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  1. Welcome everyone! I opened this thread for the freedom of uploading the pictures of and discussing the space shuttles that you have made. Stable space shuttles are hard to build, especially if the 'Vector" nozzles are being used. So I thought of creating this thread for you to upload the pictures of your space shuttles or even .craft files to let others see how your shuttles look like. You have the freedom to post your own space shuttle designs, or replicas, mods are allowed, it's just important that you upload shuttle pictures. Screenshots can be taken by using the F1 key on your keyboard while in KSP. Using the F2 key before taking a screenshot is recommended to disable the UI and show the beauty of your picture. You can also link to a YouTube video for the whole mission with your craft. I can't wait to see your amazing space shuttles!
  2. Go everywhere, but now with rovers! Total Mass: 2903t Dry Mass: 573t Initial TWR 1.68 DeltaV 24k Launch it from runway. If you have some problems related to the craft you can report your problem to me. Known issues: - Problem with decoupling nuclear to liquad stage. Temporal solution: time warp stages from each other. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p8kHtaQ9tDR7ajhAe0WuQzsEAu_3fruz/view?usp=sharing If you have some problems related to the craft you can report your problem to me.
  3. I love that you're able to save multiple vehicles per workshop area. However, one thing I find very...messy and even amateurish-looking, the way that the game simply does a random screencap of the actual viewscreen at the moment of saving a craft file/workshop area. This leads to many unflattering angles and frankly extremely messy UI screengrabs that can make it nearly impossible to discern exactly what vehicle(s) are being saved. Instead, I'd like if the game could pull the craft file(s) and arrange them in some standardized fashion and create an image of the craft file in that standardized fashion, ideally I imagine from a dorsal (top-down) view of an aircraft, or a silhouette view of a rocket, not unlike how it all was in the original KSP. As it stands I can barely tell my craft files apart by appearance alone when half of the screen is taken up by the parts-picker and/or part-manager or similar, to say nothing of random unflattering angles you often get of the craft itself with this technique even when you have a relatively "clean" workshop space. As an example this is the kind of clutter I'm seeing in my craft files with every save. The way things are just looks messy and entirely unprofessional.
  4. 1. Craft / (sub)assemblies should be saved globally, individually, stand-alone, separate from workspaces. 2. Workspaces should be collections of craft/ (sub)assembly objects. This way you can edit a craft or assembly and when you save it all changes / improvements cascade in workspaces that contain said object. So you don't have to constantly switch workspaces to find the latest iteration of an object. 3. Also craft should be collections of stand-alone, labeled (sub) assemblies, each containing their own action groups and staging sequences. Any craft should be easy to separate into the (sub) assemblies it's made of. 4. And we should be able to launch / test any sub(assembly) or craft from a workspace very easily, with the click of a button.
  5. Hello! This subject has been a lot on my mind since I started playing KSP because I've always found myself wasting a lot of time designing unique upper and booster stages for my payloads instead of just slapping on a previously used assembly. I feel like there should be some better assembly building gameplay mechanics and incentives to guide the designing, building and integration steps towards an easy to use iterative process. Allow me to explain: What we have in KSP1 VAB / SPH have gameplay features that allow us to save our designs: Saving craft files in folders Saving with distinct folder roots for VAB and SPH this is a problem when you have a structure like the one below it also messes with the orientation Craft files can be manually overwritten although the path to the file is not loaded automatically and if I want to overwrite I save I have to point to the appropriate folder every time I load the craft, otherwise it saves in the root folder - I feel like this is a bug; We can of course create folders that are the basis for our organizational choices - I like to separate them initially into: Craft designs: Prototypes Structural assemblies Planes Fighter Space Cargo Other Rockets Boosters (by weight to LKO and diameter) Upper stages (by weight to solar orbit and diameter) Mothership propulsion elements Space Stations Rovers and vehicles (by size, number of passengers, purpose - science, fun or utility) Manned exploration Landers Return capsules Unmanned exploration Deep space / fly-by probes Orbiters Landers Return missions Satellites Science / mapping Communication relays Fuel Tanker stages Refineries Wheeled transports Pods Living pods Tourist pods, Science pods / labs Escape / transport pods Other Missions (the rockets / space planes I actually launched): with a folder for every celestial body, in orbit or landed + asteroids / comets As you can see things get very complicated and there is potential for overlapping functions, sizing problems and other issues All of this does not even touch on the problem of design versioning and evolution - this adds another whole new level of complexity to the issue Of course a very big problem is that if I save the craft as a mission and I change or improve something after mission failure or after returning from the launchpad.. then I have to go back and change that exact same thing in the original assembly design file. Saving subassemblies This theoretically should be straightforward but there are some issues: The root part mechanic makes it complicated All subassemblies are in the same "folder" When overwriting its difficult to change the description if the design changes, sometimes its better to write everything anew I have to search through and update the subassemplies every time I change something in the mission / craft design files I have to go to the subassemblies tab, its extra effort What we need in KSP2 We desperately need a better way of creating iterative designs, group them by families and separate them by version Craft versioning system (like GIT, to track evolution of specific craft models according to part and science progression) Missions and designs should be separate abstractions, missions should contain design versions Changes to designs should cascade into missions that use that design version We need some kind of default structure for the craft designs.. like the one I described above, otherwise players will take ages to become efficient in organizing all their stuff What has been confirmed for KSP2 Saving a workspace containing multiple craft assemblies Can you please help with other ideas? I think its a very important topic.
  6. I don't know if this is the correct topic but I dare you to challenge me to do something in kerbal space program you decide what it will be. Im making this for fun and because im currently bored so give me ideas please
  7. I made the SLS of NASA's Artemis project with stock parts only for KSP Version 1.12.1 if you are Interested on it Click here for the Download (KerbalX) Details Type: VAB Class: ship Part Count: 73 Pure Stock KSP: 1.12.1
  8. KerbSat The KerbSat Mission will be responsible for carrying a satellite in a rocket to Kerbin’s orbit. That's All, Im not so good on developing rockets but yes i did this small satellite for fun. Details Type: VAB Class: satellite Part Count: 32 Pure Stock KSP: 1.12.1 If You are Interested Download it Here
  9. How do you launch multiple craft from one pad at the same time ? Hi. I am an old ksp player and I am trying to play an 18 T / 30 Part stock career mode game. My 1st return probe mun lander involves 5 separate craft and to avoid the "Clear Launch Pad" problem I am currently driving them all to the crawler way. This is very time consuming and annoying. I have tried various different google searches but can not seam to find a simple solution. I have also had a good look in the settings/physics/save files but cant seam to find anything relevant. So i am also curious now as to where the defining values for the different levels of Pad & VAB are hiding ? (Size, Mass & Part limit values) It would be nice to upgrade the look of my pad whilst keeping the limits in place. Any mod ideas, setting names or thoughts of any kind would be much appreciated. Thanks very much.
  10. I have had this problem for a while now. How do you name a ship thats not called "first ship" or BOOM other than online genorators? Thanks.
  11. I am atempthing to dock but the station wont show up I know that it wont until 2.4k but i am at 59.0m it is a 6 way rockomax docking pice with a probe core and the bigest rocomax tank. If i switch to it i cant see my other craft. if i cant solve this i gues i have to hyper eddit up the station. bummer because i wanted to learn how to dock
  12. So since 1.10 rolled arround I've been experiencing this issue that the "connect" button in the VAB load dialogue doesn't work, I've previously tried it without any mods but the issue persits. Steps to recreate: Load or build craft 1; open the load menu and click connect Versions: KSP 64 bit Mods: MechJeb 2 (V. Module Manager (V 4.1.3) Logs (I doubt they help but I can still give it a shot) https://www.dropbox.com/s/t5k8n2xlts6kvvr/Player.log?dl=0 I've also seen a lot of People complaining on Reddit and Twitter so I doubt I'm the only one, maybe there is a common solution?
  13. Please give me a better title for this topic Intro My goal for this challenge : Make the following idea a reality. The idea : Make a self-sustaining challenge, which means no monitoring is required. My solution : Crazy idea+++ -What? ... The basic concept for this challenge, is to create things to be use by other players and to use their things so that your things get used even more. -Again, WHAT? In most challenge you post your creation to maybe get people reaction on it, maybe get reviewed or maybe get added to a leaderboard and in the end it will be forgotten. Here your creation have a chance to stay around a bit longer. Your first task is to create something that will be used by the others for as long as possible. -Okay but it doesn't tell me what I'm supposed to do! An example: You post a stair truck, it is so well crafted that after 2 months you can still see it appears among the ground support equipment when a guy show us his new aircraft. -OOOOooooh!... Wait... But th... ...of course it doesn't make sense without a reason to use others creation, so there is your second task, use as many creations made by other player as possible while remaining coherent. We also need some guidelines... -Can you PLEASE summarize. ...FINE MENU (a.k.a. rules, read all) PICK A SCENARIO Airports: make all airport stuff, we should be able to do everything like loading/unloading cargo, crew, fuel without VAB and SPH once everything is spawned. Their will be more later if people participate. Likely some space program stuff with specific goal CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER Gods: built this world for us to play with but then... King: sorry it's full, selected 1/1 (me) Hero: use blacksmiths and knights stuff to get the best outcome. By using MOSTLY (90%) creation made by others, you complete the scenario ex. fully equip and working airports. Knights: use blacksmiths stuff to complete his equipment and may work with other knights. Ex. to submit an airliner it needs its ground support equipment made MOSTLY (66%) by others. Ex2: a satellite and its rocket are made by two different person. Blacksmiths: create tools for knights and hero. Ex. ground support equipement. Noble: reserved to AI and hero mind control. (kerbals) Peasant: try again. (failed) Thief: possible outcome is ban(get ignored by the other). When using others creation give credit to its creator. Lone wolf: do hero and knights role by using only his own stuff. Wrong topic, go to the spacecraft exchange. CHANGE SETTINGS Easy: just do the best you can Normal: optimize your things more, go rp or realistic Hard: go rp and realistic, do contract with one or more player to use each other creation and/or reach a common goal Hardcore: things with a lot of parts to look great are cool but most player doesn't have powerful computer. Cheatmode: mod are cool too but you will greatly lower the accessibility of your creation. PLAY Give us picture or video, some stats, links to download (except hero but it would be nice to have the savefile) and some blah blah. Your creation can be a vehicle, a building, cargo,... but can't be an engine or a wing or... For those confused by hero, knights... scenario is the mission ex: go to the mun, knights make the main thing ex: , blakcsmiths the support stuff to make it rp and the hero take all that and show that it works. I want to see manufacturer, company, contracts, trust, betrayal, game of throne... maybe not. You build a very tall aircraft, you can't submit it without its ground support equipment but none of the available GSE submit on this topic can works with its height. You can't create all the equipment you need by yourself as it won't fit the 66% rule of others support creations. Then you'll need to ask someone to build some for you: make a contract. Use your imagination, have fun and share. WIP I need your feedback, maybe it's not clear enough...
  14. The official craft repository for SSTU (Shadow Space Technologies Unlimited) NOTE: Mage from the SSTU mod will be making a Github repository so that these files will be in a central location where other people can upload their stuff to as well via a Pull Request. I will be making a new forum thread with screenshots and links to each craft. Besides the real-scale replicas, there will also be craft files for the stock Kerbin system and contract missions. SSTU is an awesome mod by ShadowMage with modular parts to let you build a low parts count, high game performance, rocket with a number of highly configurable parts. See ShadowMage's topic on his SSTU mod here CLICK While it is still a Work in Progress [WIP], I and many other people, have been using it to make the most awesome rockets within KSP. Some players have even ported it through RO as is has a large variety of real world parts with ditto looks (not stock kerbal). I really recommend checking out this fabulous mod!!! I've asked the creator of SSTU, ShadowMage, if it might be an idea to make an official craft repository for current users of the mod to share their builds, and for new users to get some example rockets as there are so many options and parts that it can be overwhelming. To start off I will add some of my favorite builds, some real and some just very useful for careers mode. If other people would like to share their SSTU builds, that would be awesome!!! The builds below are ready to fly and contain action groups where applicable (see description texts). The intent of the rockets was to build realistic looking rockets, so some of them will quite OP for the task they originally had, but fun and easy to fly none the less. They also show off about every part in the SSTU mod to give a clear idea what is possible. Enjoy!!! note Download the latest version of SSTU for KSP 1.7.0 here: https://github.com/shadowmage45/SSTULabs/releases/tag/ note To download the craft files below, right click on the link and select "save link as...". These files need to go into your KSP directory under ../saves/"mygamename"/Ships/VAB Recommended "mods" The following mods are really recommended (not required) for career play-throughs combined with the SSTU mod, as they will really add some useful parts: Parts * Jimbodiah's Patches: Adds a few parts and tweaks that I use on my career builds like a smaller science box etc. Check below for more info. * Jimbodiah's SSTU Color Presets: Adds a lot of color presets for SSTU parts which have also been used in these builds (colors will show up with/without my presets).
  15. Sometimes there are builds that are so inspiring, so crazy, so innovative or just so Kerbal, that I think they should get a shout out. This week, for example, I have been running a challenge to get a rocket powered soley be Sepratrons to Orbit. @mystifeid came up with a rocket capable of a Mun flyby, with over 2000 sepratrons! Then there was @Brikoleur's rotary Eve ascent Seraph. And @AHHans's entry for the KSP Hype Train Challenge (not to mention his flying asteroid). I could go on and on. There are so many more cool things being posted in challenges, in craft sharing or simply in "What did you do in KSP today?" It would be nice to give a few a shout out. The stipulation is that the craft selected have to go above and beyond in the categories mentioned above: innovation, Kerbalness, creativity or the MOAR factor. So, moderators and forum gurus, this suggestion is not for Squad but for you: An official Craft of the Month to accompany "Thread of the Month". Perhaps it could be staggered by two weeks, and come out mid month, even.
  16. While I appreciate the mods closing this thread; as it no longer pertains to the current version of the game... It would also be helpful to know how to do it now? Edit: ah... I read thru to the bottom and see that the tilde "~" does still work!
  17. This is an idea I have been planning on doing for a while, very simply you post a craft in the replies(like Kerbal regional jets or dog-fighting tournaments) say if it is stock, vanilla or modded, give a version of the game, and explain a little bit about it. the craft posted here can be used by anyone and can be modified for free. kerbalx exists for craft sharing, but I just thought it would be cool to have a forum thread collecting ships that you are free to modify.
  18. Action Groups 1. Toggle 2x Reaction Wheels and enable 4x4 AWD 2. Toggle Gun Turret fire mode 3. Toggle Gun Turret turn mode 4. Place Gun Turret in loop mode (useful for cinematics) Video of Warthog in Action Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1889849503 KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/M12-Warthog
  19. Hello and welcome. I'm Stephen, this is a challenge for good spacecrafts. Vote "It's good" if your craft works and perfect, If you vote "I don't know", then you don't know whether it is good or bad. Vote "It was bad" if your craft feels something bad or crashes (e.g wobbling, mistakes, engine not attached to fuel tank, etc.)
  20. Anyone interested in playing with flyback boosters I have shared a link to stock ones which I have made. They are designed to be able to lift adequate payloads to a parking orbit with equatorial apoapsis of 125km. Then your payload will circularise or you can use an upper stage to do this (taking out of your payload fraction). From there you circularise your payload before switching back to the booster and performing a course correction burn if necessary and then ignite the panther engines to extend your range back to the runway. The Twin Boar variant is great for small satelites. The variant built off the plane tanks can easily lift the Mark 2 capsule to space using a poodle kicker stage and plenty Delta-V to reach your station. the 3.75m variant has be glide tested only, but I figured larger payload options might be useful. I do recommend SRBs for larger paylaods to reserve some Delta-V for high altitude trajectory corrections. Very much interested on people's opinions on the crafts or if they have made fly backs of their own. https://kerbalx.com/Avo4Dayz/FlyBackhttps://kerbalx.com/Avo4Dayz/medium-fly-back-boosterhttps://kerbalx.com/Avo4Dayz/375-fbhttps://imgur.com/gallery/RmgQRJW
  21. A basic Podracer with a building tutorial. Craft File: https://kerbalx.com/GillyMonster/Tutorial-Building-a-Star-Wars-Podracer
  22. i've finally gotten back into the game after leaving my joystick to gather dust for WAY too long, and here are the designs that i've cobbled together so far! Number 1: The Wildebeest Transport! https://kerbalx.com/Heckspress/Wildebeest-Transport A simple, two-man transport. NOTE: since i'm dumb i used the gemini capsule from Making History as the throwaway crewpod. Will reupload the file when i fix that. FIXED as of 9/6/18 Number 2: The Horsefly! https://kerbalx.com/Heckspress/Horsefly A nimble and speedy 1-man vtol, inspired by Cupcake's many VTOLs. Number 3: The Sea Imp! https://kerbalx.com/Heckspress/Sea-Imp A plane inspired by the Convair Pogo VTOL. Has a few tricks up its sleeve. Absolute blast to fly.
  23. Is there any way I can get only the original craft files that came with ksp back because I have put in a lot of other crafts, and I'm not sure which are the original files. If I can't do it, then can anyone please tell me the names of the og files? Thanks in advance.
  24. Having been through some threads I've found some excellent craft from both World Wars scattered throughout. I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread for these craft to be shown off properly. Absolutely any plane, vehicle or ship designed and/or built between 1914 and 1950! Here are some of mine to start off: Hawker Typhoon IB Hawker Tempest II & V Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire, way too many marks
  25. Hello, Yesterday, I found out that about a week and a half prior, Realism Overhaul had (finally! ) been updated for 1.3.1. So, I did this sequence of events (I'm on Windows 10, BTW): Backed up saves and screenshots for safety, Deleted my copy of CKAN and the CKAN folder, as it was malfunctioning. Recalling the tumultuous experience I had with upgrading to 1.2.2, I uninstalled KSP and reinstalled it as 1.3.1. I reinstalled CKAN. CKAN recognized the mods that still existed in the Game Data folder, but (presumably because I deleted my CKAN folder), they were marked by 2 capital letters (which I can't recall) and I could not do anything with them. I permanently deleted all the Game Data, as I always have very little space on my computer. This took with it all of my custom engine configs, yaay... Now I could reinstall the mods. I attempted to do so, but it kept aborting the procedure as the mods were attempting to install a craft that was already in the Ships folder, which also strangely wasn't swept away by the reinstall. I sent the craft to the Recycle Bin. I tried again. This time a different craft showed up. What should I do? Should I delete my Ships folder or just the contents? What about the stock crafts or pre-made crafts that may not be provided in 1.3.1 RO?
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