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Found 14 results

  1. I just unlocked aviation but my first attempt at a plane went off the runway then crashed into the ground. I was wondering if anyone could give me a detailed guide/instructions on how to build a good plane out of only parts from the aviation node.
  2. This is a simple modification I mostly made for myself to bring the classic Mk1 cockpit back into the game without being a carbon copy of the new Mk1. To that end I've buffed it slightly, moved it up the tech tree, and changed the flavor text. New in Version 2: Working crew lights, detail lights, and a prototype decal. I thought I'd make it available for anyone else who misses the old style but doesn't want 2 identical cockpits cluttering up the part list. Any comments, suggestions, questions, or concerns are welcome! Changelog- Version 1: First release, updated stats, description, and tech tree node. Version 2: Working cockpit light/detail lights, "prototype" tag, and an internal antenna added. New download link. Download- https://spacedock.info/mod/1664/Mk1PrototypeCockpit (Also available on CKAN) Instructions- Toss it in your "Gamedata" folder. Future Plans- -WindowShine support? -IndicatorLight support? -Texture variants? License under spoiler: Special thanks to @Chaos_Klaus for providing the files for the old model. Here's a link to his download for the classic cockpit with no changes: OldMk1Cockpit (Sadly it seems the link is depreciated for the time being.) Extra special thanks to @swjr-swis who did the modeling work that made the cockpit lights possible! He also added an internal antenna while he was in the .cfg; what a guy! I won't name them all here, but of course, I also want to thank everyone who offered advice, ideas, or just encouragement. This is something I've wanted to update for a while and it wouldn't have been possible without a lot of help from the great folks here on the forums. So thank you!
  3. Why and how After observing subway commuters during rush hour our lead engineer figured out how to add 2 more seats to the interior. Imgur Album https://imgur.com/a/Cyxuh Grab it here https://spacedock.info/mod/1520/LanderCanMk12 Source and stuff Will eventually be merged with main MacLuky Space Solution branch.
  4. select plane size
  5. I've been away from KSP for about 4 years, but picked it up again recently. So I know I need to get up the learning curve for heat shields, radios, fairings, and a few other things. The unexpected problem is that my Mk1 command pod always explodes on splashdown. I see that it has a 14m/s maximum impact speed (which seems awfully low), but I'm finding it impossible to slow it down enough to land. Even with 4 parachutes on it, it's still coming down at 19m/s. Is there a mod making this thing too heavy? Too fragile? See screenshot for mass & speed numbers.
  6. Hello! I have built many craft with Mk1 sized parts, but I find it annoying how there is a Mk2 Drone Core, and yet nothing for Mk1. Sure, we have the CH-J3, but that is not capable of controlling a craft. I suggest a Mk1 drone core, maybe it could be a long nosecone, or like the Mk1 cockpit but with the windows covered and replaced with wires or panels. Thoughts about this?
  7. Inspired by the Blohm & Voss BV-141, I decided to give creating an asymetric monstrosity a shot and see how it flies. My own yet-to-be-named kontraption uses a MK-1 sidecar design with a MK-2 main body and three rapier engines.It is, unsurprisingly, hard to control at low airspeeds or at high altitudes, but with the throttle up, engine gimbal and good pressure over the control surfaces give it a decent flight profile. The first test flight ended with an overheat at ~1400 M/S and the second made an orbit and came back down beautifully. Unfortunately, asymetric braking lead to an accident on the ground upon landing and caused me to lose the first model. A second prototype is still under construction. I'll be testing it with FAR by week's end. Enjoy! https://imgur.com/gallery/i3klJ
  8. Why and how After observing subway commuters during rush hour our lead engineer figured out how to add 2 more seats to the interior. Imgur Album https://imgur.com/a/Cyxuh Grab it here https://spacedock.info/mod/1520/LanderCanMk12 Source and stuff Will eventually be merged with main MacLuky Space Solution branch.
  9. Download at Spacedock Unofficial mirror for ASET Props and ASET Avionics Using Blender as the placer instead of Unity, I present to you the new Mk1's, each with a magnificent array of instruments. There are two internals for the Mk1, a standard RPM that adds 3 displays, and an ASET internal that crams almost all the instruments inside the tiny cockpit. The inline also has an ASET and a standard RPM internal. Mk2 Inline http://imgur.com/a/f2ed8 Known issues The docking view has collider issues, so you can't actually click anything when you're in that view. Blame Squad. Next up is possible minor adjustments (based on user input ) There is not license for this mod, you can do what you want, but please give credit where credit is due.
  10. So, in my career I have been searching for low cost ways to get crew/cargo into orbit. I do have a functional Falcon 9 replica (no barge), but that still costs money. So, in short I need an Mk2 or Mk1 SpacePlane that can SSTO and dock. However, I do not have the Whiplash, RAPIER, Goliath, Vector, or Aerospike engines. Any tips/designs? Thank in advance!
  11. I think the Mk1 crew cabin should have a top and side (and maybe bottom) hatches like the Mk2 and Mk3 cabins and be mountable on the side of a vessel. Yes, I know it's from a private jet, and KSP is (more or less) focused on realism, but the hatch is on the top of the Mk3 (also the Mk2, but that doesn't exist IRL (yet)) cabin! Aren't commercial planes (AKA non-military/cargo) supposed to be evacuated as fast as possible in an emergency? I know there's a mod that adds a top hatch, but I never use the part because I mostly build fighters, leaving it to just take up RAM and storage until that one time I need it. Recently, I've started playing career mode more, and I need that part for Jeb because he rides shotgun to Bob. Bob gets out mid-flight to reset the science containers (I place the Science Jr. right behind the Mk1 Command Pod to keep him from flying off. It's probably the most Kerbal thing I've ever done) and leaves the plane pilotless. I still don't want to use the mod because it is just that - a mod, and my career save is superstock - only should-be-stock mods like KER, RCS Build-Aid, and Hangar Extender. I guess the point I'm trying to make is there's no point not to have it, and it would make Mk1 planes a whole lot more useful for most things
  12. I've been looking for something like this for quite some time: a command pod resembling a small business jet. There are several 2.5m options, but (at the moment of starting this - now we have the new stock Mark1 cockpit) I could not find any 1.25m-sized ones (all I have seen are bubble/canopy cockpits). Well, here it is now. The mesh has been completely reworked In version 0.4 (windows recolored in v0.7), and I consider it an improvement over the original model (see older screenshots in the album below). During this rework I've also came up with this B9-inspired version: It is now included into the download along with original one (having RCS ports since v0.6 and altered elongated form since v0.7.4), and I've also tried to balance them a bit, nerfing heat tolerances for the older cockpit and moving this new one to the next tech tree node. Both parts use the same custom internal space, which, as in-game experiments proved, has enough room for two pilot seats arranged side by side: Note: this is an alternative version from IVA patch. IVA patch requires ASET Props pack, ASET Avionics pack and B9 Aerospace props; I don't want to treat all that as a requirement, and currently I am not aware of any way to detect them all reliably. More images: If only we could have a way to embed an album... The default stock version is much more modest (different angle is due to KSP 1.2 changes: cameras for male Kerbals are set higher than for females): Starting version 0.8 I am dropping support for RPM-only IVA configuration for two-seat cockpits as multiple configs are taking increasingly more time to set up and manage. Since version 0.5, there is now a third cockpit, looking somewhat similar to that of X20 DynaSoar: It has built-in RCS ports and uses another custom internal space, with crew capacity of one (with RPM support and stock-only fallback): Images for previous versions: http://imgur.com/a/p4Wrw Legal stuff: Credits: Changelog: Download from github
  13. I have a rover with a mk1 cockpit on it. To go inside the rover, you have to exit the cockpit, and walk in. On the pod texture, it looks like it has a hatch on the back, but when I checked it, a "crew hatch" message diddn't pop up. Any ideas?
  14. So I keep running into situations where it would be useful to have some half length (and even quarter length) Mk1 1.25m jet fuel tanks, in the style of Porkjet's stuff. Are there any mods that have this? And if not, would it be hard to make it a mod? I feel as if it would only require taking the current model and scaling it down on one axis.
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