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[1.12.x] Tundra Exploration - v7.0 (Nov 5th, 2023) - (Re)Stockalike SpaceX Falcon 9, (Crew) Dragon (XL) & Haven-1!


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Including Iridium Next, New Horizons, Haven-1 and soon many more! (Check roadmap for what is coming)

Thread of the Month: February 2019

Join me on Discord! (DEV talk only)

Tundra Exploration pics:









Tundra Technologies pics:






Planned features


Known issues

  • "No tank type named 'RR_CryoMLOX' exists" means you have RR but not CRP, or you have RR, CRP, and WBI classic stock, and the WBI feature isn't working right.  Make sure you have RR 1.16!


Required Mods

Recommended Mods

Not supported Mods

  • Atmospheric autopilot
  • FAR (Version 7.0 looks to perform a lot better)

Beta versions on GitHub

A very special thanks to @Beale, @CobaltWolf and @Nertea for the help and advise they gave me to make something awesome. And @DiscoSlelge for creating those awesome patches!
And a massive thanks to @ValiZockt@Rock3tman_@Nessus_, @JadeOfMaar, @Starwaster, @neistridlar, @SofieBrink and @Infinite Monkeys for the help they gave me making this mod perfect!



Version 7.0.0
- Revamped Ghidorah parts
- Revamped Rodan parts
- Revamped IVA for Rodan
- Added IVA for Rodan I4 command pod
- Added Gaira (Haven-1) parts
- Added IVA for Gaira-1
- Added more soot options with new and improved soot shader plugin (Thanks Sofie)
- Added small RCS block for 2nd stage tank
- Added smaller nozzle variant to Marlin Vacuum Engine
- Added Main Chute part for Rodan
- Added Drogue Chute part for Rodan
- Added color variants to Rodan parts
- Added TE (US) flag
- Added Mono to Kaijuu Goods
- Added RCS warning when Rodan nose cone is closed
- Added ModuleTundraCutDrogue for automatically cutting the drogue chutes when the mains deploy, Full credit to Jsolson and the rest of the Bluedog Design Bureau team for allowing us to use and adapt this module for Tundra!
- Flags are now covered in soot
- Fixed Ghidorah fairing shape
- Fixed RCS plumes on Haddock
- Fixed drag cubes on Rodan
- Fixed Waterfall plumes on Cargo Rodan
- Removed unused FX files
- Removed unused Texture Unlimited configs
- Updated Mvac waterfall plume
- Updated USI-LS patch
- Updated KIS patch
- Updated CCTanks patch
- Updated Pathfinder patch
- Updated Craft files
- Support for Hullcam
- Support for Boiloff
- Support for FreeIVA

Version 6.1.0
- Added actuated pusher inside Ghidorah Interstage
- Fixed Independent Throttle Action ( @OrbitalManeuvers! )
- Fixed cfg syntax errors
- Fixed SN15 parts still showing up in categories list
- Fixed ActuateOut not persisting through vessel reloads
- Fixed Gimbal lock not functioning properly on symmetrical parts
- Removed last remains from Gojira
- Removed HabUtils.dll since it is no longer used
- Updated Tundra Plugin to inherit new features from SEP plugin

Version 6.0.0
- Deprecated Gojira
- Added Reverse Control Point for Cargo Rodan
- Changed Ghidorah Interstage technology to HeavierRocketry

Version 5.1.0
- Updated Real_names.cfg
- SH RCS Switchable between cold and hot gas
- Added Variant to disable TopBase SL Raptor
- Added Variant to disable TopBase VAC Raptor
- Added toggle engine action for Ghidorah Octopus engine

Version 5.0.0
- Added Gigan XL parts
- Added TundraExploration.dll plugin by Vali
- Added ModuleTundraRaptor to gimbal out of the way (action group)
- Added ModuleTundraRCSAnimation for your every day warning needs
- Added ModuleTundraEngineSwitch for all your 3 engine landing needs
- Added a new decouple module for your Ghidorah Heavy decouple needs
- Added a new plugin to actuate Gojira fins
- Added new soot levels on Ghidorah
- Added waterfall configs to Rodan
- Added real names config by Jeronimo
- Tweaked Gigan solar panel colors
- Tweaked Rodan docking port texture
- ModuleSootyShader is now ModuleTundraSoot
- Fixed Falcon 1 fairing side tech tree to Basic Rocketry
- Fixed Rodan re-entry orientation
- Removed Mk3 stuff from configs
- Removed old plugin

Version 4.1.0
- Added Ghidorah Extended Fairing
- Fixed ModuleCargoBay in Ghidorah Fairings
- Fixed Ghidorah Fairing Adapter size order
- Fixed black raceway on Block 5 GH interstage
- Fixed Mothra Interstage tech tree
- Fixed Mothra Payload Fairing connection issues
- Updated Categories.cfg

Version 4.0.0
- Added white Octopus variant on Ghidorah 9/Heavy
- Added Rideshare adapter variants
- Added Waterfall to Haddock RCS puck
- Revamped all Mothra One parts
- Revamped Ghidorah 9 Mvac engine
- Revamped Ghidorah Heavy Nosecone
- Revamped Ghidorah Heavy Decoupler
- Revamped Ghidorah 9 Fairing half
- Fixed TPA naming issue on Ghidorah Fairing
- Fixed naming issue on Gojira SNX Legs
- Fixed M1D displayname
- Fixed soot on Ghidorah Heavy Nosecone
- Fixed Rodan trunk node not showing up on cargo side
- Fixed Waterfall plume during center engine only mode on the Gojira SH engine cluster
- Fixed Smokescreen + Waterfall mishap on Mothra
- Fixed Mothra Interstage node offset
- Fixed Ghidorah Heavy sideboosters flipping during descent
- Fixed Gojira RCS plumes not showing up without Waterfall installed
- Fixed duped texture files in Rodan folder
- Attempt to fix Rodan re-entry angle
- Removed Gojira Mk3 parts completely
- Updated Category tab
- Updated Tweakscale config
- Updated Cryotanks config
- Updated craft files

Version 3.2.1
- Waterfall support for Gojira
- Added Heatshieldless variants for Gojira
- Removed glow on RPTR vac
- Added steel legs

Version 3.1.0
- KSP 1.11 support
- Added new Inventory space to pods
- Added more gimbal to the Raptor Engine
- Removed Raptor glow - Fixed white version for Ghidorah Heavy Nosecone
- Fixed Torque on Ghidorah Guidance Unit
- Fixed hinge on D2
- Fixed Cargo Rodan colliders - Fixed mass pass on Gigan
- Make all Ore-holding parts hold empty by default
- Heat limit balance pass
- Fixed octaweb symm, updated subcats
- Snacks! configs updated

Version 3.0.0
- Revamped Crew Rodan
- Added Cargo Rodan
- Remodeled Rodan Trunk
- Remodeled Rodan Heatshield
- Added Standalone Octaweb
- Added Standalone Merlin 1D
- Added Starlink Dish

Version 2.1.0
- Added drag cubes to erectors
- Fixed USI patches
- Fixed drag cubes with B9PS modules
- Fixed Ghidorah 9 Fairing texture
- Fixed soot on Ghidorah nose cone
- B9 LS switch to Gojira pods
- Fixed CC tank volume
- Added Configurable Containers support

Version 2.0.0
- Revamped Ghidorah Octopus
- Revamped Ghidorah stage 1 tank
- Revamped Ghidorah Interstage
- Revamped Ghidorah stage 2 engine
- Revamped Ghidorah stage 2 tank
- Revamped Ghidorah fairing
- Revamped Rodan trunk
- Revamped Command pod decoupler
- Fixed fairing band on erectors
- Added colors to B9PS switches
- Fixed RCS thrust curves
- Revamped Ghidorah Heavy parts
- Revamped Ghidorah soot

Version 1.7.2
- Updated to KSP 1.9.x
- Removed 2 windows on Rodan
- Added red Tundra logo on Ghidorah
- Updated soot texture on Ghidorah
- Added !RealFuels to the NEEDS..

Version 1.7.1
- Added umbilical to Rodan's trunk
- Added missing Mk4 SH tank fuel types
- Methalox mode engine nerf for same launch TWR
- Mk4 SL Raptors should be a little weaker
- Control toggle for all the big command pods
- Added stock subcats
- Fixed CGT links
- Fixed Rodan inventory where the command pod would dissapear in the VAB

Version 1.7.0
- Updated to KSP 1.8.x
- Renamed 2018 Gojira as "Mk3"
- Added Mk4 Gojira parts (2019 Starship)
- Updated textures for Unity 2019

Version 1.6.0
- Fixed Gimbal issue on Ghidorah Octopus engine
- Added configs to support Tundra Exploration RO configs
- Updated B9Tanks config

Version 1.5.0
- Added Bagorah 9 parts (Falcon 9 v1.0)
- Added Bagorah 9 strongback
- Added Ghidorah 9 LC-40 strongback
- Fixed Gigan rotation in VAB
- Fixed Gigans heatshield rotation in VAB
- Fixed Gigans Solar panel shield rotation in VAB
- Fixed Gigans Solar panel rotation in VAB
- Fixed Agent images not linked correctly in TundraTech
- More tweaks to plumes by @Nessus_
- Balance of all parts by @neistridlar (Make sure to use/make new .craft files)

Version 1.4
- Added new shader to solar panels
- Added custom shader for soot change on Ghidorah
- Added Revamped New Horizons (Paneer) parts
- Added Iridium parts
- Fixed fairing colliding with interstage
- Fixed Ghidorah interstage not pushing second stage away
- Cargo box adjustments
- Updated CoL heatshield Gigan
- Revamped Rodan IVA
- Fixed fairing seam on Ghidorah
- Revamp of Rapor plumes (By Nessus_ and JadeOfMaar)
- Revamp of Merlin plumes (By Nessus_ and JadeOfMaar)
- Fixed FH decoupler pushing boosters sideways almost into the core itself

Version 1.3
- Revamped Mothra 1 launcher
- Revamped Ghidorah 9 launcher
- Revamped Gigan parts
- Updated sounds/patches
- Expandable plumes by Nessus_ (needs Smokescreen)
- Added strongback (Needs Advanced Textures)
- Added CCK support

Version 1.2.2
- Fixed Rodan re-entry
- Fixed Mothra One fueltanks (Thanks Jade)
- Fixed cryo tank types
- Fixed tank volume for Mothra upper stage
- Added placeholder IVA for Starship

Version 1.2.1
- Added Gojira Tanker version
- Fixed Shielding on parts (Thanks @JadeOfMaar)
- Fixed craft files
- Removed hatch inside cargo bay on Gojira Command Pod
- Revamp Ghidorah sound

Version 1.2.0
- Added new Gojira parts (2018 BFR)
- Added new Rodan parts (2018 Crew Dragon)
- Added more new plumes (By @JadeOfMaar and @Nessus_)
- Changed Ghidorah 9 textures slightly
- Balanced some parts
- Cleanup configs
- Fixed SMURFF support
- Fixed Ghidorah Heavy decoupler (now uses Animated Decouplers)
- Fixed Ghidorah 9 interstage being wobbly
- Fixed antenna being in wrong tab
- Fixed Ghidorah fairing

Version 1.1.4
- Added new Ghidorah 9 plumes by @JadeOfMaar
- Added new Gigan RCS FX (plume by @Beale
- Added 3 engine modes for Ghidorah 9 (all 9, 3 engines and center only) You need Kerbal Actuators for it to work!
- Added black nosecones for Ghidorah Heavy Block 5
- Fixed Gojira crew pod antenna
- Fixed fairing colliding with upper stage
- Fixed texture slightly off landed Ghidorah version

- Fixed Gigan RCS FX
- Fixed fairing colliding with 2nd stage
- Updated .craft files
- Added version checker to Tundra Technologies for the future.

Version 1.1.3
- Added new Block 5 textures
- Added new `Block 4` textures
- Added new fairing adapter
- Added new fairings
- Revamped the Ghidorah Heavy nosecone
- Fixed a small bug with Gojira
- Updated the .craft files
- Updated B9PS and NFS
+ Added Tundra Technologies back in!

Version 1.1.2
- KSP 1.4.x
- Added indentations within some part configs
- separated resource defaults without B9PS into patch with same name
- Deleted entries that made KSP think RealPlume is always installed with this mod.
- Merged RealPlume configs into one file
- Added title field to agency and updated scaled logo. Tundra Exploration now appears in Manufacturers filter in VAB.
- Added B9 Part Switch integration to all tanks:
    - Provides fuel options where appropriate.
    - Supports CryoTanks with BoilOff.
    - Provides life support options for USI, TAC, Snacks in Gigan and Rodan command pods.
    - Reduced Ore units per volume due to its volume rating.
- Added Wild Blue Industries integration:
    - WBI resource switching module instead of B9 (B9 option is still there for changing Ghidorah texture).
    - (Only activates when Pathfinder is installed).
- Updated Near Future Solar
- Added B9 Part Switch
Many thanks to @JadeOfMaar for making these patches!

Version 1.1.1
- Updated for KSP 1.4.1
- Updated craft files
- Fixed RCS on Rodan
- Docking hatch moved from 95 degrees to 110
- Added antenna on Gigan pod and Gojiras first stage probe
- Added Falcon Heavy side decouplers (use action groups to decouple and animate the arms)
- Combined interstage with normal decoupler (use B9 part switch)
- Removed satellite parts (Moved to Tundra Technologies)
- Fixed BFR docking port staging
- Fixed RealPlume and SmokeScreen patches (Thank you @macktruck6666
- New Ghidorah 9 Block 5 textures

Version 1.1
- Added Falcon 1 (Mothra)
- Added Rodan lights!
- Added Pathfinder config by @Space Kadet
- Fixed BFR Balancing - Thank you @Rock3tman_
- Added Probe Core to Ghidorah (No more stock probes needed!)

Version 1.0.2
- Fixed .craft files
- Fixed USI LS issues with BFR

Version 1.0.1
- Balanced Gojira in some way
- Added Block 5 versions (texture only)
- Revamp texture on Ghidorah landing stage
- Added Snacks! configs by @debaker02
- Fixed Tech Tree (I am sorry you have to buy all the parts again if you play on hard difficulty)
- Added a Ghidorah Heavy .craft file
- Better search tags done by @SwGustav

Version 1.0
- Gojira command pod with fuel tank, engine shroud and engines (SpaceX's BFS)
- Gojira BFT-9000 Fuel Tank, engines and probe core (SpaceX's BFR)
- Revamp Ghidorah 9 textures (includes a brand new version as well as a landed/reused one) (Needs B9 Part Switch)
- Revamp Rodan and Gigan pod
- Balancing parts
- No IVA on Gojira, but coming in future update

Version 0.9.3
- Updated to 1.3.1
- Added SAS control for Gigan Pod for better control

Version 0.9.2
-Fixed Rodan Airlock
-Added gimbals to the Ghidorah 9
-Some other fixes that I can't remember

Version 0.9
-Redone Rodan (Dragon V2)
-Redone Ghidorah 9 (Falcon 9)
-Updated to 1.2.2
-Added parts to 1.2 catagories
-Fixed some things

Version 0.8.6
-Some hotfixes

Version 0.8.5
-Added Rosetta parts
-Added Philae parts
-Updated for 1.1(hopefully)
-Updated NearFuture Solar plugin

Version 0.8.1
-Fixed USI configs

Version 0.8
-Added Paneer probe (New Horizons)
-Added KIS, TAC, and USI configs
-Rebalanced Rodan

Version 0.7.2
-Added Igel probe (Hedgehog thing)
-Fixes for 1.0.5

Version 0.7
-Added Rodan IVA

Version 0.6
-Added Gigan parts (Cargo Dragon)
-Changed some of the stats to heatshields (they don't ablate as much anymore)

Version 0.5.2
-Added Flag Decals
-Balanced Octopus engine
-Updated NearFutureSolar plugin

Version 0.5.1
-Fixed issue with the trunk

Version 0.5
-Added Ghidorah 9 parts (Falcon 9)

Version 0.4.1
-Fixed scaling issues

Version 0.4
-Added LADEE parts called Staub
-Changed the solar panels to use the modules from NearFuture (thanks Nertea!)
-Some other bug fixes that I can't remember

Version 0.3.1
-Lowered amount of Monoprop
-Fixed Trunk attach node

Version 0.3
-Complete revamp of the Rodan!
-Fixed for 1.0.2

Version 0.2.3
-Hopefully fixed for 1.0 (not tested).

Version 0.2.2
-Fixed bugs with Ven-Patch and RCS

Version 0.2.1
-Optimized Rodan
-Changed folder layout to save RAM

Version 0.2
-Rodan IVA added.
-New folder layout
-Buffed thrust up to 150

Version 0.1.2
-Quick fix to NREs with the VenPatch.

Version 0.1.1
-Changed crew capacity from 6 to 5.
-Added a patch for Ven's Stock Revamp
-Changed License

Version 0.1
-Initial Release

Any of the configs are distributed under CC-NC-SA-4.0 License.
All Textures/models/plugins are distributed under All Right Reserved License. 

SootyShaderLoader is based on the custom shader importer by shadowmage and modyfied by DMagic with custom modules and settings.

Edited by Damon
Version 7.0 release
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15 minutes ago, Z3R0_0NL1N3 said:

@tygoo7 Weren't you working on revamps? How much did you do with those, and did you give those over too?

I honestly have no idea if they were in that folder. It's been so long since I've worked on this. I'm fairly certain that I never got further than the notebook sketches and a new model for the cargo capsule. :P 

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9 hours ago, Z3R0_0NL1N3 said:

@tygoo7 Weren't you working on revamps? How much did you do with those, and did you give those over too?

I will continue on what he was working on first, revamping all the parts. After he got some more time and sends the last files I can start pushing :)

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I don't think the SpaceX Grasshopper fits within Tundra Exploration. I'm currently finishing the revamp of the Gigan pod and the New Horizons spacecraft. If you have any suggestions to add like for example satellites, please tell me :wink:

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40 minutes ago, damonvv said:

I don't think the SpaceX Grasshopper fits within Tundra Exploration. I'm currently finishing the revamp of the Gigan pod and the New Horizons spacecraft. If you have any suggestions to add like for example satellites, please tell me :wink:

If anything, it does. Grasshopper helped shape SpaceX into what it is now. It makes more sense than adding some random satellite parts.

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23 hours ago, Grand Ship Builder said:

If anything, it does. Grasshopper helped shape SpaceX into what it is now. It makes more sense than adding some random satellite parts.

It may fit, but personally I don't think alot of people will actually use the Grasshopper. But I started a bigger project, see the roadmap :wink:

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16 hours ago, damonvv said:

It may fit, but personally I don't think alot of people will actually use the Grasshopper. But I started a bigger project, see the roadmap :wink:

I can see myself using it in career and science, and for fun in sandbox. And help players test reuseability, and be a bit better at landing rockets, just like SpaceX irl.

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17 minutes ago, Grand Ship Builder said:

I can see myself using it in career and science, and for fun in sandbox. And help players test reuseability, and be a bit better at landing rockets, just like SpaceX irl.

The way you say it makes it interesting indeed, will see what I can do 

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