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Found 22 results

  1. This is a continuation of NavUtilities mod by @kujuman. Original thread: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/77062-11-navutilities-ft-hsi-instrument-landing-system/ To keep as much of the author's information on the mod as possible I copy most of the original thread's OP here with some updates: NavUtilities for KSP Featuring Instrument Landing System and Horizontal Situation Indicator Standalone and for Raster Prop Monitor NOTE: Standalone version is a popup window, but the information displayed is the same Adds a horizontal situation indicator with integrated ILS functionality to a popup window or your RPM cockpit. The standalone version can be accessed (along with the options page and custom runway page, for controlling the current runway and GUI scale) via the App Launcher. ILS style localizer, glideslope indicator, distance measuring equipment, and backcourse indicator. Outer, Middle, and Inner Markers are fully functional, with the audio cue volume controlled by your Voices volume setting (WARNING: Middle and Inner marker audio cues are high pitch and, depending on your settings, may be loud). Currently, volume settings will not update when in flight, but going to the space center should update them. The window GUI auto hides when you enter IVA. Current runway and glideslope selection remain synced between the standalone GUI and the version for RPM. Included selectable runways: KSC 09 KSC 27 Island 09 Island 27 VAB Helipad East VAB Helipad West Administration Helipad Included glideslopes range from default 3° to 25° More runways and glideslopes can be added via config file or in game. Helpful images of 0.4.0+ features Please note that if you are using KSI MFD, you can also select the HSI by cycling between this and the landing screen. Thanks to Tahvohck! DOWNLOAD from SpaceDock HINT by @Ser: Did you know that you can open the settings window holding Alt when pressing the toolbar button? Copy the contents of GameData folder into your main KSP/GameData/ folder. The other files are not required for the plugin to function. To enable some third party MFD support or to be able to modify runway data in a convenient way you'll need Module Manager by sarbian For RPM integration you'll additionally need RasterPropMonitor by Mihara and MOARdV However, NavUtilities doesn't depend on these mods for running in standalone. LICENSE AS STATED BY @kujuman: Software License: © 2014-2016. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to any current, former, or future members of the KSP community (e.g.; non-professional modification makers and forum members) to update, maintain, use portions of the code, and/or release derivatives provided that 1) the new work is solely to be used as a modification for Kerbal Space Program (and future versions thereof) and 2) the new work is freely distributed and may not be sold or exchanged. Artwork License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
  2. With the 1.7 update, we got the extra pane on the map screen to see more and fine tune maneuver node information and etc. I really love it! However, when planning multiple maneuvers (or trying to plan ahead) why can't we see a total Delta V number for all planned Maneuver Nodes? Also, what about having the delta v for each upcoming node appear separately near the Navball in addition to just the one upcoming node?
  3. Am I missing something in regards to navigation to a specific point, whether on the surface or in space? Right now, I have a contract in career to take an EVA report on 3 specific locations. I can see on the map they are very close to KSC.....essentially, the points are all out by the Squad monolith marker out in the distance from the KSC. The problems: The map doesn't zoom in enough to tell me exactly where these points are. I can see them on the map, but the zoom feature doesn't get close enough in Map view to get a solid idea where these points really are. I there an actual built in waypoint system in KSP? If there is, I've never come across it. Seems like a very big need in the game, without the use of mods, to be able to set a point on a surface or in space, and have some type of guidance system tell you where you need to go. I actually clicked on the point on the map, and chose set Navigation.....but because it is on the surface, I see nothing on the NavBall for navigation. I have used the Set Navigation before on a point on Kerbin in the air, like 19000m high, so I know what the symbol would look like on the Navball. Doesn't seem that it helps if the point is on the surface. So I ask....am I missing something? Is there really NO true, well working Navigation system in KSP stock game? Is there a mod that makes navigating surface and spatial waypoints better?
  4. I recall someone once in an old KSP-TV stream had once made a sextant to use with looking out a capsule window and get a reading on the stars in space. Has anyone else ever tried this? By extension, is it possible to navigate in KSP using the stars in stock KSP? Like writing up a star table, for example, to tell you where you should be if you can see certain stars at certain angles. Also, outside of just extracting the sky-box outright, has anyone made a star chart for KSP? I'm rather curious to know.
  5. I’ve been having trouble with my interplanetary transfers that I’d been blaming on my own sloppy piloting. But this time it wasn’t me. Honest! Flight to Jool. Got my transfer window from AlexMoon, Found the departure angle, put my ship in an elliptical orbit (9000km x 100km) w/ Pe at the departure point. Plotted a perfect departure burn; intercept just at Ap, which was just at Acending Node (actually was plotted as collision w/ Jool) Ship has a low TWR, so it’s a 15 minute burn. Can’t start 8 minutes before the node, that too early, so I go 4 minutes early, and the burn is going to run 4 minutes late. Locked to node, the burn is nominal. At T+8:15, with 40m/s to go, I switch to map view and my AP is already way past Jool! I abort the burn, and plot a correction; It’s going to take a retrograde burn of 150 m/s just to get me back to my original course. What the kerb happened? It wasn’t me! Was the plotted node off by almost 200m/s? Is that possible? Did the nav system not properly calculate Oberth effect? What gives?
  6. I have been away. Had an intense and torrid love affair with Elite Dangerous - which will only run in Windows. Most of my games are installed in Linux which meant I didn't play anything else but ED for a few months! Having had Windows force an update while I was playing ED ( and in combat no less, the digital rug was firmly pulled from under my feet) my system, set up as it is, defaulted to Linux on reboot so Here I am again! To get back into KSP I thought I'd try something in Sandbox before getting back into my proper career mode game and after killing Jeb on re-entry after a Mun Orbit or 3 using an example ship ( I really should have done some breaking maneuvers, I just didn't realise I had no heat shield ) I decided to see what ion thrusters were all about. They say they can go anywhere so I built the "Go Anywhere Seat". It has 19,600 m/s DV. Enough RTG's to run both ion engines at 50% power indefinitely the solar panels should make up the rest ( I hope ) even so the 1k battery can recharge off the RTG's in deep space if the sunlight is too little.. here it is in all it's glory with Valentina on the nose in the seat! Now, the thing is, it only has 4kn of thrust. I thought KER said 0.4 TWR when building which would have been fine and dandy. However it's only 0.04. Now I know this thing CAN fly anywhere. Just how to do it. For example a minmus transfer orbit is a 46 minute burn. So I know I'll need to do several burns to increase AP to the desired distance. What I want to know most though is how do I get encounters when navigating using multiple burns like that?
  7. Nothing to see here. Move along. Maybe go install "Trajectories" and, in map view, zoom out.
  8. While landing a rocket near a target is very simple, because you see the "anti-vector" () of the target position on the navball, landing precisely near a waypoint it's impossible. When you set the navigation, in the navball only appear the waypoint vector and not the "anti-vector". So when you are landing, and of corse your rocket is facing the sky, you don't have any clue if you are going in the right way, because you don't see the direction (the marker is in the other half of the navball, and you can see it only pointing the spacecraft "nose-down"). Anyone knows a mod that add it? I've searched for a while now, and it surprise me that there isn't a plug-in out there for this simple problem. I've tried waypoint manager, that add the waypoing on flight mode, and searched for a non-exsisting uptated version of enhanced navball
  9. The last challenge I did was the awesome Retrosolar Rescue, for which my entry took 4 months of play time, over 200 years of game time, and 47 gravity assists. Needless to say, after a grind like that I'm ready to take on something quicker! So here goes: Fresh Eggs! While shoveling icy dirt on a routine surface sample collection mission in the polar regions, Jebediah makes the find of a century: he unearths a clutch of Kraken eggs! The potential value of these to the scientists at the KSC is beyond measure, but it soon becomes evident that disturbing the eggs has harmed their health. When Jebediah calls home for advice, Bob asks around the conference room and nobody has any ideas, so he decides to just make something up: maybe those Gravioli anomalies we detect around the KSC Monolith have the power to revive them! Taking the circle of blank faces looking back at him as a clear sign of agreement, he confidently tells Jebediah that's the plan: bring them home as fast as you can! So Jebediah jumps into action to prepare for emergency departure, unfortunately in the process spilling his coffee all over the ship's navigation control panel. After putting the fire out, he discovers that his Kerbumi Industries ignition switch is completely destroyed and he is stuck, unable to take off. He does the only thing he can in this situation: he calls Bob again and tells him the switch blew up on its own as he was trying to ignite his main engines. So now there is only one solution left: Get a ship to Jebediah's polar landing site as fast as possible and bring those eggs back to the KSC Monolith! Scoring will be based on one thing only: Lowest game time elapsed from rescue mission launch to Jebediah (or a rescuer who has boarded his ship) tagging the Monolith. That is, you must first fly Jebediah to one of the landing sites below, then launch a ship from the KSC, rendezvous with him at his landing site, and take either ship back home to the KSC. "Rendezvous" means either Jeb must board the rescue ship (bringing the eggs with him) or the rescue ship pilot must board Jeb's vessel (bringing the replacement ignition switch), or alternately either of them could board either vessel after the two have met on EVA, transferring the eggs/switch. The clock starts when the rescue mission takes off from the KSC, and to stop it Jebediah must actually touch the KSC Monolith on EVA after the rendezvous. Any non-cheating means of getting either Jebediah to the rescue ship or a rescuing Kerbal to Jebediah's ship is allowed, with the understanding that Jebediah's ship cannot take off until a rescuing Kerbal has boarded it. It's basically a relay race, with the monolith as finish line, in which the baton can be passed in either direction when the two runners meet. To make it more interesting, I will start with three difficulty categories: Level One -- Kerpolar Express: Jebediah is stuck somewhere on either ice cap of Kerbin. Level Two -- Munerang: Jebediah is stuck anywhere in one of the polar biomes on the Mun. Level Three -- The Dunan: Jebediah is stuck on either ice cap of Duna. If you want to rescue Jebediah from an even more difficult site, I will make a separate category for you, provided the rescue location is above ~50 degrees latitude on whatever body you choose. I don't want the challenge to require only equatorial orbits, because I don't want landing right next to Jebediah to be too easy. Here are some more basic rules and clarifications: 1) Please provide sufficient screenshots to allow me to determine the exact time elapsed from rescue mission launch to Monolith contact. Screenshots for each ship in VAB/SPH, at launch, and around rendezvous are also required. A movie that shows all this is of course OK too. 2) You may pre-position one ship of any size/type with Jebediah, equipped with whatever rovers or other resources you want, provided you fly it there yourself. Use of Hyperedit to place stuff at Jebediah's site is forbidden, however use of ISRU to refuel at the landing site is allowed. Proviso: if you just want to place a naked Jeb or non-functional vessel at the rescue site, you may certainly use HyperEdit to do that. The point is just to prevent people from placing gigantic vessels at the rescue site without having to fly them there. 3) Similarly, you may put together your rescue ship any way you want, i.e. with rovers, in orbit, etc., but you must pilot all components yourself. In any event, the clock will start with the launch of the first rescue ship component from the KSC. 4) You may not use MechJeb or any other piloting mods to fly your ships for you. Purely informational use of MechJeb and other infomational mods like KER, etc. is encouraged to facilitate evaluation of entries. 5) Balanced parts mods, i.e. those that don't greatly alter performance, are OK, but you must use stock aerodynamics and otherwise stock physics to keep the playing field level. 6) There is in fact a Rule 6, and it is that all alt-f12 menu cheats are forbidden. 7) For levels 2 and 3, you can advance the clock to whatever relationship you want between Kerbin and the target body before you launch your rescue mission. The clock will not start until you launch. Since this challenge is clearly doable in principle, I will not be submitting any of my own entries right away. I will however do it at all three levels and submit them when I'm finished. I will also make a leader board and maybe even a badge if this thing gets any takers.....
  10. Hello again, and thank you so much for helping me on my last dilemma. My next issue is the observation challenge. Is there anyway to add navigation markers on the ball like in the tutorials, or build some sort of flight plan to follow? (Or do they appear on the map when you accept the mission?) Im just not sure how to find these locations and get above them for observation. I didn't want to accept it before I knew what was up. -Thanks again!
  11. Good evening all. Quick question about setting navigation. I am in a plane, and I know how to set navigation to contract locations, but, is there a way to set the navigation for the KSC for the return trip?
  12. I open the navigation ball in the Map section but it closes again when I go back to 3D view and come back again, how do I fix it? I apologize for the bad english translation with Google Translate.
  13. Mod Edit: This thread has been closed, and can be reopened by request of the OP. Danger Alerts adds alerts that trigger while your ship is crashing, burning, and all around not having a good time. It also adds a simple interface that let's you silence, or modify exactly when the alarms go off. Currently, there are two alarms: one for when you're about to crash, and a highly configurable resource alarm for when you're running low on electricity, life support, or fuel. If you have any suggestions, bugs to report, or opinions on your favourite type of potato chip, please post here. I'll reply as soon as I can. Download here: SpaceDock Dropbox v1.2 (Or use CKAN) FAQ: Q: Is the alarm auditory or visual?: A: The alarm uses a sound, a harsh *twang* sound on repeat, and the toolbar icon changes colour to red. Q: I want to download this, but I'm not sure if I want the alarm on ALL the time. A: No problem, the sound can be disabled easily in-game. Q: You should add/do/implement/make sure/fix "X". Can you do that? A: Maybe, suggest it to me on this thread and i'll see if it can be done. Q: Is this in the CKAN? A: Yes! It's listed under "Danger Alerts" Q: I found something that I'm 90% sure is a bug; where can I report it? A: Here! Just make a post on this thread and i'll reply ASAP. ---------- Known Bugs: None; for now. Source is available on GitHub. License: Danger Alerts is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE.txt in the download for details, or see this link No pics; no clicks:
  14. This is an update of this this old project. The Pappolo Flite Panel displays in the flight view in a Appolo DSKY style some useful informations only available in map or internal views such as : - Altitude from ground (known as Radar Altitude). - Coordinates on planets, N = Northing for longitude, E = Easting for latitude. - Apoapsis and Periapsis. This panel can be dragged en dropped anywhere, and can be unactivated by clicking on the "P" icon. Position of this icon can be modified by editing config.xml file found in PappoloPanel/Plugins/PluginData/PappoloPanel folder and by changing iconxpos & iconypos values. Dowload on Curse Unzip and install on GameData folder. Source code available soon on GitHub.
  15. So I've finally parked my first station around Minmus. It's got everything I'll want from it later: two orange tanks, lots of docking ports, plenty of monoprop and EC. Even got a nice contract to put it there (I would've done so anyway, it's my interplanetary refueling station now.) Thing is, I can't seem to get it's orbit fully equatorial. 5.3 degrees is the closest I can get, and I can't seem to find any combination of burns that get it closer. The maneuver nodes are useless because they don't show me the AoI. KER doesn't help much, it only tells me where I'm at, not how to get where I want to go; nor does it show the stats of the node's orbit... Any advice on finding equatorial orbits on my own?
  16. So I have a ship on escape out of Kerbin with a Duna encounter in 295d. Great. The encounter track is such that I could easily capture into a polar orbit of Duna. Not great; this probe is bound for an Ike touchdown. No problem. 295d away means the dV to fix this should be hilariously cheap. I plop a node down a little ways out from my probe. (It spawns with 35dV for some reason, I'm not sure why but whatever. That's within my budget.) I start mouse-wheeling on various parts of it to see what effect it will have on the encounter periapsis... none. After about ten minutes of this, I yank REAL hard on various bits trying to provoke ANY reaction out of the encounter periapsis. The orbit goes crazy... but the encounter track remains entirely unmoved.... o.O I decide the encounter might be an error in the tracking and advance time to see if the encounter is real... and that's when I realize that I can slap nodes on the purple orbit, but not the blue one. (The purple orbit is my Kerbol orbit AFTER the encounter.) Nothing I do seems to let me add a node to the track I'm CURRENTLY on. Is there a hotkey for this? Am I just missing with the mouse? I don't even get a mouse-over indication that my current trajectory is interactable...
  17. Hey all, So I'm looking to make some standard approach procedures (STARs) for my aircraft and SSTO's, but there's no stock way to place map markers without placing a probe core and driving it to the point I need it. Is there an addon to make GPS/RNAV fixes or VOR/VORTACs at least? Thanks.
  18. The PS4 version of KSP has a showstopper bug. In career mode, viewing the map will show target locations, but there is no way to activate navigation and have the navball display the target. Clicking the X button over the target on the map will pop up a window titled the same as the target area, but with no controls or other text. No other PS4 controls seem to affect this. A similar bug is known for the PC KSP 1.10 version. This bug makes a large class of "observe" missions unreasonably difficult to complete. Is this something the Flying Tiger team is actively working on for a patch? Or is there a means to obtain a refund for this product from the PlayStation Store?
  19. I got there once but i can't seem to get back. It's navigation. I can get to Minmus orbit just fine but getting into Minmus gravity is something else. When i set up a maneuver node i can never get it to show 'Minmus Encounter' am i doing something wrong or is this some kind of bug?
  20. The idea is to see how much you can cheat the standard dV map using only Kerbin and Mun as gravity-assisting bodies. Here is my entry, requiring a total of 1297m/s to get from LKO to Jool: http://imgur.com/gallery/XQSnn/new. It was based on hopping up to a 3:4, followed by a 1:2 solar orbit, using retrograde apoapsis DSMs to create angled orbits. Can you get there for less, using only the Kerbin system? Can you go to a different body with a better ratio of actual dV to nominal dV? Based on the Olex.biz calculator, the linked tour has an actual/nominal ratio of 0.68. Beat that for any other body and you win! You should start from close to a circular 100km LKO. I will make a leaderboard as soon as anybody submits an entry...
  21. Okay, first thing first. I am running version 1.0.5 on Steam, no mods. I have no crash report, the game hasn't crashed yet and there are no screen caps because...there is nothing to capture. On two separate missions, it won't let me place a maneuver node. I click on my orbital path but nothing happens. It only seems to happen when i am orbiting Mun, and sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. I'll try to get a crash report next time it happens. Here is the link for my system specs. http://download1490.mediafire.com/bczs6tw6h3rg/n45nbmefeqhoc9c/DxDiag.txt
  22. Just started playing a few days ago - have built a jet I can actually fly and land, and have been doing the 'fly here get a crew report' missions - except now I have an active mission that will not show markers. I do have active markers (on the other side of the planet) for a completely different mission, so it's only the markers for this specific mission that are missing. Ideas on how to get them to show up? (I've quit the game and restarted and the missing markers are persistent). Thanks.
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