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  1. I was having some fun with Procedural Parts and Conformal Decals along with some other Plane mods and built this Cargo Plane. https://imgur.com/gallery/1b9d40U Comin in for a landing with the Ehpowt in the back.
  2. Description Next Generation Walking Tank The future is finally here. Advancements in our Walking Tank technology have allowed us to create the next generation of Mobile Armored Suits. Now with new advancements in energy production, we can expand our arsenal with the next generation in our forces as well as civilian applications in Construction, Medical Rescue, Riconnocence, and off World Exploration. The Bloodhound is the first of its kind. Requires DLC (NO MODS) ALL STOCK. DOES HAVE FLAGS CHECK at the bottom of the post or comments for links. Place flags in the Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags Folder (this is not a mod) Drive Instructions This mech can pretty much go anywhere. Before launching please make sure if you are docking with any unit to use the abort key to cut off any power to the Kal-1000s to prevent accidents. Action Groups ABORT - Toggle power to all Kal1000s Stage - Fire Guns AG1 - Toggle Walk AG2 - Toggle Stop AG3 - Toggle Walking Kal1000s to stop AG4 - Sit/Stand Mode AG5 - Raise and Lower Gun Arms. (if equipped) AG6 - Lock/Unlock Body Turn AG7 - Toggle Bracing Legs Operations (PLEASE READ) To Walk Toggle SAS and set craft to (Radial In). Double tap AG7 (Bracing legs) to toggle and press AG1 to start walking. Use Q and E keys to turn. To Stop ___________________________________________________________________________ Press AG2 to stop walking and reset your gait. From here you can start walking again. Also not in the action group but you can toggle the ladder in the front to climb up and down if needed. AG3 Will stop all Walking Modes for Kal1000s (useful for action shots or emergency panics) Sit/Stand Mode Did you fall down? No fear! Can stand up easily on any planetary body. Press AG4 (Sit/Stand) and rock your body until you are sitting upright (recommended unbreakable parts for this one) then Press AG7 (Bracing Legs) when it begins to raise forward press AG2 (stand) and your mech will stand again. GUN MODE FIRE GUNS (if equipped) Press Stage - Fire Guns in automatic volleys. Alternating between left and right arms. Press the stage again to stop. Recommend infinite Propellant to keep shooting Raise/Lower Guns Press AG5 (guns) to raise and lower gun arms. In the down (default) position you can turn guns left and right. In Gun Platform mode (UP) you can lower and raise guns. Artillery mode. Make sure you are in Stop Mode (AG2) and press AG7 to lower (Bracing Legs) and Press trim keys H and N to raise and lower mech (warning not good for walking when raised) BONUS! If you Press AG6 (Lock/Unlock Body Turn) you can unlock and lock Turret Mode to turn your body in the direction you need. Be careful about going too fast you can tip the craft. Press Stage - Fire Guns in automatic volleys. Press the stage again to stop. Additional Infomation Custom Shoulder mounted docking ports and back docking ports can be used to carry a load of anything you need for whatever mission you want. Need to run those delicious snacks to the crew? Well, load up! Need to take out some rebels that have besieged some buildings? No problem. Need to scout out in a terrain that treads just won’t get the job done? We got you! Has space applications as well with RCS units under and around the middle section of the craft. can be used as an orbital platform for maintenance or defense for orbital stations or colonies. Make sure to stop the movement to gun arms before RCS mode Thank you for reading and have fun! A stock aircraft called KDF Bloodhound. Built with 450 of the finest parts, its root part is roverBody.v2. Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.12.5. CRAFT DOWNLOAD Kerbal X: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/KDF-Bloodhound Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2996070924 FLAG DOWNLOAD DROPBOX https://www.dropbox.com/s/ntbdzkafhz26ywp/KDF%20BLOODHOUND%20FLAGS.zip?dl=0 GOOGLE DRIVE https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hx-NZ7sJQKpyg2X38Kwy2WuVWLKGBPLt/view?usp=sharing Details Type: SPH Class: rover Part Count: 450 Pure Stock KSP: 1.12.5
  3. All planes have been hand crafted by kerbal artisans and have been rigorously tested per standards provided by the FAA and the DoD. All planes are guaranteed to fly. Export Limited F-5 Tiger: The F-5 Tiger is a light and highly maneuverable jet that is capable of flying under the bridges with ease. Not the quickest jet around with the XS jets but it is very accurate to the real deal. Hopefully in time I can improve the performance with better, modded engines. Video of the jet in action F4U Corsair: Try out this iconic warbird now in jet form! I am planning on updating this once the robotics parts are out to be prop driven but for the time being try out the jet version. It is a very steady flyer and is very capable. Best flown with SAS disable, as the SAS is kinda buggy and introduces a wobble.' F-4 Phantom II: Try out this Cold War classic, this is a stable flyer though not the most nimble. Press 1 for Afterburners F/A-18E Super Hornet 80's Tech meets modern conveniences in this up-sized F-18. A personal favorite of mine and one of the few jets I've worked on IRL. A very nimble flyer, lots of fun. F-15 Eagle Try out the baddest fighter in the sky the undefeated F-15 Eagle. A very nimble and quick plane capable of Mach 2 speeds. Another person favorite of mine from work. F-15E Strike Eagle F-86 Sabre & Mig-15 Try out these Korean war era fighters! Both are nimble though not the quickest flyers. Lots of fun and will be a good time once MP is out. YF-23 I've included two versions one flies nicely but the Afterburners are glitched and the APT-1 is a more accurate version that can fly but honestly is a chore to keep on course. After burners work but is ill advised. Pe-8 Russia's WW2 strategic bomber including bomb load. Flies as a big bird should, very stable. Press 1 for bomb bay doors. X-17 Night Sabre One of my own creations, a very nimble fighter that is fast with endurance to boot. Lots of fun to fly and easy to land. Capable of Mach 1. X-21C Rolling Thunder Another of my own creations. This time a fighter bomber variant of the X-17. Not quite as nimble as the X-17 but still quite handy and very easy to land. Su-27 Flanker Try this very nimble fighter bomber. Press 1 for Afterburners SR-71 Blackbird: Try out the quintessential Mach 4+ spy plane. Including parachutes for landing. Not very nimble but is extremely fast. B-2 Spirit: Try this late cold war terror! Finally got this working with the latest update. Kinda wonky but flies well enough. Craft Files https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17h8Z0TC5xs4ScFqJZQ-f5P5AVzpXNB9i?usp=sharing
  4. Thanks to KSP2's procedural wing system, an accurate recreation of the Horten-Ho-229 is finally possible! The aircraft struggles with takeoff, but glides well. If people want me to continue this project, I'll refine it, add more detail, and post the craft file! (Or you can play around with it now and go crazy) (Craft File download thingy link will be on my website soon! I'm sorting it out as we speak)
  5. This aircraft is surprisingly stable. I can provide the craft file upon request!
  6. Description Details Type: SPH Class: rover Part Count: 1041 Downloads KERBALX: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/MS-05-Verdict STEAM: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2920431267 MS-05 Verdict With a smaller frame and built for high mobility, the MS-05 Verdict was needed to insure peace in the Kerbol Sector. improving on the MS-04 Balius system, this unit has been cut shorter and parts revamped to provide greater protection at the cost of added weight but is being built for high-speed space combat and in-atmosphere flight. With enhanced mobility and onboard and external weapons to connect to multiple docking ports on arms and shoulders for customization with different weapon systems. MS-05 Verdict is geared to handle within the Kerbol system to combat Space Pirates and destabilized nation-states. Primary built for Military application and Scouting missions. Able to recover from falls and with a smaller frame means it will be more stable than previous models. Action groups have been designated to dedicated KAL9000 Robotics. All parts are fully stock with only using DLC for required usage. KEY FACTS ALL STOCK NO MODS (BOTH DLC NEEDED) Action Groups and Pilot Instructions ABORT (backspace) (shut off all Kal-1000 useful if transporting if action groups are not moving press this first to start) Toggle SAS and set navigation to Radial Out to walk Toggle RCS (RCS flight instructions) H and N - Use to ascend and descend in and out of the atmosphere with all thrusters on. J and L - keys used to trimp strafe left and right I and K - keys adjust flight speed forward and back. AG1 - to Stand (Press again to unlock joints) AG2 - to Walk AG3 - Sit and Stand animation (Note: can sit on objects and use this to start tilting forward. Once in position, you can hit AG1 to stand up if you fall over. This is also needed to dock and undock Kerbals in the cockpit. AG4 - Kneel ( used to conserve energy. Once in a kneeling position, you can turn off SAS as well as use this for stable shots from Particle Cannon. Use this to also let Kerbals board and onboard AG5 - Turn on Main Thrusters. AG6 - Stop all KAL-1000 sequences AG7 - Toggle Ski Mode AG8 - Lower and Raise Gun Arm AG9 - Fire Energy Canon AG0 - Toggle Back Thrusters for High Mobility in Space Further Notes: When launching I recommend using unbreakable parts/crash damage. use unlimited energy. The Root part to move the unit is the back radial docking port. Attach to docking. Use this to easily dock with other craft to transport this unit to other sites by flying transport aircraft or to take off the planet. It will not fit in a standard MK3 Cargo unit and will need to have a custom cargo bay. Other than that have fun!
  7. Description Story The year is 2998 the world was changing. On the cusp of the new millennium and nation states changing after the war, the once great nation that used to be Xenobia had to rebuild its fighting force. Its enemy nation The new Zxatan Imperium has advanced its military force releasing next-gen fighter craft and other military applications. Xenobia’s Kerbal Defense Force needs to stay ahead while technology is changing and anti-gravity and Kraken tech are in the works with our scientists and engineers our 5th Gen Fighters need to be pushed for KDF Aerospace Division to perfect the air superiority fighter. KDF K-96 Tengu is the Next Evolution of the famed KDF K-91 Izanagi and KDF Lightning Hawk. Designated Tengu is a maneuverable aircraft that can handle air-to-air and air-to-ground operations with weapon load-outs that can favor greater ordnance needs or stealthy applications. End Story Craft Details Pure Stock, No mods, Requires DLC Comes with a full cockpit view for First-person flight with HUD (flag) for targeting. Fully animated Flight Stick Outfitted with 3 weapon bays. 2 on the sides and 1 underneath. Able to support a plethora of different loadouts. The small form can fit on aircraft carriers with foldable wings for close storage. Flight Instructions. Does not require SAS but can enable (great for using flight with mouse mod) or with a flight stick. Action Groups RCS - After Burner AG1 - Toggle Engines AG2 - Open Main Weapon bay AG3 - Open Secondary Weapon bays AG4 - Open Canopy AG5 - Toggle Folding Wings AG6 - Toggle Refuel Dock For Custom Canopy, you will need to download the flag for it if not it will default to a white flag. download links below and place them in your flags folder. If using Steam - (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags) Download https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2878225484 https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/KDF-K-96-Tengu Flags https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dWCLaupGhd6b6nqHsWjLc8qCclhl57G_/view?usp=sharing https://www.dropbox.com/s/805aozicise47lq/Tengu.zip?dl=0 A stock aircraft called KDF K-96 Tengu. Built with 345 of the finest parts Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.12.3. Details Type: SPH Class: aircraft Part Count: 345 Pure Stock KSP: 1.12.3
  8. Description After the war of 3480 A.E against The Zxatan Imperium. KDF forces needed a new Carrier after the success of the Griffin Units. KDF designed the Pharaoh, a large multi-role carrier for troops, vehicles or for smaller space fighters to dock for refueling or rendezvous before fleet engagements. After this successful launch KDF will be looking to release its next Destroyer WIP in development. This craft is All Stock with DLC parts only. Also uses a flag for the cockpit. NO MODS. Flight Instructions This craft uses the Infamous Kraken Engine. does not require any fuel but does use Vernor engines for RCS so please use infinite fuel for that purpose as well as infinite energy. Can be flown anywhere and can take off directly from Kerbin without assistance from rockets. Main Throttle - Kraken Engine Anti Gravity 50% Slow Decent 75% - Hover Mode 100% - Anti Gravity Lift Mode Action Groups - AG1 - Forward Propulsion AG2 - Toggle Cockpit AG3 - Toggle Cargo Bay Turn on Infinite energy and Fuel for RCS In case of Kraken attacks make sure to reload and actively save when on long gameplay. When leaving a Planetary Body - Use radial out, be patient and climb to around 215m at this point the Kraken will kick into overdrive and start to lift much faster. (only on high G planets will it be a slow takeoff) Keep vertical accent until you reach around 34,000 meters the nav ball will flip once this happens it will attempt to turn to match the radial out. Switch over to Normal Mode after this continue to rise until your flight path is past LKO from here continue to circularize until you are clear with an orbit. Flag Instructions Place All Files in (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags) Details Type: SPH Class: ship Part Count: 1353 Pure Stock KSP: 1.12.3 DOWNLOAD LINKS KERBAL X: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/KDF-Pharaoh-Carrier STEAM: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2866014790 FLAG DOWNLOADS https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uABZtM2AFGTBiIr-ql92xhERC49ZZW88/view?usp=sharing https://www.dropbox.com/s/0vlpeahfx62spj1/canopy.png?dl=0
  9. Naval Warfare =-= Hello, and welcome! This is an old, pretty dead thread, but some of us are still alive, so feel free to drop a ship or take a look around. At the moment there's not much in the way of rules – no point system and little competitive flair – so click away and make what you wish. If it floats it's a boat. That being said, submarines are valid options, and if you like planes, you can always pit them against ships. Mods: BDArmory Continued / BDArmory for Runway Project (weaponry). VesselMover (strongly recommended for positioning / deployment). Tweakscale (for the carrier and capital ship aficionados). + Other mods (though for the sake of standardization, staying in the stock + BDA family is probably most convenient).
  10. Hello everyone! A few days ago, I decided to remake an old SSTO design that I had once posted about on these very forums. I named it the "longsword" (after the Halo series fighter/bomber). The original SSTO incorporated "primitive" technology, and a lack of SSTO engineering knowledge. Having gone through 12 iterations and two rebuilds, I settled on the Mark 12 variant of the Longsword. It was easy to take-off/land anywhere, had a good top speed, excellent structural integrity, and all the onboard equipment required for science/return missions. However, it was small, and the 190+ part count (without any weapons) was painful for Kerbal maintenance upkeep (and my poor mac). At 30.2 m in length and 29.1m in wingspan, the Mark-12 was powered by 2x Rapier, and 6x OPT engines (can't remember the name). So, I decided to recreate the Mark 12, keeping the same airframe in mind, with a touch of SU-57, and sprinkle of GA-TL1 Longsword. Here are some before and after pics and I'll include an contrastive analysis at the end of this post: Before (Mark 12): After: (3.0 - D) Wingspan: 50.6m, Length: 51.0m Propulsion: 2 Nuclear "Eeloo" engines (V:LH2/All-ATM), 2 ARI reverse LH2 engines, 2 ARI forward LH2 "afterburners", 2 VTOL engines. Power Generation: Engine alternators, onboard Fission Reactor, one RTG. Radar: Track While Scan (TWS), Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radome (Forward and Rear), extra Air-Air radome, Radar Warning Receiver, Radar Data Receiver. Countermeasures: 2x ECM Jammer. 6 (360 degree) lasers (2 rear-underwing , 2 front-underwing, 1 nose mounted, 1 tail mounted). Chaff & Flares. Weapons: 6 Laser turrets, 16 AMRAAM (A2A) missiles, 2 50. Cal turrets, 1 GAU 30mm cannon, 4 AGM's, 4 Nuclear Bombs. Fuel: Primary: LH2, Secondary (VTOL - Oxidizer). (Enough fuel for most round trip missions). Additionally, the entire fuselage and airframe is armored, so it can withstand a direct hit from 4-5 AMRAAMs. Here it is in the hanger: In flight: Nuclear Bombing Run: Escape Orbit: Eve Entry: Kerbin re-entry: AI war games with a Surface to Air Missile Unit: Dodging AMRAAM Missiles: In conclusion, the new design is roughly twice the size of the original. That being said, it also packs twice the offensive capability, many more countermeasures and advanced radar systems (allowing it to track dozens of targets simultaneously, with the ability to fire on multiple). It also has tons of extra fuel that can be very useful in striking celestial bodies. The new design also features a nuclear reactor, with the capability of powering the spacecraft and an entire space station or base. It cannot be shot down through conventional means, as there are far too many laser turrets onboard, which counteract barrages of seeking anti air missiles. Not to mention it is stealthy. Enjoy!
  11. Greetings everyone, Originally designed as an orbital freight ship, the heavy SSTO "broadsword" saw many months of augmentations to make it the perfect multi-role space craft. The initial design parameters emphasized endurance and maximum payload capacity, with the goal of reaching any celestial body's orbit on a single tank of gas. The spacecraft was never intended to touch down on any other planetary surfaces, and would rely on smaller towed "fighter SSTOs" for refueling missions. Unfortunately, achieving the initial goal pushed the total part count to 170, making it not worthwhile as a potential "aircraft carrier". The spaceplane was put in cold storage until Kerbin's military strategists wanted to explore its role as an orbital bomber, capable of delivering hundreds of 1.5 MT nuclear warheads at a moment's notice, undetected. This initiative called for a series of "survivability tests", which would push the airframe design to its limits. After some great successes between scientists and military strategists, a final design was approved that could withstand the conditions of all celestial bodies. The H-SSTO Broadsword Mk 6. Clocking in at roughly 1700 tons, with a width/wingspan of 74m, length of 83m, and relative height of 20m. This spacecraft carries about 6,670,000 units of liquid hydrogen fuel for its 11 nuclear, 8 VTOL, 2 SURGE, and 2 ARI reverse thrusting engines. In total the space plane is powered by 23 engines of various designs and purposes, as well as a large fission reactor. The nuclear engines do not consume fuel in any atmosphere. Maximum survivable airspeed is about 1800 m/s in low/less dense atmosphere, and 3500 m/s+ at higher altitudes. (I don't keep the throttle at more than 10% for non orbital atmospheric flight). It can transport a crew of 7 in the immediate cockpit and more in the additional crew compartments. Thanks to excellent usage of airframe integrated radiators and thermal control systems, the spaceplane can withstand the pulse of a thermonuclear weapon, as well as atmospheric entry up to 2,500 m/s. The broadsword is also capable of high G maneuvering, because of its strong structural integrity, variety of large control surfaces and thrust vectoring systems. The instrument suite was also enhanced to feature advanced communication systems (including a detachable orbital relay), celestial analysis equipment, and every resource converter known to kerbal kind. Despite the ~3.5 thrust to weight ratio, the spaceplanes mass places great stress on its landing gear, making it difficult to land or take off without employing the STOL or VTOL capabilities. This is largely due to a lack of advancements in landing gear technology, and so the broadsword can only survive touchdown at less than 5 m/s vertical velocity. A skilled pilot can easily operate within these parameters. Surprisingly, the design allows for incredible buoyancy, making landings on liquid bodies not only possible, but more attractive. Lastly, the spaceplane features a robotic arm, two (two crewed) escape pods, AESA air to ground radar, 360 degree track while scan air to air radar, surveillance cameras, two drills, and many other fun gadgets. It also features a nose cargo ramp for deploying vehicles on extraterrestrial bodies. When fitted for military operations, the spacecraft can deploy every weapon possible, from artillery to lasers to nuclear weapons. (Note I have around 50 mods, and I don't know how many were used to complete this spacecraft). Here are some pictures: More bombing pics:
  12. This thread has now become a discussion thread for the Kethane Station and submissions to the series. If you wish to submit ships then please visit the new thread. The new thread has a strict rule of a single post per forum user so that we can keep track of submissions more easily (the main reason we decided to start a clean slate with submissions). You can also notify us here when editing your submission in the new thread. Here's a Directory of all the episodes I've done so far. Much of season one has been made private as it no longer reflects what the show has become and brings down the rest of the series. To replace season one you can watch the 'Season One Recap' video, which properly introduces the show. Season 1: Season 2:
  13. DOWNLOAD: KERBAL X ONLY STEAM (SOON) https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/KDF-K-81-ROC Description Inspired by the famous B-2 Stealth Bomber the KDF K-81 Roc will deliver a payload that can devastate the opposition. Coming with a functioning cargo bay that can supply a host of armaments as well a full cockpit that your two pilots will have enough room to walk around and the view will insure a great flight experience. This is a Fully Stock + DLC Craft (no MODS) RCS Toggle Cargo Bay AG1 Toggle Engines AG2 Switch Modes AG3 Deploy Ladder in Cargo Bay Flags required for the full look (not a mod) place in your Flags folder in your kerbal space program folder DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fy3irumwf9rt5ru/ROC.zip?dl=0 Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k6GFgBn-dMsuXv-OnA-33quBDXuMkmRh/view?usp=sharing A stock aircraft called KDF K-81 ROC. Built with 523 of the finest parts, its root part is strutCube. Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.12.2. Details Type: SPH Class: aircraft Part Count: 523 Pure Stock
  14. Description Concept and Story The KDF K-61 Quetzalcoatl Strike VTOL Joins its older brother KDF K-91 Izanagi as the military’s newest Strike Aircraft. This all-around performer can take off from any platform via normal airstrip to aircraft carriers. Can be armed with 6 missiles (usable) for strike support and front-mounted gun (for show) reminiscent of designs from archived alien footage of the A-10 warthog from millennia-old records This craft is one of my favorite original military crafts to date. An Original design I borrow inspiration from one of my favorite strike crafts the A-10 and thought about what would it look like if the United States retired the original and made a new craft in the design process a mix between an apache and a A-10 and then said turn it into a VTOL. This craft comes fully stock (NO MODS) and only requires base game and DLC. I use custom flags which are required for my custom cockpit and design workflow for the VTOL jets. Gameplay Use the I and K keys to tilt the VTOL jets forward and back freely. Does not require locking as they are completely stable. Craft can fly stable to allow for formations for strike teams. (as shown in my demo video). If you start running low on power because of the lights either turn them off or enable Infinite energy. SAS on for consistent flight mechanics (Note: if using fly by mouse mod be careful of the way it handles in VTOL flight mode only recommended for forwarding flight if using that tool) RCS (default R key) Open and Shut Canopy for Pilots AG 1 Turns on and off Jets AG2 Switches Jet modes AG3 Controls from MK2 Drone (forward flight unmanned) AG4 Control from OKTO2 Drone (for radial out priority optional unmanned) AG5 Toggle back Landing gear (for extra support) AG6 Toggle LY-35 Ladder This is a very fun craft. Have fun flying Sortie missions and taking great screenshots! Downloads: Steam Default: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2568878420 Kerbal X: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/KDF-K-61-Quetzalcoatl Flags (required) Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sv5xi7cvkzritdn/KDF%20K-61%20flags.zip?dl=0 or Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18wyyoyGcxNeIoOMBGe723bQhsa3iqMZD/view?usp=sharing
  15. Just post military related pictures that you created in KSP.
  16. *cough* So i decided to start this discussion to help fellas creating and developing Ground Vehicles to be used competitively in BDArmoury ground combat. Most of the thread i found after browsing the forums mostly help with Planes but i never saw anything related to ground vehicles. So therefore this thread will be the place. Now i'm not an expert in KSP BDArmoury ground combat however, the reason i make this so that far experiences player could share their techniques and way. This will certainly help evolve the BDArmoury ground combat. Now let's start with my techniques on developing competitive techniques: 1. Off-set Building. Basically you put all of the part of your tank into the root part. The Purpose of this method was to prevent krakening. By putting all part in your root part, when the BD Shell hits and destroy one panel, other panel wouldn't be affected because they technically aren't connected to each other. However, the cons of this method, was that it was time consuming and when the root part is destroyed, the vehicle will fall apart. 2. Sloped Armour Sloped Armour with BDA Panel works the same way as IRL sloped armour. it helps both deflecting round and increase thickness and potential of the armour. 3. Compartment Spaced Armour To prevent the root part being destroyed and due to how Armour panel works, Compartment Spaced Armour works like a charm. To do this, all you need was to create a compartment inside the Tank chassis with the Armour panel, and to further increase the tank survival ability, You put other stuff inside that compartment, such as Fuel tank (to run the fuel cell), Ammo Storage, Batteries and more. 4. Composite Reactive Armour Using IRL tank such as M1 Abram and Challenger 2 for example. Those two tank uses composite armour called Chobbam. From what i've been researching, the Chobbam's Unclassified composition is made out of Concrete sandwiched between 2 steelplate. So therefore, if we uses this method In KSP, it should look like BDA Armour Panel + KSP 1x1 Stock Panel/DLC Panel + BDA Armour Panel. Basically sandwiching Stock Panel and BDA Panel with the Stock Panel in the middle. From my experience, KSP Panel both Stock and DLC works like a reactive armour while the BDA Panel works like a regular panel. So therefore, after the BDA Shell penetrates the first layer of armour, it will hit the KSP Panel and the KSP will explode. However, from my testing, when used this way, The KSP Panel could damages the BDA Armour panel so used cautiously. My Recommendation would be used Compartment Spaced Armour and then using the Sandwich armour in the front, mixing it with non sandwiched Spaced BDA Armour and then using Another Reactive armour like how the Russian's T-90 tank uses. 5. Softkill and Hardkill APS What i mean by Softkill and Hardkill APS, is that using BDA Jammer to prevent or at least make it harder to lock onto your tank with missile. And using Turret (Such as the 30mm Chain turret or the M20 Vulcan Turret) for Hardkill APS like a CIWS system. This way, killing your tank with a missile will be somewhat Harder. 5. Power Unit and Wheel From my experience, most competitive lads would uses either RoveMax Model M1 or TR-2L Ruggedized Vehicular Wheel. Those two wheels both have pros and cons. First one with Rovemax M1. It has a great acceleration rate and consumed less power than the TR-2L Wheel. It also have a great suspension system compared to the TR-2L. However the cons of the M1 is that it has a lower top speed, narrower surface which leads to instability at higher speed than the TR-2L. To fix this was to duplicate the wheel so it has the same surface width as the TR-2L. This would increase the acceleration rate and top speed however, the power consumtion rate and the price will be so high that it became worthless. TR-2L meanwhile have a lower acceleration, high power consumtion rate, and a mediocre suspension compared to the M1, however, the surface width of the track is wide enough so that you won't need 3 tire layer on one side jsut to have a grippy vehicle. For maximum speed from my experience, usually many competitor uses Juno engine and TR-2L, while some use Juno and M1. However, running on just battery isn't gonna last that very long especially you need the battery to run the vehicle and the track. To generate the power for the battery, i usually uses 4 Baguette tank and one large Fuel cell. This is enough to prevent draining power from the battery once you're on full speed with the tank using just the track power. If you have more tips and tricks to min-max your ground vehicle, please reply PS: Sorry for the grammar.
  17. I present my newest invention: A stock aircraft called Science Rover truck! It was initially developed UKRDF Ground Vehicle Company at the time of the Two Year War, it is a vehicle of choice for most science expedition groups. Originally built as an APC, It is a versatile vehicle that can carry up to 3 passengers. It is quite fast, being able to reach up to 30m/s, and with the help of its toggleable SAS units and a low center of mass, it can be very hard to topple over. High composite materials, and reactive front and hind armor provide great shock protection. As well as that, it can hold a lot of scientific apparatuses, and also features an interior! Last but not the least, the Science Truck features a close-able door at the back. Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.8.1. Right now I only have this image, but more are soon to come with more angles of the craft. Download Link -> DOWNLOAD CRAFT I am always open to suggestions, so feel free to post suggestions below. Also, please report any technical problems that you may find with the craft.
  18. While getting back to ksp i built some military vehicles, and here i present two of them. Gepard is 1177 parts and the S122 is 840 parts. Took about a day each to build and i reworked them a couple of times before i got somewhat happy with the result. Built mostly with structural panels with a bit of tweakscale. Features: Gepard - fully movable turret, functional driver & turret hatch, rotating radar dish that can be folded down S122 - fully movable turret, armored turret & front, -6 to +20 gun depression Flakpanzer Gepard 1A2: Driver hatch is kinda sketchy but meh Turret internals: Driver compartment: Stridsvagn 122: I know the tracks look a bit wonky but there arent any that are the right size without being too wide or high.
  19. Here is my A-10 Warthog. The A-10 is a ground-attack aircraft made by Fairchild Republic. The first flight was in 1972 and is in use by the United States Air Force, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Command. I think the design is really good and it's overall a cool aircraft. Pictures: http://
  20. Can someone help me spawn military vehicles controlled by AI in random locations so as to create a military campaign? The idea is to place military units like mission markers n u need to engage them there.
  21. Well I had been playing with BdAc for quite sometime and I thought if we could spawn military vehicles with their engines on ,we could simply have a military campaign. So can anyone help me here? PS. Don't be rude like steam. I've been an explorer for a 2yr now n now I wish military expeditions.
  22. Can someone help me with the 5Dim military contract revival? The owner seems offline from ages.
  23. So, I was messing around for the Naval Battles! (Defeat other player ships) Challenge (its awesome, check it out) and I built a space battleship but couldn't find a place to put it. So this happened! Rules: Stock Battles: Start battles at about 5km distance in Kerbin orbit, combat is turn based with each ship in a fleet getting a turn in a Team A1-B1-A2-B2-A3-B3 fashion. NO INFINITE FUEL/ELECTRICITY!!! BDA battles: to be added, though it seems that high Gilly orbit should work
  24. Welcome to Raptor Aerospace Industries. My name is Raptor22, President and CEO of Raptor Industries. Please, enjoy your stay. Here at Raptor Industries, we are dedicated to bringing you reliable aircraft, spacecraft, and other aerospace systems that will serve you throughout multiple missions. From cargo planes to faster-than-light starships, we will ensure that our systems are versatile and affordable. We are not to be confused with Raptor Aerospace Concepts and Solutions. If you mistakenly came here, go here: View our products on KerbalX: Visit Raptor Industries! While in the past, Raptor Industries (or, as it once was called, Raptor Aviation and Aerospace Technologies) mainly created aircraft, in recent times the company has shifted to creating ships for interstellar travel. Our Star Fleet division (inspired by but not affiliated with CBS’s Star Trek) specializes in creating the finest star ships, star bases, and shuttlecraft for the United Kerbin Defense Force, along with other contractors. In addition, we still serve the KAF (Kerbal Air Force), and have many military systems, alongside the civilian market. Our defense systems are among the best on Kerbin. As such, victory is almost always assured. We often incorporate military technology into civilian projects to provide the best safety systems that you can hope for. All modded aircraft will be incorporated with aviation lights for safety. If you have even more concerns, we may grant special requests to outfit certain civilian aircraft with electronic warfare jamming systems, flares, and chaff, to provide the utmost defense against enemy attacks. We will always do our best to provide as much information as we can about our systems. We shall ensure that each vessel in our catalog has the following statistics listed clearly: All action groups Resource values (i.e. maximum fuel load, electrical charge, etc.) Maximum Proven Altitude (unburden, or without a payload or weapons) Maximum Proven Airspeed (criteria for determining such shall be determined later) Maximum number of passengers and crew Other statistics, such as maximum payload, range, and endurance, are hard to obtain, and may vary from user to user as a result of different handling of the systems. While some may be aiming to squeeze every last drop out of a system, others may simply be aiming to get there quickly, regardless of fuel usage. We do not dictate how our customers operate our systems, but we will provide suggestions in order to make sure all of our customers are satisfied. Stock Market Modded Market If you wish to become one of our corporate partners, we shall be sure to include information about your company (profile) here. Here is a list of our Corporate partners: WaffleTech Military Technologies, Lead by Joseph Kerman. Visit them here: We thank all of our corporate partners for their support If you have any suggestions or complaints, please contact us at [email protected] Please bear with the current lack of craft for the time being. I'm still making the first iteration of aircraft and designing their pages, so it will be a little empty for now. But please, stay tuned. I'll be uploading my craft very soon.
  25. The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is a super sonic stealth fighter aircraft built in conjunction by Lockheed Martin and Boeing in 1996 until 2011. This craft aims to replicate the F-22 in the most adorable way possible by only being a quarter the size! Crewed Version: https://kerbalx.com/Kronus_Aerospace/Kronus-F-22P-Hawk-Moth Probe Controlled Version with Cockpit: https://gist.github.com/Kronus-Aerospace/772d5c90a2c55cb3313e5cc85b5f93e8/f0631b738ca2b2e62f800cdca16ddbb5aacca8c2 Part Count (Crewed Version): 239 Part Count (Probe Version: 240 Vessel Mass (Crewed Version): 6.51 tonnes Vessel Mass (Probe Version): 5.85 Tonnes Performance Information: -Rotation Speed: 45 m/s -Cruising Altitude: 5000m -Max Speed SL: 272.8 -Max Speed CRZ ALT: 282.1 -Stall Speed: 30 m/s -Maneuverability: Good
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