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  1. 1.2.12-beta is released. https://github.com/UltraJohn/HUDReplacer/releases/tag/1.2.12-beta What's Changed Editor category buttons can now be monochrome color. Advanced editor category buttons can also now be colored. New config options: EditorCategoryButtonColor = 1,1,1,1 EditorCategoryModuleButtonColor = 1,1,1,1 EditorCategoryResourceButtonColor = 1,1,1,1 EditorCategoryManufacturerButtonColor = 1,1,1,1 EditorCategoryTechButtonColor = 1,1,1,1 EditorCategoryProfileButtonColor = 1,1,1,1 EditorCategorySubassemblyButtonColor = 1,1,1,1 EditorCategoryVariantsButtonColor = 1,1,1,1 EditorCategoryCustomButtonColor = 1,1,1,1 Thanks to @zapsnh for this update!
  2. It's a bit tricky getting it to work with modded icons, since it can depend very much on the order that the game loads the mods in and how the mods code their stuff in. Generally speaking it's very simple to replace a texture just by making a config in HUDReplacer and adding a replacement texture, but if the mods load after HUDReplacer, then it might not be able to "see" the icons existing yet. There's not really an easy way to automate this without writing your own patches for those mods. See the KAL 1000 harmony patch for a reference guide on how to write such a patch.
  3. That is just the spacer used to separate lines in the log. If you don't see any specific textures listed in between, you need to hover over your mouse on the element you want to grab (if using the hotkey D.)
  4. I haven't myself run into a problem of the game creating stock alarms by itself. Do you have a way to reproduce this? Potentially could it be another mod that is making the alarms?
  5. Just a quick update, I am taking a small break currently due to being busy with real life and work at the moment. When I have the time I will continue adding the requested features! Should hopefully be soon™.
  6. @Nazalassa Hey thanks! I wish there was some easy way to automate this, but unfortunately it's going to be a per-element case where I have to individually write code for every single piece of text in the game. The same goes for adding custom opacity values to textures. Actually thinking about it some more, I have a few ideas I'll have to test when I have the time to do so. The challenge is figuring out how to dynamically link the cfg file to the text elements in game. How would the cfg files be formatted to support this? I wonder if every text element has a designated internal name, just like the textures do.. I'll see what I can come up with On a side note, I have thought about changing the license of the mod, since I never really intended to use the current one, but I just picked whatever at the time to get started. Not sure how I go about that in terms of CKAN metadata. Anyone know?
  7. Hi! You can do that without using this mod, by using the default hotkey to hide the UI (F2), but you'll still have to recreate the custom overlay yourself.
  8. Yeah you could replace the navball_bg texture, but the needles would still only move within the original positions. You could probably overwrite that with a mod however. From a quick look, that might be possible by changing the RotationalGauge property of GeeGauge. There's a value for maxRot, and possibly changing the clamping in the SetValue() method. Same for the throttle gauge.
  9. I will definetely look into it, as I feel like it wouldn't make sense NOT to implement it in a mod that's all about customizing the UI! With that said, it's a lot of work to do, which is why I've so far only included the ones people have asked me to add. When I designed this mod originally, the intent was for everything to be automated by replacing just textures, without requiring modifying stock code, or adding any more bespoke logic. But that only works for 99% of textures, with a few exceptions like the PAW and the KAL window, etc. And ofcourse all text would then need to be manually coded in. If you're up for the task, it would help a lot with a list of elements that needs to be included, such as like you said, the pause/load/save menu. Preferably screenshots with outlines of each element. (I quickly lose track of what is what ingame from just a list of words )
  10. Most text is stored in the TextMeshProUGUI components. You can set the color directly on these. Here's an example of how I did it with some of the PAW stuff.
  11. Btw, I wouldn't really recommend doing this loop in a method that runs during gameplay. I would imagine it's gonna cause a cpu time spike whenever your navball changes. Instead I think you should run this once on Start() and cache the reference to the Texture2D object.
  12. Did you use the LoadingBufferMask class? I wonder what would happen if you were to run: LoadingBufferMask.Instance.Hide(); Edit: I nevermind, that's an internal property.
  13. It actually sounds feasible, though not something I'm going to implement. I reckon you'd have to go into the two classes ThrottleGauge and GeeGauge, recreate these two classes to have a LinearGauge property instead of a RotationalGauge. Then finally figure out where these two classes are originally instantiated and use a harmony patch to replace the instantiation with the new version. Though honestly I doubt it would be that easy lol. I think the scope of this change alters too much the original code of the game for it to be included in HUDReplacer.
  14. Can you screenshot it? And probably post a zip with those textures, so I can try them out myself and see if I can replicate it. Also just checking to make sure, but it wouldn't happen to be from TUFX post processing or something like that?
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