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  1. A TEMPORARY FIX FOR 1.6.X CAN BE FOUND HERE ATTENTION: Behaving quite stable now though, this stuff is still under development. Remember to read and follow ALL manuals below, and use it at your own risk. Naval Artillery System(NAS) is basically an expansion of the amazing BahamutoD's BDArmory, providing a set of naval weapon replicas and weapons used to attack naval ships from both side in WWII. It is still WIP, and not so detailed, we would improve that soon. PERHAPS The pack is now under development of a modding team named Kerwis, members of which are all from China. I am honored today to post this small expansion to you all! Our members: Models: Ben, BF2_Pilot, Edoaca, GeorgeDuty, Icecovery, ladeng, Minamion, sky92 Textures: Acea, Ben, GeorgeDuty, ladeng, Minamion, sky92 Import: BF2_Pilot, flywlyx, GeorgeDuty, ladeng, ouloul Configs: Acea, ladeng Technical Support: BF2_Pilot, flywlyx, GeorgeDuty, HoneyFox, ouloul, Summerfirefly Debug and DEBUUUUUUUUUG: All of us above, and Himidori Shuumoto Localization Supporters: Japanese: eboshi Russian: Next_Star_Industries, NISSKEPCSIM Simplified Chinese: Acea Spanish: fitiales Special Thanks: harpwner (for his wonderful firing effects) TheBeardyPenguin & TAPEGaming on YouTube (for their awesome Fall of Kerbin series and actual battle data for us to rebalance and improve NAS) REQUIRES: BDArmory Continued v1.2.0 or later. Older versions are not supported. Module Manager, an API by sarbian and all of you know what it is. RECOMMENDS: Hangar Extender, a plugin by Snjo, allowing you to build larger ships. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, an excellent plugin by ferram4, which strengthens the link between parts. Large Boat Parts Pack, a warship expansion by Laythe and SpannerMonkey(smce), which give us easier access to constructing WWII and modern naval ships. Maritime Pack, a universal ship expansion by Fengist, which provides parts ranging from steam ships to escort/light carriers and new functions. SM Marine, a warship mod by SpannerMonkey(smce), including almost everything about modern naval building and battles. WW2 Warships, a ship simulating mod by Azimech, providing features like sinking simulation, which are quite useful in AI or multiplayer combats. COMMUNITY EXPANSIONS: MalFunc Weaponry, created by Themorris, with several modern naval weapons, useful for everyone who enjoys building warships. North Kerbin Dynamics, an addon by harpwner, providing nukes, Mk 45 naval gun, and a bunch of cool stuff. P.E.W, made by LORDPrometheus, with a lot of missiles, bombs and turrets based on actual American and Russian weapons. MORE WWII WEAPONS: Aviator Arsenal, a BDA addon made by tetryds, contains the most famous World War 2 aircraft weaponry. TUKE Attack Systems(WIP), an expansion pack for BDArmory by TUKE, adds several WWII aircraft weapons. Source code: https://github.com/SummerFirefly/ASW/tree/master DOWNLOAD: SpaceDock (Available on CKAN) Alternative: Curseforge INSTALLATION : Delete the existing CAL and NAS folders in your own GameData, then unzip GameData into game directory. DO NOT USE CAL ANY MORE WITH NEW VERSIONS! Part list (Updated Apr. 28th): Changelogs: Please tell me or PM my teammates if you have any questions or suggestions about this pack. We're glad to help. License: Firespitter plugin was released under Snjo's custom license.
  2. Thanks to KSP2's procedural wing system, an accurate recreation of the Horten-Ho-229 is finally possible! The aircraft struggles with takeoff, but glides well. If people want me to continue this project, I'll refine it, add more detail, and post the craft file! (Or you can play around with it now and go crazy) (Craft File download thingy link will be on my website soon! I'm sorting it out as we speak)
  3. This aircraft is surprisingly stable. I can provide the craft file upon request!
  4. I was doing some thinking about a context for a late WW2 aircraft design as I thought builds around this time period could be very fun and interesting. The theatre I came up with us an alternate timeline where the Luftwaffe wins the battle of Britain and successful occupies Great Britain. After this they successfully defeat Soviet forces and are then preparing for attacks on the United States. My vision would be that this war would be fought at Sea and in the Air. German forces from occupied Britain would fight for Iceland and Greenland in the North fighting against Canadian and some of the United States forces, whilst the United States Navy would try to hold Atlantic island chains in the South against German forces from Spain and North Africa. I imagine that Germany would have ramped up production of the Me262 whilst still producing late war Bf 109s and Fw 190s. Germany will have also completed their production models of Hitler's Amerikbomber which would threaten Cities like New York. My idea is that the USA would be forced to rush jets into production to counter the Me262. They would use jet engines sent from the British that they would reverse engineer to produce their own. Early jets were slow to enter production and were notoriously unreliable and had very short range so the US airforce and navy would need new piston aircraft capable of holding their own. Im curious if anyone else has any thoughts on where US aircraft design would have gone if they were forced to keep innovating and if the war was to be fought on this front. Also im going to be designing some aircraft with this theatre in mind using Realism Overhaul and Real Solar system if anyone wants to share some design ideas or specifications for new aircraft
  5. Skyer's Weapon Pack Weapons for the Fatherland! and also the motherland and maybe some other foreign weapons shhh History: Skyer's Weapon Pack was made originally by @Skyer, but now @KSP Bros KS and I were called to help assist him with his mod. Now with your help, we can help Skyer be proud of his amazing project! Changelog: Requirements: BDArmory: https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/releases Module Manager: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/50533-130-module-manager-281-june-29th-2017-with-n-cats-physics/ Le/La/Des Downloads: Download on Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/1007/Skyer's WeaponsParts Pack Git it on Github: https://github.com/MuricanJeb/Skyers-Weapon-Pack/releases Latest release on GitHub: https://github.com/MuricanJeb/Skyers-Weapon-Pack/releases/tag/v0.7 This is released under an MIT license. Known Issues: None, but there may be some hidden under the rug! Please report any bugs!
  6. Welcome to this modded tank design competition, And firstly, You'll need this modpack to make and submit your designs: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nmkfcnew87ij8wt/Modpack.7z/file How this competition came to be I was inspired by HB Stratos's "KSP Original Design Competition" But it was about planes instead of tanks.I originally wanted The Creator of FDC to make an addon that uses same vessel interaction to make custom turrets but since he is busy so I guess we will have to make do with the ones in FDC.(if anyone can contact him it will be great) Notes&Rules Also originality and realism(in original designs) are encouraged as that the point of the design competition Plz only use FDC armor as the hull armor Don't clip turrets or Armor together Please don't go over 300 parts per vehicle Use Ksp 1.10.1 This takes place in a version of Kerbin ravaged by war throughout the 20th century. Thus, the years and dates of the wars are different but they do parallel the real life wars in tech. Now,There are four eras in this tank design competition: pre-war(1930s),earlyWW2(1943-1945),late WW2(1946-1949) and the early cold war(1950s-1960s). And your design shall reflect the design choices and technology of each era(along with the details of each contract).The tanks will be reviewed and evaluated on video over on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEeaU7ksRT3GhBW496LnQyQ Anyway,here are the contracts: Pre-War Era(1930s) Early WW2 Submission format [contact no. xy][author(s)][craft name][description][pictures (max 3)][Download link (if possible KerbalX)]
  7. WW2 Defence Contract/ Warbird Build Challenge Is anyone interested in a WW2 aircraft build challenge using BDarmoury and airplane plus? I was thinking maybe in the style of companies battling for the defence contracts after an invasion similar to the WW2 arms race. We could build aircraft for classes such as Fighters, Attackers and Bombers and score them based on performance for its class and look/realism (I love warbirds made using command seats and custom made cockpits for realism) I don't know how to make one of these fancy looking pages with nice pictures and everything but if anyone is interested and wants to help me set it up let me know.
  8. This is my collection of tanks and other armored ground vehicles. Challenger 2 Jagdpanzer IV M16 MGMC Halftrack AA M16 MGMC Halftrack AA - STOCK Challenger 2 https://kerbalx.com/BuxtonHouse/Challenger-2A1 Jagdpanzer IV https://kerbalx.com/BuxtonHouse/Jagdpanzer-IV M16 MGMC Halftrack AA https://kerbalx.com/BuxtonHouse/M16-MGMC M16 MGMC Halftrack AA - STOCK https://kerbalx.com/BuxtonHouse/M16-MGMC-Stock
  9. Having been through some threads I've found some excellent craft from both World Wars scattered throughout. I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread for these craft to be shown off properly. Absolutely any plane, vehicle or ship designed and/or built between 1914 and 1950! Here are some of mine to start off: Hawker Typhoon IB Hawker Tempest II & V Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire, way too many marks
  10. I completely forgot to upload this to the forums, but I have built a Lancaster with functioning propellers and a rotating turret completely in stock! It comes in as a big'un at 666 parts (That wasn't intentional I swear). So far, it's the biggest thing (in terms of part count) I've ever built in KSP. The propeller technology for this one was a reverse engineered engine I stole downloaded from Squiddy. As for the turret, I used RCS ball based bearings which I got from Azimech. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Top Speed: 70-80m/s (around 50-60m/s with a full bomb load) Top Speed (in a dive): 120+ m/s Stall Speed: 35m/s Takeoff Speed: 36m/s Climbrate: 7-10m/s (this is actually better than the real lanc) Download (HERE)
  11. Hello all! I have made an aircraft I'd wanted to make for the longest time. It's the P-51 (the D model in particular)! It took me a while to figure out how to make a bubble cockpit, however, not trying to toot my own horn but, I think I've done a pretty good job! Like a lot of the aircraft I'm building these days, I've made a speedbuild for it. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Instructions and Download 1: Decouple the propeller from the craft 2: Turn on SAS for the main craft, but not the propeller 3: Switch to propeller (using [ ] keys) 4: Hold down ALT + E until the roll meter is completely to the right 5: Wait until the aircraft takes off 6: Fly like normal, but avoid dipping below 20m/s. Download (HERE)
  12. Hello! I've made a replica of the IL-2 Shturmovik. Before I start off, I'd like to credit MajorJim! for the initial design for the bearing I use, and Azimech for showing me the design with the RCS balls. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The IL-2 was a ground attacker developed in the Soviet Union. It had a reputation for taking huge amounts of punishment, but still being able to fly home. This was because of the fact it was incredibly well armoured; this made it immune to small arms fire. The armour worked both as armour and the actual load bearing component of the aircraft. Like the WW1 Junkers J-1, it had an "armoured bathtub" which meant the armour surrounded the pilot and other components, like a bathtub. The IL-2 was the second most produced aircraft ever. Stalin himself loved this aircraft, describing it as "essential as air and bread for the Red Army". Despite being one of the most produced aircraft, only a handful still exist. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The real plane (in the spoiler) The video of it being made: Some pictures: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Top Speed: 78m/s Top Speed (In a dive): 120m/s (however at 100m/s, there is a big chance of the propeller breaking) Stall Speed: 19-20m/s Takeoff Speed: around about 26m/s Climb rate: 10-15m/s _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Instructions: 1: Press space to decouple the propeller from the main craft. 2: Turn on SAS on the main craft (NOT THE PROPELLER) 3: Switch to the propeller 4: Hold down Alt+E until the Roll bar in the bottom left is completely to the left. 5: Switch back to the main craft 6: Don't touch the controls, and it should take off when it gets to 23-24m/s. 7: Fly like normal, but be gentle when it comes to dives. Don't exceed 100m/s. Tip: Turning makes you bleed speed a lot, be sure to stay above 24-25m/s. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Download (HERE) (now on KerbalX) Thanks for reading!
  13. For a very, very long time now, I've wanted to make a new version of that Spitfire I made a while back. I personally thought it wasn't very good, and I could've done a much better job, so I finally did. Now, technically, this is actually V3, however, I never released the other one I made since I figured out new techniques of making smoother looking aircraft as soon as I finished it. Just for perspective, here is the real Spitfire: Here is my old replica: And here is the newer version I made: As you may be able to see, the newer version is much cleaner, and is much closer to the original Spitfire. As an added bonus, It's also much faster, and the propeller doesn't pop out and break as easily. I have also included a speed build which shows myself building the Spitfire; the video is here: I didn't design the bearings used for the stock propeller in this aircraft. The original design being created by MajorJim, and then being modified using different parts by Klond and Azimech. Anyways, here are more pictures. The download and specifications are down below. Download: (HERE) Top Speed: 78m/s (sea level), 87m/s (3000-4000m) Top Speed (in a dive): 120-130m/s (depends on altitude and angle Stall Speed: around about 19-20m/s Takeoff Speed: around about 20-21m/s Climb Rate: 10-15m/s _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Instructions: 1: Decouple the propeller from the craft 2: Turn on SAS for the main craft, but not the propeller 3: Switch to propeller (using [ ] keys) 4: Hold down ALT + E until the roll meter is completely to the right 5: Wait until the aircraft takes off 6: Fly like normal, but avoid dipping below 20m/s. Thanks for reading this post! Be sure to check out the BF-109 I made recently (HERE)
  14. This gave me the idea, thanks to MiffedStarfish for indirectly giving me the idea for this replica! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As with my other forum posts, I credit MajorJim for creating the bearing I require to even think about building these replicas, check it out here! Also, big thanks to whoever designed the modification that allows you to use RCS thrusters as ball bearings. (Please tell me who made it as I want to credit them) Klond and Azimech for developing the RCS bearing. (Thank you qzgy for telling me who developed the technologies) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I assume you don't need any information on want the Spitfire is, so let's get right into the showcase! But just before I show my replica, here's the real deal here: And to compare, here's photos of the replica I made here: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Instructions 1: Press space to decouple the propeller from the main craft. 2: Turn on SAS on the main craft (NOT THE PROPELLER) 3: Switch to the propeller 4: Hold down Alt+E until the Roll bar in the bottom left is completely to the left.\ 5: Switch back to the main craft 6: Don't touch the controls, and it should take off when it gets to 20m/s. 7: Fly like normal, but be gentle when it comes to dives. Don't exceed 70m/s. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Top Speed: 56m/s (may differ with altitude) Top Speed (In Dive): 70m/s (before propeller breaks) Takeoff Speed: 20m/s Download (HERE) Modified version by Azimech (which is lightyears better than mine) (HERE) (Don't mind the name, that's because I've made nine editions of the plane experimenting on which amount of reaction wheels work best, and the ninth worked the best.) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hope you enjoy the craft! Any suggestions (Direct or indirect) would be great! The Spitfire was a bit of a challenge, but I managed to create it. Sorry for not posting for so long, I've just been slacking.
  15. Hello all! I'm back, and I've made a new replica. Unlike all of my other replicas, I have decided to record the making of the BF-109. So far, this replica has been one of the easiest to build so far; only taking about/less than an hour to complete and test. (I'm only showing 40 minutes of building footage in the video because the extra 10-20 minutes were just tweaking) The video is here: The stock bearings used were initially designed by MajorJim, however, a similar design, using different parts (the one I use in the plane) were designed by Klond and Azimech. Download is in the video description.
  16. Hello all! Here's a very special, and SCARY plane! That's right, It's the Stuka! The JU-87 (or Stuka as it was called) was a German dive bomber developed by Junkers in the 1930s. The Stuka would dive at about 80 degrees, ditch the bombs and pull up afterward. This meant the bombs dropped by the Stuka were extremely accurate. It first saw combat during the spanish civil war in 1937, however, was more famously known for it's action during WW2. One of the special features of the Stuka was it's siren (this was really only used at the beginning of the war, due to soldiers being de-sensitized to the sound afterward), the siren itself was just a small, unpowered, propeller that made a sound the faster the aircraft went. The aircraft was also fitted with automatic dive brakes, so the plane would automatically pull up if the pilot blacked out due to large amounts of G-forces. (The real plane is in the spoiler) This replica would not be possible without the advice of Azimech, and the original design for the bearing being created by MajorJim! Anyway, here's my replica: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Top speed: 40m/s-ish, (to be honest, I never really tested the level flight top speed of this thing properly) Top speed: 80m/s, however, if you try to go any faster, the propeller will break. (if this isn't the case, I may have uploaded the wrong craft file) Takeoff speed: 22-24m/s (depends if you have bombs attached) Climb Rate (I've actually put this in this time): 5-10m/s _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Instructions and Download (Yes, I have copied and pasted this from my spitfire post) 1: Press space to decouple the propeller from the main craft. 2: Turn on SAS on the main craft (NOT THE PROPELLER) 3: Switch to the propeller 4: Hold down Alt+E until the Roll bar in the bottom left is completely to the left. 5: Switch back to the main craft 6: Don't touch the controls, and it should take off when it gets to 23-24m/s. 7: Fly like normal, but be gentle when it comes to dives. Don't exceed 70m/s. Tip: Lots of speed is lost whilst turning, so when turning, be sure you stay above 25m/s, otherwise you may stall, and may crash. Download: Updated version (HERE) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for reading! If you'v read up to here, I'd love to hear what planes I should replicate next. Comment down below.
  17. Check out my P-26 i made! It requires BDArmory, and Airplanes plus. Download: https://kerbalx.com/crafts/36575
  18. I have built a House 229 but it simply won't fly. Is the CoM and CoL correct? When it gets in the air it acts as if it wants to fly in the opposite direction. Help
  19. A guy called Jolly Rogers is doing a Youtube tournament of world war 2 styled planes. The tournament starts 2 weeks from now, you can see the tournament rules here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkEUPxoH1ig I've been building some fighters and testing them, and actually came out with some pretty fun dogfighting footage. Maybe someone is up for a bit of pre-season warmup? I'm always itching for a fight Here's one of my planes: https://kerbalx.com/goduranus/Do-335-Werwolf Here's some footage of my prototypes in combat testing: (Can't view on mobile devices because damn Japs copyrighted their WW2 battle songs)
  20. I've decided to move up a war for planes to replicate (Don't worry, I'll still be doing some more WWI planes! ) and this was the result. It was my first time working with a custom cockpit, and I really hope it doesn't look like absolute trash . This replica was a lot more difficult to do than the previous two, so if quality is lacking, I apologise The plane in real life: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now, before I show off my replica of the Zero, I'd first like to credit MajorJim for the revolutionary stock bearing technology he's developed. Without it, my planes would still be using jet engines to fly *Gasp* (Link Here) With that out of the way, here's the Mitsubishi A6M Zero! The A6M Zero was a naval fighter developed by the Japanese in World War II. It was brought early into the war and gained a legendary status of being a fantastic dogfighter. It was so fantastic that it's kill ration was 12 - 1. It was considered the finest fighter until 1943. The zero had manoueverability that was un-matched, even compared to the Spitfire. Unlike the allied fighters however, the Zero had a lack of armour. This saved on weight which caused it to have excellent range. I based the replica primarily off the A6M2 Zero. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pictures ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Top Speed: 52.3m/s (May vary with flight) Top Speed (In Dive): 70-80m/s (Depends on your bravery) Takeoff Speed: 19-20m/s Stall Speed: 12-18m/s ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Download and Instructions Since the instructions to fly this thing are literally the exact same as my Sopwith Camel, here's an extract to save me some time Just ignore the bit about being a twenty minuter, it ain't World War I anymore (Download here) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for reading my post! I'll be returning to making World War I Planes soon I think, coming up next is a replica of the Fokker D1. Depending on how I feel.
  21. The Panjamdrum was a weapon unlike any other. It was designed during ww2 to go up a beach from the water, hit the German barricade and explode. This made a tank-sized hole in the wall. It did not work as the rockets didn't fire consistently and it fell over all the time. Your job is to build one in KSP. It must float in water, It must be rocket powered, it must have to side by side wheels attached to a central barrel. Basically it must look like the picture and do the same thing as the description. As usual No cheat mods Mods with bombs and weapons are okay because you can strap them on your Panjamdrum. Informational mods alright too Alright so here is what you have to do with you monstrosity. 1. Get it into the water facing the KSC peninsula 2.FIRE 3.Report: Did it blow up a building? Did it scare a small dog? Did it return to the waters from hence it came?
  22. After finishing the mig, I quit playing kerbal for a few weeks until I came back and made this submarine. Not based on any specific model, not a replica of any kind, just a working submarine made to look a little like a german one. I had some serious trouble with getting my computer to actually render the thing, I don't know why but it seems my pc is dying, half the time it's at 100% disk usage, no viruses or malware, and none of the tutorials online help me out with anything, but anyway, here's the ship. Using no propellor mods because they're too easy in my opinion, I made the motor of the submarine with infernal robotics and some control surfaces. This actually ran me into some problems when piloting the sub. Each rotor is set at a speed of 10 with acceleration of 2 and spins in an opposite direction to the other in order to not have the thing spinning like crazy underwater. To get the sub moving I set the speed in the RPM GUI ingame to 5, making the rotors spin at a speed of 50, any higher and the control surfaces break off. When resurfacing I have to turn off the rotors lest they break on surface, I found that going up at 10 degrees and cutting the rotors at a depth of 100 meters usually curbs the issue. At the surface I usually run it at a speed of 30. This makes it so the rotors don't break off and I can move at a steady rate over the water. Have some pictures with scatterer for looks! I get the sub into the water using vessel mover which is why I have the struts on the side to keep it up on the launchpad. I cannot film this or even open anything up anymore because my pc is not letting me. I havent the slightest clue why it's doing this but every time I try to play anything or do anything it just doesnt work or loads so slow it might as well not have worked. I'm going to try reinstalling windows but after that I won't have any of these builds and I'm thinking I'm just going to quit playing this game. I can't take this any longer.
  23. The first of three installments of the Iron Horses series, and also my first story here anyway Enjoy, Kenji ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We wake up to the same sound every morning. Constant gunfire. The axis have pushed us back and we were the last ones, the last five left from our squad. We peer from the trenches to see the dust settle, the carnage that lay before me is nullifying. I couldn’t breath, freinds lay before me soaked in their own blood, I fell to the floor. Sarge pulled me up and we got back in the tank. We moved on as if nothing happened, it felt wrong, I stared at the floor in despair. “It’s not your fault” spoke a whisper, I look up to see Karl loading the next shell ready just in case, he repeated harsher this time, “It’s not your fault, look alive then” I started with a look of desperation at him, and simply said “How can I know on that we could have saved them?” He proceeded to ignore my question, maybe he thought it was rhetorical, but who cares anyway. He began to tell me a story about a mission in that he was the sole survivor due to a local taking him in and helping him recover, suddenly Ernst, The commander of the tank, turned and screamed “BRACE!” slamming the roof shut. It was then we were hit, a lone Panzer of in the distance had shot out the track, we fired back but to no success, we were out of Armour Penetration Rounds and only had High Explosive left, the second shell hit us and Ernst was flung from his seat into the tanks underlay, we were in grave danger. Our radio operator James was already on the lines calling for assistance, he flicked through the channels all to be dead, just plain silence. It all fell away in the blink of an eye. I knew, I knew what was to happen next, I was going to die here. I think we all knew it was our time. Time ceased as the third shot was fired, the tank was ablaze. Now I am the only one left, some time has passed but these scars may never heal. As I was dragged to the bomber I felt nothing, it was all a blur, where were they? Where was James? Where was Ernst and the other crew? The machinegun fire faded away and the humble whir of the bombers engines was all there was as I was flooded by medics and emergency personnel, I was loosing blood fast, as the plane dived to perform a landing I blacked out. We had landed in US soil and I was at last safe from harm, nothing could hide the nightmares I keep having as I see the massacre over and over, men cut down like butter to a hot knife, they fell to the MG fire of the Germans. I needed to go back. I needed to fight again. I was given the privilege much sooner than hoped and was back to the hangar within a week, as the new commander of my squadron I was the oldest and most experienced commander of the squad, and the only one to see combat. I felt a despair in my heart to see so many young men, I knew what lay ahead. We marched on and waited at the mouth of the Gulf and marched on to the desert, we were immediately met with enemy Panzer fire, we took cover to identify the primary targets, sure enough there it was! The prized Wüstenfuchs in his Tiger I tank, we crawled forwards slowly, a thunderous sound rang through the desert valley we had been spotted “M3 DOWN!” screamed Jacobs the Tiger had begun its assault, followed by its ensemble of Panzer VI’s. We fell like flies. We returned fire, “600 meters and counting commander!” I gave the order and we destroyed two of the six Panzer VI’s it was not met without consequence as the Tiger was beginning to flank the right as the other three Panzer VI’s flanked the right, the coms were wild, I begun to fade out and imagine back in France when I lost everyone “ORDERS COMMANDER!” exclaimed Jacobs, “Never back down advance and push forwards” I commanded the remaining tanks. We began our assault on the Tiger and managed to cripple its left track and before I could react the Tiger fired dead at the center of our right armour and dazed the crew, I couldn’t see anything just a blur of sand and steel, a sharp ringing in my ears, our gunner Reynolds was dead, I took his duty and unloaded a shell into a hull of a Panzer VI sending a flurry of shrapnel everywhere, we had the upper hand at last! I heard a ringing again getting louder and louder, the commander of the Churchill next to me screamed at me with the full force of his lungs “Stuka!” I look to the sky in horror, a haze of yellow and white screaming at me with the full power of its engine, they began their strafe of our light tanks, dropping bombs and firing their cannons, it looked grim. I saw the Tiger behind the rocks slipping away, “Load the damn gun Jacobs” and sure enough he loaded the cannon, I took a breath and time slowed, I squeezed the trigger releasing the shell full force into the ammo racks of the Tiger, it was no more. I had won. I clambered out of my tank and looked around, I was copied by the remaining tank crews. We rejoiced for now as we had won!
  24. привет! Recently, I've been working on a T-34 tank. Here's what I made: Project: Probably completed Tank is made for 1.2 version. It features many thing like: Working cannon and machinegun, Very fast speed for a tank (can reach up to 45m/s risking tracks to broke and 35.2m/s is the highest safe speed.) Refuelling is possible via docking port on the back but I think you won't use this feature because it can travel huge distances at the amount of fuel that you have in your tank. In my opinion this tank is very fun to drive and shoot. Looks almost like original one. Here is .craft file with mods that you need to run it. Everything packed into .zip. Mods that you need: BDArmory CAL++ Firespitter KerbalFoundries KSPWheel (comes with Kerbal Foundries) North Kerbin Weaponry Old School Turrets TeakScale All for 1.2 Version .craft + MODS - 374.55MB http://www.mediafire.com/file/21pb7c9pd4fxgdq/T-34+KSP+1.2.zip Only .Craft File - 231KB http://www.mediafire.com/file/vnsz865ho44layu/T-34.craft
  25. THE TOURNAMENT: After the success of the first BAD-T, it was decided that the tournament should go one step further. On the purpose of this tournament, the mod Aviator Arsenal was created, FAR and BDArmory received several features and tweaks and new Kerbin-Side battleground maps were made, all of that thanks to @VintageXP, @ferram4, @BahamutoD and @SuicidalInsanity. Also thanks to @Lack for allowing the distribution of SXT prop engines with tweaked settings. The second version of this tournament consists on 2x2 World War 2 themed airplanes battling on unique custom made airfields and natural locations spread across the Kerbin planet. On this tournament you can submit either a Fighter or Heavy fighter airplane, which will then fight against other airplanes on battles ran by me. They will then be available on youtube, just like on the first BAD-T. When an entry loses a battle, it's out of the main competition branch. Since a high number of entries is expected these airplanes will only have the chance to fight again if a member of our community volunteers to run these battles. If the number of entries is not as great, these battles may be run by me but will not be recorded. Creating the vehicle and setting up its AI characteristics are entirely up to you, rules are applied to keep the competition fair and must be strictly followed, no exceptions will be made BATTLE BRACKETS Lost the first battle? No problem! TIER 2 BATTLE BRACKETS MODS: The following mods are required: FAR v15.5.7 Aviator Arsenal v1.1.1 BDArmory v10.4.1 BAD-T SXT Propellers pack The following mods are allowed: B9 Pwings v0.40 Procedural Parts v1.1.11 Adjustable Landing Gear v1.2.0 CLASSES AND POINTS: There are two classes, Fighter and Heavy Fighter. Fighter: You can spend up to 100 points however you wish. Your airplane must weight more than 2.5 tons* and have one single propeller engine. Heavy Fighter: You can spend up to 150 points however you wish. Your airplane must weight more than 6 tons* and have two propeller engines. *measured at the map view during simulation *dry weight, empty of any resource that the aircraft utilizes such as ammo and liquid fuel, oxidizer and ore are examples of not useful resources that can be used as ballast. Point Costs: -Engines cost their stationary thrust in kN. -Weapons cost their caliber in millimeters. Points including decimals of the engine/weapon stats. Check Craft rules for details. RULES: Craft: - Your craft must contain no more than 60 parts. - Only Aviator Arsenal stationary weapons are allowed. - Maximum of 6 weapons of a single type on your airplane. - Open cockpits must be safe, that means that the Kerbal must not be too exposed nor sit on extreme parts of the craft. - It must fly with FAR and be able to take down the test dummy on it's own (just to make sure you have the right mods and that you or I didn't mess up somewhere). - The craft must contain at least one Kerbal and only one Communications Antenna, which must be visible (this part contains both a weapons manager and AI module). - It must not contain rocket grade parts (ore or RCS ballasts are fine, as long as not structurally important). - Scientific instruments are allowed for aesthetic purposes. - When present, the cockpit reaction wheels must be turned off. - Parts can be freely clipped, as long there is no abuse and no resource stacking. (fuel tank inside fuselage is ok, fuel tank inside fuel tank is not) - Procedural wings thickness must be greater than 0.120 for any reasonably sized wing part to prevent glitches. - FAR's wings Mass-Strength must be between 0.25 and 1.5. Submitting: - The deadline is March 13th (deadline is over). - Your craft must be available to download through kerbalx or dropbox ONLY, no other hosting platform is allowed. - You must not submit more than one airplane*, if something goes wrong please contact me via PM. - Your submission must be done through this private google form: -snip- - Sharing crafts on this thread, being that your submission or not, is allowed, but that is entirely up to you and will not count as a valid entry, only the google form submissions will be valid. - You are free to cooperate with your friends to build an airplane together but remember that any sort of roleplaying is strictly forbidden by the forum rules. *I am studying the possibility of submitting two different airplanes to battle together on a future version of the tournament, but for now only one airplane per submission will be accepted. FAQ: Until when can I submit my airplane? Until March 13th (deadline is over, you cannot submit anymore). Can I submit both a Fighter and Heavy Fighter? Not right now, it would stop being a matter of which airplane is the best and would be a matter of which pair fights the best, and that is much more complex for the players to handle. Maybe on the next version of BAD-T. Why not KAX? KAX is an amazing mod, but SXT had enough propellers to fulfill the desired roles. I messed up on my submission, what to do? You must send me a private message explaining what went wrong. I updated my plane after submitting, can I resubmit it? No. It would be very chaotic for me to dig through several submissions of the same person to figure out which one is the latest. My airplane breaks some/any of the rules by accident, what can I do? If an airplane breaks one of the rules or does not beat the dummy plane you will receive a PM and will have the chance to resubmit once. See? I am not a bad person, I think. How do I make an airplane fly on FAR? I am working on a FAR video tutorial specially for this challenge right now, don't mind my accent. My airplane is really bad, should I submit it anyway? Hell, yes. The main purpose of this challenge is having fun, not everybody in here is that eager to win. Can I create a fake cockpit using a chair and some other parts? Yes, of course you can, just make sure the kerbal is not too exposed nor sitting on extreme parts of the craft like stated on the rules.
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