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Found 2 results

  1. Real Cars for KSP! Hey there! FASTCORP is back once again with a brand new mod: the Autogarage! The Autogarage is a compilation of real-life vehicles converted for use in KSP! I don't know if you got the memo, fast_de_la_speed, but it's Kerbal Space Program, not Kerbal Auto Program! Yes, of course. I knew that. However, I felt that it would be excellent if I could have a way to pick up landed Kerbals too close to pick up by plane and too far to walk. Also, it's for speedily tackling those long off- (or on-) Kerbin rover trips in style. So tell me more about this mod. Certainly! First off, none of the vehicles in the first release are originally created. They are converted from to KSP, from GTA format (or others), and used with proper permission. Take a look at the albums to check out the vehicles. Forums wont embed for some stupid reason so just click the links to be taken to the page Release 1 Release 2 Release 3 Most of these vehicles have alternate textures, using FSTextureSwitch from Firespitter. Almost all of the vehicles have an internal model, and most of them have a functional steering wheel, speedometer, fuel meter, and a car key, using RasterPropMonitor. The key is used to turn on the "engine", which works just like the Rovers'N'Roadsters mod. The Jeep Wrangler does not have any internal props at the moment. Most vehicles have toggleable headlights and work great at night. If you have TextureReplacer installed, vehicle side mirrors will have world reflections! What's New: All tires have been moved to the new "ground" category. Mach 5 model looks smoother. Vehicles added: Porsche 944 Turbo, VW Bus, Tesla, KITT, a Crown Victoria, F-1 1949, Corvette '59, BMW GTR, the Ecto 1, and a large Peterbilt truck. Last major update, bug fixes and compatibility updates from now on. Totalling exactly 200mb, this is the largest mod i have created. Nov 23rd update: changed the configs to allow tires to be unlocked at the start Prerequisites (1.1 ONLY!) Download Download RasterPropMonitor for functioning steering wheels, car keys, and dashboards, Firespitter for colour changing, and Texture Replacer for reflective mirrors. Spacedock MEGA MEGA - Singular downloads Anything else? Yes! Please remember to press the 'S' key right after selecting a tire in the SPH, or the tire will be rotated incorrectly and not work. Also, because KSP is not made for vessels such as cars, the tires will have wonky physics in certain situations! Lastly, think being able to drive a Corvette on the Mun is ridiculous? Simply go into the "body.cfg" of the vehicle and remove the '//' from each line in INPUT_RESOURCE: Remove these vv //INPUT_RESOURCE //{ // name = IntakeAir // rate = 0.0005 //} License This mod is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND.
  2. FASTCORP is back, and it's back in style. Last updated Feb. 16th, 2016. FASTCORP proudly presents PimpWheels, a modified TR-2L with slick custom rims to show all your friends that you've got funds in the bank. Using InterstellarMeshSwitch, there's a grand total of 16 different rims for tricking out your vehicles, all in one low-impact part! Click the spoiler to see the catalog. Are wheels not enough? Want something else to show your friends you've got phat stacks? No problem! Just take out 100k from the bank, slap on your shades, and cruise downtown. PimpWheels comes with a special KIS-only part, a stack of bills worth 100k, for you to show off with. Cha-ching! Glasses are from Locob's Pro Props mod. Other Features ModuleManager config for adding a KashCorp Racing Wheel with PimpWheels if you have Rovers n' Roadsters installed. Download This mod redistributes Sarbian's ModuleManager and FreeThinker's InterstellarFuelSwitch, and includes their respective licenses. Download from Curse Download from SpaceDock - The new KerbalStuff! They are just getting started. Help them out! Known Issues Wheels cannot break. This is due to the way Interstellar Fuel Switch works. (Well, they do have a broken model, but there's no rim when it breaks. It's best to make them invincible.) Credits to Squad for the original TR-2L wheel. License CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 Questions? Feel free to PM me
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