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  1. Transferred crew to my Minmus station, and built yet another SSTO.
  2. Only mods used there are Interstellar Extended and the Mk3 Expansion. SpaceY is also there, but I'm not sure if I used parts from it for anything other than the rocket that launched the station.
  3. EDU is stuck on 1.2.2 and has some unique info stuff, like most of the craft information that's given to you stock in modern versions, though to a lesser and less versatile extent. It also has some unique parts and built-in craft specially made for it, including a B-52 with an X-15.
  4. Made a few things on KSP EDU, since my school recently got it for our Aerospace class. A station, completed in a single launch, put around Minmus. An SSTO, to take the kerbals I forgot to put in the station, to the station. Another SSTO, because I clearly didn't go large enough the first time. Both SSTOs have a main fusion engine for vacuum burns, and scaled-up Whiplash engines for atmospheric. The second SSTO includes a refinery for refilling the liquid fuel tanks, since the Whiplashes are very thirsty, and six Mk3 crew cabins.
  5. Somehow managed to repeat my mistake of performing an FTL jump directly into the Sun... after checking not once, but twice, that I wouldn't do an FTL jump directly into the Sun. Either my game is broken, I've discovered a new type of Kraken, or I'm just that bad at this.
  6. Not today, a few days ago, but I made another fusion SSTO with a (frankly absurd) LKO Dv of 600,000 m/s. As it turns out, the bigger the Kerbstein engine is, the more efficient it gets; a weird but welcome quirk, unless you primarily build tiny SSTOs. Forgot to upload screenshots; I'll do it later, if I remember. Fusion propulsion is awesome, I don't think I'll be ditching it anytime soon.
  7. Made a large transport helicopter. It is difficult to control during landing, and takes some getting used to, but it works, at the very least. Has two six-bladed coaxial rotors and one set of contra-rotating six-bladed electric propellors, and in the aft cargo bay, it contains some large batteries, an onboard fusion reactor to refill said batteries, and two small fusionpellet tanks. This is my first (functional) helicopter, so there is probably a lot that could be improved.
  8. Made a few more fighter jets, an Ace Combat inspired one and a quick F-22 replica. Both carry 24 missiles and a single cannon. The first one uses positron-powered thermal turbojets and is unfortunately not capable of supersonic flight for some reason, but is great at low-speed dogfighting, while the F-22 uses conventional turbofans, is capable of supersonic flight, and is capable of pulling maneuvers capable of mangling the poor pilot chosen to fly it. Perhaps thermal turbojets aren't as good as I thought they were? EDIT: You can download the first aircraft here.
  9. I have no idea, probably 40- to 50-something, but this aircraft uses only two mods. My loading time is around 10 minutes, so it goes by pretty quick. It used to be 22 minute load times with ~128 mods; the only load times that are longer are the launch times of certain large craft, though in fairness I did scale the parts on those craft up to 100m diameter and 5000% size, so it's understandable that they take so long. I've no idea how to stop it from taking that long, but someone else managed to load one such craft in 30 seconds, whereas it took me 30 minutes. When I look at the logs, it shows a crap ton of NREs about "BDArmory.core.module.hitpointtracker" having a null value, but I have no idea how to fix that, so there isn't much I can do. If it isn't that, then I suspect it's probably physics calculations.
  10. Made a supermaneuverable UAV. It carries five missiles, a reloadable rocket rack, and a 20mm cannon, can pull 70g maneuvers, recover from any stall in a single turn, flip itself backwards in-flight, perform post-stall maneuvers, and is capable of supersonic flight. It's on my KerbalX page if you want to download it for yourself. Oh, and it's also powered by antimatter.
  11. Made the missile cruiser shorter because of part count. Also made a frigate. It has 4 127mm guns, 12 anti-missile lasers, two Goalkeeper point defence systems, four unguided rocket turrets, and two 36-cell VLS systems.
  12. How can I keep a missile on a turret from changing back to lateral ejection when I set it to forward ejection?
  13. Spent 4-5 hours trying to get a welded drone to work, and kept getting disappointed every time as it launched, rolled 90 degrees, and became borderline uncontrolable every single time. I've no idea why it does this, or how to fix it, but I'm very frustrated. I removed any lift and drag to zero, and it still does it and I've no idea why. My only other option is to set the reaction wheel torque to something like 5,000, but that makes it unreasonably maneuverable so I can't really do that. Anyway, I've been experiencing long craft loading times on craft with parts that have been scaled up to large sizes (50m, 5000%, etc.) If anybody has any ideas, I'd love to hear them, because I'm getting tired of 20-30 minute load times for craft that have only 200-300 parts. I suspect it might just be physics calculations, but if there are any mods that might conflict with tweakscale or cause this, please let me know. Now, for something that isn't an issue I'm having with the game: I made a missile cruiser. It has 267 parts, 216 of which are HE-KV-1 missiles, that somehow all launch fine without getting stuck.
  14. I became Erusea. The parts for the main body and propellers are not mine, and are made by Colonel Cbplayer. I merely assembled it in the latest version, replacing any missing parts, and modifying the propeller parts.
  15. I discovered a neat little trick with the new ordinance bays from BDA for Runway Project: Best of all, they launch normally, without damaging the craft of origin, which will be helpful for massive craft.
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