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Found 12 results

  1. "Perhaps the single, most consuming scientific question of the space program is: 'Does extraterrestrial life exist in our solar system?' Has life ever existed on Mars? Does it exist now? Are conditions such that some form of life could exist? [...] The systems of the 1970's are the foundation for building major space facilities in the 1980's. The 1975 space station evolves into a Space Base that can support up to 100 people by the early 1980's. This facility allows extensive multi-disciplinary scientific activities as indicated. A geosynchronous station is practical in this time period with the availability of the nuclear shuttle. Similarly, these new systems permit increased lunar operations. The logical culmination of the next decade is a Manned Mars Landing Mission in the the early 1980's. The systems and experience gained in the 1970's make this a feasible undertaking." - paraphrased from Wernher Von Braun's presentation of the IPP to Nixon's Space Task Group, 4/8/1969 Hello and welcome to this thread! My plan with this mission report is to make a reconstruction of the many missions that the Integrated Program Plan would have been compromised of in a chronological manner, starting at the early stages of the program and going ahead until hopefully the first martian mission, but there's a lot more than that happening before that! While I'm taking most of the planning from E. Grenning's schedule, I've modified it to include some of the proposals that were made in the following years both before and after the program's cancellation; some of the schedules will also end up shifting to the right, like it always happens. However, all the key objectives and vehicles of the IPP will remain intact, from the little Space Tug to the massive Nuclear Shuttles and Space Base. The first mission, set in 1974 begins in the next post, but for now enjoy a sneak peek of what used to be the future! I'll probably forget to update this list pretty often, but here's the list of chapters: - 1974: The beginning - 1974: The Nuclear Skylab Crew - 1975 - The reusable Space Tug - 1975: Orbiter approach and landing test - 1975: Skylab B expansion & more - 1976 - The Earth to Orbit Shuttle - 1976: Flying by the d'Arrest comet - 1976: The dawn of the Earth to Orbit Shuttle - 1976: The Orbital Propellant Depot (and Space Tug) (also, here's the poster of the mission) - 1977: Assembly of the Orbiting Propellant Depot
  2. Welcome everyone! I opened this thread for the freedom of uploading the pictures of and discussing the space shuttles that you have made. Stable space shuttles are hard to build, especially if the 'Vector" nozzles are being used. So I thought of creating this thread for you to upload the pictures of your space shuttles or even .craft files to let others see how your shuttles look like. You have the freedom to post your own space shuttle designs, or replicas, mods are allowed, it's just important that you upload shuttle pictures. Screenshots can be taken by using the F1 key on your keyboard while in KSP. Using the F2 key before taking a screenshot is recommended to disable the UI and show the beauty of your picture. You can also link to a YouTube video for the whole mission with your craft. I can't wait to see your amazing space shuttles!
  3. reCOLOR Download Github Spacedock (soon) (maybe) What if this mod? reCOLOR is a mod that adds retextures for the SLS and Space Shuttle External Tank textures to make them either look colorful, realistic, or match concept designs such as SLS with Saturn V styled painting The main textures Delta Blue External tank and SLS parts Multiple Flag textures Purple ET and SLS parts An Improved White for both SLS and ET Saturn styled SLS textures Pride textures for SLS and External Tank Green, Red, and Yellow External Tank Textures Dependencies reDIRECT by @benjee10 Module Manager Highly suggested additions SOCKrepainted by @Arthurism for more shuttle textures Shuttle Payload Delivery Systems by @MATVEICH_YT Additional info Thank you so much to @benjee10 for giving us permission to both me and Arthurism for SOCK/reDIRECT retexture mods. It's a very special thing to be able to do and one of my first tries at modding, so I'm glad it went well Thank you to @MATVEICH_YT For letting me do stuff for reCOLOR as well. He's the one who started the mod and I'm inspired by him a lot for it, which was how I even started doing anything related to ksp modding Thank you to @Talverd and @lemon cup who have been massive inspirations for all my shuttle related endeavors weather modding the game or just making something cool in game. And thanks to @Arthurism, @Invaderchaos, and @AmateurAstronaut1969 for being incredably helpfull and supporting in this task in both reCOLOR and SOCKrepainted
  4. Space Shuttle RCS Nosecones (RCSN) Ever thought, that you need an actual nosecone for plane parts? This parts addon adds nosecones containing Monopropellant and mostly translational RCS-Thrusters. Ideal for keeping your nose up during reentry! By zer0Kerbal, originally by @Kamik423 See More See our Parts Catalog for part pictures For more images, see our Marketing Slicks Discussions and news on this mod: See Discussions or KSP Forums Changelog Summary for more details of changes : See ChangeLog Known Issues for more details of feature requests and known issues : See Known Issues GitHub Pages : See Pages Help Wanted Localization Installation Directions 1 Use CurseForge/OverWolf App (currently does not install dependencies) Whilst I agree CKAN is a great mod for those that can't use zip tools. I take no part, nor am I interested in maintaining the CKAN mod metadata for my mods. Please don't ask me about it but refer to the CKAN mod thread if you are having issues with CKAN or the metadata it maintains. Beware, CKAN can really mess up though it tries very, very, very hard not to. or Dependencies Kerbal Space Program 2 Supports On Demand Fuel Cells (ODFC) GPO (Goo Pumps & Oils') Speed Pump (GPO) Either 3 Module Manager Module Manager /L Tags parts, control red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date Credits and Special Thanks @Kamik423for creating this glorious parts addon! see Attribution.md for more comprehensive list Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License provenance) DONATIONS: How to support this and other great mods by zer0Kerbal and it is true. Connect with me Track progress: issues here and projects here along with The Short List this isn't a mod. ;P↩︎ may work on other versions (YMMV)↩︎ Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date!↩︎
  5. Hi Kerbonauts, challenger here, having some problems! I play KSP 1.2.2 Because IT SUPPORTS A VERY CUTE MOD, THE SPACE SHUTTLE SYSTEM MOD. The problem is that 2 parts (the shuttle cargo bay and the shuttle crew cabin) are completelly black with no texture when loaded. I have the same problem with the 1.7.x version of the mod I just have the SpaceShuttleSystem mod and its dependencies wich, according to the original spacedock link of the mod (https://spacedock.info/mod/1178/Space Shuttle System?noedit=True) , are: SSTU; KSPWheel; JSI; CommunityResourcePack; ASET This are the names of the mods folders, I DONT HAVE ANY OTHER MODS EXCEPT FOR THE SQUAD STOCK FOLDER. Hope you can help, thank you and go at throttle up!
  6. Hello all ! This addon adds details to build Space Shuttle in KSP. First of all it is worth noting that the entire system is taken from the add-on for Orbiter2010 (Where is the original space shuttle) With the modernization of the name of SSU 3.0, with the approval of the person Urwumpe, and released under the license to GPL version 2. Since the original work, the use of texture created by Wolf for Orbiter2010 SSU 3.0 SSU: http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=6821 SFPR: http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=6848 For the space shuttle in the add-on that includes a specially created for this add-on payloads, it tunnels of different types and sizes, as well as to them Spacehab two versions,EDO,Palette and Spacelab. (Palette not has built decoupler, but may itself be disconnected from Fuselage, this use stock separator). The manipulator is not, so we recommend that you install this add-on Jeast. The addon is connected to the : RealPlume: FX assets from hotrockets by Nazari1382 included in the Add-on: JSI by MOARdv (earlier Mihara): SSTULabs and KSPWheel by Shadowmage: Without its plugin Space shuttle would have been without wheels! ASET BY ALEXUSTAS: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/116430-ivaprops-aset-props-pack-v13-for-the-modders-who-create-ivaã¢â‚¬â„¢s/ Corrections: 0. The version is compatible with KSP 1.2.2 1. All engines now have Emissive effect 2. ET and SSRB created from scratch and do not have anything to do with SSU 3.0 3. The wings are connected in one piece 4. under the Version 1.2.2 Changed the balance of the entire system 5. IVA is now functional and has two variants cab with different props, old style and modern 6. Removed from the list Fireexcrementster and Texture Replacer, replaced WindowShine and SSTUlabs (the latter is included in the appendix) 7. Added wheels add-KSPwheel (included in appendix) 8. RCS system completely redesigned, now different nozzles have different traction 9. Removed protective cover from the top RCS 10. Connecting nodes now have an animation allowing to simulate the "soft" docking. Moved from the Orbiter2010 in KSP: Dragon01 DECQ Urged to read the SSS video from Hellblazer! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK2cWGyvNysO-BFiM6shm1w Here are just a few examples of his remarkable work. SPACEDOCK LINK: http://spacedock.info/mod/1178/Space Shuttle System?noedit=True
  7. Is there any shuttle mod for 1.9 that doesn't require CKAN? Please reply! Also I hope the one who reads this has a good day. I'd resign with anything from KSO to STS mod or even to the aeronautics ones. Thanks!
  8. Hey Guys, im currently creating a very simple return mission with a SpaceShuttle to the KSC runway. Now I have a question: How do I setup the end node properly? When I land in the water the success event is not firing sadly. When I land next to the KSC only the 333points are firing. The setup I thought of is: Gold: Land within 2km of the runway (999Points) Silver: Land within 5km of the runway (666Points) Bronze: Land somewhere on Kerbin (333Points) Here is my node-setup: I hope you guys can easily spot my mistake Best regards, Georodin
  9. W.I.P. Ver. 1.3.1 Nasa Spaceshuttle X 99 VTOL start. The Rocket stage is from the great reDIRECT Mod. Give me a Feedback !
  10. Hey guys! So I've been wondering recently, what is the purpose of a shuttle, such as the stock Dynawing? I can't see that that particular rig affords any advantage over a standard rocket, except the recoverable aspect I guess. And also for the Dynawing in particular, why does it have those useless tanks I-beamed into the cargo bay? Probably stupid questions all, but I really cant figure it out.
  11. Sector 7 Space Laboratories Space Exploration Division - Mini Space Shuttle Skip Audio is from the original Launch, and the craft has been through a few changes, many launches and videos so you may see some minor changes in the Craft. I've added some extra launch pad action so the part count will not be accurate, this seems to matter from some. Two small Service Bays opt for Satellite Transportation or other Cargo. After experiencing this build I found Space Shuttles are a very tedious thing to build if you plan to have decent handling and to enter an Orbit around Kerbin. Hope you enjoy it and as always feedback is welcome. "Remembering Atlantis The Final Mission" Flight Operations: Engage SAS, throttle up to Half Throttle then press spacebar. At 15,000m press RCS roll to 35 Degree then disengage RCS, the rest of the Operations are your skills Craft File - Skip
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