreciate it. If not no problems I wouldn’t expect anyone to spend any time on the problem . this was just something I was going to do for myself and if there isn’t a easy fix I'm certainly not going to. "Thanks"
  19. Hi all I am working on a little mod, called "KKL - Kerbal Kustomz Ltd". It currently consists of a little GUI for actions I require a lot. So I know C# to a degree I actually can do something in Unity/KSP. Now what is far more intense is my "IPTS - Interplanetary Transport System" which shall be a balanced set of a few modular pieces to reduce part count and fit into stock look but a bit cleaner at certain places. Currently I have dependencies to Near Future Construction, Color Coded Cans and whatnot, using just very few pieces welded together with Ubzio's Welder Mod. As I dont have the time to do everything on my own to the degree I am satisfied with, I am looking for someone who could model those meshes and fit them some clean textures. I have spent hours preparing the crafts ... not yet flown them to planets yet because I am astethically - let's say - demanding. Here a few screenshots of the IPTS parts so far: https://imgur.com/a/WHwH3ej
  20. Wyleg's Wonderful Workshop Parts for aircrafts. Mk3 HVC cockpit Heavy heat-shielded cockpit for reusable trans-atmospheric spaceships. Provides high visibility for its crew. Holds up to 4 kerbonauts. Now features working RCS! Cockpit is WIP - currently it lacks IVA and there's no cabin illumination. T-10 Air Intake This intake resembles the one used on Sukhoi Su-27 family of fighter jet aircrafts. It also should fit other replicas such as MiG-31 Foxhound and F-14 Tomcat with this distinctive shape with sharp edges and rectangle-ish frame. Intake is designed to fit stock 1.25m cylindrical jet fuel tanks. Changelog Imgur album: link Download: Spacedock W3 Fuselage Texture Custom texture for Procedural Parts designed for aircraft fuselages that fits nicely with stock parts and B9 Procedural Wings. Download: Spacedock
  21. I recently downloaded a mod that allows me to easily replace textures in my Kerbal game by just dropping them into a file. However, I have only been able to find textures for the sky-box and 1 for Kerbin. I was wondering if anyone had any idea where I could find more textures for other planets, in order to make my game look much better. (I think the textures need to be named something specific in order for them to overwrite the existing 'Squad' textures. For example the Kerbin texture came with two files: 'KerbinScaledSpace300.png' and 'KerbinScaledSpace401.png')
  22. I'm experimenting with making my own parts, and reusing the stock textures to reduce memory usage like what SXT does, but I'm getting a NullReferenceExeption when it attempts to compile the part with any external texture references in the MODEL flag. When I uncomment the texture lines it will work, but falls back to the dummy textures. In unity I have a few materials that use the dummy textures I set up. I'm wondering if I need to use specific shaders or something? I'm using the KSP/specular shaders for them Here are the errors I'm getting: [LOG 09:38:07.498] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'KBM/Parts/Rack/KBM_4U_RCS/KBM_4U_RCS' [ERR 09:38:07.498] PartLoader: Encountered exception during compilation. System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at PartLoader.ReplaceTextures (UnityEngine.GameObject model, System.Collections.Generic.List`1 textureNames, System.Collections.Generic.List`1 newTextures) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at PartLoader.CompileModel (.UrlConfig cfg, .ConfigNode partCfg, Single scaleFactor, .AvailablePart partInfo) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at PartLoader.ParsePart (.UrlConfig urlConfig, .ConfigNode node) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at PartLoader+<CompileParts>c__Iterator1.MoveNext () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 [ERR 09:38:07.498] PartCompiler: Cannot compile part The contents of KBM/Parts/Rack: KBM_4U_RCS.cfg Rack.mbm RackRCS.mu hex.mbm hexNormal.mbm rcs.mbm my Config file
  23. Shifted my attention over to custom liveries again... Using Module Manager to patch in the VARIANT module seems to be the best approach, I have encountered one minor snag however and wondering if anyone (or perhaps @SQUAD) might provide some guidance here. The issue involves adding a variant to a part that displays a mission flag. The following code applies the new texture to the part, the problem is... it applies it to the flag as well. I'd like to know how to specifically reference the part body and leave the flag as whatever is being displayed in the SPH/VAB. The snippet of code that sets both the part and the flag to the same texture looks like this: VARIANT { . . . TEXTURE { mainTextureURL = Livery/Livery Name/Skins/Mk1Cockpit } } After studying the structure of the Fairings part files, I know there are ways to specify that a texture be applied to an element of the object, such as the FairingIconShell noted below... TEXTURE { materialName=FairingIconShell mainTextureURL = Squad/Parts/Aero/fairings/fairings_diff } EXTRA_INFO { FairingsTextureURL=Squad/Parts/Aero/fairings/fairings_diff FairingsNormalURL=Squad/Parts/Aero/fairings/fairings_normals } I just don't know how to specifically reference the part for Mk1Cockpit and exclude the flag or specifically set the flag to Alpha or the default SPH/VAB flag? ...any assistance here with the correct object model code references would be much appreciated!
  24. So i made my texturing on a mesh directly in unity, without uv mapping in 3d software. And i set my material to ksp shader, and hit write. Unity Part Tools exported the image textures used on materials but in game it didn't work. Could it be done without UV maps or/ with untextured UVs ? And the materials to be an image texture, applied on the mesh in unity?
  25. So, i was about to make my own real engine for RSS, but, the KSP.log said: "[ERR 20:01:18.468] Texture 'RealEngines/Parts/Engine/RD180/SSME' not found!" Note: I was using a KS-25 as my example for my new real engine. Can anyone please help me?
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