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  1. Yeah I think that works REALLY well, keeps the ability to use stuff together whilst allowing proper scales to work, Sweet!
  2. I'll give my two cents, I don't think odd scaling is the craziest deal. Tweakscale is quite a widespread and easy to use mod, and I hazard that most modded players use it, so if they really wanted to use a part with odd scaling, they could easily integrate it. Also, I think that size compromises can often lead to snowballing via related parts and cause a lot of stuff to fall out of scale. Ofc I'm not saying completely abandon the set KSP sizes, as they're what makes a lot of compatability between mods and part sets possible, but I defiently think being a bit more fluid/open to new sizes (like CardZ has done with the 1.625m soyuz) is a good thing. Just my opinion tho
  3. Oh this is gonna be so perfect for Angara Persei! Anyway, all these updates has kept me playing with Tantares even more, dug out and modernised my old Buran craft, even found my nifty docking module which extends!
  4. It's from Alcentar's Buran/Energia mod. It's textures are a bit old, but I like the detail it has
  5. More Proton stuff Proton K launching Kvant-3 ~ 2001 (More stuff from our story lol) Even though it's not updated stuff, I thought I'd mess around with Energia too Can't wait for this it looks so good, I've been working on Angara stuff recently, so I'll be sure to use it in the Angara Persei/Orion configuration!
  6. I mean, if I was scaling up a port I would also scale up the matching port to the same size, and sometimes parts in mods that have docking port functionality can be used for more than just ports, so it would be useful to be able to scale them to any scale The part specifically I noticed was the MESA part from BDB. Its coded as science so I can't make it any bigger, despite trying to use it for detailing purposes I think thats probably the smart thing to do Awesome thank you
  7. Hi, I've been playing around with this for the last couple of weeks and it's a nice improvement on the old tweakscale. However, whats up with some of the parts that are only allowed to be scaled to certain sizes (Docking ports in particular) and more importantly parts that are limited at 100% scale? Is this a bug or just a feature, and if its a feature, is there any way I can change it?
  8. It would be real cool if either of you could make a dedicated Progress part to match the new Soyuz spacecraft, but I assume you both have already though of that
  9. Svoboda (Mir-2) from the Kratos Timeline (By me and @Jacktical) October 1997 - Svoboda EO-1 - Soyuz TM-25 and Progress M-36 February 1999 - Svoboda EO-3 - 'Power Tower' configuration Svoboda planned configuration And as an added bonus, due to Russia pushing a lot of their resources into Svoboda, including the Mir modules Priroda and Spektr (which were completed for shuttle-mir with NASA funding irl), this is the extent that Mir gets to in this timeline, it's more of a stepping stone to Svoboda rather than what it was irl
  10. Maybe I'll post it here once it's done, the truss and solars are a placeholder rn But yeah man, this stuff is all crazy, it looks top quality, I'm real glad you've fully come back now
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