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  1. Glad to see my mod lives on in spirit! I still play on 1.3.1 for mod compatibility (going to update soon™) and I haven't been quite up to date with KSP modding, as far as I heard TR died with 1.4. Ergo, I have pretty much left my suits in the dust. Again, thank you for bringing them forward to the newer versions! If you'd like, I can easily offer you tips on how optimize your pack size - just shoot me a pm!
  2. This mod is only parts. There is no coding that must be updated. Therefore, "dead" mods like this can be used forever, pretty much.
  3. Hello, I have a problem with Mechjeb and it's skins. I would like Mechjeb to match all my other mod windows (KAC, ARP, [x] Science, etc.) but for some reason the Mechjeb 1 GUI skin is broken and throws an error when I click on it. Error: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at AssetBase.GetGUISkin (System.String skinName) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at MuMech.GuiUtils.LoadSkin (SkinType skinType) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at MuMech.MechJebModuleSettings.WindowGUI (Int32 windowID) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at MuMech.DisplayModule.ProfiledWindowGUI (Int32 windowID) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at UnityEngine.GUILayout+LayoutedWindow.DoWindow (Int32 windowID) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at UnityEngine.GUI.CallWindowDelegate (UnityEngine.WindowFunction func, Int32 id, UnityEngine.GUISkin _skin, Int32 forceRect, Single width, Single height, UnityEngine.GUIStyle style) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 (Filename: Line: -1) Running on 1.3.1. I also tried using but the same error happened. Log link If anyone could shed some light on why it's not working and/or tell me a fix, it would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. The game can't find the texture path to the visor texture, so it becomes a default bright pink colour. I haven't touched KSP in a few months so I have no idea if it's a TRR update, my mod, or user error.
  5. sure, it's right here: https://mega.nz/#!kZVhUbgC!vJ1Mz_PaKkmWZDkP9ARQVOKMiVdqBnkbucXlw9Kpe2I
  6. sorry, this mod is no longer in development. if you would like to play with this mod please use an older version of KSP.
  7. this totally wasn't because i was lazy or anything thanks a lot for your patch i will put it in right now.
  8. for some reason, this happened to me as well when the update first came out. i waited an hour or so and it went through. i assume it's happening again, unfortunately i don't know any fix for it other than wait
  9. you open the zip file, and put the "gamedata" folder in your ksp directory, like every other ksp mod
  10. hello again. newest "update" is just a compatibility fix for texturereplacerreplaced please continue to enjoy this mod
  11. To save everyone from slaving over a hot keyboard to replace every line matching above, I made a regular expression that you can use in notepad++ to replace all the occurrences in the files. open all at once>find and replace>copy paste>click regular expression option>replace all in opened documents>save all Find what: \:NEEDS\[(.*)\]\:AFTER\[(.*)\]\:FOR\[ZZZZHPTECHTREE\] Replace with: \:NEEDS\[\1\]\:FOR\[ZZZZHPTECHTREE\]
  12. Please update fastcorp. In need of some cars to put on Duna! (Also when you do, could you add a Mclaren or any supercar? thanks!)

  13. Hi, using Ampyear 1.5 and the latest USI series of mods, when I place a drill of any type on my craft in the editor I get a massive log spam of (this example is using the medium sized automated drill) This slows my game down immensely and makes it very hard to play. What is the plugin doing that's spamming the log so much? it's sending this about a hundred times a second. any help would be appreciated edit: even with the debug option turned on the message is the same. edit 2: log link edit 3: disabling the log using -nolog makes everything normal again
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