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  1. (Not to be confused with the forum game with a similar name) Welcome, to the Astronaut Complex's vending machine! This thread will explore possible rocketry/kerbal-related snacks that could exist in the KSP universe. Here is the default format for all submissions to the vending machine: [Snack Name] Based on or similar to [snack] (optional) [Short, probably a little funny description] [Snack Name: Witty phrase on packaging] (optional) Here's an example based on this format: Tea-Teb Energy drink. The energy drink of choice for kerbonauts. Often explodes after minimal shaking, which is why it has attained such popularity. Tea-Teb: Putting the "boom!" in triethylaluminium-triethyl"boom!'ane! Submit entries in the comments below for a chance to be entered into the stock of... The Everyday Kerbal's Rocketry Vending Machine! Drinks: Tea-Teb Energy drink. The energy drink of choice for kerbonauts. Often explodes after minimal shaking, which is why it has attained such popularity. Tea-Teb: Putting the "boom!" in triethylaluminium-triethyl"boom!'ane! Hypergol Gatorade-like drinks. Most often sold in a 2-pack of complimentary flavors, like how hypergolic fuels need their counterpart to ignite and combust. One flavor is the liquid fuel, and the other is the oxidizer. RocketFizz Brand presents these three signature flavors: Keralox Apple Comes in our standard grey can with orange accents, like the R-7 rocket. Special editions can look like a Falcon 9. Hydralox Blueberry Comes in an exotic orange can for insulation! Based on the Space Shuttle ET. Methalox Grape Comes in a fancy and snazzy silver can based on Starship. RocketFizz's other drinks include: Xenon Fizz A very, very fizzy soda. Comes in different flavors. It's like xenon if xenon were a drink. So fizzy, it's got at least 2000 Delta-V!* "Xenon Fizz: A little goes a long way..." *This Delta-V calculation was measured in vacuum conditions. Longburn Inc. is not responsible in any way for any rocket-based incidents involving Xenon Fizz. Hydrogen Slush The revolutionary premade slurpee! It's made with [REDACTED - PATENT PENDING]. Comes in many flavors! The bottle is covered with standard gold-looking multi-layer insulation, for your drinking pleasure. "Drink it before it melts boils off!" Cold Gas Thruster A highly pressurized can of cold nitrogen gas, with grape flavour! Spray directly into mouth or inhale it. "Cold Gas Thruster: No ignitions Required!" L.A.Y.T.H.E. Mineral Water Like expensive water on Earth, but it actually tastes good, like blueberries! Has a slight blue tinge. It comes in a cool bottle designed like a seperatron with a high-res picture of Laythe, which is, (at a minimum) 8K resolution. "Harvested from the shores of Laythe, we at L.A.Y.T.H.E aspire to bring kerbals the cleanest water possible. Straight from the tropics of this moon, to your stomach."* *Only about 30% of water is from Laythe. The rest is from Vall because our lander had too little delta-v. Chips: Honeycomb Thick hexagonal chips that are fun to crush. Best selling flavor is "Aluminum" (Salt-and-Vinegar). Like the aluminum honeycomb used in many aerospace vehicles for strength and rigidity, unlike KSP 2 rockets. Max-Q Based on Spicy Cheetos Extremely spicy crunchy chips, often mistakenly used as solid rocket fuel. Baked Goods: Kraken Munchies Like Goldfish Squid-shaped and hard to find. Served free with a luxury stay at the Bop Casino. ACPC Based on Nutty Buddy ACPC is the Space Shuttle SRB propellant, or in this case, Awesome Crunchy n' Puffy Crispers. Crunchy wafer with delicious cinnamon cream filling. ACPC: "Once you start munchin', you can't stop!" Grid Fin Wafers Generic wafer Shaped like stabilizing grid fins, Falcon 9 or BFR variants. Grid Fin Wafers: "Guide your tastebuds to deliciousness!" Regolith Bars! Similar to granola bars, but more of a sweet snack than an energy snack. A mix of nuts, oats, puffed rice, and chocolate chips with the bottom coated in a flavored dip colored to look like different planets' regolith. Regolith Bars!: No spacesuit damage, guaranteed! Mo-holes Based on donuts Usually overbaked pastries with holes stamped through the middle, sometimes dipped in chocolate because most kerbals don't like charred food. Strange because they enjoy charred rockets, but I digress. The idea for Mo-holes came when a kerbal attempted to bake a cake with zero knowledge of how to do so (like most kerbals), and promptly burned his house down and created a dark-brown, crunchy lump. He got so angry that he punched a hole in it, and in that moment it reminded him of the Mohole. Mo-holes: "We put the hole in Moho!" Salty Refilling Bars (SRB): They're filling and once you start eating one you can't stop until you're done! A smaller variant of the ACPC bars. SRBs: Now 25% taller! Duna Pebbles: A crunchy snack inspired by fried chickpea flour balls or the traditional Indian snack Boondhi! "Ever wanted to taste the planets but couldn't because space is a vacuum? We can get you one step closer to that goal by introducing Duna Pebbles!"* *This snack does not contain iron oxides from Duna's surface. May contain oxides from Moho, however. Candy: Orion Crunch! Small, spherical, Nerds-alike candy, coated in fizzy sour powder. They are dispensed out of a cute, environment-friendly, Orion Drive-themed container, which is often used to dispense the candy directly into your mouth. Orion Crunch: "Now with 97% less nuclear materials!" Sweet Little Sweets (SLS): They're sweet, little, and did we mention sweet. Best when paired with a couple of SRB bars. Sweet little sweets: The Moon's new favorite snack! RCS Based on Pop Rocks Rock Candy Surprise, has lots of quick puffs like RCS thrusters. LithoBreakers Based on Jawbreakers Stupidly hard, just like The Mun. Before purchasing, must sign a waiver freeing us from having to compensate you for damage to your teeth. Pol-O Mints Based on Polo Mints Now, experience the taste of your favorite moon! That same rush of Pol's volcanoes can be felt whenever you drop one of these into a RocketFizz brand soda! Pol-O Mints: Don't sue us! Please! Gummy Rockets Just gummy worms, in the shape of rockets. Gummy candies shaped like rockets. They are inspired by... well... what rockets do. Contains a soft, gooey center that explodes when you chomp down on one. They come in many different fruit flavors. Gummy Rockets: "They flex! They wobble! They... shouldn't do that..." Other: Mint-mus Ice Cream Fresh mint ice cream harvested directly from the surface of Minmus! Minty Fresh and Out of this world! May contain "traces" of silicon monoxide shards. That's what kerbals eat and drink every day! If you have any ideas, place them in the comments below! (May edit for clarity.)
  2. Wrong Red Moon Greetings fellow Kerbonauts and Space Program directors! You all know the story of the space race as it happened on Earth (and maybe as it happened on Kerbin) but what if Earth's space race happened in the Kerbol system? This is the story of how America beat the USSR to the Mun- but not to Minmus! July 20, 1969- Kerbals set foot on The Mun for the first time. It would have been a crushing defeat for the Soviets, had Kerbin not had a second moon- a second chance for the Union. The advantages were immediately made obvious, along with the extra challenges- substantially less fuel was required, but it was a much longer, and harsher, journey. A new branch of the current space program was founded with one public goal in mind- exploring Minmus. Privately, however, the true goal was the complete and utter conquering and colonization of the small moon. The new branch was MISE- Minmus Soviet Exploration. Several goals have been appointed to MISE: Send unmanned probes to explore and map Minmus. Complete Land a kerbaled mission. Complete Explore further and build permanent bases on and around Minmus. In development Establish control over Minmus airspace. Planned Explore further in the solar system. Planned Mission Guide: Chapter 1: Discovery Myatnee I (Inside OP) Korolev I Myatnee II Korolev II + III Pravda I Korolev IV Apollo 13, Accident Investigation (NASA Mission) Korolev V Crew Transport Korolev V Chapter 2: Exploration Korolev VII Salyut I Progress I Korolev X WoRM is on KerbalX! Check out the hangar for some sweet Soviet craft, more coming soon! Author's note on the timeline: (nonessential reading, for fun) Chapter 1: Discovery Examining the current resources of the space program, it was found step one could be completed with existing technology- a small probe/lander, originally designed for The Mun, the design had fallen short of the required fuel. It would be perfect for Minmus, however. Enter Myatnee. Launched from a derivative of the R-7 rocket, it has more than enough fuel for a mission to Minmus. This freedom allowed for several landing sites to be chosen and visited in the same mission, saving valuable equipment and money. August 7, 1969- Myatnee is launched. Orbital insertion at approx. T-12:14. Myatnee is ready for TMI, Trans Minmus Insertion. Myatnee I is meters from the surface. Controllers in Moscow watch in anxiety as the computer hopefully makes the correct decisions to land on its own. Our goals were well met in this mission. We mapped a portion of the surface and gathered data on the surface itself. Coming up next: A test of a new Kerbaled vehicle for exploring Minmus!
  3. edit 1: made logo that was inspired by KASA logo but add some small details to make it more unique Kerbin Horizons Meatball Background: Hi everyone who decided to read this awful first post I'm doing a fictional story of my space administration named KHA this is still a developing so things will change but before I give very short intro into the series let me put down couple notes. This is all sandbox so any mission objectives I make are made up some of these missions are based of real-life missions I don't have screenshots for every mission because I just came up with this idea and some are too boring for screenshots I'm new to this so excuse my awfulness Some screenshots are older so decals and tufx could be out of date Most if not all of the rockets are real life rockets (mainly American) there might be some kinks compared to their real life counter-parts and they will use their real life names Intro: I put it in spoiler if you don't wanna scroll through all of that
  4. Literally that. Since the development team would and will be focused at KSP2, could you give us the source code, so we might look at it and, maybe, fix some things in it to make KSP1 a better game. I'm begging you to do it.
  5. Exactly as the title. I personally would love to see it come back. it was such a cool concept.
  6. Hello there, I am experiencing a really anoying bug in KSP 1 for some years now. I am playing KSP 1 with mods. The bug accurs it seems randomly. I suddenly can not toggle SAS or RCS anymore. Some buttons on the HUD are also grey as if they are unable to be interacted with. I think the bug accurs when I load into the craft or even the save. It is not a problem of electricity, conncetion or pilot available. The game is on the latest version (1.12.5) and the mods are also updated. I have some incompatible mods installed but I don`t think they cause this bug as I am able to fly other craft in the same save or other saves fine and the mods are mainly tech tree mods and visual mods). I think the Bug on my current mission happend when I reinstalled KSP and every Mod as I reinstalled my Windows system. The bug also appeared on other crafts in the past but got away after a pretty long time. The current mission that fell victim to this mod is really big and I dont want to wait until the bug magicly disappears again. I don`t even no if the bug will go away at all. Which is why I am searching for a solution to this frustrating problem. I tried every solution i know: clearing all input locks in the cheat menu relaoding the save (restarting the game completly, quick loading, switching to another craft or the space center and then back to my mission) reinstalling the game and every mod I don`t now how to link a screenshot to this problem so I will link a video: I would be happy to find a solution to this bug. So if you know something just answer in this discussion:) Any help is good and i am ready to give answers to further questions concerning this issue.
  7. I'm really annoyed at all the people saying 'ksp2 is trash', 'oh this update might've saved it', 'the games broken'. What do you think KSP1 was like right after it was released. It doesn't matter what type of game it is, the developers need time to develop the game, and a game of KSP2's scope is not something you can do overnight, so stop criticizing everything. Can I get an "Amen" please.
  8. Either KOS scripts or other mods are both okay. thx
  9. Journey of the Avocado A Jool 5 Mission Report Long ago, (March 2023 I think) I set a goal of completing a Jool 5 before the end of the year. I began working on a Jool 5 ship but lost momentum pretty quickly. At that point, I hadn't even been to Duna, I was so inexperienced. Late November 2023, I picked up the muster to try it again- but it would be different this time. This time, I would do it on a science save, and get an actual reward from all this. Probably complete the tech tree, too. Arbitrarily, I named my ship the Avocado- and all the ships have kept an avocado naming rule as a result. To start with, I would launch a nuclear tug, but split it into two major parts- the first, relatively simple, and the second, like the first, but with four more radially placed and asparagus staging. Am I overdoing this just to compensate for my lack of skill? Maybe. Does it make me feel better about the chances of this working? Yes. And so, without further ado... Pit 1 launch: The launch of Pit 2: Docking the two Pits: Tada! Next, I will add a module with reaction wheels and more monoprop, because I ran out of it and it turns really slow without RCS. The Avocado is not complete. In my science save, I have the crew module docked, but I will have to post that another time. Coming up next on Journey of the Avocado: Launching the crew module (and a maneuvering module)!
  10. I made an SSTO that simply can't climb, accelerate, and can't lift off until the end of the runway. It has 6 Rapier engines and 2 nuclear engines. It can't go over 5-6 km and can't accelerate enough to reach the thinner atmosphere level. Additionally, it's not too stable. How can I fix that? Stages: https://imgur.com/a/m4bvy8A Engineer's Report: https://imgur.com/a/kOADqOV From Front: https://imgur.com/a/ryxL0X7 From Back: https://imgur.com/a/nBEfWCA From Top: https://imgur.com/a/88hFa9h From Right: https://imgur.com/a/hXt1Rx0 (Sorry for links it didnt inserted from photos from links) Is this amount of wing enough https://imgur.com/a/q4hZQZK
  11. Edit: I have come to the conclusion that I have faulty hardware. So, I've had this issue for a while now, and I used to be able to use temporary workarounds to fix it, but I can't get it to work anymore. So basically, every time I boot up KSP through Steam, and then the PD Launcher, it will attempt to load, then crash my entire laptop. Now, my laptop may not have the newest technology, but it should absolutely be able to run KSP, and had done so just fine in the past. For 40 hours! And out of nowhere the game suddenly crashes as soon as it tries to load, which makes me very sad. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, going through the files, searching up possible solutions, but nothing seems to help me. A possible outcome that my friend and I came to was that my laptop is shutting down to prevent it from reaching deadly temperatures, but I will look more into that later. I also observed Task Manager, and noticed that the application did not ever max out my CPU or RAM, so I am absolutely stumped. And it can run KSP2 fine as well which should obviously crash my laptop if KSP1 does. Here are my laptop's components in case it is a hardware issue: Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz 2.81 GHz Installed RAM 32.0 GB (31.9 GB usable) Product ID 00325-96229-38653-AAOEM System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
  12. Is there like a sound pack for the BDA sounds, like the Missile launch, RWR lock, that kind of thing? Or do I have to do it myself? If so, how?
  13. Exactly as the title. I have been experimenting with an idea to revamp the inner system, like OPM does for the outer system, but add really crazy planets with eccentric orbits and unique ideas that are hard to get to, but rewarding when you get there. Some of my ideas are: - A blue mars due to copper oxides (not cold, actually hot) - A hycean Kepler 22 b with glass storms that can shred your craft - A carbon world that blends in with space with tons of exposed diamonds in an eccentric orbit - A yellow/green sulfur gas dwarf - A torus world - Vulcan analogue with lava - Dwarf Planets i.e Sedna, Eris etc... Analogues - Pure Iron Planet -Radioactive Moon of Eve, Binary with Poison moon, with rocky moon orbiting them - MonMonMon, the third moon of Kerbin - Salt Flats planet with Helium Atmo - Kerbal Rock? So yeah, those are my ideas. Any tips or suggestions on how to go about this?
  14. I am a relatively new ksp 1 player and I am trying to build a new eve station (it’s my first time doing this) I have split it into 4 segments and don’t want to spend time and just reuse the same booster for each part of the ship instead of building a new one each time I have heard streamers mention “a booster library” I think this might be a way to reuse boosters but I could not find anything on the internet to help me. Please can someone explain to me how to make one? I can’t find a way to save boosters in the VAB nor a way to open two saves at once
  15. Hi, how do you equip a suit to my kerbal? I saw the icon in the space center toolbar and tried to put a suit on and I typed something in the textbox and pressed "dump" but nothing happened/ How do I use this? Thanks.Hi, how do you equip a suit to my kerbal? I saw the icon in the space center toolbar and tried to put a suit on and I typed something in the textbox and pressed "dump" but nothing happened/ How do I use this? Thanks.Hi, how do you equip a suit to my kerbal? I saw the icon in the space center toolbar and tried to put a suit on and I typed something in the textbox and pressed "dump" but nothing happened/ How do I use this? Thanks.
  16. Exactly as the title.https://steamcharts.com/cmp/220200,954850#7d
  17. Big pack of flags Thats it Give ideas please Gallery: Imgur Download: SpaceDock
  18. So recently I was looking into modding KSP1 (making my own planets). I was wondering if there's a way I can add custom assets/models to a planet's surface in a specific area. A bit like how the monoliths and easter eggs are models placed on the ground. Also what about placing models in orbit. I wanted to make a cylindrical object in orbit, based of the Rama spacecraft. If anyone knows how to please let me know, or refer me to a youtube tutorial (as I can't find one).
  19. Hi, I recently downloaded the P.E.W mod with BDA and it seems to not work, all the files are there and I still can't see any of the weapons. Is there some sort of new update I haven't catched onto? KSP 1.12.3 MacOS Mac mini
  20. Hey Kerbanaouts, I had a save file called 'UK Space Agency' on my PS4, and it corrupted. However, before that sad event, I did use the IN GAME (NOT PS4) 'Export to cloud'. How would I get the said data back? I have a PSN and at the time of exporting, no PS plus.* If anyone can help me bring back Bob (the rest were KSP'd out of existence), I would greatly Appreciate it. *Edit: Hello Jebinators! I have just bought Ps Plus. It doesn't show up on the console cloud, so I am not sure if I can recover it. Maybe Im wrong, though? Happy ICBM- ahem rocket building Specs: PS4 Slim (European) PSN: Gamerup_Maddnes (+PSPlus) Thanks, FortCraft Kerman.
  21. Hi guys, I’d like to know where I can find the color patch by kopornicus. I need it for KSC extended. Please provide a link. Thanks.
  22. Arcana Sidera The Arcana Sidera star cluster is a small star cluster in the Scutum-Centaurus arm of the Kerbal Galaxy. Located directly in the shadow of the galactic core and orbiting at a distance of 229.81 lightyears, the cluster went unnoticed for millennia until the exploration of the Sagittarius A system, where it was located by one of the scientists on board the expedition. Long thought to be a single blue giant star, upon further observation the cluster was discovered to actually be three stars orbiting a blue giant star - The binary system Quatuor and Temporum, a red dwarf named Rubrum and another unidentified star orbiting very closely to the blue giant star, which has received the name of Phoenix. Upon discovery, a single unmanned craft was sent to the cluster for research, being able to map the systems and identify the main properties of each star and planet in the cluster. Originally, you were going to start in the Quatuor Temporum system, but the starting system has been switched to the Phoenix system and Phoenix has received a size change for gameplay purposes Current functional celestial bodies in the mod: Remember, more are coming soon, these are just the ones that I have functioning Most of my other planets are either massively unfinished or too glitched to show, so it will be ended here. Whenever a new planet gets a major facelift or becomes functional enough to show here, I will edit the post. (this was originally posted in KSP1 Mod Discussions, I moved it here since I realized it was in the wrong spot) This mod is NOT ready for release yet. I might find some people for playtesting but it is not currently ready to be released to the public.
  23. This topic has been moved to the KSP1 Mod Releases section, go to here to see it:
  24. Link to OG post Found and experimented with the Secrets Website for Niako's Other Worlds mod. Used Inspect and found several messages with actual "answers", listed below: After this I found an encrypted message in (possibly?) UTF-8, with it also likely being Base64 although I am not sure what it is truely. The message is: When putting it through decoding websites the most legible is Base64 on UTF-8, with it being: Thank you and please help me with this.
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