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  1. I tried messing with some of the settings and at this point you can absolutely build a realistic sized rocket in 10x and get good ΔV, but as soon as you put some payload the upper stages suffers a LOT, so using smurff or LRTR would be a better experience if the player doesn't want to go to RO/RSS. But your setup is very interesting and refreshing, feels like stock but without looking like you're on a toy planet. One issue is that the half thrust patch will not work on parts that have their thrust set by a B9PS module, maybe there's a way to universally change them as well but might be useful info to have on the post
  2. I do believe something is wrong with your game, I made a clean install for this mod and it worked absolutely fine and KER did show the correct surface gravity for kerbin. I'm used to 2.7x and this was wayy to easy to get to orbit lmao. I do wonder what changes would give something close to 2.7x experience with this setup
  3. uhm, what's this? KSP Forums? Oh boy it's been a while since I used this. It shouldn't be too difficult After a few months of please don't hurt your coworkers, you definitely should work on your mod and a bit of Ok I'm slower than FWS I should do something, I'm here to tell you that we do not have a big update, just some fixes and small changes that are months old and should've been released a long time ago, anyway: Version 2.0.3 Changelog Fixed Untextured cluster engines Updated RO patches Increased RCS thrust on ship and booster Updated Plumes (Pre IFT-2) As always, download is available at Spacedock, GitHub and CKAN. Just to make sure you don't go away sad, here's some pics of definitely not any old work and pretty much prototype update another revamp (please help me) my current plans are match the booster default model to b7-b9 (HSR, Grid Fins and Raceway, pipes, etc), add a generic non recoverable starship and generic ship depot with engine covers (which is pretty much done) and then I'll finish my sn15 I promise Edit: Had to push v. due to a duplicate waterfall patch on booster, make sure you update or delete "SH Cluster.cfg" (with a space)
  4. Wait, I know you! Congrats on release! Truly one of the best looking engine mods I've seen
  5. The payload adapter on the ship is 3.75m, so your call on that lmao
  6. Actually SOCK is undersized, benjee himself is aware of that
  7. what do you mean? booster aero works with stock aerodynamics just fine. Try setting your graphic settings like this: Reflection Texture Resolution: at least 256 Reflection Refresh Rate: at least Medium Render Quality: at least Good if it doesn't work, screenshot the vessel in flight and share it here or on our Discord
  8. Hello again, almost doubling the number of updates from last year lmao Again, another minor update, just 2 issues that are not meaningful for the majority Version 2.0.2 Changelog Fixed Cluster staging icon not disappearing when all engines are disabled Fixed incompatibility with MechJeb Primer Vector Guidance Also we have some new parts coming soon™. Not SN parts yet, but they follow the non-heatshield theme As always, download is available at Spacedock, GitHub and CKAN. I can add the cargo door variant, but making a dispenser that works the same on KSP is unlikely to pretty much impossible Nice that you fixed it, but that's another mod I don't provide craft files, those are most likely @Janus92 We were not smart enough to make the booster behave like we wanted to on EDL without having the cluster aero screwing everything, so we removed it lmao
  9. all "release" zips are the exact same, so unless you're downloading from github main branch it's not installing automatically with the rest of the mod open the zip, it should look like this go inside "SEP_IVA" and simply copy the "Spaces" Folder and put inside "StarshipExpansionProject" in gamedata If you're using CKAN make sure both of this are installed That's it Sorry, not sure if I understood the question correctly, can you explain that for me?
  10. Due to differente dependencies, the IVA is installed separetely (even on CKAN), so check if you have them and if you installed the IVA
  11. Small update, mostly fixing bugs and improving QoL (nothing relevant for regular player) Version 2.0.1 Changelog Fixed duplicated IVA.cfg on release .zip Increased MaxTemp on all ship parts Fixed Ship RCS misaligned Improved QoL on patches Changed crew windows lights to white from yellow Fixed Specular textures not loading on default ksp shader Added extra patch for fixing booster cluster thrust while using LRTR with Rescaling on Fixed Engine plumes (RO) Fixed Vent on booster core (RO)
  12. That's on me, delete the "IVA.cfg" on patches and give it a go I accidentally left a copy of the file there so when you install the IVA it duplicates
  13. And It actually did release in less than 24 hours I will try to keep myself calm and focus on the next vehicle instead of revamping this one, ok? Version 2.0.0 Changelog - CRAFT BREAKING UPDATE Completely overhaul of all parts, more details below Added IVA by Janus92 Added Ship Legs with Nertea's HabUtils plugin Added Hullcam & NeptuneCamera support Added custom TU textures for better support Added Paint options for Ship Added B4 and B7 AeroCovers switch Added B4 and B7 Grid fin switch Added "Jaw" variant for the cargo door Added Custom Waterfall plumes for everything that needs them Added Variants for the raptor plume Added a custom module allowing to change B9PS subtypes with action groups Added a Raptor booster variant Updated Raptor Engines to be closer to Raptor 2 Unified Booster Engine Cluster with a custom plugin to a single part Now available on Spacedock, Github and CKAN on CKAN IVA's are installed separately - Waiting for metadata to update for it to happen on official downloads for manual installs (github release and spacedock)IVA's are not bundled inside the default mod folder, pay attention to this Fly safe!
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