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Found 6 results

  1. I'm really annoyed at all the people saying 'ksp2 is trash', 'oh this update might've saved it', 'the games broken'. What do you think KSP1 was like right after it was released. It doesn't matter what type of game it is, the developers need time to develop the game, and a game of KSP2's scope is not something you can do overnight, so stop criticizing everything. Can I get an "Amen" please.
  2. Hello its me DAFATRONALDO2007 IN SPACE and i added this discussion thread so we can all express our appreciation to the developers of KSP2. if you didn't already know, its a good sign when devs. are in good spirits so lets keep it that way. You can simply type something nice for the devs. or give a shoutout to them, you can also give appreciation to the moderators who have to moderate the forums tirelessly day after day. and yes, if you want, you can give appreciation to someone in the forums. At the end of the day, We are all in this Together. So let's spread some Kerbal Kindness! Sincerely, DAFATRONALDO2007 IN SPACE! KSP2 Developers Appreciation Discussion Thread! Now Open! Thank you to all the moderators and devs. for KSP2 we appreciate you very good work! Also make sure to SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE, LIKE A BIG BOI BOSS!!! That way i know to make more great topics like this one Rules: 1. Please no Cursing or i'll tell ur mommy your cursing 2. Always spread kindness even if ya dont feel like it 3. No hate comments to anyone 4. Spam clicking IS allowed but only to a small extent 5. always be grateful to our Devs that, without them, KSP2 would not exist. 6. That's all 7. plz like 8. or else 9. i mean it... 10. there no more
  3. So I was thinking about how the devs were going to approach the problem of new solar systems. As we all know by now, new solar systems are a major part of KSP2. It is the main reason behind the new parts and even the game. So how are the devs going to handle new solar systems? I came up with two ideas (feel free to suggest more): 1. Hand crafted planets If you are like me, then this is the first idea you had when you heard the words "interstellar travel". But this would be insanely limiting. First the devs would have to make a sun, planet, any moons and all the other planets and extra bits. But inspiration flags and the work that they are doing to make the stock planets look amazing can't be easy. Also KSP is a game of discovery and imagination. While KSP has all the stock planets named specific names, if you have hundreds of exoplanets, you will run out of names, and the community will want different names. If a planet is hand crafted, the devs will want to make the name themselves. 2. Randomly generated planets After hearing about No Man Sky and all the problems with that, I noticed something: I immediately realized how awesome KSP2 would be if the exoplanets were procedurally generated! You could fly around to the new system, name all the planets with cool names that you came up with (this is the planet of MOAR BOOSTERS in the Jebolar system), and you would be the only person with those planets. This would also take a huge load off the developers as they could just set this up and let people play. They could put in special features like canyons and caves, and let the game engine do the rest. This would encourage you to do interstellar travel, as no one has ever set foot on that planet. With the stock planets, lots of people have landed on Eeloo, and you can just look up a picture of what it looks like. But you would be discovering new landscapes! Many modern video games do this. Minecraft is the obvious one, World of Warcraft, No Man Sky, <--- Example of Procedurally generated terrain So in conclusion: Hand Crafted Planets Pros- More of a Kerbolar system feel Greater possibility of Easter Eggs and cool terrain More manageable amount Cons- Amount of dev time needed Inspiration may flag, resulting in boring planets/names Less exoplanets/solar systems Procedurally generated planets Pros - Much more exoplanets The ability to name them More terrain to explore Cons - Less of a 'homemade' feel that the stock planets have More CPU intensive (if you have a hundred planets) Less of a connect with fellow KSP2 players (its more difficult to make a post about your visit to JebBillBobVal if no-one else has that planet)
  4. as the wiki page states you need to have a understanding of the forces at play to get the most out of your turboprop i want to use the kal-1000 to dynamically change my angle of attack relative to my air speed but cant find a way to do so. alternatives are welcome because i cant find any way to change the attack angle passively that would be effective.
  5. Just a suggestion that will probably fall on stony ground. I suggest that mod makers MODULARISE their mods. A core mod which does the very basics of what a mod was designed for Then separate downloadable modules which the user can decide if they want or not. Keep it simple. Mechjeb : should have just the three basics of repetitive use. Launch assist, Precision Landing and Interception. Kerbal Alarm Clock : should have it's basics of Node alarm and transfer window alarm. Kerbal Engineer: should have just the DV guide. I chose these three as they are the most popular mods but the same applies to any mod which tends to go through a 'growth' process as these certainly have. How many of use actually use all the functions and extras that they provide? They have turned into monsters which are bigger, harder to maintain, harder to trace faults and harder to expand. The more that there is to go wrong the more will go wrong. While the temptation is great to speak from a personal viewpoint on what I want these mods to have as extras I will resist doing so and remain objective and so when I speak of 'some users' I am by no means referring to myself. Some users only want a Mechjeb, Engineer or Alarm clock as I described above, others, including myself, would like some of but by no means all of the extras which have been bolted on. Some things simply never get added because even though the mod maker likes the functions, they feel that not enough people would use the function to warrant it being added to the mod. It would be excellent if the core of the mod never changed in function only upgraded to newer versions of KSP. So I call on you mod makers! Get back to basics! Keep it simple! Make the mods for your mods optional!
  6. This question is generally addressed to the game's developers. With 1.1.3 update custom audio filters stopped working because the OnAudioFilterRead(..) method isn't called anymore. The same code works in KSP 1.1.2 and doesn't in KSP 1.1.3. Since the Unity build remains the same according to logs, I have a strong suspicion that something has been changed in the game's code for that part. I use them in the following manner: Get all available AudioListeners and add an instance of my custom audio filter to each of them. Of course, it extends MonoBehavior. Do I need to enable audio filters explicitly somehow or there's not a chance to get them working in 1.1.3? I use KSP 64 bit for win.
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