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  1. Starship Expansion Project Starship Expansion Project (SEP) is a mod being developed by me, Kari, and our amazing team. Our project aims to bring our intepretation of the Starship vehicle by SpaceX into Kerbal Space Program. While a lot of the design choices are based on the actual vehicle sitting on Boca Chica, creative freedom is used to expand our mod even further. Special thanks to @damonvv for allowing us to adapt tundra's plugin to ourselves, @SofieBrinkfor her hard work adapting the code and overall improvement of the mod, @IsaQuestfor the raptor model and textures, @Janus92 for the amazing IVA models, @EritoKaiofor indirectly helping me improve myself over the last few months, and you everyone on my discord server for their immense support to our mod, I could not have done without you Screenshots Dependencies Module Manager Waterfall (0.8.1 or higher) B9 Part Switch Extremely Important but not required mods Textures Unlimited (for shiny parts!) Tundra Exploration (For more engine modes on SH) KRJ Next or KJR Continued (Avoid wobbly joints) Starship Launch Expansion Recommended Mods Flight Manager for Reusable Stages Community Resource Pack Trajectories Modular Launch Pads HullCameraVDS & NeptuneCamera (custom cameras on ship and booster) IVA Dependencies Near Future Props Reviva Free IVA Raster Prop Monitor ASET Props IVA Recommended Mods JSI Advanced Transparent Pods Realism Overhaul is supported feedback is appreciated, patches are not ideal Download SEP is officially found at Spacedock, GitHub and CKAN. Any other form of download is not official and should not be trusted FAQ 1. Where is *? R: If you have not found a feature you like, please check our roadmap to see if it's not already planned, otherwise feel free to ask nicely and we'll happily look into it 2. Why there's only 2 engine modes on the booster? R: When we where authorized to use part of Tundra's plugin, we agreed to leave the engine switch on Tundra's mod, as it was made mainly for falcon, if you want an extra mode, install Tundra and it will be on your game 3. What are those names? R: I renamed the parts to match The Expanse (my favorite show) names, if you're not familiar or want to have real names, there is an option for it on the extras folder when you download it 4. Where are the legs? NOW AVAILABLE ON V2.0.0 R: Well, to be fair leg design for Starship is tricky, so I've left without it for now, in the meanwhile you can try catching the ship or use one of the legs from KRE 5. IVA? NOW AVAILABLE ON V2.0.0 R: uhhh, not happening in the near future, not a big fan Licensing Configs are distributed under CC-NC-SA-4.0 License. Nertea's HabUtils.dll is distributed under MIT license. All Textures/models and our plugin StarshipExpansionProject.dll are distributed under All Right Reserved License.
  2. I have done a lot of trial and error to make this rocket work, but now I have finally created the second stage for the full starship rocket. I have tested this in an orbital flight, and it works flawlessly, it is very light on the computer (what I mean is that it gives the normal KSP2 FPS) and it can also land perfectly! (Have only tried a water landing). This has enough Dv to get all the way to Duna! This rocket was referenced from Starship SN10. THIS WAS TESTED WITH JOINT_RIGIDITY: 1500000.0 Craft files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19pS-SCzZqfchSv5mXkuQy2EhPk4Wxjap?usp=share_link Front View: Bottom View: Gallery Link: https://imgur.com/gallery/4ZcbU3W Update 1: Added RCS Thrusters for easier mobility. Update 2: Added the Super Heavy boosters making this a full starship. (16 boosters because 33 broke the game's physics) Update 3: Added grid fins.
  3. [OFFICIAL MOD] this ksp mod offers a Realistic BocaChica Starbase.™ ---------------------------------------------------------------- Kerbalized BocaChica Starbase [v2.1] - 2022-01-02- this update brings the High Bay, and Wide Bay, and Starbase is reposition, and more. Photos: Downloads: Spacedock Join Our Discord Community! Support This Mod on (To Be Updated) Updates: Roadmap Required Mods (the mods are pre package with this mod) 1. Kerbal Konstructs 2. Tundra's Space Center 3. Starbase Parts 4. Omega's Stockalike Structures 5. Starship Launch Expansion 6. Module Manager Recommended Mods Starship Expansion Project for the Starship and Super Heavy or Tundra Exploration Fossil's Mechazilla for Mechazilla Changelog: Licence:
  4. Potential Game-Changer for Generating Propellant on Mars. https://https://exoscientist.blogspot.com/2023/07/potential-game-changer-for-generating.html Rather than needing football fields of solar cells to generate propellant, by instead collecting free O2 and CO in Mars atmosphere the process can actually *generate* power. If the gas separation of O2 and CO out of the CO2 of the Martian atmosphere can be done at low energy, it is possible it could even be done at sufficiently low cost to profitably ship the hydrogen to Earth. Robert Clark
  5. Kochi Industries QD arm [1.9.1-1.12.3] A simple mod that Adds the Ship and booster QD´s You can find me in this server https://discord.gg/gxa7G9fEMh Download You Can Download the mod here Kochi Industries (1.11.2 - 1.12.2) on SpaceDock How to Install: From Spacedock: - Click download and Drop the files in Gamedata Planed Features Both QD´s Revamp Firefly alpha Rocket Known issues Collider on the Arm is weird (But you can use the offset tool to put it in the right place) Required Mods B9 Part Switch Module Manager Recommended Mods KaioShip Kari's Starship Starship Launch Expansion Foss's Mechazila In Game Pics Changelog LICENSE
  6. Starship Launch Expansion About Starship Launch Expansion is a mod that collects Starbase real life launch pads, towers, stands and all the stuff necessary to support your Starship launches in KSP. All the parts are designed to withstand the power of every launch without exploding (hopefully). The mod is in Beta right now so any bugs or suggestions you can contact me through discord. Note: Orbital Launch Pad model is old, revamp is in progress See my roadmap to know what is coming!: SLE Trello Download: Spacedock (Available on CKAN) Github (Source Code) Features Mod Parts: - Orbital Launch Integration Tower - Orbital Launch Pad (revamp in progress) - Mechazilla Catching System - Test and Display Stands - GSE Tanks - Starbase Sign Required Mods Mods required for SLE to work correctly: - Module Manager - B9PartSwitch Recommended Mods Recommended mods to install with SLE: - Starship Expansion Project for Updated Starship and Super Heavy (Compatible with SLE) - Modular Launch Pads for more real life Launch Pads. - Hangar Extender for a bigger VAB for bigger crafts. - Kerbal Konstructs for static objects for KSC. In game Pics: Changelog: Support me on Patreon or Donate
  7. Orthographic view 1 Orthographic view 2 GO![simple starship] recycle! Duna! Use mod?yes!Link:对不起太空坞 (spacedock.info) Download link?sure:Desktop.7z
  8. Primary: Launch Starship to the orbit Stretch: Launch Starship to the orbit and successfully land Superheavy and Starship near KSC Jeb Level: Land Superheavy without RUD, make flyby around the Mun by Starship and return to KSC as one part Val Level: Transport as many kerbals as you can by Starship to Duna! Take them out of the landed vehicle and take a picture together with the Starship. And don't forget about Superheavy!
  9. ABOUT THE RECREATION This is my recreation of SpaceX's Starship rocket in Kerbal Space Program 2. At the moment, the recreation only includes the ship portion of the full stack, but I might eventually add a recreation of the booster as well (although it won't have 33 engines). The ship has over 4.5k dV, and can reach LKO on its own without help from a booster underneath. It also has 6 landing legs, 4 retractable solar panels, and 3 sets of 4 vernier thrusters near the top of the vehicle. There are 2 variants of the ship that you can download: Uncrewed Variant Crewed Variant (Can hold up to 4 kerbals) Planned/upcoming variants: Uncrewed and Crewed variants without landing legs Uncrewed and Crewed variants with SpaceX colors (black and white) SCREENSHOTS
  10. Hello all! Will make it quick: * Programmer by trade (but completely unrelated to spaceflight) * Absolutely fascinated by the tvc and flaps control of starship * But absolutely no idea how this could be achieved in code * But spaceflight noob * But ksp noob Took the last year to gradually learn how to control starship using my own plugin written in C#. The video above shows my current progress. Ascent, flop, descent, flip work roughly. Landing left. Full code can be found here: https://github.com/xgleich1/starship Would like to describe my yourney from the beginning and in detail once this post is approved and if you are interested. Could contain hints on how the real flight software potentially could look like. Example: How can you make sure that you can yaw/roll/pitch at the same time with the flaps? Finally and most importantly: Big thanks to ksp and the whole ksp community, without you I could have never done this. Special mentions: https://kerbalx.com/ -> For providing the means to find a starship vehicle for a complete builder noob https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/ksp/api/index.html#details -> Documentation which helped a lot while coding https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Plugins -> For teaching the basics in making a plugin https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/182622-19x-aecs-motion-suppressor-air-brake-engine-control-surfaces/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/124417-180-1123-atmosphereautopilot-160/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/180725-112x-attitudeadjuster-v12-set-control-point-via-action-group-variable-pitch-control-point-for-spaceplane-reentry/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/196642-18-19-110-davon-throttle-control-systems-mod-renewed/ https://github.com/RichTeaMan/JebNet https://spacedock.info/mod/2643/Kerbal Telemetry https://ksp-kos.github.io/KOS/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/162324-18-112x-trajectories-v241-2021-06-27-atmospheric-predictions/ https://github.com/MuMech/MechJeb2 https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/90252-13-pilot-assistant-atmospheric-piloting-aids-1132-may-28/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/139167-111-remotetech-v199-2020-12-19/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/97154-19-110-throttle-controlled-avionics/ -> For being an awesome reference on how things could be done with a plugin
  11. Kerwis Team Presents (work in progress) I'm always interested in futuristic battles in science fiction, which could be really fantastic. Giant warships jump into a battle straight from lightyears away in a glimpse of eye, laser beams and shells fill the screen with death and destruction, and pilots firing all missiles at enemy flagship... That's always romantic. But there's much more behind it. Cargo ships carrying goods and materials across vast space and colonies, through high speed stargate networks; civilian FTL spacecrafts travel into the furthest unknown where nobody has ever set foot on; civilizations spread into universe and build megacities on planets they just discovered a few years ago... We are speaking here to announce a brand new project, by which we are trying to set a standard for future KSP FTL crafts. Modular starship parts (which would be compatible to well-known mods like B9 HX and USI MKS Kontainers), multiple FTL methods, futuristic power sources, and so many more in our plan that I can't cover them all here. We would do it step by step, it may take a bit of time to realize and polish, and we hope you guys would like it when things become true and solid. TO-DO LIST (DEC. 24/2018) Basic FTL (faster than light) method and parts - Wideband Anomaly Redirect Propulsion (W.A.R.P.) Core (Warp Drive Core) (done) - Emergency Vessel Anti-Defunctionalization Engine (E.V.A.D.E) (Emergency Jump Engine) (done) - General Arriving Terminal Equipments (G.A.T.E.) (Star Gate Parts) Modular ship parts (at least in 2 styles Type-A done) - Command pods and control parts (SAS/RCS) (done) - Structural parts (done) - Switchable resource containers (done) - Armor panels and shield generator (done) Weapons (based on BDArmory Continued) - Kinetic Weapons -- Electromagnetic Guns (AP) -- Plasma Guns (HE) -- Point Defense Guns (CIWS) - Energy Weapons -- Laser Main Guns -- Laser Point Defense (CIWS) - Missiles and Torpedoes -- Small/Medium Tactical Missiles -- Large Strategic Missiles -- Space Torpedoes There might be more added to this list, I would provide information about our progress now and then. You're also welcomed to provide suggestions and new part concepts here. Looking forward to more ideas to make this project great.
  12. Running some numbers for the SuperHeavy+Starship launcher, I was surprised to get that an expendable SuperHeavy alone could be SSTO with quite high payload. Wikipedia gives the propellant mass of the SuperHeavy as 3,400 tons, but does not give the dry mass. We can do an estimate of that based on information Elon provided in a tweet: Elon Musk @elonmusk Replying to @Erdayastronaut and @DiscoverMag Probably no fairing either & just 3 Raptor Vacuum engines. Mass ratio of ~30 (1200 tons full, 40 tons empty) with Isp of 380. Then drop a few dozen modified Starlink satellites from empty engine bays with ~1600 Isp, MR 2. Spread out, see what’s there. Not impossible. 9:14 PM · Mar 29, 2019·Twitter for iPhone 90 Retweets 32 Quote Tweets 1,498 Likes https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1111798912141017089?s=20&t=L-xcKvWnRTmbSDa_YI0OyA This is for a stripped down Starship, no reusability systems, no passenger quarters, and reduced number of engines. But this could not lift-off from ground because of the reduced thrust with only 3 engines plus being vacuum optimized these could not operate at sea level. So up the number of engines to 9 using sea level Raptors. According to wiki the Raptors have a mass of 1,500 kg. So adding 6 more brings the dry mass to 49 tons, call it 50 tons, for a mass ratio of 25 to 1. By the way, there have been many estimates of the capabilities of the Starship for a use other than that with the many passengers, say 50 to 100 , to LEO or as colonists to Mars, for instance, such as the tanker use or only as the lander vehicle transporting a capsule for astronauts for lunar missions. But surprisingly they all use the ca. 100 ton dry mass of the passenger Starship. But without this large passenger compartment it should be a much smaller dry mass used in the calculations. For instance, the Dragon 2 crew capsule dry mass without the trunk is in the range of 7 to 8 tons for up to 7 astronauts. So imagine a scaled up passenger compartment for 50 passengers or more. That passenger compartment itself could well mass over 60 tons. So the dry mass estimate of a stripped down, expendable, reduced engine Starship of 40 tons offered by Elon does make sense. Based on this, an expendable Starship with sufficient engines for ground launch could be SSTO: the ISP of the Raptors for both sea level and vacuum-optimized versions have been given various numbers. I’ll use 358 s as the vacuum ISP of the sea level Raptor. For calculating payload using the rocket equation, the vacuum Isp is commonly used even for the ground stage, since the diminution in Isp at sea level can be regarded as a loss just like air drag and gravity loss for which you compensate by adding additional amount to required delta-v to orbit just like the other losses. Then 3580ln(1 +1200/(50 + 50)) = 9,180 m/s sufficient for LEO. But as of now, SpaceX has no plans of making the Starship a ground-launched vehicle. So we’ll look instead at the SuperHeavy. For an expendable version with no reusability systems, we’ll estimate the dry mass using a mass ratio of 25 to 1, same as for a ground-launched expendable Starship. Actually, likely the Superheavy mass ratio will be even better than this since it is known scaling a rocket up improves the mass ratio. So this gives a dry mass of 136 tons. Then the expendable SuperHeavy could get 150 tons to LEO as an expendable SSTO: 3580ln(1 + 3,400/(136 + 150)) = 9,150 m/s, sufficient for LEO. But what about a reusable version? Reusability systems added to a stage should add less than 10% to the dry mass: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ From: [email protected] (Henry Spencer) Newsgroups: sci.space.tech Subject: Re: The cost (in weight) for Reusable SSTO Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 22:37:10 GMT In article <[email protected]>, Larry Gales <[email protected]> wrote: >An SSTO with a useful payload using Kero/LOX is easy to do -- provided that >it is *expendable*. All of the difficulty lies in making it reusable... There are people who are sufficiently anti-SSTO that they will dispute the feasibility of even expendable SSTOs (apparently not having read the specs for the Titan II first stage carefully). > (1) De-orbit fuel: I understand that it takes about 100 m/s to de-orbit. That's roughly right. Of course, in favorable circumstances you could play tricks like using a tether to simultaneously boost a payload higher and de-orbit your vehicle. (As NASA's Ivan Bekey pointed out, this is one case where the extra dry mass of a reusable vehicle is an *advantage*, because the heavier the vehicle, the greater the boost given to the payload.) > (2) TPS (heat shield): the figures I hear for this are around 15% of the >orbital mass Could be... but one should be very suspicious of this sort of parametric estimate. It's often possible to beat such numbers, often by quite a large margin, by being clever and exploiting favorable conditions. Any single number for TPS in particular has a *lot* of assumptions in it. > (4) Landing gear: about 3% Gary Hudson pointed out a couple of years ago that, while 3% is common wisdom, the B-58 landing gear was 1.5%... and that was a very tall and mechanically complex gear designed in the 1950s. See comment above about cleverness. I would be very suspicious of any parametric number for landing gear which doesn't at least distinguish between vertical and horizontal landing. > (5) Additional structure to meet loads from differnet directions (e.g., >vertical > takeoff, semi-horizontal re-enttry, horizontal landing). This is >purely > guesswork on my part, but I assume about 8% Of course, here the assumptions are up front: you're assuming a flight profile that many of us would say is simply inferior -- overly complex, difficult to test incrementally, and hard on the structure. >I would appreciate it if anyone could supply more accurate figures. More accurate figures either have to be for a specific vehicle design, or are so hedged about with assumptions that they are nearly meaningless. -- The good old days | Henry Spencer [email protected] weren't. | (aka [email protected]) https://yarchive.net/space/launchers/landing_gear_weight.html The 15% mentioned for thermal protecton(TPS) is for Apollo-era heat shields. But the PICA-X developed by SpaceX is 50% lighter so call it 7.5% for TPS. And for the landing gear ca. 3%, but with carbon composites say half of that at 1.5%. But this would put the reusable payload at ca. 136 tons which is in the range of 100 to 150 tons of the full two stage reusable vehicle! How is that possible? A reusable multistage vehicle has a severe disadvantage. The fuel that needs to be kept on reserve for the first stage to slow down and boost back to the launch site subtracts greatly from the payload possible. But for a reusable SSTO it can remain in orbit until the Earth rotates below until the landing site is once again below the vehicle. Robert Clark
  13. Not sure if anyone has asked this before, but while viewing images taken of the ISS and Tiangong Space Station via ground based telescopes, I have this interesting question. Would imaging a starship currently in orbit around earth via a ground based telescope be possible? And if so, how bright of a magnitude and how large might it possibly look in an image? I'm also asking this because it seems that the first orbital flight test will probably end up happening before the end of the year and I'm sure there would be some people out there possibly interested in imaging it from orbit during the flight if they can and it's visible. You can view the images I was talking about at the beginning of this post by clicking on the links above. Hoping someone has a good answer to my question!
  14. filip's Starbase - Boca Chica launch site This mod adds high resolution and realistic Boca Chica launch site to KSP. This is my first ever mod, please dont be harsh I made this mod for all the Starship fans, that finally want to experience having Boca Chica launch site without having to build one themselves. filips's Kerbalized Boca Chica haves custom instances, location and many more Credits Development and build - @filipWithTelescope Idea - @filipWithTelescope Modeling - @filipWithTelescope, @Joep, @Fossilized Configs - @Joep Map Decals - @filipWithTelescope, @StarshipWatcher Alpha testers - @Joep, @StarshipWatcher Beta testers - @Joep, @StarshipWatcher, @ttvim_novacon_., Soloalke, @Fossilized SLE - @SAMCG14 Download: SpaceDock How to install: (For stock Kerbin) 1. Download all dependencies, and open fKBCv3Beta file and extract the entire fKBCv3Beta file 2. Open The gamedata folder inside KSP 3. Copy contents of Gamedata folder into the ksp directory (Kerbal Space Program/Game Data/) 4. now enjoy Dependencies: Kerbal Konstructs (Compatible with KSP 1.2.3) Starship Launch Expansion - v0.4 Beta Optional but recommended mods: KSC ++ Continued Tundra Space Center Aurora Space Center OSSNTR Warnings: 1. Check if you have all dependencies, and installed correctly Preparing/Setup 1. Open your KSP. 2. Locate the boca chica. (Simply go to VAB, place random craft on Boca Chica Launchpad A [Dont forget to open it in VAB using KK menu] and then launch it. 2a. (or Buy the pad using the KK Menu and use the Making history hud) 3. You should be spawned on your boca chica site with all of its beauty. 6. You are all done. Things like hopper, SN7.2 are NOT included, if you build them, you can place them on their respective spaces. 7. Unfortunately due to KSP's restrictions, you cant have both Pad A and Pad B (2) occupied at same time. However you can place one starship on Pad A, and then launch one starship to from orbital launchpad spot. Then use gravity hack and rcs to pad 2. Any issues? Need some help? Join us on our Discord server Some images (NOTE: Starship in the images is from this mod!)
  15. This is a recreation of Starbase Launchsite made with Kerbal Konstructs for KSP 1.12.x . NOTE: I know the area looks empty and not as well done as I would like but it is the most I have managed to do using Kerbal Konstructs. If anyone has any advice on how to improve it I will be happy to hear it. I will try to update the zone when new updates come out in the Starship Launch Expansion mod, like the Catch Arms and the updated Launch Table. In KSP: In Real life (Credit to @Rgv Aerial Photography on Twitter):: Download: Spacedock Dependencies: 1. Kerbal Konstructs: 2.Omega's Stockalike Structures: 3.Starship Launch Expansion (GSE Tanks, OLIT, Suborbital Launch pads and the Integration Tower): 4.Module Manager: Recommended mods (They are in the pictures): 1. Starship Expansion project (Super heavy and Starship): https://github.com/Kari1407/Starship-Expansion-Project 2. KaioSpace-KSP Starship 2021 (Starship SN20 used in the pictures): 3. Hullcam VDS Continued (For Starship onboard camera): Pics: The mod is distributed under CC-NC-SA-4.0 License. All assets are distributed under an All Rights Reserved license. You may NOT redistribute or re-use these assets without permission from the author. Launch date 11/02/2021
  16. Some time ago I made a 3D model of the latest version of the Starship, think it's time to open a separate thread of development. Pictures: This is not the final version. P.S. I know that the top fins in these pictures are of the old shape.
  17. I made RO configs for Tundra Exploration's Starship. I tried to make it work with out a reaction wheel but that was pretty much impossible. It is possible to make it work without a reaction wheel but the fuel balance has to be PERFECT https://github.com/Suyash-Jevaria/KSP-RO-Starship-Configs
  18. In this guide I will teach you how to make a Starship replica. First place a probe core and construct a fairing around it Now make it silver Place fuel tanks (this provides fuel and structure for the fins) And now time for fins. Big ones on the bottom, small ones on top Add 3 mastodon engines, This makes it able to achieve orbit, and looks like a Raptor And now you just need to name it! If you want better control you can add RTGs, reaction wheels, batteries, etc... Now its time to launch! Wenhop? Hop now And the most important part of any starship replica? Answer in spoiler I hope you managed to make a cool looking starship replica, please share them below so I can see Also in case you haven't figured it out, this is a satire of Starship replicas. I feel like people are overdoing it on the replicas and I thought this would be a humorous tutorial poking fun at the simplicity of the design. No offense meant to people who work hard on making replicas, they are super cool.
  19. Hi guys this is my next youtube video, its a very clumsy starship sn 15, its mostly light and is a joke (more or less) https://youtu.be/Q-Dz6NUVORQ
  20. Starships are large, usually wingless vehicles that have insane range. I challenge you to make the best starship you can that is capable of going to another star system and coming back. Recommended Mods: KSP Interstellar Kopernicus Blueshift FTL OPT Spaceplane Parts
  21. I want to make an elevator on a vertically landed spaceship that can lower my kerbonauts and vehicles down to the surface safely, like the artist rendering below of future SpaceX Starship missions. Any ideas on how I can do this? From the mods I've searched, nothing comes close to building something that looks like this, and I'm not much of a modder myself :( Any ideas welcome!
  22. TL;DR Is it possible to create a part that has all the functionality I need it to have like and also have deployable landing legs? Long Version I am trying to create Space-X's Starship and I want to have the Starship(the top piece) have deployable landing gear built in to it. I want them to have exactly the same functionality as normal landing legs but I do not want to add as secondary pieces outside. I can build them in the model and create animations in blender for them but other than that I have no idea how to procceed in order to create my idea. Please give me any tips you have and ideas. Any feedback is welcome.
  23. This is my stock ksp recreation of SpaceX's starhopper test vehicle, which recently hopped 20 meters untethered on July 25, 2019 and will hopefully hop 200 meters in August. It's still a WIP though, but I'm almost done with it! Here's some images: My Recreation (using Making History for some parts) Real Life Starhopper My Stock Starhopper Recreation "hopping" Real life Starhopper hopping My Starhopper Recreation after hopping, back on the ground One time I tried landing it on the VAB, and this happened (turns out its pretty durable, not the VAB though) Downloads: KerbalX Steam Workshop
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