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  1. I have a lot of effort put into this mod but for quite some time I've been out of KSP. Let's settle this in the following way: I suggest you to implement your fixes, test'em well and create a pull request. As for Fog Of Tech, a couple of years ago it had an annoying issue with lines connecting the hidden research nodes. As another mod had it solved, I quit developing Fog. Can't recall what mod was that.
  2. Version is out KSP 1.8.1 compatible. You can download it here
  3. Yes, the mod hasn't been maintained quite awhile, plus some serious issues waiting to be fixed. Have plans but absolutely have no time for it yet.
  4. You can also download from github releases: https://github.com/SerTheGreat/NavInstruments/releases/download/v0.7.1/NavUtilities.continued-0.7.1.zip It should be on the navigation page of RPM
  5. Short answer: yes. Long answer is that some my other mods require update too along with troubles mentioned by @Gordon Dry. So it happens when it happpens.
  6. @Eskandare, @Ger_space, @alexustas Wouldn't it be better to develop a universal data format for all of the aircraft navigation needs: runway coords, ILS positions, markers, beacons and so on? We have several mods for navigation now: NavUtilities, KerbinSide, MAS, ASET each having its own database of nav data. If we had some common standard to represent and externalize those data, the mods could work interchangably and without the need to import/convert/addapt/update. How cool it would be when KerbinSide adds a few runways they were naturally usable by NavUtilities and by every MAS-based cockpit, and ASET cockpits too. I have thoughts of creating a MM patch that forces ASET props to use configurable nav data instead of its inner hard-configured ones (now the idea is years old). The main question is the data standard. Having that we could move further and introduce, for example, an ATC that universally works with every runway and navaid added by every mod.
  7. That's interesting. Thanks for the report, I'll look into that.
  8. The only progress so far is in the following post. Hope that helps.
  9. I haven't tried your solution but my problem had been caused most likely by Fraps settings: by default it has F9 key set to start recording. So every time I've quickloaded in KSP with Fraps running (and I've done that much while testing my mods), Fraps started recording in the background and ruined my FPS. After 30 seconds it stopped recording, returning FPS back to normal "unexplainably". I've found that accidentally while inspecting my harddrive and looking into the Fraps folder containing a bunch of 30 sec videos taking up around 10 gigs.
  10. Thanks for your help. I think these settings will make their way to the release, the "space smacks" bug was there in the current version anyway.
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