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  1. Well I hope that stays that way because I'd be very concerned if that kind of data made it to a different entity, no matter how honourable.
  2. 2 is never happening. That's the highly illegal one, 1 is fine.
  3. People were already taking measures because the writing was on the wall quite a while ago, all that happens now is a rush of people trying to back up the forum.
  4. https://imgur.com/gallery/rks-real-kerbolar-system-final-UkzxLbg In short, it's all the Solar Systems bodies above a certain size cobbled together from various planet mods at 3.2x scale with Principia. A 1:1 copy of the Solar System but "Kerbalized".
  5. People are way ahead of you already. Personally not in a position to answer any questions about it.
  6. Magpie mods applies its settings indiscriminantly, even to plumes and engine glows, the mod itself is a bit borked; I spent the same amount of time fixing it as I would have spent making model configs from scratch. The reason they're meh is because it took the list of every model the game loads and gave them a generic config, and there's no real consistency with what parts are metal and what parts aren't. On top of that they're pretty out of date
  7. Yeah, for Titan and Centaur you'd have to download the git version of the mod - the reason Titan and Centaur aren't included in the gif is because I'll be making changes that could potentially break crafts. The Atlas is fully integrated with the liveries from NIC and the configs of Agena/Titan integrate with the Delta Blue BDBNIC textures (if they're present, they incorporated into the TU texture switch menu, Atlas liveries don't require BDBNIC). The reason the Titan isn't in the zip yet is because I want to cut down its file size - all of its recolours could be represented by recolouring masks instead of having an entire set of metallic textures for each livery. Planning to have some fun with that and the Centaur this weekend
  8. Yeah! Just m,aking enough textures so things don't look too awkward. Once I've refined the Titan and the Centaur then a little pack of Atlas/Agena/Titan/Centaur will be posted on the forums. If you're impatient, In releases you'll find the Atlas and Agena whilst downloading the git will net you the Titan and Centaur as well - https://github.com/Bellabong/Bella_TU
  9. The difference between configs that mass config parts and actual proper textures is amazing. After getting frustrated with the effects just model config mod (transparent stuff wasn't transparent, too many mismatches in colours between parts and deviation from the original colours etc.) I decided to make my own textures. More Atlas stuff Titan IIIE/Centaur
  10. What do you mean it turned white? Was it working before and it has stopped working now? Centaur has joined the party: Planning to give it the same look as the Atlas - the base textures are very different to the Atlas one but it's just as shiny:
  11. It's in the description of the part... Or am I misunderstanding the "Engineers complain about weird angles" part?
  12. So the Atlas leads to a shiny Agena, a shiny GATV leads to a shiny GLV, which leads to a shiny Titan 3... Still need a lot more work though
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