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  1. A modern dark theme for KSP based on HUDReplacer's own example theme Also check out for a dark retro look! Updates temporarily on hold as I kinda lost interest in KSP. (navball not included, see below) Dependencies Downloads Installation Download: HUDReplacer + its dependencies Module Manager and put them in your GameData folder Download the latest version of ZTheme and unzip ZTheme_vXXX.zip, take the ZTheme folder and put it in GameData If you are having problems, then I recommend using CKAN. Voila! about:navballs The pre-alpha KSP2 style navball in the screenshot(s) is not included in this theme but is instead @Squeaky's navball. There are also many more navballs that look nice with (or without) this theme. There are two ways of changing the navball In these examples, I'll be using the Principia navball, which looks pretty nice with this theme (and others maybe) (pre-v0.9.5 image). 1 - Using NavBallTextureChanger Updated NavBallTextureChanger Updated is a mod for KSP which... well... changes the navball texture. You can change the navball pretty easily in the UI with this mod. I. Install NavBallTextureChanger Updated Installing NBTCU is pretty similar to installing ZTheme. II. Copy the texture into GameData/NavBallTextureChanger/PluginData/Skins I recommend to also copy the navball twice and naming one navballName_em.png if you want to create emissives for it. III. Create the config file Here's an example of what a config file looks like. If you're using the Principia navball then this should automatically work if you named the navballs navball_compass.png & navball_compass_em.png Make sure the file ends with .cfg IV. Launch KSP and change the navball through the toolbar icon 2 - Using HUDReplacer This method does not need any more mods as HUDReplacer is a dependency of ZTheme. This method also is pretty simplified so that people who don't know how to do method 1 can easily do this. I. Copy your texture to GameData/ZTheme/PluginData/UI and rename it to NavBall.png ...and you're done! If all goes well then you should see your magnificent navball that replaces the stinky old one. about:icons#KALEditor If for some reason you don't like the icons for the KAL editor, then you could use 's 1. Download Naztheme 2. Take the KALEditor folder in the zip file and place it in GameData > ZTheme > PluginData 3. Delete the `KAL` folder and rename the KALEditor folder to `KAL` and you're done! Wiki Licensing Under GNU GPL v3.0 except for the textures from the example theme. Ask UltraJohn for permission or replace them. Known Issues KAL Editor icons sometimes don't show up.
  2. Hello all cosmonauts! This is my first post in the community, I hope to post this in the right place. I'm a graphic designer, and I've worked on some mods for other games. But KSP is my passion and I would like to collaborate with the community. I decided to do some tests for an improved interface in the graphic aspect, without intervening in the size, functions or positions of the elements, just perform in reskin of the interface. (especially for QHD and 4k) Seeking to unify unnecessary colors to decrease unnecessary visual complexity, and also make those long trips to Elo more comfortable. The idea is to use flatter textures, with greater contrast when necessary and greater clarity in the shapes. This is a very easy redesign job to apply to the game if the configuration and texture files can be easily modified. With KSP I am a little confused on how to start the work so I decided to ask the community for help to form a team and work on the aspects that I do not know about the game. I have always worked alone, without sharing many of the mods I made, but I think that should change, and the KSP community is one of the best to start learning and sharing experiences.
  3. I would like to suggest few things for the Part Manager: Decrease the font size, it is too big. I recommend to use the Breadcrumb font size (see the attached images). This should be the size for the default UI scale (100%) If a tree node is empty, do not show the arrow. These nodes should not be clickable nor openable. Windows should scale by the UI scale game options Pinning parts in the Parts Manager should be handy during flight. A pin button on the right side of the part would look nice. If player pin a certain part it will remain open and moves on the top of the Parts Manager (could be a new group (eg.: Pinned/Favorites)) Let the windows width resize more and add multiple columns if the width of the window is wide. Instead of this we could have this size. This image shows the columns as well.
  4. Better Screen Messages This is a small plugin that allows you to move the screen message boxes. This is quite useful if you're having the problem of the messages being obscured by other UI elements, or if you're playing at ultrawide resolutions and don't want to break your neck trying to read the text. You can also change the font size used. Keep in mind that both the position and size are dependent on UI scale value as well! The position and font size is configurable via settings.cfg file. Before/After preview: Download: or Source code: GitHub License: GNU General Public License v3.0
  5. HUDReplacer HUDReplacer is a framework that allows you to replace the HUD/UI textures at runtime, without the hassle of modifying any stock files or assets. The mod is currently a Work in Progress, so bugs may occur. It does not come with any custom textures out of the box, though an example config can be found on the github page for those who want to create their own. This is intended as a dependency and a tool for modders to more easily create and share texture packs. Example images: Requirements: Module Manager HarmonyKSP Download: or Texture packs: Send me a PM or leave a comment if you want your own texture pack featured above!
  6. Hi, it is suggestion to add a option to change UI to old / normal style.
  7. UltraJohn's Navball cursor overhaul (now with navball markers!) Have you ever thought that the navball cursor could be a bit smaller? Then this mod is for you. I present to you, 3 variations of the navball cursor to choose from: Slim: Slim (Dot only): Stock Size (Dot only): Slim Navball Markers (Use together with one of the above textures!) Dependencies: HUDReplacer and Module Manager
  8. There is the Wing, Stabilizer, and Control Surface subgroups inside of the Aerodynamics group. They are all extremely similar visually (if not completely the same) and their settings in parts manager match as well. It's incredibly difficult to be able to tell what the difference is between parts in each group. To my knowledge there is nothing in the UI that explains it either. It'd be nice if the game did a better job at explaining why you'd use one group over the other, and what the key differences are between the 3. Would make for a decent tutorial video as well.
  9. Hello folks! Based on the warm response of my last Experiment on a possible Tweakables Redesign (Result) , I decided to take another take on a bigger experiment! The idea was to redesign the Flight HUD, by polishing existing UI and respecting the original project (aka: don't reinvent everything). My approach was: Adjust the balance between skeuomorphism and flat design, adding a bit of texture but removing overused bevels effects. Improve usability by working on clear affordance. If you can drag, press, toggle... Differentiate it in a consistent way. More consistent iconography Easier learning curve for critical controls (staging as button, keyboard hints for throttle/roll/yaw/pitch) Add some small quality of live improvements (toggle solar panels/antenna, warp to next node) Better color mapping. Blue to delta-v, orange arrow for direct input, white arrow for readouts Flight HUD redesign In the end this looked like a very conservative approach, by keeping a lot of things in the same place... But boy, what a challenge! I had no idea that it would be that complex to redraw everything Things that I would like to improve: The action parts buttons could be better integrated, they feel a bit "meh" The app button could be better solved. I would love to see in the future something more iOSish, with a mix of mini-hud/modal/sidebar solution for the apps. I messed up with the font size. The raster version looks awful. Anyone uses the HDG reading? I hesitated to replace it with orbital info multiple times. I would love to add a "time to:" that adapt to hit ground/leave orbit/next maneuver Check the hi-resolution in vector format: https://www.figma.com/file/09xWDTa5XQJy140q7sCyPX/Kerbal-–-Design-experiments?node-id=33%3A134 What do you think?
  10. I'm sure I'm not the first to complain about this. In the Parts Manager, mouse clicks often do not work. The video shows a problem with checking the checkbox. But often the bookmarks are not opened from the first click. They also sometimes close with problems. Although in video a bookmarks behave extremely well.
  11. He tested the emergency rescue system on his rocket. The ejection of the command module was successful. The rocket fell and exploded, the capsule flew off to the side. After it landing, i noticed that a mark was hanging over the launch pad and was not moving anywhere. There is no object there. And for some reason, the distance to it is constantly growing, although the mark is motionless. P.S. And please turn down the reflectivity of the terrain! Well, why does it shine in the Sun like plastic?
  12. this bugrep is for [v0.] On EVA, we can all see Valentina holding her jetpack (MMU? or rather KMU - Kerbaled Maneuvering Unit would be a better name in Kerbal traditions) controls but the status in UI clearly says "jetpack off", the status changes upon any directional control and then UI works as supposed to... Oh yeah, and one can "plant flag" on spaceship surface - the animation of sticking a flag plays but flag is not there. This requires a distinction of surfaces - so that flags are not planted on Eve and Kerbin's oceans, spacecraft etc.
  13. this bugrep is for [v0.] Here we have our craft saved with engine off (see what the label reads? "deactivate") and vice versa - so it is a very common rookie UI design mistake when one initializes UI element not with current value of the bool flag but with default value (true, engine is ON)...
  14. Hey there, In KSP1 you could right-click the capsule or control unit and rename your vessel - I was unable to find the same functionality in KSP2's UI...
  15. The following steps made the problem occur: Start Flight Open Aero-GUI Finish Flight by Recovering Vessel Click away the events menu thing (the one that shows stats like max G, max speed, max altitude etc.) Click on "VAB" after the Flight has been recovered Voila, there's aerodynamics statistics in the Vehicle Assembly Building This is a very minor bug and I don't expect it to be high on the priority list. Cheers, hope the next update will be good
  16. Hey there, What does that UI element even do?? First off - this arrow control should fold-unfold this green... eh... "button"? but it does not, it does nothing, just changes the arrow direction... What does this "GO" button do? OK, it contains Launch and "skip countdown" on launchpad - but what does it do in space? It does not fire engine(s), nor does it warp to maneuvre nor does it execute the maneuvre (MechJeb style) - no it is just there and does nothing... and you cannot fold it using arrow - because arrow button does not work either...
  17. Quicksaving (F5 by default) does not show any visual confirmation (like a disappearing text "Game saved successfuly") - only a tiny audial "beep" - what if someone plays game with sound OFF? It is a de-facto standard to display some kind of visual confirmation after a user issues a command in UI-design... this needs to be fixed
  18. Hey there, In map view, hover mouse cursor over PE (or AP) of your current or any other vessel orbit - no argument of PE \ AP shown, this is ridiculous when planning an orbit via maneuver node dragging, screenshot follows:
  19. Hey there, There are many strings missing that should be in the place of holder variables in main menu, but this one is in the map-view, see screenshot:
  20. Hey there, Load the game, go to Kerbal Space Center, click on Launchpad, select your previously saved vessel - it appears on Launchpad, now ESC and "Revert to VAB" - this does nothing - so either this menu item should be disabled or (much better) - just proceed to load the VAB scene with this vessel inside (as was in KSP1).
  21. Some suggestions to improve the Parts Manager: - add a key binding (for example tilde '~') to open and close it, also make clicking away from it with the middle button close it. - make right clicking on a part in the staging list open it's Part Manager; make right clicking on a stage number open the Part Manager with filter activated for that stage - add stage and parts categories icons to the left of the list for easy filtering and navigation of the list. So with one click you can view just the parts of the stage you're interested in and filter for the type of part you're looking for. Sort of like this but also with per-stage filtering: - specify the part type and size (S, M, L..) next to the part name (idk what CBL-375 is)
  22. Flight ui is displaying when first opening save after booting up the game. The opening menu is not visible.
  23. UI elements being pixel art / sprites is ok, but only if you scale them using the correct scaling algo's. You can't use the same algo's as you do for non-pixel art or it makes the elements blurry. Typically for Pixel you want to use Nearest Neighbor scaling methods, it's clear that right now the UI doesn't and it makes several elements fuzzy and hard to see.
  24. After bailing from a vessel, recovering the kerbal, and reverting to vab soft locks on the confirmation screen but the game doesn't crash.
  25. KSP Version : Operating System and version : Windows 11, 22H2 version, build 22621.1265 CPU and GPU models : I5 12400F, 3060 Ti FE Description of the bug : the ToggleFlightUI key (changed for F1 in my game) doesn't work at the launch, I must reassign on the same key in settings to make it work Expected Behavior : the key should work and hide the hud Observed Behavior : the key don't work and don't hide the HUD, until the reassign Steps to Replicate : just launch the game, éventually with a custom assign (F1) if the problem don't appears with the default assign Fixes / Workarounds (if known..) : workaround is "reassign the key" A list of ALL mods. If the list is long, please consider using a spoiler window : actually Space Warp and Custom Flags, but the problem existed before their install Other Notes / Screenshots / Log Files (if possible..) : nope.
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