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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! This is my first post so forgive me if I'm uploading wrong. I just recently got the game and am doing great figuring everything out, except for what the title states. I am on a laptop so I cannot activate the mousewheel the way the manual suggests, and I can't find any recent discussions, guides, or key bindings that help- I'm on v1.12.5.3190(OSX). It's been fine for a while but I'm building a satellite for Mun and it's impossible to perfect the small details as well as getting a cohesive view of the vessel without being able to adjust my camera zoom. Please let me know up-to-date control schemes for this or possible solutions. I'll try to answer any questions needed. (Also is there an all-encompassing document of helpful equations, rates, constants, etc? I'm exhausted of just eyeballing half of my steps) Thanks! <<<3
  2. Hi, I am attempting to make my first mod. I tried to export my fueltang from in unity and it exports my model but not the texture as seen in the following screenshot. The error as shown on the buttom left reads: TypeLoadException: Failure has occures while loading a type. I am copletely new to modding KSP and working with unity. Can anyone help please?
  3. A year ago @satnet granted me permissions to: But during events in my life I barely had time to maintain my own mods, but Here I am, on the road again...© Original thread is here. Originally created by @satnet this mod is a pretty solid set of utilities that make your flight much easier. Utilities Warp To Gives you precise control over the "Warp To" capability. You can warp to any point in the future. It will detect maneuvers and SOI transitions and add buttons to warp straight to them. This works in the map view, tracking station, and in flight. This is a great way to get to transfer windows or warp to a maneuver that needs more than 1 minute of lead time. This is particularly useful in the tracking station where you have no limit on timewarp, but don't have an easy way to warp to a specific point in time. Vessel Select Gives you a list of vessels ordered by proximity. You can target or switch to any vessel in the list. This includes flags, asteroids, and debris (the latter two are suppressed unless you want them). You can clear the current target of your vessel. This utility also allows you to "Unleash the Kraken" on you current vessel. It will destroy a random part on your vessel until it is gone. This is a far more satisfying way of clearing debris than terminating it in the tracking station. Celestial Body Data Lists all celestial bodies in hierarchical order Provides full information about celestial body and it's orbit Allows to focus view and target the body Maneuver Editor Gives you full control over your maneuver nodes. Precisely control the time and delta-V of your maneuvers. Store your maneuvers, try something else, and if it doesn't work restore the original set. It also includes a subset of the "Warp To" functionality to quickly warp to a maneuver (-1 min, -10 min, and -1 hr for varied TWRs). I created this when I had an orbit that refused to give me a selection point on the current orbit and it grew from there. I've tried other maneuver editors, but I kept coming back to this one for one reason or another (mostly the ability to create a new node when the orbit click method is finicky and time controls in human friendly scales). Download Space Dock License All rights reserved Source GitHub Changelog:
  4. Hello All, I recently learned that I'm heading back to school to do some postgraduate study and I need an excuse to revise and touch up my MATLAB skills. Simultaneously I have been grappling with the SSTO design problem and the fact that I cannot find any tools that will guide me in the design of an SSTO and payload. My thought is that while fluid dynamics was not my strong suit (I am a mechanical engineer) the simplified modelling of KSP should make this a reasonable endeavour with a bit of research. My a first step will be to produce an aircraft design tool that I will input a desired payload, ceiling and perhaps a few other parameters and the program will output required thrust, lift surface area and required coefficient of friction. In this way, the 'art' of aircraft design still exists because you have to design something within those parameter (x lift surface, y kN of thrust etc) so but at least the science gives you a starting point. Would be keen for thoughts, guidance, advice or be pointed at any existing tools. Good flying
  5. Hi All, I have been a longtime lurker of the forum and learned a whole lot from the discussions that have been had. I found myself spending most of my time playing KSP and wanted to invest more into the community so here I am. My goal is to develop a mission planning protocoI that would incorporate mission planning, construction checklists and mission validation into a single document pack. The idea is that anyone from beginner to advanced player could develop a mission plan and then execute it (or have it executed by others). I was thinking developing a tool that would generate a summary of the mission similar to this: It would then have a storyboard of each stage that explains delta v, electrical, control, RCS, docking and any other requirements. My current mission planning method is to construct a delta v budget in a table that describes each stage of the mission. I then construct the spacecraft from the payload down according to that budget. This is reasonably simple for straightforward mission but starts becoming less useful when there are more complex mission profiles. It is relatively ad hoc and while it does work, I find myself regularly fixing silly design errors (forgetting power generation in some stages etc) as I am not following a methodical process. How do you guys do it? Do you have any tips or tricks you would be willing to share?
  6. I believe KerbalMaps is down sometime last year, so is there any detailed maps for Kerbin? Best with coordinates, easter eggs and all! Any help will be very appreciated!
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