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  1. (Not to be confused with the forum game with a similar name) Welcome, to the Astronaut Complex's vending machine! This thread will explore possible rocketry/kerbal-related snacks that could exist in the KSP universe. Here is the default format for all submissions to the vending machine: [Snack Name] Based on or similar to [snack] (optional) [Short, probably a little funny description] [Snack Name: Witty phrase on packaging] (optional) Here's an example based on this format: Tea-Teb Energy drink. The energy drink of choice for kerbonauts. Often explodes after minimal shaking, which is why it has attained such popularity. Tea-Teb: Putting the "boom!" in triethylaluminium-triethyl"boom!'ane! Submit entries in the comments below for a chance to be entered into the stock of... The Everyday Kerbal's Rocketry Vending Machine! Drinks: Tea-Teb Energy drink. The energy drink of choice for kerbonauts. Often explodes after minimal shaking, which is why it has attained such popularity. Tea-Teb: Putting the "boom!" in triethylaluminium-triethyl"boom!'ane! Hypergol Gatorade-like drinks. Most often sold in a 2-pack of complimentary flavors, like how hypergolic fuels need their counterpart to ignite and combust. One flavor is the liquid fuel, and the other is the oxidizer. RocketFizz Brand presents these three signature flavors: Keralox Apple Comes in our standard grey can with orange accents, like the R-7 rocket. Special editions can look like a Falcon 9. Hydralox Blueberry Comes in an exotic orange can for insulation! Based on the Space Shuttle ET. Methalox Grape Comes in a fancy and snazzy silver can based on Starship. RocketFizz's other drinks include: Xenon Fizz A very, very fizzy soda. Comes in different flavors. It's like xenon if xenon were a drink. So fizzy, it's got at least 2000 Delta-V!* "Xenon Fizz: A little goes a long way..." *This Delta-V calculation was measured in vacuum conditions. Longburn Inc. is not responsible in any way for any rocket-based incidents involving Xenon Fizz. Hydrogen Slush The revolutionary premade slurpee! It's made with [REDACTED - PATENT PENDING]. Comes in many flavors! The bottle is covered with standard gold-looking multi-layer insulation, for your drinking pleasure. "Drink it before it melts boils off!" Cold Gas Thruster A highly pressurized can of cold nitrogen gas, with grape flavour! Spray directly into mouth or inhale it. "Cold Gas Thruster: No ignitions Required!" Chips: Honeycomb Thick hexagonal chips that are fun to crush. Best selling flavor is "Aluminum" (Salt-and-Vinegar). Like the aluminum honeycomb used in many aerospace vehicles for strength and rigidity, unlike KSP 2 rockets. Max-Q Based on Spicy Cheetos Extremely spicy crunchy chips, often mistakenly used as solid rocket fuel. Baked Goods: Kraken Munchies Like Goldfish Squid-shaped and hard to find. Served free with a luxury stay at the Bop Casino. ACPC Based on Nutty Buddy ACPC is the Space Shuttle SRB propellant, or in this case, Awesome Crunchy n' Puffy Crispers. Crunchy wafer with delicious cinnamon cream filling. ACPC: "Once you start munchin', you can't stop!" Grid Fin Wafers Generic wafer Shaped like stabilizing grid fins, Falcon 9 or BFR variants. Grid Fin Wafers: "Guide your tastebuds to deliciousness!" Regolith Bars! Similar to granola bars, but more of a sweet snack than an energy snack. A mix of nuts, oats, puffed rice, and chocolate chips with the bottom coated in a flavored dip colored to look like different planets' regolith. Regolith Bars!: No spacesuit damage, guaranteed! Mo-holes Based on donuts Usually overbaked pastries with holes stamped through the middle, sometimes dipped in chocolate because most kerbals don't like charred food. Strange because they enjoy charred rockets, but I digress. The idea for Mo-holes came when a kerbal attempted to bake a cake with zero knowledge of how to do so (most kerbals also don't know how), and promptly almost burned his house down and created a dark-brown, crunchy lump. He got so angry that he punched a hole in it, and in that moment it reminded him of the Mohole. Mo-holes: "We put the hole in Moho!" Salty Refilling Bars (SRB): They're filling and once you start eating one you can't stop until you're done! A smaller variant of the ACPC bars. SRBs: Now 25% taller! Candy: Orion Crunch! Small, spherical, Nerds-alike candy, coated in fizzy sour powder. They are dispensed out of a cute, environment-friendly, Orion Drive-themed container, which is often used to dispense the candy directly into your mouth. Orion Crunch: "Now with 97% less nuclear materials!" Sweet Little Sweets (SLS): They're sweet, little, and did we mention sweet. Best when paired with a couple of SRB bars. Sweet little sweets: The Moon's new favorite snack! RCS Based on Pop Rocks Rock Candy Surprise, has lots of quick puffs like RCS thrusters. LithoBreakers Based on Jawbreakers Stupidly hard, just like The Mun. Before purchasing, must sign a waiver freeing us from having to compensate you for damage to your teeth. Pol-O Mints Based on Polo Mints Now, experience the taste of your favorite moon! That same rush of Pol's volcanoes can be felt whenever you drop one of these into a RocketFizz brand soda! Pol-O Mints: Don't sue us! Please! Gummy Rockets Just gummy worms, in the shape of rockets. Gummy candies shaped like rockets. They are inspired by... well... what rockets do. Contains a soft, gooey center that explodes when you chomp down on one. They come in many different fruit flavors. Gummy Rockets: "They flex! They wobble! They... shouldn't do that..." That's what kerbals eat and drink every day! If you have any ideas, place them in the comments below! (May edit for clarity.)
  2. I'm really annoyed at all the people saying 'ksp2 is trash', 'oh this update might've saved it', 'the games broken'. What do you think KSP1 was like right after it was released. It doesn't matter what type of game it is, the developers need time to develop the game, and a game of KSP2's scope is not something you can do overnight, so stop criticizing everything. Can I get an "Amen" please.
  3. Questaria Aerospace A general parts mod for KSP2 Now Supports For Science! Downloads SpaceDock GitHub Dependencies SpaceWarp (v1.7.0 or newer) Lux's Flames and Ornaments (v1.0.0 or newer) Patch Manager (v0.7.2 or newer) Current Parts - Condor Engine (Medium sized lifter) - Parrot Engine (Medium sized lander engine) - Godwit Engine (Medium sized Nuclear thermal engine) - Skylight Cupola (Small cupola) - More to come! Special thanks to @LuxStice for helping me a ton while making this mod! All Assets licensed under an All Rights Reserved License.
  4. I've been enjoying the challenge of trips to Eve and after completing the KSP2 Eve mission and taking a few (non-returnable) planes there, I wanted to see if I could build a horizontal take-off and landing plane. The end result uses 5 Vectors and 6 Aerospikes. It can glide to a landing on Eve and then return to a low Eve orbit. The wings, stabilisers, tanks and engines all separate in stages during the ascent until only a remaining small stage is left. It was super hard.. the biggest problem I had was struts disappearing which my plane relies on and which are also needed for the re-entry heat protection structure. I ended up rebuilding the craft from the top-down to see if that stopped the problem but it still happened. In the end, I had to teleport in a replacement vessel (exact same fuel state and orbit) with save file editing. Also, the Kraken loves to chew on the shields on the top of the re-entry structure, and the 2 refueling stops (1 in Kerbin orbit, 1 in Eve orbit) required very difficult docking. I clocked up hundreds of quicksaves... Still, the landing and return-to-orbit were fun to fly! For my next mission, I am going to do something way more simple...
  5. I visited various celestial bodies, both in stock and modded KSP 1, and yet Duna is the place I find myself always returning to: relatively small dV required to reach it, enough gravity for quick surface traversal, atmosphere thin enough to allow brutal reentries but at the same time just so thick enough to fly and even land planes. Pretty much everything I could do on Duna I did it: from simple fly-bys to non-refuelable SSTOs to even circumnavigating the entire planet on land With the release of KSP 2, total redesign of Duna and (future) addition of all the new game mechanics, I plan to again thoroughly explore the Red Planet. But, instead of doing it all myself, I decided to share the fun with others! Proudly introducing... The Mastery thread will consist of various challenges/achievements that you will need to complete in order to get on the respective list. Challenges must be done in order from start to finish. Depending on the future updates and new gameplay mechanics new challenges will be added, or the old ones adjusted. Rules might also be modified accordingly Rules: Usage of potential physics exploits is forbidden: no cheats or Kraken drives of any kind If you use any mods that affect stock gameplay (whether it is new parts, changed rigidity configs or otherwise), state them. These submissions will be marked as Modded General construction of the vessels is up to you: use any part you want, as long as you keep within the broad requirements of each challenge (satellites must have antennas, Rovers must have wheels, you get the idea) All crafts must be launched from Kerbin (unless specified) Post proofs of your mission: screenshots or videos. If you have a lot of screenshots, place them under a spoiler Don't mix up the missions: there must be one submission per mission and the missions must be flown one at a time State the Game Version that the mission was flown on If you have concerns or questions about the ruling - ask away! Let's get down to the Challenges. And before you ask: most of the Challenge names are inspired by various works of fiction about Mars 1. Destination Duna Pretty straightforward: build an Unmanned Probe and perform a fly-by of Duna. Very broad definition of "Probe" here: you don't need to have antennas or means to generate electricity. As long as it has a Probe Core and it fly-bys Duna - you're in 2. Otherworldly Connection Build an Unmanned Satellite and enter Duna orbit. Satellite must have an antenna strong enough to reach Kerbin and have means to generate power. Take Ike's SOI into consideration when you plan the orbit! 3. Transmitting Live From Duna Set up a Relay Satellite constellation in Duna's orbit. There must be at least 3 satellites in the constellation. Each Satellite must have a Relay antenna strong enough to reach Kerbin and have means to generate power. You can either launch new satellites or add some to the one you've sent in Challenge 2, as long as the Satellite from Challenge 2 satisfies the aforementioned requirements 4. First Landing Launch an Unmanned Lander (like Viking) and land it intact on Duna. Lander must have an antenna that can reach the Relay satellites, means to generate electricity and some sort of landing legs. Whether you choose to use already provided lander legs or make some of your own from structural parts is up to you 5. Desolation Road Design an Unmanned Rover, send it to Duna and demonstrate its functionality by covering some distance in it. Rover must have an antenna that can reach the Relay satellites, means to generate electricity and at least 3 wheels 6. Bring It Home Design an Unmanned Lander that can land on Duna and then subsequently return it intact to Kerbin. If the Lander is multi-stage, the stage with Probe Core must be returned. Otherwise the requirements are the same as in Challenge 4 7. Strangers in a Strange Land Land a Kerbal (or Kerbals) on Duna and then bring him (or them) back. The method (Direct ascent vs. Orbit rendezvous) is up to your choice. If you send multiple Kerbals, all of them must return home: leave no one stranded! 8. Come Fly With Me Design a Duna Plane and demonstrate its ability to navigate its skies. Plane must have wing parts and be able to land and take off horizontally. Plane can either be Manned or Unmanned. If Manned, all Kerbals must later return home (either via Plane or other means). If Unmanned, the Plane must have an antenna to reach the Relays and have means to generate electricity. Extra kudos if it can return intact back to Kerbin More to be added... Good luck and have fun!
  6. I'm kind of stunned that an artifact of the original game's game engine limitations were carried over to the sequel. Wobbly rockets were always a bug. The KSP1 devs spent years trying to minimize the problem, even bringing on new members to work on the issue. Most people don't like them, and they introduce an un-intuitive stumbling block for new players or people that want to learn space. eg. Rocket veers off course on launch. Why? The control part wobbles away from the heading, resulting in SAS shenanigans and off COM thrust. Furthermore, everyone gets rid of wobble to the best of their ability by adding struts, resulting in a higher part count. So you have a feature, that only produces greater part counts. Why? To keep the destructive effect, just define stress tolerances for parts at which they explode, disconnect, crumble or shear. Also, real rockets don't wobble. Scott talking to KSP1 devs about the wobbly rocket bug. They go off on tangents but almost the entire rest of the interview is on the topic. KSP1 dev describes his next gen parts physics sim in which wobbliness is not a feature. --- If you're new to KSP, wobble is that wet noodle, jello rocket thing. Please get rid of wobble all together. Thank you. Development on the issue:
  7. My second time writing here, but anyways, to the topic. Another interesting idea I had was if with enough resources you could actually manage to terraform different planets. I mean, how cool would it be to have a blue Duna, or turning Tylo into a second Kerbin orbiting Jool. Of course there should be size requirements, such as Gilly literally being an asteroid and Jool being 10x the size of Kerbin, but I think it's a fun idea.
  8. I'll make this short, as it's my first writing on this site, but I believe KSP 2 would be much more interesting if the outer planets were to be officially added or at least made into a mod, effectively doubling the size of the Kerbol system. I can even see how to lead up to it. At one point, Eeloo completely disappears from its orbit, and then further investigation reveals it has captured around a new gas giant(or not new, when you think about it). I just think making the outer planets canon and giving them and their moons touch ups would spice things up a bit. At the same time, the developers have been hinting towards a new mysterious planet beyond Eeloo's orbit.
  9. This is a list of QoL features / plain features / improvements/ whatever at this point, that I'd personally like to see in KSP 2. Be it today or months from now. There is no particular hierarchy. Feel free to add your own! Adding more to this as I read replies because I'm just one person and have limited thinking prowess! That is to say, I wish to add ideas to this list as I read them because I didn't think about it. Not even going to try and keep this ordered by-effect/change. Will try and keep duplicates out If an idea is from another, I will put their name in parathesis and italicized. "Many" will refer to just that; more than one (including myself) Manuveur Node Window / fine controls, just like we had in KSP 1 More minimized Delta-V readout in VAB / flight. There's a lot of unused black space thats not neccessary sometimes. Another toggle for just Delta-V and not fuel tracker is this wish Option to reduce entering / exiting gravity well "pulse" effect. I love this feature, but its quite huge sometimes for me. Mouse Sensitivity options Mouse direction options (inverse, etc) Seperate VAB / Flight Camera Pan options (sensitivity, inverses, etc) "Warp to Day" / "Warp to Night" "Warp to Encounter" (So as to warp to a few seconds before entering or exiting sphere's of influence) Transfer Window Warp Timers Manuveur Node Editing while Paused (unsure if this is a bug, or a feature, to not be able to do this while paused) Rocket Plumes follow the rockets path opposes to statically locked. More specifically related to effect smoke, to have the sight of your smoke trail as you launch "Do Science" button only flashes when there is truly a new science to do (Unsure if this is bug or not) Make Re-entry effect more flashy (I like the current effect , but it feels almost too static and needs more particles or variation.) Thermal bars less out-of-place feeling (Feels duck-taped on. Which I like, but a more visually in-line one later would be a nice thing) Symmetry automatically goes to correct option when trying to apply new parts to something (example, add struts to a quad-symmetry booster automatically sets symmetry to quad.) (Unsure if this is a bug) Scream bloody murder at the player if they forget to put even a single parachute. Do seperatrons seem weaker? Icon Improvement (WiS3) Darkness settings (WiS3) Easier map movement / less clunky (targetting, manuveur node stuff, etc) (WiS3 & Gluckez) VAB camera/movement fixes/improvements/options (Gluckez) Better Exhaust (Jeq) Better Docking / Structure for them (Gluckez) Better plant-dust for wheels, landing, landing gears, etc (Jeq) Exploding parts cause more explosions (difficulty setting maybe) (Jeq) Improved parts manager (inflight + VAB) (WiS3) Robotics (Many) More intituative action group setting Fuel Flow Priority Correcting Delta-V readouts (Many) Entering/Exiting SOI sphere of influence color or effect difference (perhaps a pulsing in as well for entering, pulsing out for exiting) (WiS3) EVA Construction (Gluckez) Snap rotation to world (Jeq) "Ore" equipment (I'd have to imagine this will be a thing in some way for Colonies?) (Gluckez) Waypoints/Map Markers on surface (Steveman0) A mechanic to make precise sub-15meter target landings? (It's kind of a pain to do it perfectly first try. Seems like a thing that would be really nice for Colonies)
  10. Potential Improvements for Kerbal Space Program 2’s Re-Entry Visual FX By IsaQuest, a KSP 1/2 Modder and 3D Artist With Visuals made in Blender What works, and what doesn’t The core system for the mesh that the effect is applied on is fine and is actually a very good system. The main problems are only in the visual rendering of the effect. There are two main problems with the most recent re-entry effect: The effect is very static, which makes the effect look almost glitchy and wrong, and the effect has very hard edges, making it seem less like hot plasma flowing and more like a solid object. "Effect is static" Source: https://x.com/KerbalSpaceP/status/1727445482476351655 The main section of the current reentry effect looks very static. This was a recent change, as the effect shown in the Reentry Heating Effects Dev Chat was much more dynamic and chaotic. The solution here would be to move the effect up and down the plume according to a random factor and adding some vertex displacement, like the original version of the effect. Source: https://youtu.be/pXkabuiVjFg?t=147 "Hard Edges" The most recent version of the effect has some very hard edges. This can be fixed relatively easily* with some Fresnel-based falloff. Fresnel is an effect usually used to emphasize reflections near the edge of a surface, but here, it is used to make the edges of a surface fade out. Here is a demonstration of a reentry effect with and without Fresnel falloff. Without Fresnel Falloff / With Fresnel Falloff (Made in Blender) This can also be applied to the sparks that come off the effect as seen in the X post, which will make them much more natural. Source: https://x.com/KerbalSpaceP/status/1727445482476351655 Closing Notes Thank you for taking the time to read this! I have thought about this for a bit, hence the late posting time. *Please note, I am not a shader programmer, I am a 3D artist. I do not know how hard this will be to implement into the current system, and I do not know if it will even work properly because I do not know how the system works. Hopefully this does give some ideas to the development team on how to improve the reentry effects. Keep going at it, devs!
  11. The thing that gets me most excited about the idea of interlinked colonies and delivery routes is having to build functional vehicles out of necessity. Just imagine having to transport resources or kerbals initially by rover to an sea or airport, then by boat or airplane to a space port from which you launch them to the orbital colony, send them to your gas giant interstellar space port and sent them to another star. That sounds incredibly cool - mainly because you have to design so many diverse and efficient vehicles and actually use them to set up a route - carrying massive amounts of cargo as efficiently as possible. But even more than that.. just imagine a mission a-la Ad Astra in which you have to deliver a person-of-interest (maybe a scientist) on a grand tour or to a far away secluded place. Imagine that the bigger mission is split into smaller ones that requires you to build specialized vehicles which transport the kerbal.. let's say first to a close-to Kerbol colony, then inside the Mohole then to the top of the Eve mountain, then to the deepest place in Kerbin's oceans, then to sample Dres' rings, then on Laythe or Tylo to some secluded place, then inside one of Eeloo's canyons, then back to Jool for a trip to another star system. You would have to either already have specialized vehicles and tourist transport infrastructure available on all celestial bodies, or you would have to build it. In my mind all this sounds very exciting - mainly because you have reasons to build every time of vehicle you can imagine and adapt to each route and environment - both for routine transports and also for one-shot missions.
  12. Each workspace has a name. Each vehicle has a name. A workspace can only contain one vehicle. When you load a file it gives you the workspace name. When you save a file it gives you the vehicle name to overwrite. When you merge files, you merge workspaces. My first impression was, a workspace allows you to build variations of a vehicle. Like a rocket family. However you can only have one vehicle in a workspace. Is the intent that you're suppose to merge payload workspaces into a vehicles workspace and then combine them? Why then can you swap assembly anchor? It feels like "assembly anchor" should be called "vehicle", and you should be able give each one a unique name. A workspace now contains multiple vehicles. You then merge other vehicles from other workspaces into your active workspace to add to the list of vehicles. For example. "Apollo workspace" (contains vehicles) Saturn V Command/service module LEM Apollo–Soyuz Merge skylab from "space station workspace" into "apollo workspace". But this is not possible. I'm not sure what the intent here is... Does anyone know?
  13. My Theory for the Petrified kraken and the Laythe Skeleton. So back in the early Universe they were two massive species of space leviathan that would fly around the kerbolar system like the Purrgil for Star Wars. The Kraken would later develop intelligence while the Laythe Skeleton would become a Apex Predator. However over the course of the Universe it got colder as it expanded making life for the Kraken and the Laythe Skeleton harder so as their territories drew closer together the Laythe Skeleton began to hunt the Kraken and the Kraken began to evolve to be even more smart and smaller. The traits of becoming smaller led the Kraken to evolving into the Kerbals and the Kraken People and the Laythe Skeleton would later die out because of a changing environment and a lack of a large prey animal. So what we see in KSP 2 is the remains of two interplanetary species from an area very long before kerbalkind.
  14. For some really strange reason, whenever I timewarp/accelerate the time, the game thinks I am stuck accelerating at that speed, and refuses to change back at all. This means that I can't change the throttle or do maneuvers, which makes the game impossible. I've tried multiple solutions but it seems like the only thing that can fix it is by resetting to a save previous to the bug, which means I would lose hours of progress, which is very frustrating!
  15. So I saw this post and I think OP there has a point, but I have my own take on it and at this point, I think it's worth making a new topic. So KSP1 and 2 both have exploration in the sense that they have a great big sandbox for you to travel around in, but I think an "exploration game" is a game where exploration is 1) interesting and 2) challenging. And neither KSP1 nor KSP2 had interesting or challenging exploration. Now, don't get me wrong, both games are challenging. That's a fact. But exploration isn't. Go to Map view and you can see everything in as much detail as you realistically ever will. Yeah, you can't see every rock on the Mun, but it's not like you can do anything with those rocks. And yes you can't see every hill and valley, but none of those hills or valleys are dramatic enough to matter to picking a landing site and you don't get science for exploring deeper-than-average valleys or higher-than-average hills. If you've ever played Minecraft and finally found an ice spikes biome after searching for days and mapping every ocean in a 1K block radius, you know what the joy of exploration is. It's the joy of searching, scanning the horizon, hoping to see what your looking for. Rationing food, creating outposts, running out of resources and having to return home only to go out again to search more. That's exploration. I've never felt that playing KSP, not even close. Because I've always known exactly where I was going, and pretty much exactly what I was gonna find. Now, there is no actual need to have exploration be a major feature in KSP. But I do think it's something that could raise KSP2 to the next level and create a kind of joy and challenge that we have so far not been able to experience. Below I've listed some general ways that I think it would be possible for KSP to incorporate exploration in a more meaningful way. I'd love to hear what you guys have to say about it. 1) Reward variety Minecraft actually provides a reason to go to a desert or a jungle. Different resources, different structures, different locales to build bases. It's not just that deserts have more loot than jungles, it's that they provide different value. You can't get pandas from deserts and you can't get cactus from jungles. KSP1 and 2 both suffer from all biomes being essentially the same. At best you might get slightly more science from the poles or from a monument, but that's not an exciting difference. If, instead, you could make a munar discovery that allowed you to build a special new type of engine by gathering a sample in a specific region, that could be an actual reason to explore. It's a reason to be excited that you finally found a munar valley so you can finally build that probe exactly the way you want to. Even something as simple as unlocking certain paint styles by visiting certain celestial bodies would give you some reason to go to some of the less visited bodies. Rewards that are just science or money become stale when you have lots of both. Rewards that are non-fungible, that are actually unique, those can be really inspiring. ideas for adding this: Samples from certain biomes give you non-tech tree discoveries, e.g. a new compound found on the mun unlocks a special side-mounted engine or a smaller more powerful satellite dish. Samples from Certain biomes unlock special paint jobs for rocket parts Samples from Certain biomes allow you to upgrade certain parts. e.g. the Reliant engine gets an ISP boost because of asteroid debris found in a munar crater. Samples from Certain biomes advance the kerbals understanding of the universe, allowing you unique abilities. e.g. you can now use all maneuver capabilities without a pilot (I know it isn't in KSP2 yet, whatever). Please keep in mind that while it may sound dull to have to go to a specific munar biome to unlock a particular paint job, some of my subsequent ideas might help with that. 2) Variety in Challenges Right now there is an element of tedium to going to each biome on the mun. You can see them all from orbit so you just have to do 5 identical missions landing in different spots. They are all essentially the exact same mission, and that is pretty tedious. Something that could spice things up is providing different challenges for different biomes. Ideas: Certain parts of Duna have major windstorms that blow you to and fro Other parts are very rocky and therefore difficult to land flat in. On the mun you could have basins in the bottom of caves that can't be flown to but require a speedy rover. You could have munar sand beds that are spongy and therefore easier to land on. Certain areas on the Mun could have a ground covering that messes with the ranging meaning you can only use sea-level altitude and not height from ground, making landing more challenging. Even features as simple as steep mountains mean you need to either execute a high-precision landing right on the peak, or make a craft that won't slide down the steep face. These kinds of unique challenges are a nice compliment to unique rewards. If you want a special engine, you have to design a special craft to overcome a unique challenge. It also means that landers cannot be as frequently re-used. You actually need to re-tool your ship for each new destination. 3) "Randomness" in environment Something else that is difficult is that you can see the whole mun in stunning quality immediately. You always know exactly where you are going to land from the start. Having some kind of fog-of-war where you can't see the landing site in detail (perhaps it's all pixelated) until you either scan it with a satellite or get close enough would mean you would need to be prepared for the unexpected. Combined with the variety above, it could mean that you need to build really adaptable ships, or do preliminary scouting, both of which would be exciting and rewarding missions. Another thing that could be done is adding features that simply do not appear on the map view until they are discovered. So perhaps you can see a crater, but you can't see if there is a meteor remnant in the middle, so you need to do an expedition to find out. And then if there is one, you can unlock a unique part or a science reward or whatever. This would encourage people to build a lander with a rover that can go explore. More detail on this kind of stuff below. I should note here I don't think a random or procedurally generated map would be a good idea. Rather everyone should have the same Mun, but you just can't see details of it in the map view until you actually map it. 4) Rules and science connecting environments and informing randomness Something that takes exploration to the next level for me is when you know that there are rules governing your exploration. For example, a Minecraft Savanna will always border a desert. And Ice spikes are often found near cold oceans. So when you are looking for a desert and you find a savanna, you can go around the perimeter, and when you are looking for ice spikes, you can get excited when you see a cold ocean because you know you might be close to your quarry. Being much more science based, KSP2 has an even greater opportunity to do this. On the Mun, give some mares asteroid debris fields on their borders that can be scanned for a chance to recover pieces of a meteor. On Duna have mountains form ranges where some mountains will, on close inspection, turn out to be volcanoes that can be used as a source of geothermal energy. This is the reason you might build a serious all-terrain rover, one that can challenge Duna's mountains to efficiently scavenge them for Volcanoes. Or perhaps it may justify you building a Duna plane with high-res cameras and sensors so you can fly over the mountain ranges hoping to pick up heat signatures. These kinds of connections mean players can get excited at finding a large thing that they can explore, searching for a small thing. And that is the sort of exploration people can really get invested in. It's a problem that is possible to solve with brute force, spending 1000 hours in EVA, but encourages creative problem solving. Creating mega-rovers and spy planes that can automate the tedius tasks. I think that these sort of additions could make KSP2 a true exploration game that rewards and encourages the development of a huge variety of vehicles to overcome equally varied challenges across the galaxy. I don't purport to know exactly how such features would specifically fit, but I hope this is a direction the devs give consideration to.
  16. Dear KSP, Built in mod menus for both games, on all consoles. Please and thank you.
  17. Hey everyone, I wanted to share my thoughts on KSP2 and why submarine parts would make a great addition to the game. While KSP is primarily focused on space exploration, including underwater exploration could offer a whole new realm of possibilities. Just imagine launching a submarine down into the depths of a distant planet's ocean, facing new challenges such as pressure, limited visibility, and underwater currents. (it may not become that in-depth) The addition of submarine parts would offer players even more creative freedom in their designs. You could build fast and sleek submarines, or sturdy and able to withstand extreme pressures, instead of struggling with buoyancy physics using cargo bays and engines making your design ugly. the U-dunk-it part already has this kind of stuff in mind, like the spherical shape and small windows. Besides, it's already designed to be used in water. The inclusion of submarine parts would add a whole new dimension to the game, making it even more exciting and engaging for players. If it may seem too late or too awkward to just throw in submarine parts out of nowhere in future updates, I think the exploration update would be a great fit. I truly hope that the developers consider this idea and look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.
  18. Haven’t seen anyone talk about this. Kerbal ragdolling was half the fun of Kerbal 1.
  19. I'm no longer able to link/relay communication systems. In KSP 1, it was possible to extend the reach of my communication network by bouncing the connection off of satellites w/ large radar dishes. Now, if my Tylo lander does not have a ridiculously large radar dish, I won't be able to transmit data down to Kerbin (even though I have satellites with sufficiently large radar dishes in the immediate area). Is this a bug? Intentional?
  20. I thought devs need to make an archive of all the scientific reports you have done. It would be incredibly comfortable. You will be able to easily keep track of which locations you have visited and which have not yet been explored. This reduces to zero the chance that you will make a mistake and fly to an already visited location a second time. There will be no more confusion and no need to memorize what you have visited It is very sad to see scientific reports only "once in a lifetime" in case you fly to a faraway place. Now It's very easy to accidentally skip the science report and not see or understand something in the game's story, the content created by the writers is only visible to the player once. With the archive you will be able to read again any report you have done to understand the lore, to remember something or just for interest sake When you have an archive, the feeling that you are discovering something and increasing knowledge about the world increases many times over, you feel like a researcher. Your discoveries can be viewed at any time and they are expressed not only in the number of science points. The fact that you have an archive of lore knowledge increases the immersiveness of the game
  21. I've been an advocate of Esc = Pause for KSP2 ever since I got it the very first day of Early Access. I've heard many people position themselves against my claim with fair reasons and opinions. The problem isn't the lack of pause when pressing Esc. The problem is that, in order to pause the game, the user currently only has two options. One is almost never considered, and the other one is highly unintuitive: 1) Manually reach with your mouse and click the pause button at the bottom of the UI. Pros: -It exists as an option, I guess? Cons: -It's slow. Most players will never, ever bother manually pressing that button. 2) Use comma ' , ' Pros: -None Cons: -The use of this key directly conflicts with the user every single time you have to manually slow down timewarp, often (literally 8-9/10 times) overshooting and pausing the game by mistake -Unintuitive. No other game in existence based on a simulation of any kind uses this key. Why would they? That said, everyone's opinions have their reasons and a middle ground that benefits both can always be found, specially on this regard. - SUGGESTION TO DEVELOPERS: Provide players a toggleable option under the "Accessibility" menu that allows the user to enable/disable simulation pause when pressing Esc., as the example image below shows: This method satisfies the need of both groups within the playerbase and doesn't conflict with any other inputs in the game, so unless there is a more pressing reason as for why this wouldn't be considered, I don't see a reason for it to not exist
  22. I made some flags for KSP2, and I just thought I should share them. The image above shows all flags in full resolution, no compression, the same as they were when I drew them. You are free to use any of these flags for whatever you like. No credit needed, though it would be appreciated if applicable.
  23. On the following thread: I decided to challenge the KSP2 definition from being a de jure et de facto sucessor of KSP¹, or a Fantasy RPG with space fare thematics and spells and powerups disguised as technology. The discussion, unsurprisingly, risked degenerating into an exchange about what's a RPG and what's a Simulator, derailing the host thread. So I decided to transfer the discussion to this one. Original post (edited on the host thread)
  24. I have done a lot of trial and error to make this rocket work, but now I have finally created the second stage for the full starship rocket. I have tested this in an orbital flight, and it works flawlessly, it is very light on the computer (what I mean is that it gives the normal KSP2 FPS) and it can also land perfectly! (Have only tried a water landing). This has enough Dv to get all the way to Duna! This rocket was referenced from Starship SN10. THIS WAS TESTED WITH JOINT_RIGIDITY: 1500000.0 Craft files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19pS-SCzZqfchSv5mXkuQy2EhPk4Wxjap?usp=share_link Front View: Bottom View: Gallery Link: https://imgur.com/gallery/4ZcbU3W Update 1: Added RCS Thrusters for easier mobility. Update 2: Added the Super Heavy boosters making this a full starship. (16 boosters because 33 broke the game's physics) Update 3: Added grid fins.
  25. Nertea could neither confirm nor deny plans for linear aerospikes in KSP2. So, I want to ask the community.
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