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  1. @DFCMA Kerbin Side Remastered adds approach lights/PAPI lights to some airports.
  2. It did not seem to work for me in 1.8 when I tried to use it, but I would recommend trying it and seeing what happens.
  3. @BrawlerAce Can you please post a picture of the model in Blender? Also, please try pressing the Recalculate Normals button in Blender.
  4. @Kronus_Aerospace After you finish the 747SP, can you please try making the 737-800 with split scimitar winglets? I see that you are creating giant beasts, but I think it would be interesting to see something a little bit smaller from you. Currently, there are no accurate 1:1 737s and though it is smaller in size that some of your other builds, it would still be fairly challenging to make some of the details such as the flat-bottomed engines.
  5. @Kronus_Aerospace That statement is incorrect. Can you please fix it? According to Airbus, "the aircraft is certified to a max seating capacity of 853."
  6. @Geonovast I just found this and I thought it might be useful. https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/28574/simple-way-to-creating-vertices-at-intersecting-planes-and-deleting-leftover-int
  7. @Mekan1k More airports are definitely planned for this mod. For making airports, I suggest watching the following video, because for the most part it explains how to make airports in KSP, though some things like scaling the runway up are irrelevant if you are not using RSS and recreating real airports. Also, to flatten the terrain first to avoid issues seen in that video by creating a map decal.
  8. @Eskandare What happened to the 4800x72m runway shown here?
  9. @Ser I agree that a universal data format would be amazing. I was trying to configure Kerbin Side Remastered: Airports airports for this mod (which I recompiled for use in KSP 1.4), which adds ATC. Because KSR:A has so many airports and I would have to manually copy all those values from a spreadsheet, I scrapped that idea. If in this situation a universal data format had been present (and somehow easily integrated into that mod), I would easily be able to fly in KSP with ATC. Furthermore, if that mod could use ILS data from NavUtils due to the universal data format, flying in KSP would be even more realistic. Then, one of the only problems would be the lack of airplanes that are realistic enough, but that is a topic for another day.
  10. I can confirm that FAR can be used with JNSQ. Currently, I am using it myself and everything is fine.
  11. @The-Grim-Sleeper For rolling off the runway, look at the text at the end of the guide: remember to deploy spoilers immediately when you land (this will slow the craft down and prevent it from jumping as much), press the brakes button near the altimeter before landing, and deploy reverse thrust soon after landing (I did it too late in the guide, so I almost rolled off the runway). You should land in the Touch Down Zone, as shown in the diagram below. The problem with bouncing can be because of possibly not deploying the spoilers or problems with the airplane. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runway#/media/File:RunwayDiagram.png A few questions: Where are you trying to land? What airplane are you using? I recommend using my KS-120.
  12. @Munbro Kerman The windows do look a little bit too large at the moment.
  13. @The-Grim-SleeperThis is how to land an airplane in KSP realistically (this is without FAR, but it should be about the same, just with different speeds): The airplane being used is my KS-120, which should work with FAR https://imgur.com/a/DVn2ODC
  14. @Munbro Kerman Is that a 737? The cockpit windows look very nice.
  15. I think that it would be nice if control surface and air-brake deployment could be controlled by the controller and action groups and if the field being controlled was not grouped with another instance of it with symmetry (each part would have its own and they would not be grouped with symmetry, which could be achieved by giving the option to disable symmetry for it), because I was trying to sequence the deployment of @blackheart612's 2-slot flaps from Airplane Plus, but the right bottom flap and left top flap were grouped together even though I was hoping to get only the bottom ones to deploy.
  16. @HB Stratos It is the Concorde! I see that it says "based on original BAC system drawing" in the picture of the landing gear you posted.
  17. @blackheart612 For the rear window section, maybe you could make Mk3S1 Half sized part, like with Mk2 Half parts.
  18. @ZooNamedGames Is the issue only with that craft? If so, try setting the control surface authority to the opposite of the number you have already. If, for example, it is 100, then set it to -100. If the problem applies to all craft, then check the settings, more specifically the controls section. Possibly, W is set to pitch up and S is set to pitch down. Then, set W to pitch down and S to pitch up. If it is correct, then you can do the opposite.
  19. @MOARdV What I meant was the part where you enter the flight plan. My idea was that first , you would enter the origin and the destination, enter your cruising altitude and possibly some other things, and it would calculate a basic flight plan where you would take off, fly straight until you reach cruising altitude, then turn and fly to the next point, from where you would descend straight to the runway and land. Then, Atmosphere Autopilot, if supported by MAS, could fly that flight plan.
  20. @MOARdV Would it be possible for you to add a feature that would act like an FMC to this mod? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flight_management_system
  21. The KS-120 is now released! DOWNLOAD FOR THE KS-120 DOWNLOAD FOR ALL MY PLANES Kerbobulus Aerospace Airliner Showcase Thread
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