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Found 7 results

  1. Landed a craft on Duna. After launching back into space it kept the "Landed" state and the map wouldnt show orbit lines for it. I changed the state manually in the craft file back to "Orbiting" and that fixed it. The lander also had a problem where when a kerbal got out it fell over.
  2. Hello everybody, My problem is, that I want to make a space station around the Kerbin. I have separated the station to 9 parts, what i need to launch. I have 2 more parts and i don't know why, the eights (8) part I launched and when i'm approaching the station at 200 meters the station destorys itself completly. The station is with persistent rotaion oriented with radial in, to Kerbin. I'm controlling the station with a standard coupola, i control from here. So when i approach it, the station I don't know, possibly to normal or antinormal orienting instant itself and after that it's collapsing to little parts. I tried to switch the controlling module, but it doesn't worked. I tried to disable autostruts, it doesn't worked, i tried to disable the SAS, it doesn't worked, i tried to disable the Persistent Rotation mod, it doesn't worked (Before this I never had problems with the persistent rotation mod, and I think, that now not this is the problem too). I tried to enable in the cheat menu (alt+F12) these unbreakable joints, unlimited heat resistence and i dont know what yet (the first 3 things not including the gravity), but it doesn't worked too. Oh yeah, and when I switch to the station it happens this thing too with it. Only in warp I can make the switch without destroying itself, and when I turn off the warp, it destroys itself too. I don't know how to fix this, but please help me guys, because I worked on this station many hours and days. Thanks! :) And guys so sorry for my bad english, i tried the best to be understandable! :)
  3. 1. drifting: sometimes i just launch a rocket and when i try to make my orbit by turning into a 40 degree its starts to drift (sometimes i turn it at 7000 m, when i want a lower orbit, when i want to visit a planet i turn it at 14000) 2. spinning around the navbal:l sometimes i use struts, but whenever i try, my rocket becomes instabile, and starts to make a delicate spinning around the nawball. this is very annoying because when i try to modify my orbit, its sometimes modify it vertically too. 3.making orbits: my basic method to do an orbit is to fly up to 14000 m, and then turn it to 40 degree. after that, at 30 000 m i turn my rocket to 90 degree. when my periapsis comes out from kerbin, i travel to the apoapsis to make a burn in prograde, and make my orbit "circular". i think its a very primitive and fuel-wasting method, so somebody pls tell me (or take in a scott manley tutor i dunno) how to do it.
  4. I'm in a situation. I sent a space station with a small lander to the Mun, and realized it would be easy to put it into a polar orbit. That way, I could end up above every biome on the Mun. Now I have a contract that says to bring a Kerbal back from orbit of the Mun. Cool. On any equatorial orbit, my lander would have plenty of dV to get back into a decent orbit of Kerbin. BUT I can't figure out how to exit a polar orbit without using so much thrust that I'm in a ridiculous orbit on exit. So, the question: what is the most efficient way to exit a polar orbit of the Mun, given that I can wait any amount of time for the Mun to change position around Kerbal?
  5. Okay, first thing first. I am running version 1.0.5 on Steam, no mods. I have no crash report, the game hasn't crashed yet and there are no screen caps because...there is nothing to capture. On two separate missions, it won't let me place a maneuver node. I click on my orbital path but nothing happens. It only seems to happen when i am orbiting Mun, and sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. I'll try to get a crash report next time it happens. Here is the link for my system specs. http://download1490.mediafire.com/bczs6tw6h3rg/n45nbmefeqhoc9c/DxDiag.txt
  6. I am new to the game and don't understand things like delta-v. I am having trouble getting into orbit, most of the rockets I build either flip over halfway to the edge of the atmosphere, or run out of fuel after they have left the atmosphere, what am I doing wrong?
  7. Guys, please, I need help. I went on science mode, and managed to go into munar orbit and back to kerbin orbit. Thing is, I didn't add any heat shields, and I won't survive reentry. I guarantee, I will die. I have quick saved more times than I can count. Can someone please help? This is my first post, and I don't know why I can't put pictures, but my ship is basically Mk1 command module TR-18A Stack Decoupler Science Junior (Already dead weight) Science Junior Two mystery goo containers on either side of it(All dead weight) FL-T400 Fuel Tank (18.26 liquid fuel and 22.32 oxidizer) 4 Z-100 Rechargable battery packs on the sides of it LV-909 "Terrier" Liquid fuel engine I tried sending out another with a bigger crew cabin to save him, but I can't catch up with the other one. So someone, PLEASE, help me, and save poor Jebediah, and all the important science he has.
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