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Found 2 results

  1. A modern dark theme for KSP based on HUDReplacer's own example theme. Also check out for a dark retro look! we got ksp 2 at home: (navball not included, see below) Dependencies Downloads Installation Use CKAN and search for ZTheme (or click the red CKAN button above). or Download: HUDReplacer + its dependencies Module Manager and put them in your GameData folder Download the latest version of ZTheme and unzip ZTheme_vXXX.zip, take the ZTheme folder and put it in GameData Voila! about:navballs The pre-alpha KSP2 style navball in the screenshot(s) is not included in this theme but is instead @Squeaky's navball. There are also many more navballs that look nice with (or without) this theme. There are three ways of changing the navball In these examples, I'll be using the Principia navball, which looks pretty nice with this theme (and others maybe) (pre-v0.9.5 image). 1 - Using NavBallTextureChanger Updated NavBallTextureChanger Updated is a mod for KSP which... well... changes the navball texture. You can change the navball pretty easily in the UI with this mod. I. Install NavBallTextureChanger Updated Installing NBTCU is pretty similar to installing ZTheme. You can use CKAN or you can manually install it like ZTheme. II. Copy the texture into GameData/NavBallTextureChanger/PluginData/Skins I recommend to also copy the navball twice and naming one navballName_em.png if you want to create emissives for it. III. Create the config file Here's an example of what a config file looks like. If you're using the Principia navball then this should automatically work if you named the navballs navball_compass.png & navball_compass_em.png Make sure the file ends with .cfg IV. Launch KSP and change the navball through the toolbar icon 2 - Using HUDReplacer This method does not need any more mods as HUDReplacer is a dependency of ZTheme. This method also is pretty simplified so that people who don't know how to do method 1 can easily do this. I. Copy your texture to GameData/ZTheme/PluginData/UI and rename it to NavBall.png ...and you're done! If all goes well then you should see your magnificent navball that replaces the stinky old one. 3 - Using ZUI If you want your navball to be adaptive just like KSP 2, then you can use ZUI, a supplementary plugin for ZTheme. Note: ZUI does other things too, not just a cool adaptive navball. I. Install ZUI Installing ZUI is identical to installing ZTheme manually. ZUI isn't currently available in CKAN because I'd like to add some more stuff before adding it to CKAN. You're done! If you want to change the navball textures then you can go to the ZUI folder and swap the textures or change the navball paths in config.cfg. about:icons#KALEditor If for some reason you don't like the icons for the KAL editor, then you could use 's 1. Download Naztheme 2. Take the KALEditor folder in the zip file and place it in GameData > ZTheme > PluginData 3. Delete the `KAL` folder and rename the KALEditor folder to `KAL` and you're done! Wiki Licensing Under GNU GPL v3.0 except for the textures from the example theme. Ask UltraJohn for permission or replace them. Known Issues KAL Editor icons sometimes don't show up.
  2. Naztheme I recently discovered HUDReplacer (by @UltraJohn) which allows to change internal images in KSP, including almost all UI elements. So I'm currently creating my own theme, and since some of you may be interested in obtaining it, well... now you can obtain it Installation Install HUDReplacer if you haven't installed it yet Download either the .zip or the .tar.gz file (not the source code!), unzip it, you should find a directory named Naztheme. Copy the directory into GameData. Please do not put it in another directory, as if you do HUDReplacer won't load the images (unless you change the config). Launch the game and enjoy! Dependencies Requires HUDReplacer and ModuleManager. Download License (apparently it's needed) GNU GPL 2.0 or later Changelog Known "issues" and similar stuff The facility icons for the Runway, the Launchpad, the VAB and the SPH in the KSC scene are completely messed up. That's normal. I'll fix it later. (yes, it's still there, and I'm too lazy to fix that apparently) The look of the theme sometimes clashes (in a visual way) with the stock look (especially in flight). I told you, it's mostly a bit incomplete. Not everything is supported (yet). Broken in case-sensitive OS (fixed in 0.1b) DeltaV button is off-centered in flight (fixed in 0.2c) Action Group buttons look weird (will fix statemaps later) Warp to sunrise buttons look weird (fill redo them later)
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