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  1. I’ll probably look into a user friendlier difficulty setting for that, so everyone can choose for themselves.
  2. That’s not really helpful. What doesn’t work? If you really want to help I’d need logs, reproduction steps etc.
  3. @Apricot I'm not sure when or why this was added, but looking back this is probably right. If you want to (and if you’d be able to) can you create a PR for that on git?
  4. @TomfooleryYT, the action groups are gone, as a new fins module was introduced. So that is expected. Nevertheless, It seems like KSP can't find the specified localisation strings. Which game version you're running? There may were some changes on SQUADs side between updates. If that is the case best is to dump localisation and just use english titles for the next update, if that's not the case try verifying your files via Steam.
  5. To extend to this, keeping RO patches up to date is a hard task. That's why everyone from the RP-1/RO team mostly (as far as I know) discourage spreading of RO configs outside of the RO repo, it's much harder to keep them up to date (or even keep track of them).
  6. To be honest, I'm just guessing at this point as DragCubes are a science on their own, but using multiple PartModules (that also include multiple drag cubes per module) always have been a bit problematic. Pre 1.10, it was not even possible do define multiple drag cubes like that. Since 1.10 they changed some part of that, see following (taken from the 1.10 modder notes): Which means that no matter what you do currently, the solar panel will always refer to procedural drag cube generation (As it includes four PartModules all implementing IMultipleDragCube). So I guess the only viable solution (to my knowledge, please if anyone knows more that me, I would be happy to be proven wrong) is to separate the functionality into it's own part, so that there aren't multiple PartModules that include IMultipleDragCube per part. If @benjee10 really has the time and motivation to even work on this (I guess he has a long enough list of things to work on), I'm happy to look into such PartModule, that can indepenently track to the sun (with respect to their child parts).
  7. @TaintedLionBe sure to also have the quality setting not set to lowest. KSP (in that setting) reverts to a single bone weighting per vertex. Which can break complex skinned mesh animations with many bones deforms
  8. I don't have permission to view the file currently. Although, I may have already identified the issue, would still be good to double check with your craft file.
  9. @Tivec, thank you for the bug report, is there a chance to could send me the craft file you were working on when that happened, so I can replicate this easily? (and possibly - if it’s still there, the complete log?)
  10. It’s fairly straight forward: 1) Choose an IDE of your choice. Personally I use Visual Studio 2019. 2) Open the Project in your IDE and add references (point to KSPs and Unity assemblies) 3) Depending on how old the mod is you’re trying to recompile, you have keep in mind that there were API changes throughout version, so you may have to adjust or change some parts of the code. 4) Hit the Build Button. For more detailed instructions read through this post:
  11. The wearable props are locked behind 1.11. They require the updated inventory system that came out with 1.11. The EVA & IVA suits will work with 1.10. For everything below you need to use TextureReplacer and manually have to flip the textures vertically. (Out of some reason, stock flips the textures after being applied to the kerbal material, which TextureReplacer doesn’t do.)
  12. This is truly incredible, as always this is exceptional work, looks damn beautiful! Congrats on release! <3
  13. It’s definitely possible, as a starting point you might wanna have a look at the. EditorPartList and PartCategorizer classes. Both seem to go into the direction of part sorting.
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