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  1. Was ist dein lieblingsfach? Englisch oder was? https://github.com/Tantares/Tantares (There are a few small bugs left, and no alternate colours yet)
  2. LU 2 The door is on the side of the capsule (like IRL) so a little different, may take some getting used to.
  3. I've been guilty of it myself, I will try to stick to imgur (that will never suffer the same fate hahaha... ha... ha. ...ha)
  4. Unfortunately I cannot have the time for spaceplanes right now. Maybe one day, who knows.
  5. It is literally impossible for me to meaningfully optimise, I'm sorry to tell you (believe me, I would love to). In most games, 3D models an textures are loaded when required, in blink-of-an-eye intervals when required, you've probably seen this where you go to a new place in a modern game and everything has low-res blurry textures for a moment. KSP loads everything at once at startup, all at once, in one long process. @DeadJohn's recommendations are about as good as you will get. Other way is to prune what you don't need, Tantares is designed so that you can delete each folder inside "Parts", e.g. the "core soyuz" folder, deletes all the soyuz parts. Not falling off yet:
  6. I'll do it for $2,000. Fun experiment to see if I had improved enough (in my other work) to model the VA capsule, door, and hinge for a bit higher quality. Could be a fun project.
  7. They definitely did all have the capability to track the sun as far as I know, and IIRC even the capability to be turned internally manually if needed. Not sure if any of them lingered fixed for any long time, but wouldn't surprise me, the dorsal solar panel on the core model was for example basically dead weight by the end of the station's life, and producing very little power. There's somehow no way in the vanilla module to allow tweaking solar panel rotation, so I'd recommend Tweakable Everything too. Unfortunately never got around for that, you guessed right it's for procedural fairings.
  8. That's @Zarbon44's mod Intercolour: That part (the Energia-M fairing base) included with basic Tantares does not have any variants by default. Tantares 26.0 for KSP 1.12.X Finally. The existing (now old) Soyuz parts have not been deprecated, just hidden. All existing craft files should work as normal. The new Soyuz parts should be 1-1 replacements, identical node placements. The only caveat is that the Service Modules are now more like fuel tanks, the engines are separate parts. This Update: - Revamped the Soyuz to be prettier. Warning: - Some parts may have been deprecated. Previous craft built using these parts should still load, but the deprecated parts will appear black, without a texture. I recommend retiring these craft, as deprecated parts will be removed in the next version. https://github.com/Tantares/Tantares/releases/tag/v26.0
  9. 25.2 is just a small hotfix for fuel feed issues. The Soyuz update 26.0 will be here shortly.
  10. I do appreciate the input fellas, but simple fact is I only really have a huge enjoyment (with legs) for games when I enjoy playing them at the same time. KSP is bled dry, I've done planet packs, parallax, realism, blah blah blah - everything. I don't play it anymore. I'm not going to drop names, but I know for a fact this rings true for many other people who modded the game for years alongside me. Needs fresh ground and fresh ideas, KSP 2 has had a very rocky start yes, but I like the direction it has taken, the presentation, the atmosphere. I have faith in the devs, and they're a good bunch of people. If you haven't tried the recent update yet, the performance is really improved in it, and the science update is just around the corner. Love this stuff, thanks for it.
  11. You would have to raise it with the developers for these, I don't have a clue how those mods change terrain generation / unity layers etc. In photohop you can go Channels -> r / g / b and paste into the individual colour channel for each, then when you return to the regular view, it should be full colour image
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