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  1. I believe it was an old-school hand photo edit, but the only copies of it floating around are much smaller res. If I had to guess, someone used AI to upscale it. Here is the copy I have:
  2. Oh god I've already beaten it... twice... I'm just still playing. Last couple months have been a combo of great games coming out, IRL obligations, and a lot of energy getting spent at my day job just means I haven't even looked at any KSP projects in weeks. I'm still coming back, I always do, just not sure when. My priorities would still be Mariner 8 and Viking. There has not been any communication/update on the lander since whatever was last shared here, sadly. But when I'm back to it, it's getting finished one way or another even if I have to start it from scratch myself.
  3. Not dead, still just a lot of Real Life going on... and I made the mistake of buying Baldur's Gate 3. I started working on one at some point, but stopped partially since the sources I had covered the proposed configuration, not the as-flown configuration.
  4. I do not believe anyone has given us updated USI-LS configs since before that part was released. Someone needs to update them and make a pull request.
  5. Oh, that's because they're .dds (game/memory optimized image texture) files. I don't know WHY, but .dds files are stored flipped vertically. I even tried googling to try and give you a better answer than "that's just how they are" and didn't find anything helpful. But all the .dds textures for the parts are also flipped vertically, and I know that has been the case with most other games that use them.
  6. uh I don't know. The cone half of the docking system is much smaller than it is in BDB, it's just that big to make sure the colliders don't get intruded on too much. It's on the 1.14 branch. What flags?
  7. Of course there is, that's why I didn't include it in that post! (light hearted ribbing, no worries) Still nothing on Viking. Rest assured you all will be the first to know once there is one.
  8. Hey all! Sorry for the continued quiet... this year simply will not stop 'happening' for me, and it sounds like the rest of the team are in a similar boat. I was able to get the RCML in game... a week or two ago now, but haven't managed to find time to finish the configs and test it properly. Or, take a screenshot, apparently. In the meantime, Invader HAS been busy working on the release of ORANGES, which you should all really check out if you haven't! There is one piece of progress to share on my end, which is that Mariner 8/9 is coming along swell! The solar panels and some other parts are also used by Mariner 6/7, which will help Invader when he comes back to finish those parts.
  9. Haha, yes, they’ve been gone since the first treatment which I believe was late June? And then we had to wait two weeks for an all clear but we haven’t seen one since the treatment thankfully. That’s one thing I can put behind me.
  10. No news to report on any fronts. Been super busy with work and Armored Core 6. Hoping to have an update, not necessarily on Viking, in the nearish future. More likely to be on RCML or Mariner 8/9. Myself and Akron have figured out a plan for moving forward on finishing the lander but I’m waiting on some files, and once I have them it will still be a bit before we have some progress to show.
  11. To whom it may concern, I am still alive. Armored Core 6, a title I've been waiting for since I was but a wee lad, has finally released. I am fully in the mech soup. Fear not, I'm sure I will return soon. Love, -CW
  12. Oh, didn't mean for my response to come off in any sort of way. I was more chiming in - mostly for people who might not have known about the bridle trough and all that - that I'd looked at including it but wound up not.
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