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  1. Mk3 Expansion pack This is a parts pack intended to flesh out the stock mk3 parts lineup with new engines, cockpits, fuselage parts and more, to give players more options when building spaceplanes. parts almost exclusively use MODEL nodes and stock textures, so RAM footprint should be almost non-existent. -Command Mk3 Cupola Mk3 Hypersonic cockpit Mk3 Drone Core Mk3 Inline Cockpit -Propulsion C.L.E.A.V.E.R. Mk3 Dual-mode Engine 'Cyclone' Concentric Toroidial Aerospike 'Fulcrum' gimballed Linear Aerospike 'Firestorm' Air-Augmented Rocket 'Buffalo' 2.5m Thrust-Reverser equipped Turbofan 'Hurricane' 2.5m Propeller Engine 'Nyx' Ion Engine 'Wellington' Mk3 basic Jet 'Wyvern' TurboRamjet 'Coxswain' Orbital Maneuvering System 'Hades' Nuclear rocket 'Sievert' Nuclear Jet Taurus Solid Booster Minotaur Solid Booster 'Atlas' Mk3 SRB 'Elephant' Mk3 VTOL Jet -FuelTank Mk3-1.25m adapter Mk3-mk2 tricoupler Mk3-1.25m tricoupler Mk3-1.25m quadcoupler Mk3-Inverted Mk2 Mk3 Service Tank Mk3 Hypersonic nosecone Mk3 rounded nose cap OMS shoulder tank -Control Chine Cap w/ RCS Chine Segment RCS Fuselage Extension RCS cap Fuselage Extension RCS segment Heavy RCS thruster Mk3 SAS -Structural Mk3 Decoupler Mk3 T-Hub Mk3 X-Hub Mk3 L-Hub Mk3 Structural Tube Mk3 Structural X Tube Mk3 Structural T Tube Mk3 Structural L Tube Radial Fuselage Extension/saddle tanks, 5 variants(endcap, 2m, 4m, intake, 1.25m adapter) Radial Fuselage Extension crew cabin Truncated Fuselage Extension for Mk3 cargo bays Mk3 Endcap Mk3 Radial Mount -Aero: Chines in three flavors; short, long, endcap Big-S class wing boards - square, rectangular, and triangular Mk3 Circular Intake Mk3 Shock cone Mk3 Ramp Intake Mk3 Precooler Big-S Airbrakes -Utility Mk3 Service Bay Mk3 Inline docking port Mk3 shielded docking port Mk3 Aligned Docking port Mk3 Nuclear Reactor Mk3 Nose Cargo ramp Mk3-Mk2 Adapter Cargo Ramp Mk3 flat Cargo hatch Mk3 Cargo Container Download from Spacedock or GitHub Changelog: Licensing The contents of this mod are distributed a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/...legalcode' This mod uses the B9 Part Switch plugin Feel free to post comments/critiques/feedback, and if any of you have ideas for parts that you simply have to have to flesh out your mk2/mk3 experience, speak up! Ideas for new parts are welcome.
  2. Space Shuttle RCS Nosecones (RCSN) Ever thought, that you need an actual nosecone for plane parts? This parts addon adds nosecones containing Monopropellant and mostly translational RCS-Thrusters. Ideal for keeping your nose up during reentry! By zer0Kerbal, originally by @Kamik423 See More See our Parts Catalog for part pictures For more images, see our Marketing Slicks Discussions and news on this mod: See Discussions or KSP Forums Changelog Summary for more details of changes : See ChangeLog Known Issues for more details of feature requests and known issues : See Known Issues GitHub Pages : See Pages Help Wanted Localization Installation Directions 1 Use CurseForge/OverWolf App (currently does not install dependencies) Whilst I agree CKAN is a great mod for those that can't use zip tools. I take no part, nor am I interested in maintaining the CKAN mod metadata for my mods. Please don't ask me about it but refer to the CKAN mod thread if you are having issues with CKAN or the metadata it maintains. Beware, CKAN can really mess up though it tries very, very, very hard not to. or Dependencies Kerbal Space Program 2 Supports On Demand Fuel Cells (ODFC) GPO (Goo Pumps & Oils') Speed Pump (GPO) Either 3 Module Manager Module Manager /L Tags parts, control red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date Credits and Special Thanks @Kamik423for creating this glorious parts addon! see Attribution.md for more comprehensive list Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License provenance) DONATIONS: How to support this and other great mods by zer0Kerbal and it is true. Connect with me Track progress: issues here and projects here along with The Short List this isn't a mod. ;P↩︎ may work on other versions (YMMV)↩︎ Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date!↩︎
  3. So, I saw this thread on mk3 cargo bays, and thought "Why not?" So, I decided to make this mod! So far, this has actually gotten pretty popular, much more than I expected! Not really sure what else to put here, so I'll just leave it at that. No longer halted! Work will resume today (May 30, 2019)! Sorry to disappoint, but it's been postponed indefinitely. I've simply lost interest. Should've said this two years ago, but oh well. Download: https://spacedock.info/mod/1919/Mk3 High Ground Plates Update History: Current version: 0.0.9 Credit to Neistridlar for the elevator animations. Couldn't have done this without him, to be honest.
  4. Everyone's favorite life support in everyone's favorite shapes. View Album This is my first real parts pack, built on the very basics: modified tanks. What it does is provide a set of Mk2 and Mk3 fuselage parts that behave like stem cells. They are useless and merely structural by default but once a life support mod is found they become functional for and thematically tied to that mod. They intend to reduce part count (cargo bays stuffed with little tanks), enlarge capacity and functionality on built craft, and even enable shareable crew-sustaining spaceplanes between LS modded games. I'm unable to use Unity or Blender so I must make do with only custom textures for giving visual distinction to the parts. Manipulating modules I can do fairly well. The custom crew cabin should hold only 2 and it lights up in more places than just the windows. Downloads! Requirements! Get Deep Sky Core: GitHub :: SpaceDock Get B9 Part Switch: GitHub Community Resource Pack (should already be installed with your favorite life support) Support is up for: Snacks!, TAC, USI, Kerbalism. Featured Parts: Mk2 2x Long tanks for food/waste/supplemental resources 3x Short tanks for food/waste 3x Inline converters (usually an ISRU and at least 1 greenhouse) 2x Rec Centre (2-seat cabins) with HAB FX when applicable (one of which also has KIS space) Mk3 1x Medium tank 1x Short tank 2x Tiny tank (from the MonoPropellant tank. One for waste) 1x Rec Centre (8 seats) with HAB FX and KIS space 3x Inline converters (usually an ISRU and at least 1 greenhouse) 2x Intakes (of 4, with Deep Sky Core) able to harvest any relevant resources from atmosphere or ocean Bonus parts: 2x surface attachable intakes (among 4 from Deep Sky Core) with atmo and ocean harvesting features Known Issues: None yet. Please give feedback. Changelog: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ You may derive and modify the textures and add parts based on them as you like. If you publish your works for others' use do provide attribution within your download file and download page.
  5. Features: Introduction: This new mod introduces 7 airliner related parts (for now). All parts in this mod unlocks at [aerodynamics] tech, as well as the stock aeroplane control surface. So you could get a working airliner early in the game if you somehow unlocks advanced landing. However all parts in this mod is not heat protected! Going beyond Mach 3 will spell doom to your crew. If you build an airliner out of stock parts it cost about 200,000 funds, and looks very strange with shuttle cockpit and unnecessary weight. With the airliner parts it cost 55,000 funds and 20t lighter The biggest issue of this mod currently is the crew module doesn't have hatches to allow EVA through portrait, and the cockpit only have 2 seats, which means you only can EVA 2 crew at a time. This is going to be ridiculous for a airliner that carries 80+ Kerbals. I'm going to have to figure something out, perhaps i will be making a longer version of the mk3 crew with hatch in the future. But for the moment perhaps EVS mod will help! Bundled mod: Module Manager v2.8.1, by sarbian Firespitter Plugin, v7.4.X, by Snjo IVA required Mod: (no longer bundled) RasterPropMonitor, by Mihara, MOARdV ASET Prop pack, by alexustas Must Have Mods: Kerbal Foundries, by Lo-Fi/ShadowMage [contains Adjustable Landing Gears which are much better than stock landing gears. Two of the pre-built craft requires this.] Pilot Assistant, by Crzyrndm [can be used as auto pilot to maintain your heading, altitude and speed for long trips.] Janitor's Closet, by linuxgurugamer [some parts of this mod look exactly the same as stock parts. Use this mod to avoid confusion.] Supported mod: Connected Living Space, by Papa_Joe Ferram Aerospace Research (FAR), by ferram4 Installation: Simply drag the content of the .zip file into your KSP install directory. Then check the GameData folder, make sure there are no duplicates of ModuleManager.dll. Download Links: Credits: Original Creator: @K.Yeon Some part contains Squad Assets. Support this project if you like This mod is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  6. select plane size
  7. To whoever may have experience with this kind of problem. I have recently encountered a problem in the 1.8.x versions of KSP in which a Mk3 spaceplane (stock + mk3 expansion) was struggling to break 300m/s with 11 tonnes stowed. When in previous 1.7.x versions the craft had little issue with a 40 tonne to orbit payload. This took some time to uncover as to why the plane lost so much performance over the update and it turns out that the stock mk3 cargo bay parts are no longer shielding any contained parts from aero forces during flight regardless of open or closed state. Because this is a problem with broken stock parts I already contacted KSP support without thinking about how fundamentally even basic mods can change the functionality of the entire game. I still have yet to determine if this is a stock or a modded issue. What could possibly cause stock aero shells to not perform their intended function? It is hard to depict just how much drag is coming from within the craft where it should not. So you may have to take my word for it when I say that the longest drag indicator is coming from a clamp-o-tron Sr just inside the MK3 tail section which is on the front of this aircraft body.
  8. Kermantech-MK3-IVA A Kerbal Space Program mod with an improved IVA for the stock MK3 Shuttle Cockpit. Imgur Album Requirements The following are all requirements for using Kermantech MK3 IVA (and not included in this package): * Kerbal Space Program v1.3.0 or later * ASET Avionics Pack v2.0 or later * ASET Props Pack v1.4 or later * Module Manager v2.8.1 or later * RasterPropMonitor v0.29.0 or later Download (GitHub): https://github.com/luizopiloto/Kermantech-MK3-IVA/releases Installation Merge the GameData folder in this archive with the GameData folder in your KSP installation. The contents of this archive do not overwrite existing files anywhere but GameData/Kermantech Removing this mod is as simple as deleting the GameData/Kermantech folder. Licenses The contents of this mod are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license (CC BY-ND 3.0) with the following exceptions: All props and textures included in this mod were originally created by Alexustas. They are covered by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (CC BY-NC-SA). Some of them have been modified for inclusion in this mod.
  9. If Mk2 parts have a drone core then why not add a Mk3 Drone Core and docking port and Tourist contracts should last from start to end in career mode. Thank you Squad if you read this!
  10. How does one actually build a space shuttle using the Mk3 parts? Is it the Mk3 cockpit, cargo bay, fuel tanks, engine bit, and the delta wings and tail fin? Do you use the large landing gear? Where do you put the parachutes? What do you put on the nose of the cockpit? The aerodynamic nosecone, parachute, air intake? What engines do you use? I'm a bit confused about it, so how do you actually build a space shuttle using the Mk3 parts?
  11. Wyleg's Wonderful Workshop Parts for aircrafts. Mk3 HVC cockpit Heavy heat-shielded cockpit for reusable trans-atmospheric spaceships. Provides high visibility for its crew. Holds up to 4 kerbonauts. Now features working RCS! Cockpit is WIP - currently it lacks IVA and there's no cabin illumination. T-10 Air Intake This intake resembles the one used on Sukhoi Su-27 family of fighter jet aircrafts. It also should fit other replicas such as MiG-31 Foxhound and F-14 Tomcat with this distinctive shape with sharp edges and rectangle-ish frame. Intake is designed to fit stock 1.25m cylindrical jet fuel tanks. Changelog Imgur album: link Download: Spacedock W3 Fuselage Texture Custom texture for Procedural Parts designed for aircraft fuselages that fits nicely with stock parts and B9 Procedural Wings. Download: Spacedock
  12. After a long time I'm finally able to update Mk3 Hypersonic Systems! This new version includes re-textured and re-modeled parts, plus four brand new parts. It also includes a somewhat functional IVA with RPM, it's still not exactly pretty, and I'll keep working on it, but for now I think it works. As the name implies, this mod is geared toward expading the possibilities for making sleeker spaceplanes using the Mk3 fuselage system DOWNLOAD FROM SPACEDOCK The mod includes the following parts: Old ones: Mk3 Hypersonic Cockpit - A stylish command pod that fits five kerbals with a much pointier shape for less drag Mk3 radial attachment fuselage extensions - This essentially turns the Mk3 fuselage into a lifting body, much like the Mk2. Three parts fall into this category: A wing edge root extension, a lifting body extension and a RAM intake. Hybrid high-bypass turbofan/ramjet 2.5m engine - Much like Mk2 spaceplanes use the 1.25 jet-engines, it seems only natural that Mk3 spaceplanes could rely on proportionally large jet engines. This engine is just that. A 2.5m shock cone intake. Following the same logic, 2.5m intakes are needed for larger spaceplanes. A 2.5 switchable LF/LFO 10m long tank - There's plenty of 2.5m tanks, but this one allows for fuel selection, very useful for spaceplanes. Radial attachment scramjet engine - This is a rather large scramjet with its own intake. Like real life scramjets it will not produce thrust until it's going at high speeds. New ones: Mk3 Hypersonic Drone Core. A sleek drone core designed for super high speeds Mk3 Hybrid high-bypass turbofan/ramjet. A larger version of the size 2 engine with moar thrust. Mk3 Ram Intake. A big jet engine is gooing to need lots of air. Mk3 Aerospike rocket. Because this parts pack is geared toward making spaceplanes, it makes sense to have a rocket engine suitable for the purpose. Promo video: Included Plugins: Module Manager v2.6.21 by Sarbian - http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/55219-Module-Manager-2-1-0-%28May-04%29-please-read-the-orange-text-in-first-post Firespitter v7.1 by Snjo http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/24551-Firespitter-propeller-plane-and-helicopter-parts-v7-1-%28May-5th%29-for-KSP-1-0 CrossFeedEnabler v3.3 by NathanKell http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/76499-1-0-CrossFeedEnabler-v3-3-May-11 RasterPropMonitor v0.25 by MOARdv http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/105821-110-rasterpropmonitor-still-putting-the-a-in-iva-v0250-19-april-2016/ Also, if you like this one you might also want to look at Mk3 Expansion from Suicidal Insanity. It also adds a lot of new Mk3 parts. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/109401-mk2mk3-expansion-dev-thread-m3x-108-update-11715-m2x-17-prerelease/ There are two other aerospikes over there, but they're different in terms of performance, so there's room for all!
  13. Every time I've tried to build a Mk3 spaceplane in the SPH, (shuttle, airliner using the Mk3 crew cabins, cargo plane or even a sea plane), they either NEVER take off, fail on the runway, steer in a random direction, or even take off really quickly but then just flip around. Is it possible to actually design a Mk3 craft and take off with it and not need a rocket? Because I get a bit frustrated when they NEVER work. So is their a way to actually build and take off using Mk3 parts on the runway? Or do I just suck at aircraft design.
  14. What parts are the best for tail of Mk3 SSTO? Currently I'm using the engine mount, but it seems that it causes lots of drag on the middle mk2 size node. Also, does a draggy tail make a plane stable? Then mk3 engine mount would be acceptable.
  15. I don't really think this thread belongs in Spacecraft Exchange, because I'm not actually showing off my own designs... but we don't exactly have a thread for "requesting" designs so lesser of known evils I suppose... but I digress, I'm seeking a Mk.3 Passenger spaceplane, for the purpose of quickly getting newly hired Kerbalnauts experience in, shall we say a 'supervised' environment. Minimum capability that I'm looking for here: -must have at least one Mk3 crew passnger cabins -capable of interplanetary flight (Dres or farther) -VTOL landings on low-grav moons and planets -full science package -capable of powered re-entry & landing to KSC -Stock parts If you're looking for additional challenge(s), in descending desirability: -capable of launching one, or more, mid-size satellites approximately the length of the mk-2 (short) cargobay in a single expedition -NOT be self-refuelling, provisions for external fuel drop tanks or docking to refuel yes, but no mining and refining mounted -FAR & stock aero capability friendly -Aesthestically pleasing, not simply function over form. And just because I want to try and fall within the boundaries of this sub-forum, the CSF SSTO that I've designed so far (although still haven't actually flown her)
  16. Speaking about drag occlusion generated by different parts, are 3.75m parts occluded by Mk3 parts? Thank you. Cheers.
  17. Hello, i was wondering if anyone knows how to add props in the IVA's, Particularly the Mk3 Shuttle IVA, I wanted to add an RPM HUD To it but have no clue how to add it in, i have the IVA Model and everything but have no clue how to run it through unity and make it work.
  18. Currently working on updating my mod Mk3 Hypersonic Systems for the release of KSP 1.1. I'm doing some work on retexturing a lot of the parts to give them more detail and better match stock textures, and also adding brand-new parts. For now I'm working on this Mk3 size Aerospike engine. It's supposed to be a kind of what the T-1 is to the Swivel, but in this case to the Rhino. In that sense, it has somewhat similar performance, but geared toward spaceplanes rather than rockets. It has somewhat reduced thrust and better Isp, both in the atmosphere and in vacuum. Here's a little video of the progress so far, mainly a showcase of the effects
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