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  1. Airplane Plus Powerful stockalike parts for aircraft enthusiasts. Feedbacks would be helpful. And if you have time, please take the Poll: Click here to vote on what part do you want to be added Download at: Spacedock · Curseforge Github Want to support me? You can on either of these: PATREON User Patches: Tweakscale Compatibility RPM Compatibility AJE Compatibility F-16 Cockpit RPM Remotetech Config Community Tech Tree Sound Issue Workaround is under "Issues" Below If you want assist in hovering, I recommend this mod I'm using Craft Files (Click Image): Release 22-24: Release 20: Old Files: Extra Images: Old Part Selection Images: -- Collection of Aircraft Photos: https://imgur.com/a/ySFgL Old Album: http://imgur.com/a/6kDLM -- APU in Action: Huey in Action: Machbuster Video: Extra: Demonstration of the Tilt-Rotor function, assisted VTOL landing and New Diagonal Gear Other videos: Latest Changelog: Installation: Remove old folder if there's an old installation. Copy the GameData folder into your root folder. -Included in the pack are AirplanePlus and Firespitter folders. It also packs ModuleManager* *I do not own these mods, I merely packed them in for Airplane Plus to be functional and avoid linking downloads for dependencies. Big thanks to their Authors. FAQ: License: *I only take credit on my parts. Firespitter and Modulemanager which are included in the pack are made by different authors with their own licenses. Most performance configs powered by @Tanner Rawlings Shout out and big thanks to @acc for doing a test run back then. @kiwinanday helped a lot on producing important info in reconfiguring performance, thanks a lot!
  2. The Savoia S22, a loosely adapted tribute to the Savoia S.21 seaplane from the movie Porco Rosso. The S22 was my first attempt at attempting a Seaplane in the game since they've fixed bouyancy, and because I'd just watched Porco Rosso I figured I'd have a go making something based on the (fictional) S.21 seaplane from that. Specifically I decided to try and evoke its apperance post-rebuild. However I didn't really fuss over scale that much, just hitting the rough proportions, and because of that I decided to name this as its own distinct design rather than passing it off as an actual recreation. Note: I'm putting screenshots from throughout the craft's development so some bits may be missing or present in some screenshots, and I didn't notice and fix the gap in the tailplane until I shot the stunts video. Design & Jank: Takeoff & Landing: Flight Performance & Video: Closing thoughts: I'm rather pleased with what I achieved with the S22, not just as a visual homage to the S.21, but also a plane that, jet engine aside, feels like it really captures the spirit of that sort of plane too. Its speed and handling feels about right, I really like the detail work I was able to add, and I think most poigniantly the fact that getting it to fly pulled from my knowledge of aerodynamics, or at least the game's aerodynamic model, felt appropriately pioneering. It's also just fun. I'm gonna definitely keep this one around for when multiplayer drops. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16hA3IO-08gPiphQQojxPGyBUitV9NxF-/view?usp=sharing
  3. Is having problems with COL stuff https://kerbalx.com/jounce/dragless+magic-wing-test Can someone pls tell me what's wrong with the COL? Currently the craft accelerates to some speed,takes off,then accelerates to ~220 m/s,then flips over because some parts are functioning as lifting bodies when I don't want them to. (actually i was asking a different problem about it not being able to take off,thus the col relation,but then i found out that mechjeb sas fixes it) I think that the culprit is the aerospike not actually being shielded.Testing... dang its the engine plate
  4. post pics and discuss goofy ahh airplanes/aircraft.
  5. I was having some fun with Procedural Parts and Conformal Decals along with some other Plane mods and built this Cargo Plane. https://imgur.com/gallery/1b9d40U Comin in for a landing with the Ehpowt in the back.
  6. The challenge is simple, fly an aircraft of your own design through the R&D tunnel without damaging your aircraft. You can prove your feat of engineering and piloting finess through either a video or a series of screenshots, before during and after. The tunnel is around 10 meters wide and 7 meters tall, it would be recommended construct your aircraft accordingly. The leaderboards will be split into the speed of the aircraft through the tunnel and the length of the aircraft passing through the tunnel. This Tunnel. Rules; Your aircraft has to enter and exit the tunnel unscathed No parts mod DLC allowed Non Parts mods are allowed, e.g Kerbal engineer Leaderboard (Speed) @swjr-swis 168.3m/s @QF9E 97.4m/s @Socraticat 92.5m/s Leaderboard (Length) @swjr-swis 3.2 @QF9E 2.9m TBA
  7. Not sure if the suggestions forum allows for new content suggestions, but I was wondering whether anyone else thinks it would be useful to have an RCS variant that is powered off intake air to be used with jet contraptions to increase maneuverability. Obviously something like this would balance itself the same way the jet engines are balanced: by needing an atmosphere to work so they could be allowed to provide a little bit more thrust than the other mono/methalox variants. (OK I'll admit it, I just want to build a VTOL airplane and not needing extra fuel will make it a lot easier lol)
  8. My vision for this mod is to create stock alike believable parts to build passenger planes with. It is inspired by Airplane Plus, and will be made to supplement it as well as the stock parts. Here is an album with some concept art and work in progress screen shots: https://imgur.com/a/fAViy And here is an album showing up the semi finished parts: https://imgur.com/a/ljyIgIH Parts currently in the mod: Download at: https://github.com/neistridlar/Neist-Airliner-Parts/releases Tweakscale patch by @TMasterson5: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u6cliq18972oo1g/AADtWdAcCjVC-oGoO1_Jycfaa?dl=0 I am pretty new to modding in general, so if you have advise or suggestions you would like to offer, please do so. I do believe, however, that I have many of the skills required. My plan is to use Fusion 360 along with Blender for modeling, Gimp and Inkscape for image and graphics editing. I do know a little C++, python and matlab, which might come in handy, though I have never programmed anything with more than a command line interface, so I expect to have a few things to learn if I want to get into that side of modding. Also I want to set this up so that it is easy for someone else to take over in the case that I should disappear (knowing my self I usually don't stay focused on one thing for more than 1-2 years at a time), so any suggestions as to how to accomplish this would be welcome. @kerbmario Is now making updates for Neist Airliner Parts: https://spacedock.info/mod/3034/NeistAir%20Reupdated This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0
  9. Carrier Vessel eXpansion You can Download it here! Album: https://imgur.com/a/L3mph Images: Videos: What is CVX? CVX is a low parts mod that allows you to build a Nimitz class Aircraft Carrier. The mod currently contains 5 parts: 1 screw, 1 rudder, 1 hull, 1 radar tower, 1 bridge tower. The idea behind CVX is so players can explore Kerbin while carrying aircraft and not have to worry about having enough fuel, or... You just want an aircraft carrier without worry about tanking your cpu with parts count. What is Included? 5 parts: 1 rudder 1 screw 1 hull 1 radar tower 1 bridge tower Why only one carrier? More ships are on the way. Soon I'll be releasing a Wasp-class LHD, Essex-class CV (for recovering the Kapollo) and an Admiral Kuznetsov CV (for all you Krussians) in the first phase. The second phase is experimental carriers such as a submersible carrier and a helicarrier. Why are there no weapons or radar? There are already mods covering that, and a list of recommended mods are further down the page. Where can I get that F-14 craft? The F-14, made by GrandAdmiralJon, can be found here on KerbalX. Recommended Mods: BDArmory (Continued) [1.3] (maintained by pappa_joe) SM Marine [1.3] [SpannerMonkey(smce)] BoomsticksRev3 [1.3] [SpannerMonkey(smce)] Master Tech Weapons [1.1.3] (TMasterson5) Blue Hawk Industries [1.1.3] (TMasterson5) MalFunc Weaponry [1.1.3] (Themorris) North Kerbin Dynamics [1.1.3] (harpwner) Never Enuff Dakka Redux [1.3] [SpannerMonkey(smce)] Kerbal Attachment System [1.3] (maintained by IgorZ) Kerbal Inventory System [1.3] (maintained by IgorZ) Hanger Extender is helpful for building very large crafts. Hanger Extender (recompiled for 1.2/1.3 by Alewx) The following is for placing the carrier in water. VesselMover Continued [1.1.3] (maintained by pappa_joe) Boat Launch Central [A channel marker buoy made by SpannerMonkey(smce)] For use with Kerbal Konstructs. [1.2.1] Hyper Edit [1.3] The following is for keeping the massive vessel together. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement [1.3] Arrester Cable and Hook, By Flywlyx Aircraft Carrier Accessories [1.3] Bugs and Issues: The big glaring bug this mod has is the Boat Kraken in 1.1.3, this is where the vessel is flung into the atmosphere, caused by a floating point error. The release of KSP ver 1.2 fixes this so there is nor more the need for either use FAR or AirPark but both are excellent mods, try them anyway. The new current problem is the stock joint system, where even rigid attachment will allow parts to separate, KSP's attachment nodes weren't designed for such heavy masses. I recommend using the cheats for both inserting into the water and operation until Kerbal Joint Reinforcement is updated. Change Log: Version 0.13.1: 1.3.1 Compatibility Update: -Dependency Update Version 0.13: 1.3 Compatibility and Fixes Fixes: -Fixed Fuel Capacity in Nimitz Hull -Fixed Engine Thrust Added: -Added Reaction Wheel to aid in turning -Added Support for USI Life Support -Added Support for Aircraft Carrier Accessories (Nimitz Catapult and Toy Box Catapult [for Future Top Secret Vessel] -Added Pre-made Craft Files -Updated Dependencies 0.12: Various fixes and adjustments: -Models and Dependencies updated to KSP 1.2 -Model recompiled as a second attempt to fix the Light Dim Bug. -Added normal maps -Added new hull textures -Added new resource, KSteam -Adjusted screws (still not perfect, still goes too fast for a carrier, 40m/s, but hey this is a game.) -Adjusted Buoyancy, hull rests at waterline. -KSP 1.2 has better floating point so no more boat bounce -Fixed phantom forces with rudder, but is as useful to steer a carrier as a fly swatter. Hopefully a solution coming soon. 0.11: fixed issues with rudder settings. 0.10: Initial Release Additional Credit: Snjo and RoverDude: for FireSpitter (*.dll Packaged with C.V.X.) RoverDude: for Community Resource Pack (Also packaged with C.V.X.) This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  10. Overview Port of the Kerbin Side Remastered GAP Contract Pack for Flights to the JNSQ environment. Current version: v1.0.0 License: MIT Where to get it: Download from : https://github.com/caerfinon/JNSQ-KSRGAP/releases Available on Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2722/JNSQ-KSRGAP Coming to a CKAN near you. Install: place directory JNSQ-KSRGAP and all sub directories and files in your Gamedata/ContractPacks directory (Create if it does not already exist) Thanks and Acknowledgements: Lots of inspiration and ideas from the following creators inigma - Contract Pack: Giving Aircraft a Purpose (GAP)- https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/129208-contract-pack-giving-aircraft-a-purpose-gap-161-milestones-air-flights-coast-guard/ Keniamin - Kerbin Side GAP - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/133545-13x-kerbin-side-gap/ Required Mods Team Galileo - JNSQ - version 0.9.0 - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/184880-181-jnsq-090-03-feb-2020/ For full compatibility the file https://github.com/Galileo88/JNSQ/releases/download/0.9.0/JNSQ_KK_Fixes.zip must be installed as well. AlphaAsh,ozraven,Ger_space - Kerbal Konstructs - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/151818-181-kerbal-konstructs-18115-15dec2019/ nightingale - Contract Configurator - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/91625-1101-contract-configurator-v1305-2020-10-05/ Optional Mods (Patch support included) linuxgurugamer - Kramax Autopilot Continued - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/150846-19x-kramax-autopilot-continued-course-guidance-and-auto-land-for-spaceplanes/ Ser - NavUtilities continued - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/162967-140-181-navutilities-continued-ft-hsi-instrument-landing-system-v072-2018-apr-1/ Change Log
  11. Hey Y'all! Many past players have used all sorts of means to simulate airships in KSP, from jet engines to control surface spamming to landing gear glitches and even awesome mods like HooliganLabs. Since the game will calculate lift on an aerodynamic body regardless of how it's occluded (unless it's inside a fairing/cargo bay), we can build a helicopter that sure looks a whole heck of a lot like an airship using the new DLC parts. To this end, I've got another entry into the stock airship category: The Kindenburg utilizes two R7000 Turboshaft engines with 16 medium helicopter blades each, mounted to counter-rotate inside the wing-only section of the envelope. Outside the envelope along the sides, there are two electric rotors with duct blades which will provide our forward thrust. The lift engines are fed by liquid fuel and intake air, while the rotors and reaction wheels are run by the lift engine alternators along with a pair of fuel cells. The crew capacity is 10: 2 in the lander can, and 8 in the upside-down modules. Hanging the passenger modules upside-down was mainly for aesthetic reasons, as I found it to be the best and easiest way to make a good looking passenger module for an airship. I hear bats love to travel in this thing. Action Groups: AG1) Toggle lift engines power and fuel cells AG2) Toggle forward engines AG3) Toggle ladder Flying the thing can be a little tricky. The lift engines are mapped to the main throttle via RPM limit, and a throttle level of 1/2 corresponds to roughly neutral buoyancy. When taking off, it's best to do so with a little forward velocity for stability. Start out by hitting AG1 and releasing the breaks, then hit AG2 to start moving forward. Set your autopilot to prograde lock. Once you pick up speed, throttle up to ~1/2 thrust and you'll be off the ground. Don't try to gain altitude too quickly, otherwise you'll pitch up too far, flip out, and crash. Keep your nose close to the horizon and rely primarily on yaw for steering, bumping the throttle up and down from neutral buoyancy for pitch. Yaw works better for steering while at low speeds, but at higher speeds rolling is preferable. I've gotten it up to ~60 m/s at sea level, but you can probably push it beyond this. When landing, shut off the forward engines and deploy the gear. The massive drag of the fairings will slow you down, so drop the throttle slightly to descend and touchdown, then reapply the breaks. Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Jamie_Logan/Kindenburg Gallery: OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!! I hope you enjoyed this, please check out my last post too (also an unconventional vehicle novelty):
  12. https://youtu.be/xg17hOZNPTE
  13. Description In the war with the Zxatan Imperium, the K93 Raijin single-engine multirole fighter aircraft developed for the KDF Military Airforce of the nation of Xenobia served as one of the main fighting force’s multi-role aircraft. Though it did not have stealth capabilities it was agile and capable of taking down the forces of the Zxatan Imperium before The Fall. After our forces were rebuilt we brought back this fighter in the form of K-93 Raijin Kai with increased engine power, redesigned airframe, wings, and cockpit as well as out new weapons system. New technologies like Remote-controlled or onboard-AI controlled Enhanced Night Vision and enhanced weaponry Enhanced single-engine Craft Details. Craft is Fully stock and requires Breaking Grounds DLC for Robotic Parts. NO MODS Does have 1 Flag Download Make sure if saved from here to name it Canopy.png or download form link below Comes with Stock Missiles for Roleplay Weapon bay can be supplied with up to 8-10 stock missiles or bombs or 16-18 AIM-9 Missiles or other layouts (BD-ARMORY OPTIONAL) TESTED Action Groups Stage - Fire Missiles - Fires xx Under weapon bay RCS - After Burner AG1 - Toggle Engines AG2 - Drop External Fuel Tanks AG3 - Open Canopy AG4 - Deploy Airbrakes AG5 - Deploy Chutes AG6 - Toggle Navigation Lights AG7 - Toggle Instrument Cluster Simulation. AG8 - Toggle Night Vision Downloads Below: Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2945010782 Kerbal X - https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/KDF-K-93-Raijin-Kai Download Flags here: Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rsoccs28zwiq3e7/Raijin%20Custom%20Flags.zip?dl=0 Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BgM6a0w7vQkbPZ1GMkMb90Xw42amqlYp/view?usp=sharing Place flags in your flags folder in your kerbal space program install directory. Details Type: SPH Class: aircraft Part Count: 672 Pure Stock KSP: 1.12.5 Save flag below as window62 and place in Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags
  14. Thanks to KSP2's procedural wing system, an accurate recreation of the Horten-Ho-229 is finally possible! The aircraft struggles with takeoff, but glides well. If people want me to continue this project, I'll refine it, add more detail, and post the craft file! (Or you can play around with it now and go crazy) (Craft File download thingy link will be on my website soon! I'm sorting it out as we speak)
  15. This aircraft is surprisingly stable. I can provide the craft file upon request!
  16. A list of bugs I noted when building and flying around in my first built airliners, jet aircraft. Control Surfaces on Angled Wings rotate off-axis in flight How to reproduce: Attach any Wing to a craft, e.g. HPW-1000 "Evolution" Rotate the wing using the translation tool, for example upwards as seen on this image Launch craft and play with the controls Wings don't change mass when adjusting its size I mean...seriously? This was a feature in KSP 1 with the procedural fairings, so it shouldn't bee to hard to implement to make a wings mass depend on its span, thickness, width etc. How to reproduce: Build any wing and watch the vessels total mass when changing its dimensions Reverse thrust animation is broken when using action groups When Action Group is toggled, the reverse animation of the J-90 "Goliath" Jet engine plays, then goes back to its base state (showing that the engine is not reversing), while the engines deliver reverse thrust. I'd need to check if this happens with the other jet engines too. When using the right-click menu to toggle the reverse thrust, everything works. How to reproduce: Attach J-90 "Goliath" Jet engine to aircraft Assign an action group to the action "Cycle Mode" Launch craft, activate engines, throttle up Enable the assigned action group and watch the animation play, then go backto its first frame Another bug, related to this: While the reverse animation is playing, the thrust produced by the jet engine is not updated. Check right-click menu to see the thrust value.
  17. This post is a copy from the Discord server: (1078874827047313488) StormFury07: In airplanes, when the pitch controls are inverted. Roll control also becomes inverted. So if "S" is pitch up, and "W" is pitch down. "E" is roll left, and "Q" is roll right. In a plane pulling back on the stick is pitch up "S", and pushing on the stick is pitch down "W". Left on the stick "Q" is roll left, and right on the stick "E" is roll right. In the image below I am rolling to the right but I am pressing the "Q" key. Immabed: Were you inverting the controls so that pitch up would be 'S' and pitch down would be 'W'? Because if so, that indicates the wing part made a mistake in picking the default pitch direction. I found the same thing, in some positions, wings pitch incorrectly by default. I believe this is when the wing attachment point is ahead of the center of mass, but the control surface is behind the center of mass. I believe that is the bug. What should be done for part config is individual inversion for pitch, roll, and yaw, as well as individual authority limits for pitch, roll, and yaw. As it is now, especially with the pitch direction glitch, some planes are unflyable due to inverted pitch, and in general aircraft are much harder to tune than KSP 1. Stormfury07: Yes, I was selecting inverted controls so that 'S' would be pitch up, and down 'W'. So the pitch direction on the wing is wrong. That doesn't excuse the fact that even if I wanted 'W' as up and 'S' as down, that the roll should also be inverted. Mech: SAS also messes up and causes your aircraft to continually do a barrel roll. StormFury07: This as well, it SAS can't handle the fact that it's in a positive feedback loop. If it rolls left lets say, SAS will roll right ('E' Key) but that just makes it roll left harder! Immabed: That's always to be expected when the control input moves the craft the wrong way. I agree that each axis should have its own inversion controls, since inversion only exists to fix incorrect auto-detection anyways.
  18. As the title implies, show us what electric aircraft you got. Whether they be pure stock, stock + DLC, or modded. I'm very interested to see what you all have. The only rule is that the end-stage (as in the plane itself) must run on pure electricity - no using Lf, Ox, Lf+Ox, or monopropellant for propulsion. If your plane is designed specifically for Duna/Eve/Laythe use, then your delivery rockets can use whatever is necessary to get it to its target (like on my E-38 Earhart and E-39 Earhart Junior). As long as the plane itself doesn't use up any chemicals to move, you should be good. Having those (or ore or xenon) on board the plane is okay if it's for balancing purposes. Just don't use up any to move the plane. Besides, fuel cells aren't exactly a reliable power source when it comes to battery-powered plane propulsion. And xenon is too weak to move anything outside of a vacuum. Being able to carry passengers and cargo are awesome bonuses, but not required. I'll start this thread with my own entry. The E-40 Impulse on display in the SPH It has "PLANE ONLY" in the name since I have plans to take it to Laythe later. In the meantime, I would have to test its capabilities here on Kerbin Its cargo bay is loaded with science station equipment, EVA kits, and repair kits Although I personally don't really know how to operate the science stations. I just placed them close together and hit "Interact." Here's a funny little blooper: Jeb hitting the "Reverse Thrust" button by mistake. At least he remembered to turn the nav lights on (this time). As soon as Jeb was airborne, he turned west in order to maximize the plane's exposure to sunlight If he flew east, he would inevitably enter a dark zone and lose electric charge Nice shot of the E-40 flying over the desert. This was taken before I installed nav lights and rear robot arms in the current prototype. Jeb looking at Engine One from the cockpit, as well as the mountains to the south. Engines are numbered starting with the furthest left (looking forward from the cockpit). 100 km away from the KSC, and the mountains to the west of it are in sight. Under Engine 1, you can barely see the abandoned island airfield. 1 km ASL and ~8 km away from the runway. 5 HOURS, 11 MINUTES, 30 SECONDS Since I was flying faster than the planet's rotation about its axis, I launched mid-late afternoon so I wouldn't outrun the sunny spot and therefore lose a constant power source. E-40 Test Run Performance Stats Crew Capacity 1 pilot + 2 passengers Power Plant (2 x EM-64S) x (4 x R-25) Total Empty Cargo Capacity 12 (all loaded) Cruising Altitude 7 km Cruising Surface Velocity 200 m/s Minimum Throttle Required 2/3 Blade Angle 38 degrees (45 is optimal) Optimum Takeoff Time Westward Flight Mid-late afternoon Eastward Flight Early in the morning (NOT recommended for long flights) But I did not stop there: Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/E-40-Impulse-PLANE-ONLY What do you think? Show us what you've got.
  19. An atmospheric aircraft parts mod focusing (for now) on mainly propeller aircraft from the Golden Age to Early WWII. All parts should come up by searching kfw on the search bar. Screenshots Parts List To do Requires Firespitter Download Link on SpaceDock Available on CKAN too. Extra "Requirements" (not needed to use the mod itself, but parts get extra features, or get patched out without them) Personal Mod Recommendations I think work well with KFW (besides the ones on top) Changelog Licensing (for the last version)
  20. The Ministry of Space (Aeronautics Department) (MAD) proudly presents it's first product! No dependencies, but works well with FAR. Uses stock mk1 IVA. Download Parts: Known bugs: Options: Planned: If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Licence: LGPLv3
  21. landplane is easy and all, so i decided to create a seaplane no problem when i take off, but when i land, its always flippin' over JUST HOW TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM HUH, I AINT GOT ANY SOLUTIONS, HELP PLZ p.s: my plane is a flying boat, not a floatplane if u dont know how it looks like, then here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Is7b3viQ6OByeOriPwZWwUJYi8b2hQkS?usp=sharing the craft file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KFoP-Msb2Ie8YClnOlUTvfoBOQFXNNxN/view?usp=sharing
  22. do you think KSP2 will have ground effect? it's one of the things that causes planes to have more lift near the surface than in the air which means that if it gets added one could make vehicles that glide over the seas of planets for example
  23. This is a small mod which adds a detailed Airbus A330-900neo into the game. You will find detailed models and textures, custom sounds for the engines and landing gears, 3 liveries (White, Black, Airbus) as well as a modelled 3D cockpit and cabin. The plane is configured for stock, with flight characteristics based on a comparable stock-part aircraft. At a cruising speed of 220m/s at 3500-4500m altitude, a range of 2100km or fuel for 3h will be enough to cover all major routes on Kerbin. I've limited the crew capacity to 30 (+2 pilots) for performance reasons. Please note that the parts are not designed for a modular use in other crafts. Download from Spacedock I recommend you to install my Airplane Autopilot as well. Known issues All rights reserved.
  24. Like the stock Mk2 parts, but are round instead of streamlined. A lot of the time the stock Mk2 parts don’t really have enough capacity in the cargo bays or fit the aesthetic that I’m going for. They could also open up new opportunities for aircraft recreations. And for people who say that I could just use Mk3 parts, a lot of the time they are just way to big, hard to work with and difficult to get off the ground. These Mk2 parts IMO would make a nice alternative for when you don’t want to engineer a giant shuttle but still need some space. To make sure that they aren’t overpowered they would be heavier and less aerodynamic that the stock Mk2 parts. What do you think?
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